Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 28 September 2017

Sieg Heil!

The above, taken from the Volkische-Runes Blogspot, are four variations of the Ken-Rune, but it is the second from the left that we are interested here. This rune-shape is an upright stave with an upward-pointing 'arm'. We cannot but notice the shape is that of the so-called 'Nazi Salute' or 'Fascist Salute'. Of course, this post (once again I am afraid) opens me up to the claims of being a 'Neo-Nazi' but that is a hazard we have to overcome if the truth is to become known, and the truth will one day sweep aside all of the lies and the misunderstandings that come from the Great Liar and his Dark Servants.

The salute is made up of two distinct runes, the Sieg-Rune and the Hael-Rune (Haegl-Rune). Added to this the rune-stance is that of the Ken-Rune in its Anglo-Saxon form. We need to analyse these runes to see what the stance actually does -

  • Sieg means 'victory', so Sieg-Heil means 'Victory-Heil'.
  • Heil or Hael is a force, the mysterious force invoked by the use of this salute. It is a force of healing and health, a force of harmony and stability, a force for good since surely healing and harmony is good for us - though certain powers may not see it this way, since they promote division and disharmony. 
  • Sieg is also the Sun, the Brilliant Light, the Golden Light of the Sun, the Sun of the Arya. This is also invoked, the Power of Light and Life.
  • Sieg is the Lightning-Bolt of Thunor, of Indra, of Thor, the Lightning-Bolt that smashes through the Darkness. It is the power that breaks down barriers, that breaks through any obstacles. It is the Thunderbolt, the Bolt of the Thunder-God, the Power of Light breaking the Darkness.
  • Sieg is a Rune of the Serpent (S), the serpentine-power, the Fire-Serpent, the Power of Ingwe-Agni.
  • The Ken-Rune is the Fire-Serpent, the Inga-Fire, the Power of Ingwe-Agni; this is the upward path of Light and Fire as shown in the stave itself, the upward movement within Man, rising to the heavens, to the Divine Light, to the Divine Truth.
  • As the Force of Ingwe this salute invokes the Power of the Divine Will, the Will-to-Power, the Will-to-Victory over the Forces of Darkness and Matter.

The third rune is that used on the White Stone of Ing, and this can either be with the stave above the upturned 'V' or the stave below a 'V' (as a 'Y' shape'). In this case I feel that the former is how it is used here. 

The Ken-Rune stance suggests the invocation of the Fire of the Sun and the rune means the Sun, the Serpent but also the Soul (Sowilo). The 'Light of the Gods' (Litr Godh) is the Divine Spark, Agni-Ingwe, who is the Hidden God, the god within the Arya, the Fire of the Arya, the Fire of the Hidden Sun, the Sun concealed in the Darkness of Matter. Sieg is the victory of Light over the Darkness, 'Sieg Heil!' is the invocation of that victory, the drive towards harmony and then perfection. The drive towards Immortality and the Realm of the Gods.

The Sieg-Rune is associated with the Will; this is linked to the Lightning-Flash or Lightning-Bolt, it is that which will break through, achieve victory in the end through the Power of Will. The word 'will' is itself entirely positive, there is no hint of negativity within the sense of the word. When we say 'I will' it is a positive and powerful statement, unlike 'I might' or 'I might be able to'. 'I will' is powerful and has to be said with vigour and power - in itself it invokes power and force. Will is in fact the Power of Truth. 

The rune has a serpentine-movement related to Agni and thus to Ingwe; it is a spiral motion, a spiritual motion, the Power of the Vortex. Ken is the Inga-Fire, the Aryan Fire, the Sacred Flame of the Gods, the Flame of Knowledge, the Fire that Forges, the Fire that Transforms. It was said that great Initiates of Fire would arise to guide the evolution of Man, the Fire of Ingwe which is the Beacon-Fire shining in an Age of Darkness. 

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