Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Sunday 11 April 2021

Triumph of Evil & The Spark of Light.


The White Stone of Ing

The 'Gift of Ing' is the Sacred Blood; the Ing-Rune represents the DNA Spiral and our Racial Make-up. England is the 'Land of the Blood' and the 'Land of the Son' - both meanings of the Ing-Rune. Ing is the 'Son of Man(nus)', he is Agni of the Vedas, and Hama-Heimdall of the Norse Myths. It is Ingwe who stands against Loki in the Final Conflict - Creative Fire against Destructive Fire, the Goden against the Joten. 


Islamic Militancy ('Spear of the Koran') was the trigger for the War on Earth, as Ragnarok is the War of the Gods in the heavens. Since the end of World War II the Joten have taken complete control of the world through the Global Agenda, and our Folk have become enslaved to the Dark Powers. Against all odds our Folk now face the great Battle of the Ages - the Gods and Men against the Joten, the Monsters of Chaos. 

Loki the Joten is a Trickster-God, or a kind of 'Trickster-Virus' that can mutate at will; he is a shape-shifter that can change to suit his agenda. This is not just something outside of us, it is something that is also within, and which we all have to fight against, not only externally but internally. I have shown before how Loki and his brood are associated with the outbreaks of a virus, even though this may not be apparent on the material level. 

The Lagu-Rune is that of a leek, a plant with the same type of characteristics as the onion, chives and garlic ('Spear-Leek'). In Norse Lore the leek was the plant given to the Warrior-Hero, and there has to be a very good reason for this. It may well be symbolic, but it is a fact that Red Onions, when eaten raw, are anti-bacterial and anti-viral having an active ingredient called Quercetic. It was also said that people used garlic during the Black Death in order to stave off the virus - there may well be some truth in some of the 'old wives tales'.

On a darker side the Lagu-Rune could well have some associations with Loki the Joten, so the 'antidote' may be contained in the rune itself. In this blog and on the Inglinga Blog I have shown how the idea of a 'flood' can be equated with that of a 'pandemic'. There are links between the roots behind these concepts that come together as a wholeness. In the Sajaha Prophecies we are warned of not allowing the 'Second Wave' to happen, and of the destruction of the White Folk and then of all life upon the Earth. This is shown in the tale of the 'White Bird' which I have modified to the 'White Eagle'. The Forces of Darkness and Chaos have certainly overwhelmed the world like a 'Great Flood'. 

"The time for the purification of the worlds has now arrived...."

In Aryan Lore the Vedas are stolen and carried away by 'the strong Hayagriva, a demon of the race of Daityas (Giant Race - Joten) who forever war against the gods and mar their good works.' This is the Ancient Wisdom which we find was held in the ancient Kingdoms of Light such as Sumer, Babylon and Egypt, areas where this Ancient Wisdom was stolen by the Joten. After the Great Flood comes Vishnu who slays Hayagriva and recovers the Vedas. The Manu of the era revives the ancient Aryan Divine Order (Caste System). Manu appears before the Great Flood; Vishnu warns him of the coming flood, and bids him build a ship (ark) which is towed to the Northern Mountain, where it is fastened to a Great Tree. Manu withdraws to the Holy Mountain of the North. The power held by the Joten in our era stems from this Aryan Wisdom which was stolen from the Aryans from India, Sumer, Babylon and Egypt. 

The 'Gift of Ing' runic formula is held in the shape which mimics the 'Ecliptic Snake', the Path of the Sun on its yearly round. Ingwe is the God of the Sun and the Lightning, and of Sacral Kingship. The Firestone (shown above) also recognises the link between Ingwe and the Solar Krist, which may well be why the Cross was formed, a later edition. This could be to 'Christianise' this Heathen Symbolism, or maybe unconsciously forge the link. 

This ancient Mayan Stela seems to indicate that at some time a 'White Stone' was transported over the seas by the 'White Red-Bearded God' shown here, a god associated with the same markings as on the White Stone of Ing - X - XX (Gift - Ing). Serpents are seen wrapped around the sides of the ship, the Seroent being a Symbol of Ingwe. Note the 'crosses' which the Red-Bearded God' holds, which are also like the Hammer of Thunor. Interestingly, the mystic Sun-Temple at Cuzco enshrined a Mystic White Stone called by the Inkas (Ingas) - Iuracrunu.

The Peorth-Rune is a 'portal' or 'gateway' between the worlds, and is the Swan-Ship or Sun-Ship that sails over the Waters of Chaos or the Waters of Dissolution, and is the vessel of the Swan Knight - Ingwe, also known as Scef. It is of interest to note that in the Christian tradition it is St. Peter who guards the 'Gateway to Heaven', and his name means 'rock' or 'stone'. The Dark Rift at the centre of the Milky Way, the Galactic Centre, is guarded by The Swan (Cygnus the Swan).

Woden as the Horned One is the Mystical Initiator into the Light of Higher Consciousness, who wields the Lightning-Bolt of Spiritual Illumination. He is the leader of the Divine Revolt against the tyranny of the Demiurge, descending to free the Divine Soul imprisoned in the darkness and ignorance of this world ruled by the Demiurge.

As the resistance against the oppressive Global Regime continues we can see a kind of 'carnival' type of appearance in some of the demonstrations around Europe. We can see this as typical of certain types that abound in our era, but looking a bit closer there is also a deeper and less apparent symbolism, and that is of the 'Raising of the Stang' and the 'Ride of the Wild Hunt', and this is connected to Woden as the One-Eyed Hunter-God. These apparent liberal-left elements may well be the forerunners of a shape-shift into a true movement for freedom. The boundaries are now being blurred!

After 26,000 years, a Great Year Cycle, Wid-Ar returns at the Twilight of the Gods as the World Saviour. We can see from certain words in German that his name means 'He Who Returns', and he is the God of Resistance related to the Old English withstandan meaning 'to withstand' or 'to resist'. He is the guiding-light of our time and is the risen Woden, resurrected after Woden is swallowed by the Wolf of the Fens (Fenris Wolf). Wid-Ar is the Risen Spiritual Powers after the destructive technology of the 'Wolf' has devoured Woden - the God of Spirit. Woden has arisen as the young Warrior-God and Woodland-God. Wid-Ar is the son of Woden and Grid - the Earth - and it is the ailing Earth that gives birth to the World Saviour at the time of the Great Cataclysm. 

When the Prince of Wales (Charles) went through his investiture he sat on a throne bearing a Red Dragon emblem, and his mother (the Queen) said - "This dragon gives you your power, your throne and your authority.' As part of the Global Elite he has worked well through the Red Dragon of Juda-Rome; we are today involved in the Eternal Island Conflict between the Red Dragon and the White Dragon, taking up our allotted role within this struggle. 

The Ing-Rune in its English version is the DNA Spiral, and at the centre of this is the Diamond Crystal which is the Diamond-Body - the Road to the Immortals. The awakening of the Fire-Serpent is the key to this process, as we find in the works of Don Miguel Serrano. The Stan-Rune (above) is the White Stone of Ing or the Firestone and the 'Gift of Ing'. The 'Gift of Ing' is - Immortality. The key to this lies in all of the ancient texts which tell that mankind was a 'hybrid' between Man and the Gods. Man held within him the Divine Spark which most have now forgotten because this has sunken into the depths of materialism and the physical world. 

'And there was a war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon (Red Dragon): and the dragon fought and his angels,

And prevailed not; neither was there place found any more in heaven.

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him......

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and of the sea for the Devil is cast down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he has but a short time.'

Revelation 12 7 - 9, 12.

If we can take anything from this Christian text there was a war between the Gods and Shaitan, the latter, with his Dark Servants, being cast out of the heavens and onto the earth. His wrath is great (like old Sauron in Lord of the Rings), because he has but a short time here. In a sense this does tally with the Sajaha Prophecies because in here Shaddein himself incarnates on Earth to finish the work prepared by his Dark Servants. These seem to show more clearly what exactly is going on here in the End Time. It explains the sudden drastic moves to put their agenda into place with such speed, as opposed to their rather slow and methodic moves in the past. Every single day we are seeing something new and more oppressive put into place. 

"Because the Evil Spirit himself will enter the world in human form - idolised by all emissaries of evil.

He will extinguish in the souls of the people, what the spirit of godhead had brought them before. He will find a well-prepared camp, in order to feel comfortable; because the entire circle of the world will be of his spirit - only the solitary righteous will wait in silence for their hour, which also will come.'

Sajaha Prophecies Chapter 12: Verses 14-15 (Wotan's Krieger translation from the German).

The key to the turning-point seems to be held in this piece -

'The first spark of the new will emerge from the ruined ground of Chaldea. It will climb to the sky and fly, carried by rushing clouds to the Land of the North. Out of this battered Earth rises the liberator, the Avenger, the Third Sargon!'

Sajaha Prophecies 11:21.

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