Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 16 February 2017

The Rad-Rune & The Universal Force.

In India there is a widespread use of certain idols which are made strictly to a religious standard, and which are used in religious rituals. These idols are made to a certain measurement based upon what is called a Tala which is the measurement from the palm of the hand from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist. This type of measurement is rather widespread and was once part of our own system of measures; what seems to be involved is a correlation between the human body and the cosmos. From what I have read it seems that some of these 'idols' are rather more complicated than we would imagine, using some form of electricity to move energy. More than that, it would seem that the noise of bells, blowing conch shells and chanting mantras create sound energy vibrations that can effect human consciousness. This, I am led to believe, is all based upon a gold-lined vessel known as a Rasakhumba.

The term Rasakhumba is made up of the following Sanskrit words -

Rasa - This has to do with 'vital essence' or 'elexir'. In this case it would seem that Mercury is used for the purpose in rituals. This played an important part in Indian Alchemy by the followers of Shiva, who was seen as a God of Metamorphosis. The 'elixir of life' was called by the name Rasayana. The 'Vital Essence' may be seen connected to electro-magnetism.
Rasa seems to be the name of a mythical river, personified as a Goddess, and said to flow around the world. This obviously refers to some form of energy that flows around our Earth. It has been linked to the Van Allen Belts.
Rasa is also a cosmic dance of Lord Krishna and his Gopis or 'herdswomen', which could be symbolic of the movement of the planets around the Sun (Krishna). At a smaller level this could be the movement of electrons around the nucleus of an atom. Whatever the case this is a movement of energy around a centre.

Khumba is a container or pot in which is placed water and other substances; it is a container of the Life-Force or the Serpent Power.
The root of the word rasa - as I have stated before - is 'rapture', 'ecstasy' or 'orgasm' and we have seen this term before in Rata-tosk and Rati which both feature in Norse Mythology. Both of these are rooted in the rasa, with a letter-change to 't'. From this we can go further in connecting this to our Rad-Rune or Rat-Rune.

In the Old English Rune-Poem we find the use of the word 'riding' which is obviously connected to the rune in its sound, but which also has hidden sexual connotations too. Indeed, the shape of the rune when turned sideways suggests this aspect too - the joining of male and female. This links to the root of rasa and its root-meanings.

Rati is the name of the auger or 'borer' used to get into Knitbjorg; after having the hole bored Woden actually changes into a Serpent - an ancient phallic symbol. What follows is a Tantric Rite and we could easily link this rune to Love Magic or Sex Magic using this as a base to do so. Linked to the rune are the terms ritter (German) and ridder (Dutch), both of which can mean 'knight'; from this we can see that a 'quest' can be involved, which is the basis of the medieval knight's work.

Rata-tosk has a different task, that of 'carrying messages' from the Serpent at the base of the World Tree to the Eagle on the top of the World Tree. At a microcosmic level this is the Serpent at the base of the spinal column and the Eagle at the top. Now, Norse Mythology seems to be near perfect in placing a Hawk between the eyes of the Eagle at the top, since using the eyebrows as the wings of the Eagle (as on the Sutton Hoo Helmet) the 'Hawk Eye' would sit in the exact position of the Third Eye. Ratatosk runs upwards and downwards along the spinal column, linking the Cauldron of Bodn to the Cauldron of Odroerir. This movement along the spinal column does produce a form of ecstasy or rapture, generating heat (energy) in the body.

The name Rite or Ritual stems from the Rad/Rit Rune; but there are other concepts linked to this rune, and to the rites and rituals we perform -

Round/Rota (wheel)/Rotate,
Ring (Circle),

These all go together to suggest the use of sound and of a circular dance (movement producing energy) which is part of ritual; bells, drums and other instruments can be used to do this. It is thus perhaps significant that here in England - up until recent years - this type of 'ritual' survived within the 'nursery rhymes' that people once used to sing to their children. Nursery Rhymes such as Ring-a-ring-a-roses and Here we go round the mulberry bush were certainly 'ring-dances' performed by children, using the circular dance (ring-movement) together with the song (sound). The widespread use of the Maypole (at one time) was also part of the same type of ritual - the Circle Dance. This is also dimly remembered in the Witch's Dance.

What most people do not realise is that these old 'Nursery Rhymes' were designed to fit the minds of young children; many of them are illogical, but they are not meant for the logical side of the brain - the Left-Brain. Today these are going out of 'fashion' but only because children are being forced into using only one side of the brain, the logical side, that is. This is a quote from a Hindu Sage -
'Some people consider that nothing apart from the body exists, because movement arises from the body. This conception, peculiar to individuals of a low stature such as idiots, is, by the materialists, elevated to the status of a "system".'
Even modern science has begun to see that consciousness can exist outside the human body, recognising such phenomena as the out-of-body-experience. This cannot be accepted by the gross-materialists since it means that their oft-quoted phrase 'You only live once!' can be proven false. If consciousness exists outside the body then some form of after-life becomes a reality. And the 'soul-journey' of the shaman also becomes a reality. All of this can be linked to the Rad-Rune and its many meanings. Since one of the meanings of the rune is linked to the concept of 'right' and right order' we can also link it to the 'right-brain'. The right-brain is the seat of poetry (rhyme), song (rhythm), art, ritual movement, etc.

"People have become weary of scientific specialisation and rational intellectualism. They want to hear truths which do not make them narrower but broader, which do not obscure but enlighten, which do not run off them like water, but pierce them to the marrow."

Carl Jung.

The Rad-Rune, as I have stated before, can be seen as a symbol of the blood running down the World Pillar - the zig-zag pattern. But this pattern can also be seen as the Serpent (S) climbing the Tree (I). It can be seen as the Fire-Serpent (Kundalini) rising upwards along the spinal column. We recognise that we live within a vast ocean of Universal Energy, which is sometimes called the Life-Force, and which is a form of 'consciousness'. When this force manifests itself in the material realm it works as the forces of attraction and repulsion - centripetal and centrifugal forces. It also moves in a spiral path, which indeed could be hidden in the Rad-Rune, the movement of the Serpent being in a spiral movement. Indeed, in many cultures the Hooded Serpent (Cobra) symbolises this Universal Life-Force.

Some scientists now believe that the universe is filled with radiation, a form of energy. What is know as the 'ether' is not the carrier of this energy but the materialised forces themselves. In other words there is no such thing as 'empty space', a concept already known in Norse Mythology which saw this 'emptiness' as Ginnungagap - a Magically-charged Void. Plato referred to this as 'archetypal essence'. Contrary to the usual opinion Sir Isaac Newton recognised knew this -
"Is not the heat of a warm room conveyed through the vacuum by the vibrations of a much more subtle medium than air which after the air is drawn out remained in the vacuum? And is not this medium the same with that medium by which light is refracted and reflected - and by whose vibrations light communicates heat to bodies? And is not this medium exceedingly more rare and subtle than the air and exceedingly more elastic and active? And does it not readily pervade all bodies? And is it not (by its elastic force) expanded through the heavens?"

Sir Isaac Newton - 'Optiks' (1704).

Today the concept of 'ether' is known by the scientific name of Zero Point Energy; this is the energy that permeates everything. This energy cannot be measured directly but has been accepted due to its workings that produce certain results. When something continually expends energy it should collapse, as an electron should do, gravitate towards the nucleus; but it simply does not, since it absorbs the energy around it ('ground-state energy'). This energy can be highly concentrated in such things as crystals, plants, trees, humans etc. In humans it is concentrated in such things as 'Pressure Points', 'Chakras' 'The Cauldrons' etc.

Scientists have begun to see the universe (multiverse really) as being interconnected like a web; in doing so they have reached backwards to the ancient idea of the Web of Wyrd. It is this energy - Life-Force - which permeates the whole. In ancient times the vortex was seen as the basic form of energy; this was inherent in the Vedas as The Churning of the Milky Ocean which was the worlds being 'whirled' into creation through the nebula created through the action of Fire and Ice. This is the same as the Norse god Mundilfore who 'whirled' the cosmos into creation; the Holy Swastika is symbolic of this Creative Force.

Going back to the Rad-Rune this, of course, suggests rad-iation itself: the term 'radiate' stems from 'ray' or 'to shine' which is one of the meanings of this rune. What we see is a spiral form of energy, symbolised in two-dimensional form as the Swastika. Another meaning of the Rad-Rune is that of a 'wheel', a circular movement around a fixed centre. If a piece of copper wire is wound into a spiral it acquires properties that it did not have before. Since the term 'spiral' is linked to 'spirit' we are talking in terms of Spiritual Forces.

The word 'man' derives from the same root as 'mind' which tells us that man is a 'Mind-Carrier'; Man and Mind are thus a whole, and not separate parts. The Sanskrit word for 'mind' is 'manas' and we have the idea of the Hidden Man-na which has to be seen as 'Hidden Mind'. This is our 'inspiration' (in-spir-ation) or intuitive faculties which seem to be infused with ideas from a 'hidden' source.

Some years ago a fellow Folkish Wodenist had a mystical experience centred around the chakras (he used seven); these were not the usual 'wheels' but were the 'sun-wheels', shaped as the Wewelsburg Black Sun. The 'Serpent' force climbed these in the form of an S-shape, moving between each 'wheel', each one thus rotating the opposite way to the one below it. Again, we are seeing the Rad-Rune in action, the Serpent climbing the Rod (Rod-Rune).

We can easily over complicate things by being too scientific; in the case of health it would be easier to see the cause of health problems as being a state of 'chaos' within the body. The body is not 'at ease', it is dis-eased. This applies as much to the national body too, and the race as a whole; 'racial chaos' produces a state of decay and disease within the organism. The Rad-Rune is the solution in bringing 'right order' and the correct 'rhythm' within the body. When we lose a pride in ourselves, and when the people lose their pride in their nation and race, then degeneration sets in, followed by decay and finally death. This is what is happening today, here and now, and is something that has been done deliberately to destroy our Folk.

The key to what I am trying to say is that everything is vibration; all things vibrate at a certain frequency, and when this frequency alters then change takes place. This can either be good or bad, it must be pointed out. Changes for the bad can mean ill-health; changes for the good can mean a change in the DNA, which could in time create the God-Man. The Rad-Rune contains the idea of vibration, and we know that doing gealdor/mantra this creates vibration, which can be easily seen when using different tones and learning by practice to use the tones that suit us as individuals.

"Are not gross bodies and light convertible into one another, and may not bodies receive much of their activity from the particles of light which enter their composition? The changing of bodies into light and light into bodies is very comfortable to the course of nature, which seems delighted with transmutations."

Sir Isaac Newton - Optiks.

Quantum Science is quickly taking over the old 'classical' science, and this is due in the great part to scientists who have studied the Rig Vedas and other ancient texts. Science is coming full circle in finding the lost knowledge of the ancients. Irminsul by Vargs Vikernes is a small booklet that also contains a new Aryan Science but this time using Norse Mythology. It is an interesting little booklet that at times makes good sense. We should see our own Ancient Runes as facets of a larger whole, as being forces within the Web of Wyrd. Each rune represents a particular facet of the whole, but must be seen in regard to that whole, and not as a separate entity. The 'modern' world sees everything as being separate; our own lore sees the whole as the Hag-All or All-Hag, linked to the Haegl-Rune. Everything is interconnected, interlinked, as the Web of Wyrd.

The Rad-Rune is often seen as some form of 'path', 'way' or 'road' and in a sense this is right. It is the Path of the Serpent (S) which rises upwards along the spinal column (I) in the form of the Fire-Serpent or Kundalini. The Ken-Rune represents the Fire-Serpent, as does the Sig-Rune, and the Rad-Rune represents the upward path of the Serpent along Mount Me-Ru or Su-Me-Ru. These three runes are subtly connected through the Serpent symbolism. Through the Ken-Rune we find the link between the Serpent (Kan) and Knowledge and Wisdom (Kan). The Aryan Root *kan/*kna gives us 'knowledge'.

The negative side of the Rad-Rune is symbolised by the rat the parasitical animal that feeds off the waste of mankind, and is the source of the plague and other pestilences. This animal 'leaves the falling house' which means that when its destructive work is done it moves on elsewhere to start the process once again. This is the polar-opposite to the Rita or 'Right Order' which is the basic meaning of the rune; this is harmony, rightness and light. All runes have polar-opposite meanings within them, we have a choice as to which path we take.

The Rad-Rune is the Rood-Tree or Gallows Tree upon which the Young Hero hangs; this is the Bleeding Tree which represents the 'wounded cosmos' and the 'wounded earth' which have to be healed - made whole once more. Through a growing knowledge of this Universal Force or Life-Force this can be done. Our work is to gain this knowledge.

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