Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Monday 24 January 2022

Wid-Ar - God of Resistance.


The Old English withstandan means 'resistance'; it is the root of 'Wid-Ar', the God of Resistance. The Rune of Wid-Ar is the Wolf-Hook Rune, the 'Rune of Resistance'. The German 'widerstand' means 'resistance (not sure if that has 'dd' or 'd', put me right if I have spelled that wrong). There re also some German words and phrases that give another meaning to the word -

Widder - The Ram/ Aries the Ram.

Wieder - to be back again/ to come back/ to return.

Wieder bekommen - to get back.

Wiederholen - to repeat.

Wiederholung - repetition.

Der Widerspruch - contradiction/to go against.

Wiedersehen - to see again.

Wieder - again/return.

Wieder-erscheint - appears again.

Wiederkehrt - 'returns'. 

Wid-Ar is 'He Who Returns'; he is the Strong One who returns every 26,000 years at the end of a Great Year Cycle. He is not a god we wait to come after Ragnarok, since his role is to avenge Woden, to rip open the Wolf's Jaws and free the Spirit of Woden, thus taking upon himself the Spirit of All-Father. 'The Father and The Son are One.' 

Widhr (Old English) - Resistance/To stand against.

Widdershins - to go against/anti-clockwise motion.

Dumezil saw Vidar as being the god that -

  • Is aligned with vertical space, due to his hands on the lower jaw of the Fenris Wolf, and horizontal space due to his wide steps and strong shoe. Vidar is the offspring of Woden and Grid, and if we see the Giantess Grid as being connected to the 'National Grid' - the 'grid-system' we use on maps - then she represents the Earth-Forces or Dragon-Forces that move around the Earth.
  • The god who stops the Wolf from destroying the Cosmos; he returns every 26,000 years and the 'Twilight of the Gods' as the 'World Haeland' ('World Saviour' if you like). 
  • The 'Twilight of the Gods' occurs at the end of a Cycle of Ages or 'Great Year Cycle' when the star-positions align as they did 26,000 years before, and we have the same Pole Star as at that time - Polaris. 

Slumber watcher 'till the spheres,
Six and Twenty-Thousand years,
Shall revolve e'er I return
To the spot where now I burn.
Stars that soothe and stars that bless
With a sweet forgetfulness.
Only when my round is o'er
Shall the past disturb thy door.

Polaris - H.P Lovecraft.

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