Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 18 June 2020

The Spiral Symbol

Many meanings have been attributed to the symbol of the Spiral, and there are no doubt a number of different meanings to the same symbolism. This is a symbol that has been used in hypnosis, for good reason. When this symbol is spun round the image that one sees is that of a tunnel. It gives the feeling that you are actually moving through a tunnel. That this refers to the kind of 'Near Death Experience' that has been recorded by too many people as to be dismissed as fantasy can be clearly seen. Many who have experienced NDEs record that they see a moving tunnel. After deciding to do a post on this I took Sam (my dog) to the local woodlands, and there on the ground I saw a worm which was coiled in such a spiral. This reminded me of a worm-hole - thus it seems that the ancients knew well of the worm-holes known to science today, and the true meaning of the spiral - a portal or gateway to the Other-World.

The above spiral image gives an even better impression of this phenomena; stare into the centre and keep the concentration there. The image that comes up is that of a tunnel moving towards the central point, just as happens when the top image is turned. 

There is thus no doubt that the above 'Triple-Spiral' symbol is akin the the Viking Valknut, a variant of the Three Triangles using the spiral form. 

Just as the Valknut shows the Nine Worlds, each of which is linked to each other, and each impinges upon each other, thus the Three Spirals are also connected together. The Nine Worlds are not separate but connect to each other through portals or gateways

That this type of spiral was used in hypnosis was thus no accident because it symbolised the 'tunnel' used to access the subconscious mind. This was the actual means to gain access to the subconscious mind. The image of Three Worlds or three levels of worlds, is thus of the Lower World (Subconscious Mind), the Physical World (Conscious Mind), and the Higher World (Super-Conscious Mind). 

The Fylfot-Swastika represents the very basis of life itself, of life and creation. It represents the spiral in two-dimensional form. The Widdershins Swastika moves against the flow of Time moving backwards towards the Source of All - towards the Ur-Creation. This is why it is such an important symbol today since it represents those who oppose the agenda to create the Techno-Slave and the nightmare world that Don Miguel predicted - the 'Lead-Age'. In the drive to create the 'World Mind' by linking the minds of the people as one giant machine  (Artificial Intelligence - AI) they parody the true evolutionary process upwards towards the Ubermensch - the Sun-Man, the God-Man. This cannot come from the inert masses who do not oppose this tyranny but who wait for their governments to do something for them, to get them out of their misery. Since it is through these governments that the Hidden Cabal work their evil, and it is they who created this problem so of course they could do something. But we can do something for ourselves, for it is struggle, and struggle alone that is the key to Man's Evolution.

The following meanings are related to the Aryan Root *wal/*war -

To choose, to like, to will, hence to believe.

To cover, to protect, to surround, to guard, to be wary, to see.

To wind, to turn, to coil, to roll, hence to well up (as a spring).

To drag, to tear, to pluck, to wound - extended to Aryan Root *wark/*walk.

The term Wal-knut can thus relate directly to the spiral ('to coil' or 'to spring'), but as Walk-nut it is also the Wolf-Knot. The Spiral Mound is the Wal-burgen and as this spirals upwards it is symbolic of the movement to the Superconscious rather than the Subconscious (which is the movement downwards into a cave, cavern etc.).  

The IE Root *wel- can mean the following, connected to the Aryan Roots above -

To see. The root-meaning of this has the same source as litr in Old Norse, meaning appearance or colour, giving rise to the Gmc *wlitwuz meaning 'appearance'. (May be related to the Vedic God named Varuna - 'seer' or 'wise one'. (*)

To wish, to will, to desire.

To turn, to roll, giving rise to the Old English weoloc/weoluc meaning a mollusk which has a spiral shell.

To tear, to pull.

Walpurgis Night is named after 'St. Walburg' who is obviously a Christianised version of an older Heathen Goddess named Walburg. Her night - April 30th - has always been associated with witches, and thus with the entry into another World of Being. Wal-Burg is the 'Spiral Mound', and there is one in Lewes, East Sussex, although the age of this I have no idea of. Near to Easter a Christian Cross is put on the top of this mound, which has the name The Mound or The Calvary. Archaeological work has dated this to around the late 15th Century or early 16th Century, so it is not heathen, or so we are told. It stood in an area which was once known as the Priory of St. Pancras. 

The name Calvary means 'Skull' and is the Latin equivalent to the Aramaic Golgotha. St. Pancras was a Roman Christian Saint who was beheaded as a martyr for his religion. We have thus a clear connection between this 'saint' and the 'skull' used as a name of the mound. I believe that the last time archaeologists studied the Long Man of Wilmington they dated this to the Middle Ages, and there is a priory near to the ancient Yew-Tree in Wilmington. These two places are not that far apart. If the dating these people have is right then there seems to be some mystery here of why certain Christian Sects would use such Heathen Symbolism so long after Heathendom was crushed. The welling up of the Life Force in the Spring is suggested by the Spiral Mound and its connection with Easter

There is also the Spiral Dance which is perhaps related to the number-sequence One-Two-Three, especially in German -

Ein - 'In' (One Step)

Zwei - 'Sway'

Drei - 'Turn'

This would have been performed on the Walburgen by young men and maidens in the Springtime. This would have been some kind of Fertility Rite at this particular time of the year when the 'sap' is rising. We have the connection between spring-spiral-spirit

(*) When the God's gave us litr this can mean 'Light of the Gods', but it could also refer to the 'Aryan Colour' or 'Aryan Appearance' which is the 'White Colour' that our enemies seek to destroy today. Through a careful link between root-words this also refers to the 'Seer' or 'Seeress', as shown by the link to Varuna. It seems obvious that 'colour' and 'appearance' were important to the Aryans because of their Caste System based upon the Varna (colour). It is also to be noted that the 'Rainbow' splits the colour of the Sun's Rays into its various parts - it divides

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