Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Wednesday 20 December 2017

ALU-ULA Exercise

Below is the ALU-ULA Exercise which we have used at our Folk-Moots; this has an added piece using the 'Mudra of Ingwe' which binds the Woden Initiate to Ingwe as the Divine Ancestor. If you have the Wulf Ingessunu ALU recording on the Seelenlicht CD 'Love and Murder' (Track XIV) this could be played in the background. 

Stand with your feet about 12 inches apart; relax and let a feeling of warmth pass through your body.

Form a closed fist with the right hand over the Heart Centre; now curl the left hand over the right hand. This represents the Sun and the Moon - the balance of Light and Darkness. 

Now make the Mudra of Ingwe over the Third Eye Centre by crossing the left index finger (first finger) over the right index finger, and crossing the left thumb over the right thumb beneath this. The ends of the thumbs should touch the knuckle-joints of the two index fingers. The other fingers of both hands should be closed up. This will form an X over an X - the Ing-Rune. This will also form a Germanic Ing-Rune from the Third Eye down to the Heart Centre. 

Place your open hands across the Hara-Centre (2 inches below the navel) in the shape of a Trikona (Inverted Triangle). 

Intone the Rune - "URUZ" - in a deep voice. Visualise the rune-stave URUZ in a black form. You can add a visualisation of a Black Bull if you wish, but this should be done after the visualising and chanting of the rune.

Bring your open hands upwards, level with the Heart Centre/Solar Plexus Centre; the hands should be now slightly opened and pointing away from you towards the front (in a kind of twin Lagu-Runes).

Intone the Rune - "LAGUZ" - in a slightly higher voice. Visualise the rune-stave LAGU in a red form. You can visualise a Red Deer at this point if you wish.

Now bring the hands upwards again to the Third Eye Centre where the open hands forms an Upright Triangle over the centre of the eyebrows.

Intone the Rune - "ANSUZ" - in a high voice. Visualise the rune-stave ANSUZ in a white form. You can visualise a White Swan at this point if you like.

Now repeat this, but start with ANSUZ, down to LAGUZ, and down to URUZ. This is one cycle. Do the cycle either 3 times (or 9 times if you have the time and inclination). The main thing is not to rush it through so doing it 3 times may be better for the first time. 

Note: the last latter 'Z' should be extended for as long as you can as 'zzzzzzz'; this acts as a 'buzz' which should be felt in the particular centre of the rune sounded. 

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