Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Wednesday 25 March 2015

The Runic Symbolism of The Hooded Man and Wid-Ar the Avenger

This is the Rune of The Hooded Man which goes back to at least 1997 when I was given The Helgi Mysteries and this rune-symbol was specially carved on an Oak Walking Stick dedicated to this Mystical Experience. The drawing was done by Hamasson, and it is through a dream of his that I am now able to disclose further secrets of the Mystery of The Hooded Man that link to the Mystery of Wid-Ar the Crowned and Avenging Son. The above is a bind-rune and is linked to another symbol (which it contains within itself) which was also carved on the same Oak Walking Stick, but which also featured in a very mysterious happening at Wayland's Smithy some years ago.

To save time I have placed two symbols (Hagal-Runes) one on the top of the other, but the symbolism is joined in the original version. It thus makes an Is-Rune and two Hagal-Runes joined in one bind-rune, though (as I am going to show) there are a number of runes hidden in this one symbol. This symbol was also carved onto the Oak Walking Stick (Rune-Staff). Before we go into this we need to start from the basic Odal-Rune.

As Hamasson has noted before the Odal-Rune represents The Hooded Man which we find from the rune-name - 


In Hamasson's recent dream the Odal-Rune had a 'crown' on the top, in a V-shape, thus making the Ing-Rune. I feel that this is one of the most important revelations to come out of these mysteries, especially at this time. We need to look at this symbolism again -

The Odal-Rune = Rune of Woden = The Hooded Man.

The Ing-Rune = Rune of Wid-Ar = The Crowned & Avenging Son.

This symbolism needs to be studied carefully, and we need to add to this that HelgiH is not only The Hallowed One but also The Hidden One. If we go up to the first drawing of The Hooded Man we find that it has the added Wyn-Runes (back-to-back) making an alternative Ing-Rune - the Wyn-Rune is the 8th rune, thus we have the Mystic Number 8-8 added to the stave. So we can extend the above formula -

The Odal-Rune = Rune of Woden = The Hooded Man.

The Ing-Rune = Rune of Wid-Ar = The Crowned and Avenging Son.

The Wyn-Runes = HelgiH = The Spirit 88.

All of these concepts are contained in The Hooded Man Rune which, as I said, goes back to March 1997 which is exactly 18 years ago!  The original symbolism on the Oak Rune-Staff was a glyph of the Caduceus with Twin-Coiled Serpents, and the 'knob' at the top had 'wings' representing the Hale-Bopp Comet, which was the root of these mysteries. 

In the original Twin Hagal-Rune glyph the ends of the upright staff were slightly extended (done unconsciously) and here is the strangest thing, because this was 'corrected' by one of the strangest happenings at the Wayland's Smithy some years ago. This is the gist of what happened -

Both Thornna and my ex-wife had dreams concerning the date of November 10th that year, both within a few days of the Folk-Moot we held on that date. Thornna's dream was that an 'Aragorn-type figure' would be present at the moot, and my ex-wife's was that a long-haired man with a black dog would attend the moot. Indeed, this turned out to be the same figure, that of a young chap with long hair and beard who claimed to be a 'druid'. It was not until we were sitting around the fire at night that I realised the significance of this young man - he was sitting with his Black Dog which jarred the memory of the dream! 

This 'druid' stated that he had been on a tour around Britain and had come across four strange symbols -

A Black Dragon in Scotland.

A Red Dragon in Wales.

A Green Dragon in East Anglia.

A White Dragon at the Wayland's Smithy.

If this alone was not strange enough he then asked me about some runes he had had visions of whilst walking through the trees nearby - they turned out to be Anglo-Saxon Runes. The runes were three main ones - Haegl (reversed), the Twin Hagal-Runes Symbol, and the Daeg-Rune. For some inexplicable reason he also pointed out to me that the upright stave on the Twin Hagal-Runes was level with the ends of the Xs on the stave. The other two runes were that of the Eolhs-Rune and Beorc-Rune.

The meaning of this has now come to light, many years after this experience at the Wayland's Smithy. I am now going to bring this to light -

The reversed Haegl-Rune is the 'Hail-Rune' - a rune of disruption and drastic change, which I see now as the drastic changes made by Woden's Folk after the (minor) disruption of the spring of 2014. It was through this disruptive input that these changes would come about. The central bind-rune of Twin Hagal-Runes represents Wid-Ar, the Crowned and Avenging Son, and also represents the coming Haeldom that he will usher in. The Daeg-Rune is the New Dawn which will come with the Folk-Awakening and the coming of Wid-Ar the Avenger. The two 'minor' runes represent the 'Resurrection of the Folk' (Beorc) and the Flame of Life renewed (Eohls) within the Folk. 

It would seem that we have here a clear message of the coming appearance of the Last Avatar - Wid-Ar the Crowned and Avenging Son. This may be that of The Hooded Man but in both the 'Robin of Sherwood' series and the Legends of HelgiH there are three incarnations of each -

Ailric of Loxley - Robin of Loxley - Robert of Huntingdon

Helgi Hjorvarsson - Helgi Hundingsbane - Helgi Haddinga

It is also clear to me that this appearance has been restated for a clear purpose at this time, and that things are quickening in this era. 

I would like now to look at the symbolism of The Hooded Man Rune in regard to it as a bind-rune of other runes. Here we have an array of runes all bound into this same symbol -





Ing-Rune (three variants)








Eh-Rune (Younger Futhark/Armanen)








The Twin Hagal-Rune Symbol - This contains the basic runes of an Is-Rune and two Hagal-Runes both of which suggest cold (Is = Ice & Hagal is Hail {Snowflake}). They both suggest the element if Ice. Yet when the two Hagal-Rune are joined we get the Ing-Rune which is the Rune of the Inga-Fire (Agni-Fire), and when we take this as an Odal-Rune and Ken-Rune added to the top of it, we again get the element of Fire. Indeed the Ken-Rune is the 'King-Rune' and thus the 'Crown' added to it (Hamasson's Dream). This is the Rune of the Kon(ungr). What we have in all is the balance of Ice and Fire (balance of Darkness and Light) in the same symbol.

To The Hooded Man Symbol (Odal-Rune) we have added the 'crown' (of Wid-Ar) which transmutes this figure into the Crowned and Avenging Son (Ing). This suggests to me that The Hooded Man (in one of his aspects or incarnations) appears before the coming of the Avatar, and that he does so in order to prepare the way for His Coming. This may also be true of Helgi Hundingsbane who comes before the coming of Helgi the Haddinga. We have here the theme of an aspect of the god Woden appearing in order to prepare the way for He Who Returns as the Prophet of Wid-Ar

We have seen here how the drastic changes we have been forced into making are necessary and guided by the Will of Woden. Our Divine Mission is to create a new Folk-Religion and these changes have been made in order to do that, and to extend this beyond the boundaries of England. 

The Odal-Rune is itself made up of a Gyfu-Rune ('gift') and an Ing-Rune (Ing), thus 'Gift of Ing'. This is important because it is Ingwi who is the driving-force behind these mysteries and it is the Spear of Woden (Gungnir = 'Gift of Ing') that is the weapon wielded by Parsifal (The Hooded Man - Pure Fool). This links the Odal-Rune to the Gar-Rune. 

The central rune of the symbol is the Ger-Rune which is the Cyclic Rune and refers to the balance of the two opposing forces (Light & Dark - Fire and Ice). The balance is held in -

The Hooded Man 

The Sword Albion - England

Albion is England, which is the Seventh Sword of Wayland made up of the Six Tribes of the Inga-Folk (East Saxons, West Saxons, Swedes, Danes, Norwegians and Wolsungas - all of whom came here to Albion to unite under the White Dragon Banner under the Folk-Nation of England. 

Hael Wid-Ar! Hael the Crowned & Avenging Son!

"When the Ice of the Darkest of Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, the Poisoned Apple shall fall away, and the Sleeping-Goddess shall awaken, throw off her White Wolf-Skin and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun, she shall bring forth the Divine Child of Light who will lead the English Folk in their Divine Mission against the Servants of Darkness." 

Prophecy 88 - November 9th 2014.

The Solar Eclipse of March 20th - the Spring Evennight - was due to a 'Super-Moon' we are led to believe. The August 11th 1999 Solar Eclipse was the Divine Wedding of the Sun and the Moon in the House of the White Dragon, the time of the conception of the Age of Ing. The Spring Evennight is symbolic of the New Dawn and the balance of Light and Darkness (The Hooded Man). 

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