Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Monday 12 March 2018

The Runes & The Tree

We call the 'Cosmic Tree' by the name Yggdrasil - the 'Steed of Ygg'; it is also known as Irminsul - the 'Column of Irmin'. Despite sometimes being seen as different these two are merely Saxon and Viking concepts stemming from the same roots. They are both symbols of the 'Cosmic Tree' and the 'World Tree' one working at a cosmic level, the other at a world level. The 'White Tree' is also symbolic of the White Race, another point to consider when studying this are of research. 

In the Tarot Card named The Hanged Man the figure of a man hangs upside-down from a Tau-Cross (T-shape). This is a living tree (not the dead tree on which 'Jesus Christ' hung) as can be seen from the green shoots from the cross-piece. The figure also has a 'halo' suggesting 'enlightenment' and his body makes the shape of a Cross above a Triangle. Whether Woden hung upside-down we do not know and are not told specifically. All we are told is that he peered downwards before crying out and picking up the Ancient Runes. 

However, there are strange accounts, and many of them, suggesting that the 'World Tree' is itself upside-down with its roots in the heavens and its branches in the underworld. What we are to make of this I do not know, but there are also strange traditions here in England (and probably elsewhere too) that have places named 'Upper.....' below places named 'Lower.....' In the Eddas the roots are said to come from 'above'. This is also the case in the Aryan Vedas, the oldest texts in the world. 

Trees on this earth grow upwards from their roots which are in the soil; so where does this image of an upside-down tree come from. It is possible that here we have a representation of the Cosmic Tree rather than the World Tree, although by the Hermetic saying 'As Above - So Below' these should be the same. However, some Vedic scholars do believe that this is a representation of our universe. 

The human body is a 'World Tree' in microcosm, and here was can see that when we place the Ar-Kan Runes along the spinal column they move from the top down to the bottom, from Feoh at the top down to Gar at the bottom. This is the only logical way that they will fit into the pattern of the human backbone which works as 7-12-5-5-4, the last 9 being the fused vertebrae of the sacrum and coccyx. There are 24 of the vertebrae apart from these which fits exactly with the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark. Thus, the runes move downwards within the human body, at least if we use them as they have been laid down to us. 

But....the second vertebrae from the top is called after Atlas, the god who held up the world. And the one rune which itself shows a glyph of Atlas is the Edel-Rune, which if we use this system would be down at the bottom of the spinal column, not at the top. However, were we to reverse the first 24 runes and go from bottom to the top then the second from the top would be Edel, the 'Rune of Atlas'. In doing this we would either throw the whole thing into disorder, or we would have to use the first 24 runes in the reverse order and the last 9 runes in their normal order

However....if we see the human body as being like the Earth, with a Northern Hemisphere and a Southern Hemisphere then things change. The electro-magnetism of the Northern Hemisphere is anti-clockwise (as seen by the growing movement of runner beans up a cane and the movement of water down a plughole), and that of the Southern Hemisphere is a clockwise movement. If this were projected onto the human body then there is a case to see the top part of the body being opposite to the bottom half. In which case the reversal of the runes makes sense. We would need to place the centre of the body around the 'navel', which is a word that refers to a 'centre'. We could, of course, project this idea onto the World Tree and Cosmic Tree.

If we imagine this process then the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark (Feoh to Daeg) could be seen to move upwards, ending at Daeg - which suggests 'balance' and 'enlightenment'. This makes a good deal of sense. The Widdershins Swastika is the 'Swastika of Return' (Miguel Serrano) and being anti-clockwise this would mean a return to the roots. If the 24 Runes move upwards - towards the roots - again this makes sense of all this.

The runes in the new rune-row given to us in 2012 are, as I have often stated, made up of at least 11 runes with an directional arrow pointing either upwards or downwards. I have on a couple of occasions pointed this out as being significant, but not knowing why this is so. Perhaps we have here a hint at 'polarity' and even the reversal of the poles which happens every so many thousands of years - we are told. This was also part of a dream that I had years ago, and was sparked by a meditation on the Tiwaz-Rune before going to sleep that night. The Tiwaz-Rune is an 'arrow' or 'spearhead' - a directional marker.

The particular rune of interest here is in fact the AEthel-Rune which has the Germanic Ing-Rune (Diamond - which also occurs in the Edel-Odal Rune but with an upward-pointing arrow below it) and a downward-pointing arrow underneath it. This, to me, now suggests the Earth (diamond) whose electromagnetism is reversing at the poles. This may indeed be the meaning of the change in this rune-stave. These are changes for the future I may add.

We are told by establishment scholars that the extra nine runes of the Old English Runes were added onto the original twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark. However, Marby and others have seen the 33 Runes as originating in At-al-land, the lost lands of the Dogger Bank area. If so then these are the Elder Runes. Either the Anglo-Saxons brought with them the 33-rune row, they developed the extra 9 runes over here, or the 33 Runes originated here, were taken over to what is now Frisia, Northern Germany and Southern Scandinavia, and were brought back again in later times. This seems to have been the movement of the Ingwaeones, so logically it could also be the movement of their Holy Rune Row. 

In the Dream of the Rood we find the secrets of the Rad-Rune or Rit-Rune where the Hero-God - Krist - hangs upon a 'Bleeding Tree' topped by a luminous Sun-Wheel. The tree represents the Cosmic Tree which is 'bleeding' (like the Cosmic Krist) because it is wounded, it has been wounded by the Dark Forces. The tree has been wounded by 'arrows' just as the Sun-God Baldaeg was (in some accounts) wounded with arrows. (*) The 'Sun-God' is here the Hero-Krist who hangs upon the Bleeding Tree. The Anglo-Saxons held a far truer account of the Cosmic Cycles of the Ages when they recognised what this 'dream' or 'vision' actually referred to. This is a far better account than that of the New Testament which has been 'doctored' to suit the agenda of a power elite.

The figure of the Aryan Krist hanging upon a Bleeding-Tree can be understood through the Rad-Rune. This rune shows an upright stave (Stone Pillar or Tree Trunk) with a zig-zag pattern of blood flowing down it. The zig-zag pattern is found in the reversed Sig-Rune which forms part of the Rad-Rune, attached to the upright Stone Pillar or Tree Trunk. Sig is thus linked to the idea of the 'Blood on the Pillar' or the 'Bleeding Tree' and forms the symbol of that Holy Blood. If we see the Rad-Rune as a glyph of the God-Man on the Tree, then he hangs in the upright position and not inverted; at least that is what it seems to be, though we cannot be sure. In every rendering of 'Christ' on the 'Cross' the figure is upright, and this usually bears some resemblance to the original archetype

This type of Shamanic Ritual (which it is) is usually an Initiation and in this case a Sun-Initiation. The figure hanging upon a Bleeding Tree, in suffering and pain, is the Sun-Initiate who has to suffer in order to reach a stage of higher consciousness. This is reflected upon Earth through the pain and suffering needed for our Folk to reach a higher stage of consciousness. Woden's Initiation ended with his peering downwards, crying out a magical formula, and then 'seeing' the runes and their secrets. These secrets, we may imagine, were held within the World Tree or Yggdrasil. 

The Rad-Rune is also known as the Rit-Rune - the Rune of Cosmic Order or Rita. Thus, the 'Bleeding Tree' represents a 'wound' in that Cosmic Order, a 'disorder' that has entered it. The Hero-God must also suffer this 'disorder' or 'wound' in order to see what is involved, to see how this has come about. Before he can be revived and brought back all of Nature must weep tears of sorrow, must experience itself this suffering of the Cosmos. The world must pass through Fire and Flood before it can be renewed whole once more. 

At one level the 'Bleeding Tree' is the White Tree which represents the White Race and its suffering today. This has come about by evil Dark Forces that seek the destruction of our Folk; yet we should see this not in negative terms but as a challenge, as a struggle for survival, and as a means to overcome our human limitations and rise to the Divine, rise to the heights in order to become the 'Higher Man' - the 'Superman'. It was the struggle of the Ice Age that kept pure the Folk of the North; only in such harsh conditions could the Northern Barbarian survive and hold on to his purity of Blood and Spirit. In areas further south intermixing destroyed everything that had been built in the ease and comfort of the warmth and easier climate. In the harsh, cold, wet northlands this people remained true to their roots, to their blood and to their kin.

Unlike Buddhism we do not see suffering as such a problem, and we do not wish to leave the 'Wheel of Suffering' but to see this as part of our upward evolution towards the God-Man. The aim is not to be dissolved back into 'The One' but to achieve the uniting of the opposites (Male-Female) but to pass beyond this where the 'I' remains and becomes the Absolute I. The Sun-Initiate would create his own 'Son of Man' and thus achieve immortality, become immortal, a God-Man. In the Golden Age mankind was like a child, this process will be the adulthood of mankind - to grow into the God-Man. 

In the Old Testament (taken from earlier Aryan sources as well as Semitic) there are two trees - the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, the latter being the Tree of Immortality which, as it states makes man become 'as gods'. This is the tree denied to us by El Shaddai/Jehovah, but the tree offered to 'him that overcometh' by the Krist of the New Testament. Notice that immortality is offered to 'him that overcometh' and not to those who have 'faith' - its is for the few who struggle against all odds. 


This is a runic formula often quoted in runic books without knowledge of what it means. When we split this and use as a gealdor - LUWA - we find that the sound merges into ALU with the 'W' becoming silent. This has to be done over and over again until this happens. The same goes for TUWA which, when done over and over, becomes ATU with the 'W' becoming silent once more. When done together the sound ALU-ATU becomes clearer as the chant is repeated. Thus, no matter the spelling of this word the sound comes out quite differently. The IE Root *at-al stems from one root of the Tocharian at-al where at means 'over', 'beyond', 'super' and al means 'nourish', 'to foster'. This suggests a 'noble fostering' and goes beyond this to the Superman. Both of the components of the IR Root *at-al are contained in AL(U)-AT(U). (**)

The ALU-ULA formula has to fit onto the World Tree as Mount Su-Me-Ru which is the human spinal column. The trunk of the tree and the mountain are both symbols of the same thing - the spinal column. Whereas the Roots AL/UL refer to 'Light' the Root *at can mean 'to go' but is also related to *atar which means  'fire' in the sense of 'blackened by fire'. This is associated with the Fire-Worship of the Aryans of Persia and India. The ALU-ULA is used as a spiritual exercise in Folkish Wodenism and is linked to the three Energy-Centres of the human body, and thus the three Energy-Centres of the Cosmos. These would be connected to the World Tree. 

It is known that the Heart emits 5,000 times as much electro-magnetism as the human brain; thus the Heart-Centre (Lagu) is a powerful source of human consciousness, associated with the emotions rather than the logic of the left-brain. Legend has it that before 'The Flood' the Serpent climbed the World Tree but only reached as far as the Heart-Centre; it must continue its climb until it reaches the top of the World Tree. It thus moved from Ur up to Lagu and must now reach to the Gods Ansuz who are the 'Ancestors' and thus the 'Origins' - by moving upwards to the heights we have to move downwards to the origins

The Daeg-Rune fits with the head since it appears to be a glyph of the right-brain/left-brain function which centres upon the Third Eye or Pineal Gland. The two hemispheres of the brain are found in the one glyph and balancing them is also inherent in the rune. This brings the 'Light of Day' or 'en-light-en-ment' or 'illumination'; the body is made up of water in the main, but scientists have already found that cells emit light and that there is thus a 'Body of Light' within our make-up. The White Tree is the 'Tree of Purity' to which we all should strive towards. The tree is also symbolic of a wholeness too, again something that we need to strive towards. The Aryan Tree will be the Aryan Race - the Coming Race. 

(*) The god slain by arrows is baeldaeg since in Beowulf we find Heathcyn (Blind Hod) slaying Herebald (Here-Bealdaeg) with arrows. We find a similar symbolism in the slaying of King Edmund by the Vikings - Edmund the Wulfinga.

(**) This idea of chanting the LUWATUWA comes from Paul Waggener of the Wolves of Vinland and Operation Werewolf but I have extended it to show how it fits with our work on the ALU-ULA Formula. Credit must go to Mr Waggener for thinking this one up though. His idea does explain the use of such a formula and also its link to 'ALU' which at first is not clear in the LUWATUWA runes. Since the formula is indeed etched in runes it would be logical that the individual runes are as important as the formula itself. Especially since there is no 'logical' meaning of the runes here. 

Analysing the formula - LUWATUWA - this would not work without the 'A' being after LUW and TUW; indeed, having just said that the words LUW and TUW are very much like Lugh and Tiw which are both gods associated with the Light, one with Woden (Lugh) and one with Tiw. There are many hidden meanings in this formula as we are beginning to see. Woden and Lugh are associated with the World Tree. 

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