Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Saturday 19 February 2022

Heil & Sieg!



'Hagal is cold corn/and driving sleet/and snake's sickness'. Icelandic Rune Poem

This is the 'snowflake' rune which covers both hail, sleet, frost, and the flakes of snow - the pattern is of Ice. The inference here is of a 'seed' ('corn'), but I have no idea about the 'snake's sickness' - however, the mention of the snake may be important, so we'll not dismiss that. The pattern is also of Miguel Serrano's HE/SHE concept, which we'll look at later. This is also a Life-Rune - Death-Rune bind-rune -

The pattern is one of 'wholeness' (Heil) since we have here the Roots - Trunk - Branches of a Tree. Wholeness, Holy, Harmony, Health and Healing. The role of the Ar-Man as the one who 'fits together' that which is broken asunder by the Shadow-Forces. In both the Welsh, Breton and Greek tongues the word for 'Sun' is haul, hoel and helios; 'haul' is pronounced 'heil' as far as I know. (These may be from the older tongues.) Rather than the 'H' the Germanic Tongues (including the Irish here) use an S - Sun, Sal, Sol, Solar, Sowel, Sowilo, Sig-el, etc. (The Irish form means 'eye'.) So the Hagal-Rune and the Sig-Rune are linked together, and both can mean 'Sun' - this rune-stave is that of the Sun and its rays. 

'Hagal is coldest of corns/Krist shaped/the original home.' Norwegian Rune Poem.

Again, the idea of a 'corn' or 'seed'; and here, as I have covered before, Krist was the shaper of the UR-Home (Urheim). Krist here is associated with Ingwe, and to the 'Holy Spirit' which is a 'Fiery-Spirit'. This gives us nothing new here.

'Haegl is whitest of corns/from heaven's height it whirls/winds blow it/it becomes water after.' Old English Rune-Poem.

This version refers not to 'cold corn' but to 'whitest of corns' and it uses certain terms - whirls, winds blow it, and that it turns into water. To turn ice or frozen rain into water again needs warmth and heat, so here we may have a hidden reference to Fire. That the wind whirls it suggests yet another reference hinting at Fire, which needs the movement of air to light and maintain its form. Maybe or maybe not, just some ideas here. The rune also shows HE/SHE but in the form of UR/RU, the Ur-Rune and its reflection. 

The aim of the Global Elite is to make themselves 'immortal' through the means of the 'Immortality of the Cells'. Once more, this is a sick parody and copy of the true road to the Immortals - the Immortality of the Soul. Miguel Serrano covers this topic in his usual style, and it can be found in the Manual of Khshnoom where the Male-Female Souls unite to create the 'Total Man' (Serrano). The Manual tells us that the aim is of the Perfected Soul - Magovan - who is I-e-Su, a passionless birth. It also tells us that this is the Will of God - AHU using their own words. This, then is the true Path of Evolution as set put by the God-head, as opposed to the false path of immortalising the physical body. There is no doubt that there have been some who have mistaken the process for what it really is - Spiritual Evolution. 

Way back in 1981 there was a film called 'Artemis 81' which I have covered before, since it features a battle between Light and Dark, and of a virus that affects the people of one area. It is a strange film which uses the word 'asexual' crossed out - as if emphasising this. The same night as I watched this I had a strange dream in which was a powerful symbol - A Five-Pointed Star (Blue-Black if I recall) and a Sig-Rune in Red. I was told that the Sig-Rune symbolised 'Magical Socialism' and the Five-Pointed Star 'Man Asexual'. I have never used the symbol, but it does seem to be relevant now after learning these things. The Five-Pointed Star is the Star of Venus, which tracks its movement through a cycle; it is also a symbol of Man. Five, according to Miguel Serrano, is a number of Hyperborea.

There are certain other words connected to 'Heil' -

Haele - Hero/Chief/Brave Man.

Hael - Omen.

Haeleth - Hero.

Haeland - 'Saviour' (*).

Halig - Holy (Selig, also Old English, means almost the same - blessed, holy).

Helgi - The Hallowed One - is a Wulfinga and 'Scion of Ingwe'; his Archetypal Myth is somewhat different than that of the more famous Sigurd-Siegfried. Sigurd-Siegfried falls from grace when he forgets his Waelcyrge-Love and takes on a mortal wife; even though he cannot really be said to be blamed, since he was drugged into doing so. Nevertheless, had he cemented the Sacred Marriage between himself and Sigdrifa-Brunhilde as HE/SHE in a Spiritual Union, he would have achieved Immortality. But he did not and his slaying by Hagon with a spear may well have been the judgement on this from the Gods. He also took the Rhine-Gold, which was then thrown back into the Rhine where it belongs. Helgi has a Waelcyrge-Wife and they are not separated even in death. Here we see that nothing in the future is set and here we have two different choices within one archetype. Tolkien reinstates Sigurd as the World Saviour in his version of the tale, which is quite interesting. I have used this here because it fits perfectly with the theme - Hagal-Helgi and Sig-El - Sigurd. 

The Sig-El Rune is the Rune of the Sun; it is also the Rune of the Serpent, as seen by the shape alone - the snake slithers in this form, and also it hisses which again can be seen in the S-sound. (There may be something in this, since some old tongues, including Old English, roll the Rs; maybe the use of a sssss sound for this rune does something in regard to vibration.) This is also the Lightning-Bolt, which we featured in the 'Heil and Luck' on the Inglinga Blog - the Hvarena again. 

The rune-name Sowilo/Sowalo refers more to the 'soul', since this means 'swift-moving' referring to the ability to send the soul out of the body. The names Sol (Sun) and Soul pair up in this respect. Armanen Masters and Adepts used these formulas -

Sal and Sieg!

Alaf Sal Fena! - 'All-Hael (*) and blessings to the Power-Born!'

Heil and Sieg! - 'Hale and Victory!'

(*) Sometimes 'salvation' but 'heil' sounds better to me.

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