Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Son of the Widow

The title Son of the Widow occurs as one for 'Jesus Christ' (Mani called him thus) and also crops up in Freemasonry where Hiram Abis is the Son of the Widow. The origins of this title seem to be with the figure of the Egyptian Horus who is the son of Isis whose husband - Osiris - is slain by Set, which makes her the 'widow'. In the Myth of Horus we find that Osiris is slain by his brother, Set, but Isis brings forth a son, Horus, who is born to avenge his father.

Within Woden's Folk we have followed this line unconsciously, since the figure of The Hooded Man - as the Divine Fool - has exactly the same myth. Rather than the Egyptian Myth we have used the Norse version where Hamlet's father is slain by his own brother and Hamlet plays the Pure Fool so as to disguise his intention of avenging his father by slaying his murderer - the uncle. In this Hamlet is the Son of the Widow.

Another famous legendary figure whose myth is the same as this is that of Parsifal, whose name (in this version of Wagner's) means Pure Fool. What we need to realise when dealing with this myth is that in the Wolfram von Eschenbach version the ideas are based around alchemy which was the spiritual medium of the era.

Parsifal's father - Gahmuret - marries a black-skinned Moor named Belecane, Queen of Zazamanc, but he abandons her. Here we see the 'black' or nigredo stage. He then remarries to a figure called Herzeloyde of the House of Anjou, and then leaves her to fight in battle - the 'white' or albedo stage. He dies in battle, making Herzeloyde a widow, and their son, Parsifal, the Son of the Widow. Parsifal slays a Red Knight, takes his armour and weapons and becomes the Red Knight - this being the 'red' or rubedo stage. Here we see the colours of Eternal Germania - Black-White-Red.

Parsifal is 'brought up like a pure madman' and is 'pure like a madman'. The alchemical transformation as seen in the work of Wolfram von Eschenbach is not the work of a physical lineage but that of a spiritual lineage. Parsifal is a Warrior-Hero and the myth is based around the Warrior Ethos whence he needs no 'God' but is guided by his Walkyrie.

The wife of Parsifal is Condwiranurs whose skin is as white as snow and her lips as red as blood - red and white. When he witnesses the slaying of a goose killed by one of King Arthur's falcons he goes into a deep trance and slays two knights with the Lance of Troy which he found in the cave of a hermit. Here we have the colours red and white which are once again symbolic - 'blood on the snow'.

There are three swords used by Parsifal in his wanderings and quests -

The first he discards after finding the Sword of the Red Knight, which becomes his second sword. The third sword is the Memory of the Blood which on its second blow breaks and is repaired in the water of the fountain called Lac flowing from beneath a grey rock. Here we see the idea of the sword that is symbolic of the Blood Memory and this sword is the Broken Sword - Sword of the Wolsungas. There is a runic sequence here too - Lac (Lagu) which is the lake or fountain, and Blood Memory (Ing) which follows the Lagu-Rune. Indeed there is a connection between a Broken Sword and Ing because the original sound ng was once whole, but the two letters 'n' & 'g' are today broken, thus symbolic of the breaking of the Blood Memory of the Folk. It is thus the power of the Lagu Rune that makes n-g whole again - Ing. The Lagu-Rune could actually be seen as symbolising a fountain through the rune-shape.

I have equated the Lagu Rune with the Left-Hand Path which is the Warrior Path and the only valid path for us in the Dark Age or Warg Age. Ing is the rune associated with the Sacred Blood and with the DNA Code - the English version shows a double-helix. England - the 'Land of Ing' is the Land of the Blood which seems obvious from the title alone. This is the Land of the Son (of the Widow), whose colours are Red & White as seen on the English Cross Flag and the White Dragon Banner.

There are also hidden connections with the Last Avatar here since the title Widow is linked to Wid-Ar who is the Avenging God and another aspect of The Hooded Man. There is yet another important thing we need to consider here, and we need to get back to the Legend of Parsifal for that.

Parsifal is the Pure Fool who eventually finds the Gral and thus heals the wounded king and the land is renewed, but there is another important figure in this myth - Gawain. Through the tests that are undertaken by Gawain the power of the black magician - Klingsor - is broken, thus paving the way for the renewal of Nature by Parsifal. It is these tests, and the love of Gawain for the Proud Duchess, that destroys the enchantments of 'hypnosis at a distance' that has taken prisoner the Knights, not allowing them to return to the Ancestral Home. This is a most important point, for this 'hypnosis' at a distance is exactly how the English Folk have been enslaved - through the power of black magic, of pyscho-warfare, and by the mass-media and the press who act out this drama as the Black Magicians with their Magic Box (TV and the World Wide Web) - which create an illusionary world.

It is Gawain that destroys the power of Klingsor - the Black Magician - and to do so he undergoes a series of tests, whilst at the same time he is guided by his love for the Proud Duchess (his Walkyrie). We could even see the name Gawain as being made of the two runes Ga (gift) and Wyn and since his shield has a five-pointed star symbol there could be a link to Venus - the Morning Star. This is because the planet Venus is linked to the Wyn-Rune and the Wanir-Gods and thus to Ingwe-Frey and the Elven Race - the Shining Ones. The planet Venus was also glyphed by a symbol that is the same shape as the Wyn-Rune, which underlines this link. It is quite possible that the Morning Star is also associated with the Apple since when this is cut in half it makes a five-pointed star; we should note that the Wolsunga Line was renewed by the intervention of the goddess Frigga who sent her handmaid to Rerir's wife bearing an apple, who then gave birth to Wolsung.

To break the power of Klingsor it is necessary to expose the lies and deceit of the mass-media and the gutter-press, but it is also necessary to awaken the power of the Blood Memory in our Folk and to affect a return to the Ancestral Home - Thule-Hyperborea. What we need to understand is that the legend of the sinking of an ancient homeland may not have been a physical event in the first instance, for there is good reason to think that this 'sinking' was more of a removal of the Ancestral Homeland into another dimension - possibly into the Inner Earth. This was not just a flood that sank the ancient land, but more of a removal of the original lands from this dimension, which means that it is still there for those who are meant to find it.

This is more in line with the legends of Shambhalla and Agarthi (Asgard?) which are supposed to be within the Earth. It also explains why some people have experienced the Fata Morgana at the North Pole which is an 'illusion' of seeing another strange and magnificent world - which is there but in another dimension of being. There are so many legends about individuals going into the Earth and then coming out again at some future time, and we also have the figures like Barbarossa and King Arthur who 'sleep' in a cave (underground) awaiting their time of return.

Going back to the five-pointed star which centres around the figure of Gawain and also the Wolsunga Lineage, this is the same type of symbol as the White Rose which has five petals and is the White Rose of Albion. The White Rose can also be found on symbols of the Saxon god Irmin, and also on the medieval Tarot card named The Fool. The White Rose of Albion refers to a very ancient time when these islands were populated by the Arya or Hyperboreans, whose descendants were the later Saxon English.

One last point here concerns the son of Parsifal - Lohengrin - whose symbol is the Swan-Ship (Peorth-Rune) and whose legend most likely gave birth to the legend of the Swan-Knight, and these originated with the English Divine Ancestor - Sheaf. The Swan-Ship of Thule-Hyperborea sails upon the Waters of Chaos at the end of a world-age or cycle of ages - within the ship is the sunwheel (reborn sun) or the Seeds of Rebirth (like the 'ark'). In one version (Mayan) we find a White God with a Red Beard whose boat is the Serpent-Ship (Wafeln) which floats upon the Waters of Chaos, within the boat being the White Stone of Ing (Gral-Stone) on which are the runes Gift of Ing as seen on the side of the boat XX-X. The two figures at the side of the boat are the Guardians of the Gateway (Gateway to the Gods through which the Divine Hero travels).

This is the Swan-Ship of At-al-land which is the Racial Homeland which was removed from this world when the axis of the earth tilted and the Golden Age ended. This was the time when the gods sent Scef (Sheaf) to earth as the Culture-Bearer to aid the Germanic Folk as the climate changed drastically, and the gods withdrew into the Inner Earth. At this time the Sky-God (Tiw) lost his right-hand and became the God of the Underworld (Woden) symbolised by the Lagu-Rune of the Left-Hand Path.

The role of Woden's Folk is to prepare the way for the coming of the Last Avatar, and in doing so to fulfil the role of Gawain in breaking the hypnotic hold that Klingsor has over the Warrior-Heroes - thus awakening the Blood-Memory and the Memory of the Ancestral Homeland. Gawain had to go through a series of trials and tests, in one version being tested against the Green Knight, and overseeing the tests is Wyrd - the Goddess of Fate.

The role of the Einheriar is crucial to an understanding of what we are saying here, for the Einheriar are the Warrior-Heroes (Weras) who are resurrected at the time of Ragnarok to fight the Last Battle against the Dark Lord and the Dark Forces of Chaos and Destruction. The legends of the Everlasting Battle and figures such as Hedhin in Norse Mythology are connected to the idea of a never-ending Cosmic War between the Forces of Light (Gods and Heroes) against the Servants of Darkness (Jotun - Forces of Darkness & Matter), in which the Warrior-Heroes are slain and resurrected endlessly in this struggle of the ages.

We await the next coming of the Son of the Widow.......................................

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