Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 13 October 2016

The Raven's Song

Woden - The Frenzied One,
Carved runes upon my Inner Being;
Ancient runes of Fire and Ice -
Whence now shall we turn?

What ancient path must now we take
Masked One? Who will show the way?
For now the fateful time has come,
The time foretold in days of yore.

Read I now these Ancient Runes,
Carved long ago by Gods and Elves;
Runes of Might, Runes of Power,
Waking now within the Blood.

Deep, deep within the Well of Mimir
Lies hidden, lost, the Eye of Woden;
The Eye that sees, cannot be seen,
Now calls the Raven - 'I know something!'

What secret now the Gods reveal?
What runic power rises from the Deep?
A cold light from the Hidden Sun,
Now calls the Raven - 'I know something!'

Light from the Darkness, casting shadows,
Moving patterns in the mist.
Runes rising, falling, swirling, spinning.
Now calls the Raven - 'I know something!'

Runes weaved upon the Web of Wyrd,
Battle-Runes, carved on spear and sword;
Blood-stained banners, wolf and raven feed,
The Hunter rides, the Fury wakened.

Wake now the Eagle and the Wolf!
All that is weak shall fall -
All that is strong shall rise!

What says the ancient Head of Mimir?
What runes pour from the Ancient Head?
Who drinks not from the wise shall never know
The secrets that the Gods reveal.

Now sounds the horn that wakens gods and men;
Not all shall hear, too many sleep;
But deep within the Blood an ancient call,
A memory, a thought that stirs.

A spark that lights an Inner Fire,
Brought back to life by Ancient Runes;
Strange forces now awaken,
Woe to he who fails to hear the call!

(September 2nd 2016).

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