Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Friday 3 March 2023

The Age of Heroes


The Ing-Rune has many levels of meaning, and at one level it is the 'Sign of the Son', and in this case we are looking at Wid-Ar the Avenging Son. Here we see the Edel-Rune that is 'crowned', but as we know the 'crown' has been 'toppled' by the Joten-Forces who have usurped the Divine Authority and replaced this by a Demonic Kingdom of Darkness. 

The Ing-Rune is made up of Twin Ken-Runes (FIRE) as the Ken-Fusion, and of Twin Ur-Runes (UR) as the Ur-Fusion - thus 'Primal Fire' or 'Ur-Fire'. Wid-Ar arises wielding a FLAMING SWORD - the Ur-Fire. This is the 'Fire of the White Dragon' in our own Wodenic Lore. This rune is also made up of Twin Gyfu-Runes - the 'Gift of Ing'. If the rune-lines are extended in any/all directions the same pattern unfolds - to infinity. This pattern is of the Gyfu-Rune and the Germanic Ing-Rune (Diamond-Ing). But, when this sequence is started the first rune that is formed is the Gar-Rune - the 'Gift of Ing' (Gungnir). 

This is why these three runes - Edel-Ing-Gar - are linked together as the 'Gift of Ing'; the 'Gift of Ing', as we know, is FIRE. This mystery can be found in the White Stone of Ing, known as the Firestone. 

The 'Gift of Ing' as the Spear of Woden is the Cosmic Axis, here symbolised by the Sacred Spear, and by the World-Pillar, which the Stone of Ing clearly symbolises. We know that this era is that which will see the Fires of Surt cleanse the worlds, and here too we see a cleansing by fire, with the Flaming Sword. 

Now let us look what the Stan-Rune in this version can tell us about the subject. This is the 'Stone of Ing' since it contains the Ing-Rune; it also contains Twin E(o)h-Runes and Twin Mann-Runes - the Divine Twins and Manu. All these runes and concepts are connected with our era, at the end of a world-age moving into the beginning of the next world-age. This, in fact, contains the three concepts of 'Twin' (Divine Twins), Manu (Mann-Rune) and the 'Son' (Ing-Rune). This message - on the White Stone of Ing - has been given to us today, at this time of the Cosmic Cycle, to aid in our Sacred Blood Struggle. 

The Edel-Rune is that of Twin Sig-Runes, here seen as White (White Sun) and Black (Black Sun). The Sig-Rune is the Rune of Victory and Rune of the Sun, as well as being symbolic of the Solar Serpent. It is the Lightning-Bolt of the Lightning-War, the war waged against the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. This is the Lightning-Bolt of Thunor which blasts the Darkness, allowing the Divine Light to shine once more upon the Folk. 

The transition-period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius we name the 'Age of Heroes' or 'Age of the Son' ('Age of Ing'); Ing is also the Divine Hero, which adds weight to this idea.  We are in the time of the greatest destruction, disorder and chaos, at the time of the Great Dissolution, but this is an age in which the Aryan Hero arises to combat the Darkness and Chaos, to wage a Holy War against the Joten-Forces, and to bring into being a New Order that will manifest a 'New Man' - the 'Superman'. 

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