Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Sunday 11 May 2014

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar - This has the Aryan Root *ar which means 'movement' and also 'to plough' which links this to the title Arya. It is also connected to the Sun, hence the idea of 'movement' or rather 'apparent movement'. The Arya were the People of the Plough, and here we can connect this to Sheaf-Ing who was the Aryan Culture-Bearer who brought the growing of corn to the Folk at the end of the Golden Age. Ar-Ra is a formula for the Sun as the Spiritual Sun-Physical Sun with the last part being the Egyptian name of the Sun-God.

Kan - The Aryan Root *gan or *kan has the same meanings as the Ken-Rune or Kan-Rune, that of 'generator'. Thus Ar-Kan has the same meaning as Aryan - 'Sun-Generator'. We have also the meaning 'to know' or 'knowledge' ('ken' or 'Kenning') and thus 'Sun-Knowledge' or 'Solar Knowledge'. This rune is also associated with the Serpent-Knowledge which is inherent in the Ken-Rune itself. The Serpent is also connected to the Kundalini (Kun-dal-ini) or Kandil-Force, which could be represented by the candle - i.e. 'Fire' or 'Flame'. This is the Fire-Serpent or Fire-Snake.

The title Ar-Kan is thus the 'Sun-Generator' and the 'Solar Knowledge of the Fire-Snake'. Ar is also the Eagle and the 'Law of the Arya', as well as being symbolic of the Imperium. This is the Sun-Eagle or the Solar Hawk which represents the 'Solar Mysteries' and the 'Mysteries of the Arya'. The Eagle, perched on top of Iggdrasil/Irminsul is symbolic of the Sky-Gods (AEsir-Gods) and of Asgard. The Hawk between the eyes represents the Third-Eye or the Hawk-Eye which is opened through the Sun-Initiation and the awakening of the Fire-Snake.

Rune - This means 'secret' or 'mystery' and refers to the 'secret knowledge' - in fact the Secret Knowledge of the Arya. The fact that the runes are actually 'secret symbols' attests to them being far more than alphabetical letters, as some would have us believe. The word speaks for itself.

Lag - The meaning of this relates to the Lagu-Rune in the sense of its meaning of 'law' or 'to lay down'. The term Or-lag or Ur-lag means 'Primal Laws' or 'Primal Layers' both of which refer to the same concept - that which is and remains eternally. This is something original and that has been forever, and will be forever. It is a concept outside time and space. The runes existed eternally, it was Woden who recovered their secrets through his self-sacrifice on the Gallows-Tree.

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag -

1. The Aryan Secret Law.

2. The Aryan Secret Way.

3. The Secret Law of the Solar Knowledge.

4. The Secret Law of the Eagle-Serpent.

5. The Mysteries of the Sun-Dragon.

These are some of the ways to look at the meaning of this runic system, and we can relate these to the root-terms of Iggdrasil and Irminsul -

Igg-dra-sil -

Igg = The Terrible One

Dra = Dragon

Sil = The Sun

This refers to the 'Sun-Dragon of Igg' and is thus an alternative to the 'Steed of Igg' which is the literal meaning, we are told. The root sil can also mean 'column' as does sul in the word 'Irminsul'. So here we have the alternative 'Dragon-Column of Igg'. To understand this we may see Iggdrasil - the World Tree - as representing the Milky Way (our own galaxy) which has a spiral form, i.e. it turns and twists (like a Coiled Serpent or Dragon). At the top of the tree is an Eagle and around the base a Serpent - the 'Serpent-Eagle' symbolism. This also represents the White Tree symbolic of the White Race. In this symbolism the Eagle at the top represents the Arya (ruling caste) and the Solar-Hawk the opened Third Eye which sets the Arya apart as an elite over the Race.

The White Coiled Serpent is also the White Dragon which is symbolic of the Milky Way and also of the English Folk. In the Greek tongue the sound 'ng' is spelt 'gg' so we can perhaps see 'Igg' as 'Ing'. This is indeed not so fanciful when we find that certain 'Celtic' legends from around these islands refer to an ancient god with the Root *ing in his name, and he is a one-eyed god. Igg or Ing may well refer to a Primal Archetype of which Woden became through his evolving into the High God.

Ir-min-sul -

Ir - This refers to Ir, Er, Irmin, Ermim, Eremon, Ar-man, Aryaman etc. who is the Divine Ancestor of the Arya.

Min - This is the meaning of Ir-min which is the full name of Ir or Er.

Sul - The root *sul refers to the Sun and also to 'column' so this is the 'Column of Irmin'.

In this case the Irminsul is associated with the Arya and in particular to the Saxon Nation who were obviously Arya and the ruling elite over the English Nation. The Irminsul is made up of three levels which represent the three levels of being - Asgard/Midgard/Hela. At the top is the Eagle (or Swan) and at the base are the three roots of the World Tree. The column thus connects the three levels of being, with the Eagle (or Swan) at the top representing the Aryan Elite of the Race.

We can see the Irminsul in the 'royal roads' of Britain, since these are the Ermine Street (Irmin), Watling Street (Wade) which are the A1 and A5 trunk roads connecting England-Scotland-Wales. These branch off at the area of London into the Ermin-Watling roads, as the Milky Way is the Weh that branches into Wan-Wil. This shape is that of a Y with the base-part Weh and the branches Wan & Wil. When this Y-shape is put under the Ur-Rune (inverted V) this becomes the Ang-Rune which represents the Three Crowns of Anglia. This is symbolic of the Wolsunga Trunk branching into the Wulfinga-Heodeninga tribes, both offshoots of the Wolsunga.

We can see how complex the meaning of this runic system is, and that it contains many levels of meaning. It is also clear that this system is linked to the Island of Albion - the White Island - through the 'Royal Roads' of Albion and through the Seventh Sword (Albion). The symbol of Irmin, as can be seen on German woodcuts of this god, is the White Rose which is linked to the White Rose of Albion. Irmin is the High God of the Saxon Nation and the Arya, and thus the 'White Island' is ruled over by Irmin and is also symbolised by the Irminsul - as the Royal Roads tell us.

The names Ir-Er can also be rendered Ar so the term Ar-Kan can also refer to Ir-Kan and the 'Knowledge of Ir/Er'. Thus we have yet another meaning of the Secret Knowledge of the Law of Ir. The Milky Way was called Iring's Way by the Saxons, and here we have another version of the name Ir, as Ir-ing or the 'Son of Ir'. The root-sequence Ar-Er-Ir-Or-Ur can also be seen as importance, since we find three of these roots (Ar-Er-Ir) in the names Ar-man/Ermin/Irmin. Since the root-words Or-man/Ur-man would mean 'Primal Man' this too connects to the idea of the Divine Ancestor (of the Arya).

The Irminsul is the symbol of the Saxon Nation and since we see it 'imposed' upon the Islands of the Mighty in the shape of the Royal Roads, then the destiny of the Saxon Nation is to regain their sovereignty over the English Nation through the power of the White Dragon and the White Rose of Albion. As I have shown before, not only does the name Albion mean 'White Island' but it can also mean Island of the Elves and who is the Lord of the Elves but Ingwe (Ing)? The root *alb is a different rendering of *aelf (elf) which we can see in the name 'Alboin' which translates into Old English as 'Aelfwine' ('Elf-Friend').

It would seem clear that the name 'East Anglia' can be seen to be just that 'East Anglia' and not 'East Angles', and thus the land of England would have been split into West Anglia and East Anglia - thus 'Anglia' being 'England'. Connect this to what I have said about the Ang-Rune and we can see the symbolism coming into force through the Three Royal Roads of Anglia, symbolised by the Irminsul that connects England-Scotland-Wales. Indeed, the A5 goes from London (England) all the way to Holyhead ('Holy Head') which is in Anglesey - 'Angles Island'. The A1 goes from London (England) and through to Edinburgh ('Edwin's Burgh) named after the English king - Edwin. This area was once known as 'Saxony'.

According to Guido von List the Y-shape is the Ur-glyphic Irminsul which fits perfectly with the Royal Roads of Albion. Strangely enough this Y-shape also occurs on the Holy White Stone of Ing, linking the Gyfu-Rune and the Ing-Rune, and thus being the Gift of Ing. Turned upside down this is an alternative Ken-Rune which makes Fire the 'Gift of ing'. I have just shown how these islands are the Isles of the Elves ('Shining-Ones') and that Ingwe (Ing) is the Lord of the Elves so the 'Gift of Ing' could be the Royal Roads of Albion placed there as the symbolism of the resurrection of the Saxon Nation.

Ingwe is the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk, and that his Holy Stone can be found in the South Saxon Mark (Sussex) has to be significant, especially in view of the fact that the Long Man of Wilmington is in the same county. The figure of the Long Man can represent the Saxon Irminsul (Ear-Rune) as well as the Cweorth-Rune ('Fire-Twirl') and is Waendal - the World-Turner. This is the God of the Sacred Centre, and this figure represents the Sacred Centre of the Woden Folk-Religion here in England.

The secrets of the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag are many and work at many levels of meaning. The work of the Woden Brotherhood and of the Hearth of Heruli has only just started on this new and unique system based upon the 33 Saxon Runes.

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