Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Runic Postures

Here is a video of the 33 Ar-Kan Rune-Lag stances performed by Wulf at a site next to the Long Man of Wilmington in the South Saxon Mark of England. (It is recommended that this be viewed as it is and not on full screen which seems to blur the images.
All 33 runes can be done as a posture, moving slowly from one to the next; The idea is to make all of them harmonise and flow one to the next. There have been some slight changes to the rune-postures since this was done some years ago and I hope that the whole thing can be redone on a future video as soon as we get time to do it.
Each rune-stance should be accompanied by a rune-chant or rune-gealdor as the stance is performed. The rune-names can also be found on a post on this site, though they are certainly not static and can vary with the practitioner.

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