Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Dimensions of Time - Part Two

The Black Sun - The Sun behind the Sun

"It is necessary to go under to discover the secret world and retrieve the keys in the ruins of a forgotten continent.'

EL/ELLA - Book of Magical Amor - Miguel Serrano.

Miguel Serrano places great emphasis upon going backwards in time to the origins and thus to the Ur-Time. This, he reasons, is why the Fylfot-Swastika is today the Widdershins Swastika that moves backwards against the flow of time in this First Dimension of Time. This applies just as much to the Black Sun which is the symbol replacing the Fylfot-Swastika which today is being suppressed as far as the Dark Powers can go. 

The importance of the Black Sun lies in that this is the Ancient Sun of Asgard-Thule; it is the 'Dying Son' of the past millennia, but today its power is increasing, and hence the fear that the Dark Forces have in the growing Forces of Light. This will be slow, since after the Great Yuletide the destructive forces get worse (as it does in winter) but the Light is waxing stronger and stronger until the point of balance at the Summer Evennight. But this goes somewhat quicker now since time is moving faster and faster towards the End-Time. The Black Sun is the power that flows through the Aryan Blood; it is the power that flows from the Second Dimension of Time. 

There is obviously a two-way traffic between the two dimensions of time; this is why Woden decreed that his Woden Initiates had to be cremated with their earthly belongings, or burned and then buried in the mound with their earthly belongings. Ancient weapons and other regalia accrue a power and energy, or rather a 'subtle energy', which is what is transferred to the Astral World as an Astral Energy. This is why the earthly weapons and regal regalia were burned, or buried in the Burial Mound; they were thus there to be transferred to the Astral World as an Astral Counterpart. This is a very important concept that we should keep in mind to use within our own Folk-Community.

Odainsacre is the realm situated in Hela's Plains where Baeldaeg and the Asmegir await their time to 'return' after the Ragnarok. This is also linked to the World Tree where Lif and Lifthrasir will repeople the Earth after the Great Catastrophe. This is the Second Dimension of Time that will take the place of the First Dimension of Time, and this New World (arising from the sea) will be lit by the New Golden Sun (Black Sun regenerated). 

I think that it needs pointing out that not every world that is beyond Midgard (First Dimension of Time) is a spiritual world. The higher realms are indeed spiritual worlds, but we should best look at the different levels as having different vibratory levels, and as these levels increase the physical gets less dense until it reaches higher into the spiritual realms. The key to Miguel Serrano's work is the need to create the Astral Body which he also refers to as the Son of Man. Unfortunately, there are many who think that everyone has an Astral Body but this clearly is not so. The means to attain this level is to overcome the limitations of the human being; this is the work of the Viras (Weras) or 'Divine Heroes' who are the 'Heirs' (Babylon) or the 'Elect' (Revelation). These are those former Divvyas or Divine Beings who 'fell' into matter and the physical world, and whose eternal work is to free themselves from the physical world in order to evolve into the Superman or God-Man. 

The Archetype works from outside, from beyond, or even from below, from the Inner Earth and this affects history through its workings. This is a crucial point that I still feel not enough people have taken notice of as yet. Each world-age has its own archetype, and that of the Age of Pisces was originally a 'fish', but as historical events have proven the Hanged God was the most widely-used archetype as the 'Age of Christ'. This, as I showed in the first part of this post, is the Kristos Crucified in Matter - the Krist (Ing) in the Stone. This, overall, suggests Man locked into the physical world. But that changes with the coming Age of Aquarius, and the new Aryan Archetype is not that of the 'Hanged God' or 'Crucified God' but that of the Aryan Warrior-Hero who has freed himself from the bonds of matter and become the Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun. This is the figure of Wid-Ar.

Wid-Ar : The Warrior-Krist

The Aryan Initiation or Initiation of Krist is not the same as the spiritual disciplines taught today; this does not lie in 'Union with God' or 'Union with Nature', but it lies in the ability to go beyond the level of the Sacred Marriage through the Black Sun to the Green Ray (Venus) and thus create the Ultimate I through transmuting the 'Ego' into the 'Higher Self'. Thus, the Aryan Initiate 'sits at the right hand of God', and is the 'Son of God' or 'Son of Man'. He is united with his Astral Body which is created in the Astral World, and not here on the physical plane. This is the 'New Creation' of Friedrich Nietzsche, the creation of the Superman. This is what the Gods want, and it is Woden - the Great Initiator - who is the guide and guardian on the path towards this ultimate act of re-creation. This is not just as transformation in Man, but also a transformation of Nature, since Nature is 'spiritualised' in the process.

This is where the ALU - Formula comes into play because it is the downwards energy-flow, bringing Spirit down into Matter - that is the key to the awakening of Baeldaeg and the Asmegir. The key work takes place in the sacrum-coccyx area through the runes - Ac/AEsc/Yr/Ior/Ear (Sacrum) and Cweorth/Calc/Stan/Gar. The first five are linked to matter and man, whilst the last four are the Runes of Transformation. The Ear-Rune is the 'Earth-Grave' which seems rather an ending, and yet the following Cweorth-Rune, the 'Fire-Twirl', is the Rune of Transformation, the means to transport the 'dead' into the Other-World. 

The Gar-Rune

The 'Gift of Ing' has a very much deeper meaning, one connected to this rune as the Hidden Fylfot-Rune. When the 'gift' becomes the Fylfot, moving in either direction - sun-wise or widdershins - this is symbolic of the two worlds, the two Dimensions of Time, one running forwards into the future, the other backwards into the past. Here we can see another link between Ingwe and Agni, for the latter is the 'Messenger of the Gods', linking him to the psitrons covered in Part One. The 'X' is also symbolic of the Crossroads which is, like the boundary stone, hedge etc. a point where two roads cross, and thus we are in neither one nor the other. The Germanic Ing-Rune (Diamond) is thus also a 'portal' or 'gateway' between the worlds. This is also connected to the Armanen concept of Garma - the means to transform oneself within oneself, by the means of oneself. The Swastika was always connected to the Greek 'gamma' and thus to the letter 'G'; it is made up of four 'gammas'. 

Contained in the runes covered in Part One are certain key features -

Peorth - Rune of the Gateway.

Weorth - The Rune of Worth; the key to the creation of the Astral Body lies in the struggle to over come the human limitations. 'He that overcometh...' will evolve, whilst the Ultimate Man will remain earthbound at this time.

Cweorth - The Spiritual Sword and Spiritual Fire which will transmute Man into Superman. 

Beorc - The 'Birth-Rune' which opens up into the 'Gateway' or 'Portal' through which Creative Ideas pass into this world, and through which Sacred Symbols pass into this world. 

It is noticeable that the Beorc-Rune, Peorth-Rune and Cweorth-Rune are all made up of exactly the same parts, but which are in different sequences for each different rune. This is an Upright Stave (Ice - Is) and Two Angled Staves (Fire-Ken). 

The key to the Great Gateway is held in the figure of Baphomet which is the key to the exit into the Other-World, the Invisible World, the world that will become the New Earth. The two faces point into this world and into the other-world, and this symbol is linked to the Hale-Bopp Comet (Bap-Komet) which is Sleipnir, the Eight-Legged Steed of Woden which moves between the two worlds. Sleipnir rides towards the Age of Aquarius

I see green again with growing things
The earth arise from out of the sea;
Fell torrents flow, overflies them the eagle,
On hoar highlands which hunts for fish.

It is the 'Green-Land' that arises from the depths of the 'sea', together with new life and growth. 

Again the AEsir on Itha Plain meet,
And speak of the Mighty Midgard Worm -
Again go over the great world-doom,
And Fimbultyr's unfathomed runes.

Then in the grass the Golden Figures,
The far-famed ones will be found again,
Which they had owned in olden times.

The AEsir, it is said here, will find once more the Golden Figures and the Golden Taefl-Board which they had played on in 'olden times', i.e. in the Golden Age of the Gods. The Realm of the Gods is Gimle ('Gem-Roof') which is thatched with red gold, where the Gods will 'live forever in ease and bliss'. 

This is the secret of the Taefl-Board game played with dice, since it is a Game of Chance. The rune-posture Peorth is used to play the Game of Chance because it is symbolic of the Board-Game itself, which exists in the Other-World. Even the 'Dice-Cup' would probably have been shaped like the Peorth-Rune placed upon its 'back', for this again would have the same symbolic meaning. Playing this on the physical plane, with the right symbolism, would reflect the game played in the Other-World. 

On the third row from the bottom of the Horn of Gallehus we find two figures stood at the side of a Board-Game; below the board is a dog-headed figure in the Peorth-Rune posture. On the bottom row are two board-games, one above the other, each having a dice marked '3'. This seems to suggest the one board is a reflection of the other, one played in this world, the other in the Other-World. On the top part, bottom row, there is a human figure and dog-headed figure with what appears to be a board between them; the dog-headed figure has a human behind it holding a lead around the neck. This all appears to suggest to me that the secret here is that when playing this game on the physical plane there is a parallel game played in the Other-World. 

On the second row from the bottom we have two Fleur-de-Lys on the outsides, two dogs inside of these, and a 'Joker' type figure in the centre. There is also a large star at the top to the left of the 'Joker' figure. We cannot be sure of this but this does suggest the star Sirius which is the brightest in the sky, and shimmers with a blue light. This bright star is marked by drawing a line across the three stars of the Belt of Orion and this almost aligns with these three stars; these were the 'Magi' of Persia who visited the boy-child. 

Of course, we find in some versions of the Grail Mythos that Morgana, the Goddess of Fate, is associated with the chessboard, and this also features in Masonic Symbolism -

'Here the Star Woman reveals that it is she who has inherited the fairy Morgana's chessboard, a fact which points to a certain correspondence between the two figures. As mentioned earlier, the symbol of the chessboard undoubtedly embraces the idea of a confrontation of the opposites in the square field action, and is thus a realisation of wholeness.'

Emma Jung.

The 'confrontation of opposites' here refers to the Battle of Light (White) and Darkness (Black) which takes place between the two sides of the board-game. This thus reflects the Eternal Struggle taking place here in Midgard, which also takes place in the Other-World. There is also a clue here in one legend where Parsifal (Perceval) makes a move on a chessboard, whence the figures on the opposite side move by themselves. Three times he is checkmated and loses; he starts to lose his temper and is about to 'throw the pieces into the water below' which seems to relate to the Absu rather than any physical waters. A young woman appears, dressed in a red dress strewn with twinkling stars, and tells him they are 'her chessmen'. 

We can find here perhaps a link to the 'Hound of Heaven' - Sirius - because the Star-Woman seems to be linked to Isis and thus to Sirius (and also Venus in our Solar System). In The Sacred Triangle of Pagan Iceland Einar Palsson links Isis and Sirius to the Number 4, which is the number behind the Game of Chess - there are 64 squares (4 x 4 x 4) and 16 pieces (4 x 4) on each side. These are the square and the cube of the Number 4. Both chess and taefl are similar in that they represent the Eternal War between Light and Darkness. Chess is not a game of chance though. I  am not sure of how important these points are but Sirius has always featured highly in esoteric circles.

Rune of At-al-land

The Edel-Rune refers to 'The Homeland' or 'The Folk-Land' and also to the innate qualities within Man. This is the Rune of Blood & Soil - Blood of the Folk and Soil of the Folk-Land. According to Tolkien this land, which he called Atallante, was subject to a massive catastrophe that 'sank' it beneath the waters, but which part of it was moved into a different dimension of time. It thus still exists in the Other-World. This rune is thus one of the means to gain access to the Other-World or Inner Earth. The key lies within us, and not without, as does all spiritual development.

The colour green of the Black Sun may well refer to the 'Green Land', which is also the subject mentioned in the Sahaja Prophecies. Green is the opposite colour to the violet of the Amethyst, hence the use of the Amethyst for gaining access to the Other-World. In this world it is necessary to use the opposite colour to that of the Other-World. 

The phenomena of the Crop Formations seems to be based upon the underground aquastats which course through the Earth. These are themselves connected to the invisible magnetic currents that run through the Earth, and which Miguel Serrano sees as the 'Blood of the First Astral Earth'. I am led to believe that most of the crop formations are found on the chalk-downs of the South of England, and these aquastats are most powerful in chalk. This could also be linked to the Calc-Rune which symbolises the roots of the tree, i.e. the part which is underground. The Sumerians and Akkadians had two different words for Abzu and Apsu - Engur (Sumerian) and Engurru (Akkadian). This is the Primeval Sea below the Void Space of the Underworld, with the physical world above. (In regard to crop formations it may well be true that many of these are man-made, but there are so many that appear in a very complex form, and some have appeared within around 10 - 15 minutes of time in which they were formed. In broad daylight this is hardly explained by being made by two men working with planks.)

The English Peg-Solitaire game has 33 peg-holes with the central peg-hole being left blank. It thus has 32 pegs and 33 peg-holes, which matches the 32 + 1 runes of the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag. It would seem clear that these board-games - chess, taefl and peg-solitaire - are all connected to the Ancient Mysteries, and have all been passed down, like our Playing Cards, to us in order to unravel the Ancient Mysteries that they held for our forefathers. Unlike today these board-games were not played for fun but were a serious means of linking our world to the Other-World, and thus gaining some insights into the future. This is perhaps how the future is foretold, since if the First Dimension of Time moves towards the future, and the Second Dimension of Time moves backwards towards the past the accessing the latter gives access to what may come about - but due to the nature of the Second Dimension of Time this is only a possibility, at most a probability

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