Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Saturday 14 March 2020

Dimensions of Time - Part One

'There is no chance in my life. My chances are full of meaning...'

Friedrich Nietzsche to Strindberg.

This post stems from a re-reading of Miguel Serrano's 'Nietzsche & The Eternal Return'. Reading his works over and over again is the only way to understand what he is trying to say, because he hid some of the stuff quite deeply so as not to give away too much Occult Knowledge. The above statement about 'meaningful chance' is the same as the synchronicity of Carl Jung. 

Rune of Chance

I have shown before how the Peorth-Rune is the posture used when playing the ancient Taefl-Board. It is also, when placed upon its side, the 'Dice-Cup' which was used in the Taefl-Board game because it was a game of chance. The board that I have today does not use a dice, but originally this must have been so, as I will show here in this post. 

The Dice-Cup

In my latest work 'The Kingdom of Light' I went into some ideas on the Peorth-Rune, some of which I am going to repeat here to make clear what I am trying to say. I feel this is necessary because of the complexity of this particular rune, and the hidden meanings that have come to light here. Firstly, there are two runes which are deeply connected to this one - B-eor-c and Cw-eor-th, the latter which has the Letter 'p' changed to the Letter 'cw' (which would have been one letter originally as 'q'). The rune 'Beorc' would have been pronounced 'Beorch' originally. 

The Beorc-Rune

This rune is the Peorth-Rune which has not been 'opened out', hence why the Peorth-Rune is seen as the 'Birth-Rune' since it is the 'womb' of the woman giving birth. But always remember that this works at one level, and that there are infinite levels of meaning in each rune. This can be a 'birth' at a very different level. 

The Cweorth-Rune

The Cweorth-Rune, when closely looked at, has the very same rune-staves made up of an upright stave (Ice) and two angled staves (Fire). This can be seen even more clearly in the alternative version shown below -

Cweorth-Rune Alternative

That these use exactly the same proportions of Ice (One) and Fire (Two) is significant; each is made up of one Is-Rune and two Ken-Runes (CGF). Thus far we have covered the basics most of which I have gone over before, but repeat here for clarity. 

The Peorth-Rune is a portal or gateway into another world or dimension, it is the Rune of the Gateway. It is not the only one though, since the Cweorth-Rune, when seen in the light of the Long Man of Wilmington is also a 'Gateway', and in this case a 'Gateway to Thule' perhaps, since it faces to the North. 

However, in the latter case (The Long Man) the shape of the rune shows us that the figure itself is the Guardian of the Gateway since the twin staves themselves are the actual gateway. The Cweorth-Rune is the 'Guardian', and hence the reason why there is a subtle word-play upon this rune - Cweorth-Sweorth, the latter meaning 'Sword', which is the weapon used by the Guardian of the Gateway. The 'Guardian' is here Waendal, who guards the Gateway into the Other-World. This difference should be noted, for although the rune-staves are linked they have different meanings. 

Many years ago I had a dream about the Peorth-Rune which showed me that the rune was used to 'break the fetters'; this is why the rune is a Beorc-Rune 'opened up', showing the 'fetters' being broken. The Beorc-Rune is the 'Rune of the Mother' and in order to evolve it is necessary to 'break the fetters' by which 'The Mother' holds us - i.e. to break the bonds of the material world ('mater' is 'The Mother'). This is something to meditate upon.

In 'Nietzsche & The Eternal Return' Miguel Serrano mentions Adrian Dobbs, a parapsychologist, who suggested that time existed in two dimensions -

First Dimension - Time goes towards the future - Causality.

Second Dimension - Time moves in waves like a 'great breathing' - Probability.

In the Second Dimension of Time the objective possibilities become the effects and their causes in the First Dimension. Time goes backwards towards the past, and the law governing this is coincidence, the 'chance filled with meaning' of Nietzsche or the 'synchronicity' of Carl Jung. But, to make the events real they must be given meaning; thus the Second Dimension of Time can only happen with our contribution of a meaning. This accords with the findings of Quantum Science and the finding that the mind itself affects an experiment. 

The Second Dimension is thus connected to the Peorth-Rune which is the gateway to this Dimension of Time. This seems clear by the meanings of the rune itself - 'chance' and 'coincidence'. This is where the 'Dice-Cup' comes in because this is the 'chance' part of the Taefl-Board. This may also be why this was not a simple 'game of chance' but a 'Ritual Game of Chance', and indeed one done prior to a battle perhaps in order to alter the Wyrd in some way. I say this because the Peorth-Rune is also the Rune of Wyrd. This is something that should be emphasised since the 'Blank Rune' which has been added by modern 'pagans' is not needed since this rune itself is the Rune of Wyrd. Before I go further Miguel Serrano adds a Third Dimension of Time which covers 'Meaning and Eternity'. This is important.

Adrian Dobbs also posits what he calls Psitrons which are the 'messengers' who bring us this Second Dimension of Time. These Positrons have an 'imaginary mass' which allows them to travel indefinitely at a speed greater than light. They carry messages to the brain without passing through the senses, acting on the cerebral cortex as the Will does. They act only in the microcosm, i.e. within Man, and are the 'God-Particles' which some would see as 'Angels' (this means 'messenger') coming from the future 'Uncreated Light'. Thus, we can see how certain 'seers' can see into the future because they have been shown the future by these Astral Entities. Miguel Serrano also suggests that the Second Dimension of Time is also the First Dimension of Time which is now coming back. This shows the genius of Miguel Serrano whose understanding of this is told within his works, though not always too clearly since he meant people to find and discover the meanings. 

I am going to go even further into this, using these three runes as the basis for discovering further Ancient Mysteries. The essence of Nietzsche's Eternal Return is that everything that can happen has already happened before. There are no infinite possibilities in this Dimension of Time, and thus everything repeats itself over and over again. This is where the concept of the Archetypes comes into play, since they are from outside, from above, or from below, from the Inner Earth, and these work through individuals at certain stages of history, hence why certain individuals seem so similar to other individuals but who appear at very different times in history. The Gods are also 'archetypes' and they live and die as we do, but always reborn or resurrected in a different form at different times. Let us go into this further.

Woden is swallowed by the Fenris Wolf at Ragnarok; Wid-Ar rips open the Jaws of Fenris, thus releasing the Spirit of Woden who is then resurrected or reborn in his son - Wid-Ar. Woden is no longer the 'Hanged God' because he has climbed down from the World Tree and has become the Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun who is a Warrior-God - the 'Woodland Warrior'. He now rides a White Horse, carries a Flaming Sword and a Shield bearing the White Wyrm. 

Wid-Ar - The Warrior-Hero God

This is the archetype of the New Age - the Age of Ing. This is the god-force that rules over the New Age, or at least the era of transition between the world-ages, until the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. The symbol of the Age of Aquarius is a Man, as can be seen in the 'Four Beasts of the Apocalypse'; the symbol of Wid-Ar as the new Aryan Archetype is that of a Man. Notice that the arms of the above figure are shaped as the Tiw-Rune, something I doubt that Steed (who kindly drew this for me) ever intended consciously. This is the Rune of Balance and Harmony which is what this figure will bring to us here on Earth. The Flaming Sword is the weapon of Kalki Avatar, but it also has another meaning since this is the weapon placed in the East of the Garden of Eden, which 'turned every way, to keep the way of the Tree of Life'. Hence why we find the Cweorth-Rune as the 'Flaming Sword' which guards the Gateway to the Other-World - to the Garden of Idunn. The figure has the Sacred Mountain - Su-Me-Ru - behind him, this being the Sacred Centre representing Shambhala where Kalki comes from at the End of Time. 

This is the reason why the Widdershins Fylfot-Swastika is used at this time because it symbolises the return to Hyperborea-Thule-Asgard. This is the Second Dimension which 'goes backwards towards the past'. This is why the enemies of Man seek to suppress this symbol, but where it cannot be used the Black Sun replaces it, a sign with the same meanings. 

The Black Sun has the twelve Sigel-Runes reversed or 'going backwards' and there being twelve represents the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. This also represents the Aryan Science of Implosion and a 'going inwards' (towards the Inner Earth). The whole idea of the Aryan Initiation is a 'going inwards', as we find the Aryan Krist saying - 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within'. What we have to note here is that, as Miguel Serrano tells us, Asgard is not something 'outside' in the sense most Odinists see it; Asgard is Thule is Hyperborea which was the home of the Asu-Gods (the IE Root *asu- means 'spirit) which was placed within Midgard. After the sinking of Asgard when the gods mixed their Sacred Blood with the Man-Animal this moved into a different dimension (with different vibrations) and can only be found by those knowing how to take the Straight Way. 

The Aryan Initiation is the 'Resurrection of the Flesh' which was taught by Woden-Krist - the Initiation of Kristos. Contrary to the belief of some who teach of the 'Astral Body' through OOBE and NDE, not everyone has this 'Astral Body' or 'Body of Light' - the Aryan Initiation is for the 'Twice-Born' who are resurrected through the creation/re-creation of the Astral Body through clothing the body of flesh with the Immortal Vajra which then unites with the Astral Body. As shown in The Kingdom of Light these ideas can be found on the plaque in the church at Alton Priory, the church below Woden's Barrow which itself is a 'portal' into the Other World. These are the points which stand out clearly on 'Button's Plaque' in the All-Saints Church, Alton Priory -

  • 'But since heaven gate to enter by is straight.
  • 'Till the last trump blowe open the wide gate, to give it entrance to the soule its mate'.
  • 'The last enemy to be destroyed is death.' (I Corinthians 15)
  • 'It is sown a natural body'.
  • 'The Key to David' (Rev. 3:7) - the angel blowing a trumpet.
  • 'It raised a spiritual body' (I Corinthians 15:44).
  • 'Death is swallowed up in victory.' (I Corinthians 54)
  • 'This is the gate [ ] the Lord.'
  • 'The righteous shall enter in at it.' (Psalm 118:20)
  • The figure of Button is shown 'resurrected' with a full head of hair and a vigorous body, 'not as a 64 year old...probably meant to be 33'.

The whole thing parallels the ideas of Miguel Serrano in his union of EL and Ella (HE-SHE), going beyond this stage through the Black Sun to the Green Ray (Venus) and thus creating the Astral Body and the Ultimate I. Man becomes the Man-God and resurrects the Sun-Man or Aryan, but this time in a 'grown-up' form rather than the Innocence of the Golden Age. What seemed to have been a 'fall' had to come about if the 'I' were to be created within Man, and thus the Ultimate I which is the aim of this evolutionary process. 

This is the reason why Woden is one of the most important figures in our era, because he is the God of Knowledge and Wisdom who searches for the Occult Knowledge needed for Man to evolve. It seems that the Cweorth-Rune - the Rune of Cremation - is so important in that it is this 'Ritual Fire' that is the transformational-process that allows the Soul-Spirit to escape the physical body at death. 

'He (Woden) decreed that all the dead should be burned, and put on the funeral pyre with all their possessions. He also said that everyone should come to Valhalla with their property that he had on the pyre, and he should also enjoy the use of what he himself had buried in the Earth, and the ashes should be carried out to sea or buried in the Earth, and mounds should be raised in memory of rank....'


In Snorri Sturlasson's Heimskringla we find the following statements -

'...after Freyr had been buried in a mound at Uppsala, many chiefs made mounds no less than standing-stones to the memory of their kinsmen...'

'The Age of Mounds began properly in Denmark after Dan the Magnificent had a burial-mound raised for himself and ordered that he should be buried in it on his death, with his royal ornaments and armour, his horse and saddle furniture, and other valuable goods, and many of his descendants followed his example.'

It may seem strange, even ludicrous, to imagine that one's physical possessions could be of any use after death, but this is exactly what is said here, and it is the High God - Woden - who gave this decree to his Folk. Studies in OOBE and NDE have already shown that the Astral Realm is so very similar to our own physical world at the lowest levels. Since the above decree from Woden was always done by the Vikings then there must have been good reason to do so. Obviously, it is not the physical objects that are taken to Valhalla, but their spiritual counterparts or put another way it is the force or energy that they have built up through the physical life. This is the reason why certain objects, when passed on or taken from the burial mounds, contain that force or energy within them. Each weapon or object grows within itself a Spiritual Force/Energy which has a separate life from the physical object itself. 

This can be explained through a statement made by Mercea Eliade -

"...repetition of an archetypal action performed in illo tempore by Ancestors or by Gods...By its repetition the act coincides with its archetype, and time is abolished.'

The Peorth-Rune, as I have said before, could well also be seen as the Weorth-Rune or 'Rune of Wyrd'. When the Taefl-Board was played prior to a battle it may well be that this was done so in order either to foresee the outcome of the battle, or maybe even to change the Wyrd and thus affect the outcome of the battle in some way. This, incidentally, would also be true of any magical working that is done to change one's Wyrd or change the Wyrd of a Tribe/Nation. This would be the rune to use for such magical workings. There is one more point here and that concerns Taefl as a Game of Chance through the dice-throw (connected to this rune as I have shown). It seems that when the dice is thrown over and over again there does emerge some kind of pattern rather than the 'chaos' we usually associate this with. Here it may be that the concept of 'Meaning' comes into play, for maybe when the dice is thrown the human mind affects the outcome of the throws in some way, according to a subconscious pattern. Thus they are affected by a Third Dimension of Time. 

In regard to the 'Gateway to the Other-World' and its connection to the Straight Way, this may well be the real reason as to why the Ancient Runes are all done in straight lines. We can see how the phenomena known as the Fata Morgana occurs as a 'hallucination' seen by some people at the poles. To understand this one has to go beyond the modern meaning given to 'hallucination' to its roots, and thus find the real meaning behind it -

  • Hallucination - 'wandering of the mind'. Please note, this does not state that it means that the mind 'invents' this, only that the mind 'wanders'.
  • Latin hallucinari, allucinari, alucinari meaning 'to wander in mind', 'to dream', or 'to rave'. 

Notice that the last word alucinari tells us the root-meaning of the word - ALU. This thus concerns the Alu-Force. This 'hallucination' is not something created by the mind, it is something that appears from another world or Dimension of Time. What these people see as the Fata Morgana is thus more likely Thule-Hyperborea-Asgard - the 'City of Asgard' in all its golden glory which is today situated in a parallel world. 

This statement concerns the Goddess Morgana or Fata Morgana who is the 'Goddess of Fate' we are told. However, Morgana is the Goddess who took King Arthur (Arctor) across the waters (in the Swan-Ship) to Avalon (Valhalla). Her link to the Hale-Bopp Comet in my dream of 1997 infers that the comet was a manifestation of Sleipnir, the Eight-Legged Steed that moves between the worlds. In Norse Mythology the Valkyrie collects the soul of the Fallen Hero and takes it to Valhalla. Here we see why the Old English Waelcyrge embodies both the idea of the Norns/Fates and the Valkyries. 

Although The Emerald Tablets of Hermes is what is known as a 'channeling' it does seem to hold many truths within it in regard to the struggle between the Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Light, and it does contain knowledge of how to retain the Blood Memory on death -

Place in thy heart the Flame of thy Soul.
Swiftly then sweep it to the Seat of the Triangle.
Hold for a moment, then move to the goal.
This, thy goal, is the place between thine eyebrows,
the place where the Memory of Life must hold sway.
Hold thou thy Flame here in thy brain-seat
until the fingers of death grasp thy soul.

Then as thou pass through the state of transition,
surely the memories of life shall pass, too.
Then shall the past be as one with the present.
Then shall the memory of all be retained.
Free shalt thou be from all retrogression.
The things of the past shall live in today.

This piece clearly shows how to retain the Blood Memory at the point of death; it uses the ALU-ULA Formula to do this, but in this case in a slightly different form. 

  • The Soul-Centre is visualised as a Flame which is placed at the Heart-Centre (Lagu-Centre).
  • This is swiftly transferred to the Seat of the Triangle which is the Base-Centre (Ur-Centre) which is symbolised by an Inverted Triangle.
  • The Flame is held there for a moment and then moved upwards to the Head-Centre (Ansuz-Centre) between the eyebrows (Third Eye). This centre is the place where the link between the world of Gods and Men can be found. Thus, on passing, the memories (Blood Memory) is passed on to the Astral World. The memory is retained in order to be used in the next incarnation upon the Earth. 
The formula here is not ALU or ULA but is clearly seen as L-U-A since it moves from the Heart-Centre (L) down to the Base-Centre (U), and then up to the Head-Centre (A). Here the Heart-Centre is the 'Soul-Centre' ('Heart and Soul') which is moved downwards to the Base-Centre (Ur = Origins = Past), and then upwards to the Head-Centre where the 'past shall live in today'. Thus, the Ur-Centre is at one level the Second Dimension of Time which goes 'backwards into the past'. 

The name At-al-land we have used for the lost lands in the North Seas, those lands that once connected these islands to the mainlands of Northern Europe. This is the Atland of the Oera Linda Book, also named 'Oldland'. The IE Root *at-al- means 'tribe' or 'race' but from its roots we can see something else emerging -

at- = over, beyond, super.

-al = to nourish, noble fostering.

The Edel-Rune is the At-al Rune and is the Rune of Blood & Soil, the Blood of the Folk and the Soil of the Folk-land. But it is also the Rune of Woden (Od-al) which is important to remember - the Rune of The Hooded One. It is the Rune of At-al-land in the sense that this was the Aryan Homeland where the Aryan Manu (Ingwe) led out the Folk after the Great Cataclysm that sank these lands many thousands of years ago. That the root of the word means over, beyond, super connects this to the idea of the gateway to the Other-World or Inner-Earth, and to Odainsacre, a name which also suggests the same 'Odain's Acre'. This was a sinking into the Blood (Blood-Memory) and a sinking into the Waters (Ab-su which is the subconscious mind). 

Ansuz-Centre - Superconscious Mind.

Lagu-Centre - Conscious Mind.

Ur-Centre - Subconscious Mind. 

All of what I have said here about the two Dimensions of Time are also linked to the ideas in a statement made by George Gurdjieff about the symbols originating in another world 'From Above' (or perhaps 'From Below'). He tells us that 'A certain possibility is introduced from where the impossible doesn't exist', and that this 'doesn't belong to the cause and effect of this world'. A 'Sacred Image' has to be created so that this 'possibility' can manifest and operate in the physical world. This short piece tells us quite a lot; it is the 'Sacred Image' that has to be created in order to manifest the 'possibility' that exists in the Other-World. This is the 'Meaning' mentioned by Miguel Serrano. The 'possibility' exists in the Other-World but it can be made to manifest and operate in the First Dimension of Time. To Friedrich Nietzsche that 'possibility' was the creation (or rather re-creation) of the Superman or God-Man. 

The means by which changes can be made in the physical world are through the Magical Will. This, as I have shown in older posts, is connected to the god-force we know as Ingwe and the Inga-Force, the Agni of the Vedas. This is where the forces of Woden (Woda-Force) and Ingwe (Inga-Force- have to be united in the same figure as the 'King of Kings'. This is also that of Woden-Krist, which is the same as Woden-Ingwe. 

The Stan-Rune

The Stan-Rune version shown above is the White Stone of Ing which seems clear from the rune-stave itself which bears the Ing-Rune inside the Stone-Rune. But this also has an esoteric meaning that has been overlooked, because it also refers to Ingwe (Xristos) 'crucified in matter' (i.e. 'stone'). (*) I have used the term 'Xristos' simply because it illustrates the link between the Gyfu-Runes (X) and the Aryan Krist. When we see that Ingwe is the God of Creative-Fire and understand the links to the Aryan Krist (Xristos) then this is why the White Stone of Ing is also named The Firestone, and why it contains the Ken-Rune or Rune of Fire. 

(*) "Krist crucified in Matter". This is an Archetypal Myth and tells us who has been 'crucified in matter' since it is the Aso- or Asen who mixed with the 'Daughters of Men' and took on a physical form. The Aryans are the descendants of these God-Men and thus this refers to the Aryan Krist. Judaeo-Christianity merely distorted the Aryan Archetype to suit their own ends, making the 'Son of God' (Krist) into the 'Son of Yahweh' (Old Testament), and thus pushing this forcibly upon the world who now bow before the Dark Lord and nor before the True God.

Like the 'portal' or 'gateway' seen in the Peorth-Rune, the Stan-Rune represents the boundary-stone which is neither in one world nor the other world; it is the liminal point between the two worlds. The Stan-Rune, of course, is made up of two Peorth-Runes facing each other, and is thus a 'closed' doorway, gateway or portal. 

It has been said that the above Stan-Rune represents the White Horse Stone, so we should recall that the horse is symbolic of the means to travel between the worlds - the Shaman's Steed. The White Horse is the Steed of Kalki who will ride at the start of the Age of Aquarius. 

There is a very strange 'coincidence' in the words we use in regard to symbolism. The term symbol originally meant 'to unite' and thus tells us that symbols act upon the Second Dimension of Time, thus uniting with the First Dimension of Time. This shows the great importance of symbols to us, and why they are used to gain access to the subconscious mind. The opposite to the word symbol is diabollo which means 'to divide' and which is the root of the word 'devil'. There clearly is important meanings given to the words we use, some of which have been forgotten over time. 

In a strange dream that I had some years ago the 'Lost Land' that is looked for was named Eliande, and this was protected by Higher Powers. The word contains 'El' or 'Eli' which obviously means 'Light', and '-ande' which may be linked to andros meaning 'man'. This land was not easy to get to and on the way a 'Dark Sorcerer' tried to stop me from accessing this land; Ravens, which turned into Winged Dragons, protected me from this Dark Sorcerer by driving the Dark Powers away. The essence of the 'Dark Sorcerer' was Mind-Control which is exactly how these powers control this world today. This is the stumbling-block to gaining access to the Other-World, which is blocked by the Dark Powers and their Dark Sorcerers. To gain access to this lost land meant crossing a desert or wasteland, a place that was the result of these Dark Forces.

In regard to the Other-World and its connection to the 'waters' and in particular to the Abzu/Apsu which is the Great Deep or the 'source' connected to the subconscious mind, I had a rather strange dream the other day about this area of the mind. This dream seems connected to the Brisingamen Necklace or the Necklace of Fire held by the Goddess Freya. What I saw in the dream was a kind of Fiery-Essence that was in the Great Deep, in the Waters, and which is obviously connected to the Fire-Serpent (it was like a serpent of fire). It is this that we seek in regard to the Quest for Immortality and the God-Man; this is connected to Ingwe - the Fire-God and God of Spiritual Fire. 

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