Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Tuesday 20 November 2018

The Crystal Palace - Part One

The term 'Crystal Palace' does not here refer to the English Football Club; it was used in Chinese Taoism and Tantrism for the 'Head Centre' which covers three important glands - the Pineal Gland, the Pituitary Gland and the Hypothalmus, and is the area that sits between the two hemispheres of the brain. I have used other sources for much of this, but my input has been to link this to the runes and to the Graal Mythos. These three glands are like a 'Trinity' and need to be studied together to get a broader view of what is being said. What is said here is speculation and not 'fact' and should be viewed as such. However, it does make some sense in helping to understand the evolution of our Folk. 

Pineal Gland - this is the gland that has by and large atrophied in man, but there are legends that tell of a time when this was active, and one of those legends concerns Atlantis. This is shaped like a Pine Cone, hence the name 'Pine-al', a name which itself is quite interesting since the word *al- means 'light', thus giving us 'Pine-Light'. This seems connected to the Ken-Rune or 'Pine-Torch' and in occult symbols this torch stands between the eyes at the point of the Third Eye. The 'Third Eye' is seen to be the Pineal Gland. Like the acorn the pine-cone is sometimes seen as a phallic-symbol, and thus connects to the male principle. One Indo-European dictionary has the name 'pine' in the IE Root *peia. The word 'pine' stems from this root whose meaning is linked to giving out a resin. This should be kept in mind. This has been associated with 'Heaven'.

Pituitary Gland - The Pituitary Gland is somehow connected to the Pineal Gland and again the same IE Dictionary has this stemming from IE Root *peia meaning 'to swell' or 'be fat'. These meanings may actually give a clue as to how the ancients viewed these glands - we will go back to this so keep them in mind. The Pituitary Gland is classed as linked to the female in New Age type thinking. We should not dismiss this since it may come from earlier ideas taken up by the New Age Movement. This has been associated with 'Earth'. Even the word 'pituitary' contains the word 'pit' which is a hollow, and which links to 'cup', 'chalice' or 'horn' etc. The etymology is no doubt not from any root meaning 'pit' but the 'coincidence' is there. 

The 'Pine' grows upwards towards the heavens - male; the 'pit' is a hollow which is cut into the Earth - female. This the Graal-Spear and the Graal-Cup. Their union brings a 'renewal' or 'resurrection' in terms of Nature and Man respectively. The Pineal Gland gives off Serotonin and Melatonin - the former is triggered by the darkness. It is also stated in many modern 'spiritual' posts or videos that the Pineal Gland gives off DMT but science has not proved this except in rats, which may not be the same as humans (and hence the waste of time in experimenting with animals for our use, only the Old Testament preaches that every form of life was here for man's use). The Pine also secretes a sticky substance known as 'Pine Resin' and this is a highly inflammable substance - hence the link to 'Fire'. 

Hypothalmus Gland - This is part of what is called the limbic system and is concerned with the memory, the emotions and with motivation. Its name comes from its shape and means 'Sea-Horse' (Greek hippos - 'horse' and kampos - 'sea-monster'). But it has been called by another name, a much more important name in giving clues to this gland - Ammon's Horn. 

Many artefacts relating to obviously religious purposes have figures bearing horns on their head or helmet - even the 'Hollywood Vikings' are portrayed as such. Alexander the Great is shown wearing the Ram's Horns, a symbol of his divinity since he claimed to be a god himself. The name Ammon's Horn actually refers to the Egyptian God Ammon/Amun/Amon (*) who in later depictions wore Ram's Horns. His name means The Hidden One and he is associated with the 'Mysterious Soul of the Universe which reveals itself in Light'. In fact in Egypt he became linked to Ra as Amon-Ra which would mean 'The Hidden Light'. 

In regard to the 'Ram's Horns' (**) we should note the following since these are linked to the Ram in one way or another -

Hama/Heimdall - One of his symbols is the Ram, and he is linked to Aries the Ram.

Ingwe - The archetype of Ingwe is very similar to Agni and Hama so there are subtle links here.

Agni - The 'Fire-God' of the Vedas who is produced by the Friction-Fire (Need) and linked to Hama-Heimdall and also to Ingwe. 

Rama - 'The Ram' or 'Lord Ram' whose name contains his symbolism.

Alexander the Great - He is not only depicted with Ram's Horns (the 'Horns of Divinity') but was also named 'The Two-Horned One' in the Koran. He was clearly what we would call an 'Avatar', an incarnation of a god-force on Earth.

Some of those today interested in the spiritual see the Pineal Gland as giving off a substance which 'impregnates' the Pituitary Gland. In this the theme is that of the Sacred Marriage between the Male (Pineal Gland) and the Female (Pituitary Gland) which occurs in the human head, and at an 'astral' level through the 'chakras'. It is also said that the Kundalini Fire-Serpent rises, the male energy striking the Pineal Gland and the female energy striking the Pituitary Gland and from this the Amrita ('Nectar of the Gods') is secreted and runs down the throat, hence the reason some Yogis put their tongue down the throat to collected this Amrita. (***)

Now I am going to go on to connecting these ideas with the runes and also with the lost 'Eye of Woden' which is concealed in Mimir's Well - the 'Well of Memory'. Interestingly, within this 'Well of Memory' is a horn - the Drinking-Horn (as opposed to the Blowing-Horn or Horn of Awakening, though the last term may be applicable to either). Let us connect this 'horn' to Amon's Horn since this gland is in fact connected to the memory

If the area we have covered here connects to the 'Eye of Horus' as shown here then we have another clue to these mysteries. We have already connected Horus-Heru with our own Wid-Ar the Avenger, and we know that Horus 'lost an eye' in his battle with Set, regaining it later. Myths are similar, but rarely exactly the same, and in our own Woden loses his eye into the 'Well of Memory'. At the End-Time he is 'swallowed' by the Fenris Wolf but his spirit is released by his son, Wid-Ar - thus Woden becomes his son - Wid-Ar the Avenger. If Wid-Ar is Woden resurrected can we see Wid-Ar as regaining the ability to use the 'Third Eye'? 

What is the significance of the 'Severed Head', since this is actually featured in the Myth of Mimir - his head is cut off, herbs are used to preserve it, and Woden uses it to gain further knowledge and insight. All of what I have said takes place within the human head in these three glands it would seem. And all of this is connected to the ancient idea of a Race of Giants who had great psychic powers due to the Third Eye being opened. 

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single thy whole body shall be full of light."

Matthew 6:22

Through these words of Jesus we can see reference to what can only be the 'Third Eye', and this reference tells us it is connected to 'light' and hence to 'enlightenment'. We can guess that the process also confers those whose 'eye' is opened with 'enlightenment' and they become 'Light-Beings' also known as the 'Shining Ones' or the 'Elves' - since the Root *el-  means 'light'. This is also true of the Eldar - the High Elves of Tolkisn - and perhaps even gives us our 'Elders' who are not just 'olders' but 'Light-Beings' since they have the right to rule or to give good counsel. (****) This also applies to the 'Elder Race' of Lovecraft who are the Race of Gods. 

In the above we see the Pineal, Pituitary and Hypothalmus in the same area of the brain; on the left is the Wewelsberg Order Castle in the form it was going to take after being expanded - and we see the Spear entering the Graal. Obviously there is a link with the Graal Mythos. We shall expand this here and bring into this the runes.

Tir - The Sky-Father (Heaven = The Pineal Gland). The symbolism is of a 'Spear'.

Beorc - The Earth-Mother (Earth = The Pituitary Gland).

Eh - The 'Sacred Marriage' or 'Mystic Wedding' of Heaven (Pineal) and Earth (Pituitary). This is also symbolic of the Two Horses who are joined within one symbol. 

Man - I am connecting this rune with the A-Man's Horn simply because it does seem to fit through the 'man'; it comes after the Sacred Marriage which we need to study more to make sense of. 

Lagu - The 'Crystal Waters' which are secreted with the 'Sacred Marriage' - the Amrita or 'Nectar of the Gods'. 

Ing - This has to be the 'Light' which is produced through this process - the 'Fire' associated with the divine. 

Daeg - En-light-en-ment. 

There are more points I need to raise in order to try to prove that it is right to use these rune-meanings. In Chinese Lore or Taoist Lore the North Star emits pulsing vibrations which affect and activate the Pineal Gland - the North Star

'Tiw is one of the signs, holds faith well with noblemen, on a journey is always above night's gloom, never fails.'

The Old English Rune-Poem translation by Steve Pollington.

Tir (the poem spells it this way) is associated with 'noblemen' and also with a star which is obvious from the words, presumably the North Star. But we do not just have this coincidence, for the glyph of this rune is actually a Spear and is the Spear of Woden which is plunged into the Graal-Cup. This is the 'Sacred Marriage' and its 'consummation' which produces the 'Nectar of the Gods'. This is a chemical process but which is reflected in the Astral World or Spiritual World. This suggests that the North Star is the 'Pineal Gland' in some way, although there is also the suggestion that the World Tree is 'upside down' and thus the Pineal Gland could also be (perhaps) linked to Sirius. This is not clear as yet. (*****)

To sum up, when Woden lost his 'Third Eye' by sacrificing it in the 'Well of Memory' this was when Man lost this ability too, but it also led to his gaining the 'ego' or 'I' which allowed him to become self-conscious, conscious of himself and with the ability to 'know good and evil'. Whilst the process of involution was going on there is a counter-current which clearly shows that the ability to 'see' differently through the regaining of the 'Third Eye' is possible, and indeed is the next stage of Man's evolution into the God-Man. 

The 'Crystal Palace' is Odroerir in the ALU-UAL Formula, it is the Head Centre that covers this area around the centre of the head. This is the Wod-Roarer ad the centre connected mainly to the 'Third Eye', although the 'Sacred Marriage' is said to take place in the Crown Centre. Then we go beyond to the Black Sun where the 'Sacred Marriage' leads to the separation once more of the 'I' that becomes the Absolute I. The next stage is through the Green Ray of Venus which is the Star of Resurrection. Thus the 'resurrection' of the God-Man, but this time he is a full adult.

(*) The 'Amen' of the Christian Bible has the same roots and meaning, as does perhaps the Hindu Aum, although the 'n' is left out of this. In relation to this the 'n' may well be important because when sounding it there is a vibration set up through the nose into the forehead (try this for yourself). It has also been said that putting the tongue at the top of the mouth affects in some way the Pituitary Gland, and the 'n'-sound has the tongue at this point.

(**) The horns of the ram are slightly spiral in form and this is symbolic of the 'spirit' and of the 'divine'. 

(***) Amrita is Am-Rita or perhaps Amn-Rita which suggests that the 'sound' embodies the 'right action'. 

(****) This connection is feasible in view of other letter-changes within Indo-European Languages; we have the German 'alb' become 'elf' here in England, both rooted in *al- or *el, so 'eld' could be an extension of this root. We could also see the same process in the following -

UR-ALT-EN which means 'Primal Old One' or 'Primal Ancient One' but which could also mean 'Primal Light-Master'; this also applies to WR.ALDA whose name means the same but instead of 'alt' we have 'ald'. Another point to consider is that Tolkien's 'Primal Father' is Illuvater meaning 'Ilu-Father' or 'Light-Father' but he gives an alternative name of Eru suggesting that Er & El (Ilu in this case) are linked and interchangeable. This opens up a vista of ideas which we'll not go into here. 

(*****) There is something that came into my mind and which always seems to prove a mystery, and that is the link between the name El and Saturn. Saturn today is a 'malevolent' planet but according to Esoteric Tradition Saturn was the 'King of the Golden Age'. Miguel Serrano's work is based around the theme that Saturn has been 'bound' or 'chained' (through the rings of ice maybe) and that the triumph of the Hero or Vira would free Saturn, allowing him to once more become the 'King of the Golden Age' once more. Since the Hindus know the Golden Age by the term 'Krita Yuga', an alternative being 'Satya Yuga', then we can see the same root - *sat- - in both of these words, and that 'sat' refers to 'Being' according to Julius Evola. There have been suggestions that Saturn was once the prime star of the North and is the 'Black Sun' now, but this idea is not upheld widely, though I feel it needs keeping in mind. 

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