Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 5 March 2020

The Source of the Ancient Runes

Whilst scholars and intellectuals argue over where the runes first came from, we know that it was the Germanic God, Woden, who discovered them and used them in the struggle of his Folk against the Joten. The clue to where these Ancient Runes lay hidden lies in the 'Cry of Need' uttered by Woden as he peered downwards to find the Rune-Stave - AEpandi. This means -

AEpa - 'to cry out',

AEp - 'a shout of Need',

op (Old Norse) - 'a cry of Need'.

anda/andi - 'breathe', or 'secret'.

The clue here lies in the meanings of 'need' and 'AEpa', the former referring to the Lower World and the latter to the apsu - the Watery Deep beneath the Earth. We can even find this in the names of the figure who has the 'Key to the Bottomless Pit' in Revelation - Abaddon (Hebrew) and Apollyon (Greek). The 'Bottomless Pit' and the 'Watery Deep' are one and the same - the Lower World or Inner Earth. This is where the roots of the World Tree lie, watered from the Well of Wyrd and the Well of Mimir - for this is the realm of Mimir-Nidhad. We can also find this in one of the names of Agni - Ap-an Napat, meaning 'Son of the Waters'. Thus, Ingwe is the 'Hero-God' who arises from the Great Deep, the 'Fire-in-Water'. This is why Scef-Ing travels 'across the Waters of the Deep; he is also Hama-Heimdall and King Arctur. 

The Swan-Ship on the Watery-Deep

The Portal-Gateway to the Inner Earth

Viktor Rydberg sees Nidhad as Mimer, and although it took me a long time to see this I can now see where he is coming from. At some point, it seems, Weland the Smith forged the Sword of Victory as a weapon against the Gods. Nidhad-Mimir, as always the friend of the Gods and of Woden, captured and imprisoned Weland, taking the Sword and the Rings of Power from him. Weland escaped and this is why, at the End-Time, the Sword of Victory is in the hands of the Fire-Giant, Surt. If we take the ideas of the Armanen Order Surtur is the Unmanifested God, an interesting concept.

The Nyd-Rune is the Rune of Need, the Rune of the Lower-World, ruled over by Mimir-Nidhad. The name Nidhad comes from -

Nid(h) - Lower World (we get the term 'nether' as in 'Netherlands' from this root).

had - Being.

It is clear that the Ancient Runes are in the possession of Mimir ('Memory') who gave these to Woden. This is Mimir's Well or the 'Well of Memory' - Blood Memory. The 'Watery Deep' is indeed the 'Inner Earth' or 'Lower World', but in mankind it is the Subconscious Mind, where resides the Blood Memory. The 'well' or 'fountain' is here the source of the waters and the 'streams and rivers' coming from this source are the blood-vessels in man, through which flows the Blood Memory. The Source of the Ancient Runes is in fact the Black Sun

The Ing-Rune is the Rune of the Blood; the Inga-Force or Inga-Energy is the 'Fire-in-Water', the Inga-Fire within the Blood of Man and the Sap of the Trees and Plants - this is the feeling that we have in the Spring when this movement starts again after the dormant times of the Winter. 

There is a sacred object known as the Ur-Ar-Horn ('auroch's horn') which can be found in the Lower World in which is the Fann's Brewing. This is a horn embellished with a Serpent, which can turn itself into a serpent to slay those not worthy of a draft from the horn. The liquid from this horn is from the wells/fountains of the Lower World. This belongs both to Asgard and to the Lower World (Hela). The draught from the horn is made up of -

Wyrd's Strength (maegen),

The Cool Sea,

Son's Liquid.

Wyrd's Strength is from the Well of Wyrd/Fountain of Urd.

The Cool Sea is Hvergelmer.

Son's Liquid is Mimir's Well. The Well of Creative Power and of Poetry. 

It is these liquids from the Three Wells (Three Cauldrons) that are sucked up by the roots of the World Tree, they are the 'sap' of the World Tree. The World Tree is also called 'Mimir's Tree' - the 'Tree of Memory'. Mimir was originally a Smith-Joten, of the High Joten-Race; he is a great 'shaper' and 'creator'. 

In the Norse Eddas there is a final catastrophe in which all of the elements clash and collide, bringing the worlds back into the Primal Chaos. From the 'depths' arises a New Earth and a New Order, as well as the New Race of Man. This is the 'rise' of Odainsacre which is the Realm of Baeldaeg in Hela, in the Lower World. This world, which 'sank' (moved into another dimension of being) at the time of Hyperborea-Thule, arises again from the 'Lower World', from the Inner Earth. This obviously does nor depend upon the survival of physical beings here on Earth, but is the arising of the Golden Race of the Golden Age which exists in a different world, a different dimension of Time and Space, indeed, outside Time and Space. 

The Peorth-Rune is not only a 'portal' or 'gateway' but is also the posture used by those playing the Taefl-Board Game, as well as the 'Dice-Cup' used in the board game (originally). There is mention of 'strange tablets' on which the Gods played in very ancient times, and which re-appear when the New Earth arises again from the Lower World. These are also in the Realm of Mimir. 

It may well be that the word Avalon is a corruption of Abalon and although it can mean 'Island of Apples' refers to the Lower World - the Waters of Absu. This could also be where the name Abaris (Ab-Ar-Is) comes from; he is the Hyperborean who flew upon an 'arrow' to get to the Greeks. Abaris is a Priest of Apollo, whose name also contains Ap/Ab. In the Old Testament, taken from more ancient Aryan sources, we have the Garden of Eden (Garden of Idunn) in which are two apple-trees. The Greek Apollo and Baeldaeg are no doubt one and the same, and the English seem to know him as Pol or Fal; the word Bael-Daeg could have been A-bael-daeg maybe. 

What we do have here is a hint that the Ancient Runes are the most ancient symbols that come down to us from the Golden Age of Hyperborea-Thule, and that it is these Ancient Runes that are held by Mimir, and given to Woden that the Gods and Man may use them against the Dark Forces of the Joten. The symbol of Baeldaeg in the Underworld is the Fylfot-Swastika or the Black Sun, the 'Sun in the Underworld'. This is, as Miguel Serrano clearly says in his works, the ancient Hyperborean Sun that still shines in Odainsacre where dwell the Asmegir (Asa-Powers) and Lif and Lifthrasir. 

This Lower World is associated with the Subconscious Mind, and also with the Moon (Mani). This is clear through the Seven Sons of Mimir who, at one level, represent phases of the Moon. These Seven Sons of Mimir awaken at Ragnarok and wield the Seven Swords of Mimir (Seven Swords of Wayland) on the side of the Gods and Heroes (Weras). 

At the time of the Hale-Bopp Comet (Bap-Komet) I had the intuitive feeling that this was symbolised by Sleipnir - the Steed of Woden. This is the Shamanic Horse that moves between the worlds. He is the 'slipper', who 'slips' through the Veils of the Worlds. I also had a very strange dream in which a 'star' fell from the skies into the Bottomless Pit, just as mentioned earlier of the Book of Revelation. The 'Bottomless Pit' is the Abyss. What would seem rather obvious from this is that the Hale-Bop Comet opened the 'Gateway to the Nether-World'. The Peorth-Rune is the Beorc-Rune opened up; and the Hale-Bopp Comet was in the Sign of Beorc in the Northern Skies. The Hale-Bopp Comet was not of this world, it arose from the Nether-World and moved through the Veils between the Worlds into our universe. There may also be a link between these ideas and that of the 'star' called Wormwood which 'fell from heaven' mentioned in Revelation. 'Wormwood' is a bitter herb whose Latin name is Artemisia named after Artemis - the Moon-Goddess. 

At the time I linked the Hale-Bopp Comet with Baphomet which is the figure used by the Knights Templars, the figure with two heads - one faces into this world, the other into the Astral World. This is what Miguel Serrano has to say on this, which confirms what I thought at the time -

"In Baphomet is the key to the Great Gate, the key to the exit into the Other World, the invisible one, into the New earth.'

When we talk of the 'Other Earth' or 'Nether World' we are talking of the Astral Earth which is a 'Parallel Earth' existing in a different dimension, at a different vibration. This is also the Mystery of Valhalla since when the Aryan Heroes die they are taken to this 'Other World' through the Black Sun and the Green Ray of Venus. The 'Gateway to the Astral World' can be found in the Third Eye, which is where communication with the Gods and Forefathers happens. 

The Blood Memory is to be found in the Astral Blood or Igneous Blood - this is the Fire of Agni-Inga. The invisible currents that run through the Earth are the Blood of the First Astral Earth, and here we find the reason why the Ancient Runes are straight-lines since they each form a part of the wholeness of the straight-line system that courses through the First Astral Earth. This is also why the runes are made up of straight lines and half-lines, and each one has its own particular sequence inherent within the rune-stave. 

The Nine Glory-Twigs are the 'matrix' representing these energy-currents; we can see this played out in the Game of Chess, where the moves are done in a vertical, horizontal or angled fashion, as in this shape. There is no need to see in these straight lines their use on wood or stone, there is a far deeper meaning to the Straight Ways. When Hyperborea-Thule-At-al-land 'sank' beneath the waves it 'sank' into the Great Absu, into the Great Deep, where it awaits the time when it will arise again as the 'New Earth'. Only by the Straight Way can these lands be reached by the Initiate - by using the Ancient Runes. 

These ideas also explain the use of the terms Wafeln and Caleuche by Miguel Serrano, the ships that sail beneath the Northern Seas (former) and Southern Seas (latter). This is how the Last Avatar appears at the start of the Age of Aquarius. The Wafeln is the Light of Consciousness that sails beneath the Sea of the Unconscious. 

It is interesting to note that an alternative name for the Waters of the Deep (Abzu/Apsu) are eng-ur (Sumer) and eng-ur-ru (Akkad). In the Old English Rune-Poem Ing goes across the waves, he moves across the waters of space. Ingwe is Agni, who is the Fiery Energy that moves within the waters, within the Blood of the Folk. It is also to be noted that Pol/Fal is a Saxon God associated with fountains and springs, i.e. the waters that course up from the Nether-World. This is also true of the Frisian Axe-God, Forseti, who throws his Axe, and from this arises a Spring. 

The fact that a comet has always been seen as a Bearded Star links to the idea of Baphomet. These concept also link to the Long Man of Wilmington which was laid out as a kind of 'Time-Clock' that would be awoken with the passing of the Hale-Bopp Comet in the spring of 1997. The comet-shaped long barrow known as Hunter's Burgh suggests this, as does the White Horse and the phallic-barrow on the top of Windover Hill. 

In Sumerian and Akkadian Mythology the Abzu-Apsu is the Primeval Sea below the void space of the Underworld (Kur) and the Earth above (Ma). These are thus the Primeval Waters from which all creation arises - the 'Womb of the Mother'. 

The symbol of 'Baldaeg-in-the-Other-World' is the widdershins Swastika, the Fylfot or 'Fol's Foot'. This is the 'Occulted Sun' or 'Black Sun' which is the Spiritual Sun. Baeldaeg dwells in Odainsacre which is the Spiritual World where also dwell the Asmegir (Asa-Powers) and Lif and Lifthrasir. This Spiritual World will 'arise' and take the place of our material world when the Dark Forces are completely destroyed. This 'Other-World' exists at a higher vibratory level than our material world. 

This is why the role of Woden's Folk and similar groups around the world is of vital importance at this time. And this is why the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag has been created to serve this role. Most of our people have no hope and are stuck in a society that rejects any form of creativity or spiritual growth; they have talents that are no good to this produce-and-consume society. In such a society they give up all hope, so it is our role to give them hope. This cannot be done through the channels open to this materialistic society, so we have to offer them an alternative. This alternative must be a new spiritual movement in which they can bring their innate talents into play, and become someone rather than the 'nobodies' of this society who seek to drag them down to their depths. 

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