Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 30 April 2020

Ur-Yr Runes

The Runes are the conductors of subtle energies which animate the material universe. They have the power to influence the material world and indeed, even the course of history itself. This shows how powerful the Holy Runes really are, and how they can certainly aid our struggle for freedom and the survival of our Folk. 


The Ur-Rune is the Aurochs or Ur-Ox which is the Primordial Ox; the aurochs was a very powerful beast which is now extinct. The young Cultic Warrior was pitted against this mighty beast in a single-handed fight to the death; no doubt the animal was eaten afterwards as a 'sacrifice'. This was also symbolic of the battle between Mithras and the Bull, the Bull-Slayer being somewhat like the Dragon-Slayer. It is possible that Tiw was associated with the Bull, though I am not too sure of this. 

The rune is one linked to 'our', this being a collective energy and a very strong and powerful force, as seen through the symbolism of the Aurochs. This energy works in two distinct ways, as does the power of the Ox and the Bull - a 'pushing' energy (Bull) and a 'pulling' energy (Ox). Our 'U' is like a horseshoe which has often been symbolic of the Crescent Moon; the horseshoe as the 'U' is the container, but the inverted horseshoe (as the Ur-Rune) was used by the Blacksmith as a Magical Symbol. 

On the other hand the Ur-shape (rounded off) is that of the Burg-Mound, whilst the 'U'-shape is that of the Grub-Ditch. The first could be seen as the Male-Force, the second as the Female-Force. This is where the 'Sacred Mountain' originates - the Burg-Mound. When this rune is reversed it is not a 'negative' rune at all, it just changes the meaning slightly. The 'container' can thus be the 'Cauldron' which is always associated with the feminine. 

As the 'moor-stomper' this is associated with the wilderness, the wild and rugged moorland. Horns have always symbolised the Divine, because perhaps they can 'tear through the veil'. More meanings to this rune are covered in the Yr-Rune below.


This rune I picked out of the rune-bag on April 20th this year after doing a 'Ritual of Light'. It is the Yr-Rune which is on a basic level the 'Yew-Bow'. 

'Yew Bow for every noble and warrior is 
a joy and adornment, is fair on a steed
a trusty piece of war-gear on a journey.'

Old English Rune-Poem - Steve Pollington translation. 

In accordance with the essence of the runes, any interpretation of this will be done through the individual who chose the rune-stave. This will also entail the circumstances, the nature of the 'request', and the underlying 'trends' of the time - hence why any particular interpretation set down in books is hardly likely to be of much use to any serious rune-worker. Let us look at the rune-poem and the rune-stave in regard to its shape.

The Rune Poem -
  • Yew-Bow. This itself is a weapon, but it is the means of sending the arrow, which is the real weapon. It is the force behind the movement of the arrow itself. 
  • The bow is used on a steed or horse, which again suggests swift movement, and not only that movement between the worlds. The Steed of Woden has eight legs, four of which move in the physical world, whereas the other four move in the Other-World. 
  • This is not a weapon for the masses, since it is a 'joy and adornment' to only the AEthlingas (Nobles) and Earls (Noble-Warriors or Knights). They ride the horse/steed, from which the bow is used, a typical weapon of the Scythians. 
  • The poem also suggests a journey, which we can perhaps extend to the quest (of the Knight). This can be interpreted as a 'journey' between the worlds, or a 'quest' that entails journeying to the Other World. 
  • As the Yew-Bow this is most certainly linked to Wuldor, Woden, Robin Hood and 'Hooden'. Woden is the One-Eyed God because he closes his eye in order to sight the arrow from the bow. This also refers to Herne the Hunter (Orion) who is a Hunter-God and Bow-God.
The Rune-Stave -

  • The Ur-Glyphic Ur-Rune represents the World Mountain - the Mountain of the North, which is the 'Home of the Gods'. This is Mount Su-Me-Ru or Mount Me-Rue; it is the 'Mountain of Measurement'. 
  • Within the World Mountain symbolism is the Irminsul (T-shape); this is the Northern Pillar of the Gods. This represents 'World Order' and 'Cosmic Order' - an important concept in an Era of Chaos. 
  • The stave itself represents Ym-Ir who is the Primal Giant whose symbolism embodies the idea of the Sound of Creation - Om or Aum (Ym).
  • The Ur-Rune is also linked to the Ur-Il(u) which is the Vril-Force; this is also hinted at through the use of this in the Bo-Vril product, named after the Vril. The Vril-Force is the 'virile-force' which is a subtle-energy within the Ur-Rune, and the Yr-Rune which have subtle connections. 
  • Bo-Vril is the 'Bovine Vril' associated with the power of the Aurochs/Ur-Ox. This is the 'moor-stamper' and a very, very powerful energy within the Ur-Rune - itself representing great strength
  • The rune-stave (Ur) itself can be seen as a 'doorway' or 'portal'; this is not quite the same as the Peorth-Rune which is symbolic of an 'opening'. 
  • 'Primordial Power - Primordial Seer': for some reason I wrote this down long ago in a notebook in regard to this rune. This is certainly a 'Primordial Power' but I am not sure why this is linked to a 'Primordial Seer'. 
  • The Ur-Glyphic Yr-Rune (where the Ur-Rune is drawn as an Inverted 'V', and the Irminsul as a 'Y'-shape) is symbolic of the Three Royal Lines of the Angles and the Three Wolf-Tribes of Woden - the Ur-Tribes. 

This rune is connected to Woden as the Wolf-God; it is a rune of the 'noble' and the 'warrior'. The Eorlingas rode on horses - the Rohirrim; they represent the Anglo-Saxons, although these are not often associated with horse-riders. However, the nobles would obviously have rode horses in hunting and battle as did other Germanic Tribes. 

Through the Yew-Tree this is associated with the Eoh-Rune which is the rune of the subtle energy or 'life-force' - aiw-. This means 'Eternity' too, which is linked to the Other-World. These forces or energies originate in the Other-World and cause changes in accordance with the Will of the rune-worker. The Yew-Tree is also a Tree of Regeneration, since some species can regenerate from within, and hence their long life span. 


There is a way that one can use the Ur-Power to strengthen oneself in many areas. To do so take a glass of water, preferably water from a pure spring, if not use any form of water -

  • Draw over the water with the finger or a 'wand' the Ur-Rune shape; you need intention here so think or better still visualise this intention - be it strength of body, strength of mind, or strength of spirit, or maybe all of these.
  • This can also be done to give strength through a crisis or catastrophic change; the Strength of Will to overcome such times maybe. Or the strength to overcome an illness or to fight off illness, or maybe to gain strength after an illness. This just needs purpose and intent
  • Of course, this can be done with any of the runes, the use of water being the basic element needed. This will be explained below.

A modern scientist tried an experiment with water, finding that its structure was randomly patterned until the observer concentrated his mind upon the water, when this changed to form crystal-shapes. This is based upon the idea that life itself bends probabilities in the physical world in the direction of what it needs. This was discovered by placing a randomly light-emitter in the centre of a windowless room, and a plant in one corner. It was found that at first their was a random light-beam moving to each corner, but after a time this moved more towards the plant in the corner, as if the plant was 'willing' this to happen. (There is consciousness in all things as the ancients knew). 

Water is tied into life, like all matter in space and time in the universe is tied to this consciousness-force. Water, especially, does seem to hold this consciousness-force. If this is done right then the Ur-Power will be taken into the body as a powerful subtle-energy force through the water that is drunk. 

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