Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Wednesday 19 February 2014

The English Runic System

There are a number of runic systems that are in use today, the most used being the 24-rune Common Germanic Futhark and the newer 18-rune Armanen Runes. Within Woden's Folk and the Woden Folk-Religion we use a 33-rune system known as the English Futhork. This is made up of 32 runes broken into Four Aettir with the Gar-Rune as the Spiritual Centre -
Feoh                          Haegl                              Tir                            Ac
  Ur                              Nyd                             Beorc                        Aesc
Thorn                            Is                                 Eh                             Yr
  Os                              Ger                               Man                          Ior
 Rad                             Eoh                               Lagu                         Ear
 Ken                           Peorth                            Ing                        Cweorth
Gyfu                            Eolhs                            Daeg                         Calc
Wyn                            Sigel                              Edel                         Stan
It should be noted that the first three aettir (24 Runes) have the same order as the Common Germanic Futhark although the names are slightly different. This makes it quite easy to adapt from the CGF to the English Futhork. Some of the last nine runes are bind-runes whilst others describe trees (oak and ash) that are found in Germania and not in some more northerly areas of Europe. There is also the importance of the last four runes which do not have rune-poems in the English Rune-Poem. The names of at least the last three have meanings linked to the Graal Mythos - the original Hyperborean Mythos and not the later 'Celto-Christian Grail' built around a Christian 'King Arthur'.
These 33 runes and the order that they are shown here are the official runes of the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag system devised by the Hearth of Heruli within Woden's Folk. Individuals may use these runes differently and even in a different order but for group use within WF this is the order that we use - though the names may be altered for convenience.

This figure is the Nine Glory Twigs mentioned in the Nine Herbs Charm from which all of the 33-runes can be taken. This is the Rune-Mother which gives 'birth' to all of the rune-shapes. This is not the only Master Rune that we use for this system because there is also our own version which will can be seen below -
This is a more complicated mandala based upon the octagon, at the centre of which is the Swastika of the Return from which unfold all of the runes, in fact this figure covers all of the rune-rows. This is also based upon the Eightfold Wheel and the Ing-Rune/Gar-Rune as the Central Axis.






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