Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Monday 15 March 2021

The Diamond-Crystal & The Runes of At-al-land.

On 27th March 2012 I received a letter from Ragnar Eriksson replying to my request for him to do a meditation on an 'Ancient Crystal'. Wrongly, as it turned out (or maybe rightly), he assumed I referred to that used by Guido von List, and thus took this up as a basis for the meditation. These were the details of this meditation done for me by Ragnar -

  • Day one, no results.
  • Day two, the Crystal Cube appeared, but there was 'something odd' about it, but this was unclear.
  • Day three, there was something inside the Crystal Cube, but this was 'not at all well defined'.
  • Day Four, inside the Listian Crystal Cube was a Diamond-Crystal; the Listian Runes appeared around the Crystal Cube, but there were new runes placed around the Diamond-Crystal. 
  • Day Five, only the Diamond-Crystal appeared, and this time the runes were as flames, and their shapes were copied from this. There were 33 Runes of this new rune-row.
  • Day Six, after another meditation the rune-names were revealed.

Ever since 2012 I have looked again and again at these runes which do not have the FUTHORK order, and many of the names are different, and all of the rune-shapes are different. Some months ago I noticed something very strange about some of the rune-names but decided not to go further into this at the time. However, due to the changing circumstances over 2020-2021 I feel the need to go deeper into this, because there are some strange coincidences here that point to these being perhaps Ancient Runes from a very early period of history - maybe. We can only say that, and I make no claim to this, but feel it should be kept in mind since maybe more will come out soon.

Five of the rune-names have a curious spelling, one which uses an ancient Aryan Letter only today retained in the area of Anatolia (Turkey), and last used by the Aryan Hittites. When I first saw this it struck me as strange, since this is like a Letter 'e' turned upside-down, and which is now almost lost to the Indo-Europeans. Could this have been an 'a', which is what at first I thought it was meant to be? Possibly, but it is used this way in every rune it appears together with the 'a' - 'ae'. And in every other case of the use of the Letter 'a' this is written differently. In fact, as if to show more clearly this point, the only other rune using the 'ae' is Sighael which is written differently than the other five. It seems these were written down unconsciously at the time, and hold a hidden meaning within.

I have shown the above symbol before, after finding it online; as far as I can recall this came from somewhere in Turkey and was dated around 6,000 years ago. It is clearly an Ing-Rune, and since a recent discovery has shown that the Slavs used a runic script before taking up the later scripts this find may prove its wider use in even more ancient times. Turkey - Anatolia - Armenia - Gobekli Tepe, keeping these in mind now.

Going back to the 'a' ('e') sound, this appears to be a throat-sound and it appears in the runes Fae, Daeg, Gaefu, Paertra and Quaert, all using this method of writing the sound. As I said, every other Letter 'a' has been written differently, and in the name Sighael ('ae') this too is written as the rest. 

Aleister Crowley's Book of the Law is a very mysterious work based upon a Solar Religion which was later distorted by Kenneth Grant and others into a cthonic Typhonian Cult. The 'entity' that was said to have dictated this work was named Aiwass or Aiwaz and this word is close to one of the runes in the new rune-row - AEuuas (AEwas). This rune is 'paired' to the Caan Rune (Ken-Rune) which is a variant of the Germanic Kenaz-Rune; the AEwas-Rune is the same but it is in reverse. Remembering the Hittites I recalled that the 'entity' named Aiwass was linked by Crowley to Sumer, so we are going back into the Kingdoms of Light. 

The Diamond-Crystal appeared within the Crystal Cube, and thus the new rune-row appeared from within the Listian Runes. This new rune-row thus developed from the Armanen Runes for a specific purpose in our time. There are eleven runes having the Germanic Ing-Rune within their make-up; there are also eleven runes having an 'arrow-directional' symbolism (maybe twelve since one symbol is slightly different but near). There is a rune for Heimdall which appears to show an anti-sunwise movement (Precession) whilst the Jera-Rune shows a sunwise movement (Yearly Cycle), which seems to validate these two runes as being genuine. 

Another strange thing is that there is an AEthel-Rune of a different shape than the usual one; this is a Germanic Ing-Rune (Diamond) with a downward-pointing arrow. Maybe this suggests the sinking of the 'homeland' in ancient times; the Ing-Rune may well suggest At-al-land where Ingwe was the King of the Engel-Kin, and England being once part of this ancient Edel-Land. The only two runes which have the same rune-forms are Ing and Tiw. It may be stretching a point but even the new Gar-Rune can be seen to have the 'Gift of Ing' within the bind-runes that make it up. Also, Gaefu is the Stahn Rune turned upside-down, thus linking these two in some way. There is also a subtle link between the Daeg-Rune and the Kaulca-Rune (Dag and Kalki). 

On the morning of 10th January 2021 I drifted in and out of alight sleep, in a liminal state of consciousness, and in doing so I had a dream that seems now to be important -

  • Part of an Ancient Tablet was broken off and taken to Essex 10,000 years ago.
  • I was shown an incantation using a nasal sound, an in-breath, like sniffing hard at the back of the throat (reminded me of the above 'a' sound that has been almost lost). 
  • I saw the creation of the 'New Man' who was dressed in a Black Cape and a Black Hood.
  • This was linked to a sound 'Uu' which was of extreme importance. Reminded me of AEuuas. 
  • I had the sense that I was being taught this by Don Miguel Serrano, producing the 'New Man' on the Earth. (Wrote down the 'Second Coming' here.)
After this dream, the same evening, I looked up some stuff, and although this came about by chance the following seemed important -

Marduk - Utuk Samar.

            - Uruk.

In the dream was a crystal, and I this has just now made me link this to the Diamond-Crystal and the Ancient Runes. The transition-period between world-ages is 168 years which is 3 x 56 years, known as the Three Steps of Marduk. Here, again, I am reminded of Orion the Hunter who is the 'Wide Strider', and also of Vishnu, also associated I believe with 'Three Steps'. Some associate Nimrod (the Mighty-Hunter) with Orion, and Robin Hood has links too. 

Much of this may make no sense to some I am afraid, and I must apologise for this. I felt it necessary now to record this for others to see, because there seems some link between the Diamond-Crystal Runes (the 'flames' suggest Ingwe to me) and the lost land of At-al-land. Nothing as yet has come from the idea of the part of an Ancient Tablet which was broken off and taken to Essex 10,000 years ago, and I have no idea as to what this means. 

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