Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Dimensions of Time - Part Three

After Hamasson sent me a link to a YouTube Video on the subject of the 'Atom' and the knowledge of this by the ancient Aryan Peoples I looked further into this and decided to do a third part to the subject. Firstly, we need to know what the term 'atom' actually means; unfortunately, the Indo-European Dictionary that I have traced this back to the IE Root *tem- meaning 'to cut' or 'to divide', which is the polar-opposite meaning to the term. The above root *tem- does mean what it says, but a-tom means the very opposite - indivisible particle. This is one of the most important concepts to us because of this meaning. This is also connected to the term Brahma and Brahman

In ancient Indian Texts we find reference to Atman or Atma which is used for various meanings -

  • The Soul,
  • The Divine Essence,
  • The world's spiritual nature,
  • Eternity.

What the word atom refers to is the 'god-force' that is indivisible, that cannot be divided, that which exists or is. In ancient Egypt the highest god-form was Atum or Ra-Atum which stems from the same roots as 'atom' and Atma/Atman. We can actually find a reference to this concept amongst the Heathen English who used the Old English AEthm to mean 'Vital Breath' or 'Living Force', i.e. the animate, living force that permeates everything and which is thus akin to the physical form of 'breath' or 'air'. This is also related to the IE Root *aiw- meaning 'Life Force' or *ayu meaning the same, and giving us the Vedic Vayu who is in some ways is akin to Woden. Both the OE AEthm, the PGmc *aethma and the OHG atum are closely related to the Hindu 'Atma', 'Atman' and Egyptian 'Atum'. 

One of the less well-known figures in the Aryan Vedas is Anu who is the 'Supreme Creator'; he was also known by this name in Sumer and Babylonia. It is quite likely that the name Anu is related to the IE Root *ansu meaning 'spirit' but related to a form meaning 'to give birth', i.e. 'to create'. This gives us the Ansuz-Rune or Os-Rune, and the Os-Rune form has the shape of the most ancient Earthly Sacral Kingship where the High King holds the Rod (Sceptre) and the Ring with the arms in the shape of this rune. This, of course, represents the Power of the High God upon the Earth. 

There is also an IE Root *ater- meaning 'fire' and giving rise to the Old Persian atar; however, the original meaning is something like 'blackened by fire' and here we may have a link to the Black Sun which represents the 'Hidden God' at one level. There is also the Vedic Atharvan which may have the same roots as the Persian word atar

The importance of the 'atom' is that it can move in different directions at the same time; this is the 'god-force' which moves between the Nine Worlds. It is also important that the Old Norse term for aethm is ond which stems from the PGmc *and- both referring to the Great Spirit that pervades everything. 

"The Dasyus stand in opposition to both the Aryan Gods and the Aryan Seers. The Gods are born from Aditi in the Supreme Truth of things, the Dasyus or Danavas from Diti in the Nether Darkness; they are the Lords of Light and the Lords of Night fronting each other across the triple world of earth, heaven and mid-air, body, mind, and the connecting breath of life."

The Secret of the Veda - Sri Aurobindo.

The term Dasyus stems from das meaning 'to divide', 'to hurt' or 'to injure'; they are the despoilers and destroyers. These are the powers that 'split the atom' in the physical sense of the word. Whereas the Arya and the Aryan Gods seek the Heildom - that which is whole, undivided, healthy - the Dasyus seek to divide, to break down, to conquer and to despoil that which is whole, that which is truth, and that which is good (God). Another form of the Powers of Darkness, the Pani, is known as "the wolf that devours' - the Fenris Wolf. This is the power that has devoured everything in our time, that has swallowed the High-God, Woden, the God of the Spirit. These Panis are a form of Dasyus who steal and conceal the 'cattle' or 'cows'. The Dasyus are the Joten of Wodenic Mythology, the Eoten or 'eaters', 'devourers' and 'dividers'. 

I have said before how the Aryan Root *wuot means 'all-pervasive' or 'all-penetrating' and is the root of Wuotan. This is why Woden is seen not only as the High God of the Arya, but also as the Cosmic Spirit that pervades everything - God or Godan. This is the All-Father or Alu-Father/Ilu-Father known to us through Tolkien who tried to reinstate the Aryan Ur-Religion (even though he would not have called it as such). There is also a Vedic Goddess mentioned by Sri Aurobindo named Ila, little known to most scholars. These names refer to the Light of Higher Consciousness. 

There is also the term Ananda which is the Divine Bliss entering the physical consciousness, and this can be broken into An-anda which reminds me of the PGmc *and- referring to the 'Living Force' or 'Vital Breath'. Of course, the Ondweg is represented by the Irminsul which is the World Column or World Pillar topped by the Swan's Wings as symbolic of Thule. Thule is connected to the constellation of Cygnus the Swan and to the Long Man of Wilmington. There is also another coincidence here because the area of the Long Man - Sussex - was part of the Andresweald which means 'Andres-Wald' (forest), and which most likely links to the goddess known to the Iceni Tribe of East Anglia - Andraste. I have mentioned before (in the book Kingdoms of Light) how this name can be broken into And-Raste with the latter part being a Germanic Measurement of the 'Heilig-Lines' of force that pulsate through the Earth. This is the Living-Force of Raste if we see it this way. 

In a vidid dream some years ago I was travelling with some close Folk-Comrades over a wilderness area going to a land called Eliande which seems to be the submerged land that we seek, which is protected by Higher Powers. The force that protects the land sent out Ravens which turned into Winged Dragons that drove off a Dark Sorcerer and his Dark Powers that tried to stop us getting there. The name 'Eliande' is itself interesting when broken into -

Eli- meaning 'Light' (as in 'El' for 'God' and 'Elf' for the 'Light-Beings').

-ande which links to the above concepts of *and/*anda meaning the 'Living Force' or 'Vital Force', and to the Hindu Ananda linked to the Divine Bliss that enters the consciousness. 

There is also another name used by Tolkien - Eru - which in his works means 'The One', referring to Iluvater. This name is the same as Ar/Er/Ir/Or/Ur and is related to Irmin/Ermin/Arman and to the Irminsul. All of these ideas refer to the Highest State of Consciousness - 'God'. This is not a transcendent being as seen by the Judaeo-Christian Church, but a Vital Force that pervades the Nine Worlds. 

There is also the word eala in Old English, a word meaning 'hail' and thus related to the following - 

  • Heil,
  • Hael,
  • Heal,
  • Holy,
  • Healthy,
  • Whole,
  • Wholesome.

All of these ideas lead to the Heildom which is the 'indivisible', a holy concept or concept of the sacred. We still greet each other by raising the right arm and saying hello which is the same concept as the Heil Salute, the ancient Germanic Salute invoking the mysterious force called Heil or Hael. Thus also the Wes thu Hal used in our rituals to hallow the Mead-Horn, thus invoking this Heil-Force. The rune-gealdor Sieg-Heil invokes the 'Victory to Heil'. This salute is also an Invocation of Fire, as the Ken-Stance shows us. 

There is also another meaning to the Root *as- or Root *aso/*asu and that is 'Pillars of the World'. This is the root of the terms AEsir, Asen, Aso all used for the High Gods of the North. The word as means 'centre-post' or 'king-post' and refers to the 'Heaven-Pillar'; it can also refer to the outspread arms of the upper part of the Irminsul. This also relates to the World-Ash and to the AEsc-Rune. It is also said that - 'Idunn guards in her chest of ash those apples which the gods must taste whenever they grow old; and then they become young' (Gylfaginning 26). The Hebrew word Kapthor or Capthor means the same as the above - World Pillar - and their name for the Philistines was the Kapthorites. As-Gard is the 'Yard of the World Pillar' and this was the Island in the North that 'sank' after the Great Catastrophe, or more precisely was taken into another Dimension of Time. The term Kap-Thor is also very interesting.

In regard to the Philistines or Kapthorites there are very interesting pieces in the Old Testament that prove beyond doubt the real enemies of these Heathen Northern Folk -

'Ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire, and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods.'

Deuteronomy 12:3, see also Numbers 33:52, and Deuteronomy 7:5.

This shows clearly that these people, whose letters are runic in form, were an early North-Sea People who swarmed through Europe and Asia into Egypt and the Middle East. This was in the Bronze Age. The same treatment as was given to these Northern Folk was dealt out in Europe by the later Judaeo-Christians whose altars were 'overthrown', whose pillars of stone were 'broken', whose sacred groves were 'burned' and whose 'graven images of the gods' were 'hewn down' (they would have been wood as in later times. This also goes to show how there was never the difference between the later times of the Iron Age and that of the Bronze Age, as some scholars would have us believe. 

High-God of the World-Pillar

It is known that the peoples of the Canaries worshipped a god of the World-Pillar whom they called by the name 'God Who Holds the Heavens' and their term for 'heaven' was Ataman. This 'God of the World-Pillar' is, of course, the Greek Atlas whose symbol is a form of the Edel-Rune; he is the At-al-as or 'Racial Ase' and he is associated with At-al-land. The people of the Canaries were most likely Indo-Germanic and part of a migration from the North in the Megalithic Age. 

The importance of the World Pillar is shown in the fact that in order for this not to fall, and the world fall into ruins, it had to be anointed with Sacrificial Blood -

For me a shrine of stones he made
And now to glass the rock has grown,
Oft with the blood of beasts was it red,
In the goddesses ever did Ottar trust.

Hindluliod 10.

The Rad-Rune above shows the World-Pillar (I) with the zig-zag (reverse Sigel-Rune) representing the Blood-on-the-Pillar, the blood running down the World Pillar. This shows how important it was to maintain the stability of the world through the upkeep of the World Pillar. The Forces of Darkness and Chaos seek ever to overthrow the World Pillar and thus the World Order. Thus the Demons of Darkness ever seek to overthrow the Creation of the True God - the God of the World Pillar. This World Order was based upon the idea of a firm foundation of the universe, ordered through sacred measurement and strict order, and all this symbolised by the World Pillar. 

In the story of 'St. Cuthman' we find that when he came to build the church at Steyning as the work neared completion he was struggling to fix the main roof-beam and a 'stranger' appeared to help him finish the task; in one version the implication is that this is the Krist who helps him. This 'main roof-beam' is obviously the 'World Pillar' which sits at the centre; the term 'beam' is an Old English one referring to a 'tree' (as in the German baum). Thus, the World Tree or World Pillar. 

If I am correct the Hindu Atma/Atman is a later concept which was an attempt to recreate the Ur-Religion which was at that time beginning to show distortions, as inevitably happens over time. The original concept was Brahma/Brahman; here, as Hamasson once pointed out, the name Abraham would most likely be A-Brahman which has become the polar-opposite to the Vedic meaning. If I am right the original form of 'Abraham' was Abram, which is even closer to Brahma. This, once more, shows the Arya-Dasyus opposition where one is negated by the other. The former is the Creator-Preserver, whereas the latter cannot create but only destroys through division of the wholeness and harmony. 

There are two things that seem to be linked to the inter-dimensional travel attributed to the Atom and that is the UFO Phenomena and the Crop-Formations, both of which seem to defy all the laws of physics on this physical plane. The UFO's seem to move between two dimensions of time since their movements defy our own science; they seem to be 'extra-dimensional' rather than 'extra-terrestrial', although the latter term could be applied to them. From my own experience of the phenomena of the 'crop-circles', having seen this done in long grass where this was flattened suddenly by some form of conscious force, this also seem to be from another world or dimension. We should not forget that there are dimensions of Light and also dimensions of Darkness, as we see in the Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology. There are Gods and there are Demons, just as there are those on earth who work with the Gods and Light-Forces (Arya - Wera) and there are those on earth who work for the Demons, Darkness and Chaos (Joten-Dasyus-Traitors). 

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