Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Saturday 27 July 2019

The Ur-State

From the Oxford English Dictionary we get ur meaning 'primitive', 'original' and 'earliest' which gives rise to the following -

  • primordial,
  • primeval,
  • primal,
  • fundamental,
  • of the first principle,
  • elementary,
  • of the first age of the world,
  • ancient,
  • existing from the beginning of time,
  • the starting-point.

The word 'primitive' suggests something 'backward' which in a way it is; but it is not how people think of this today. 'Prime' means 'first' or 'foremost' and the sense we should use this, and the Ur-Rune is that of 'The First Time' or the 'Dawn Time'. The Germans use the word ursache which is best rendered Ur-sache in order to emphasise the importance of the Root 'ur'. Thus we use the term Ur-spring meaning 'springing from the Ur or First Time'. 

We have emphasised time and again that ritual should be based upon the idea of 'recreating' this First Time or Primal Time (Ur-Time). This holds true of all Nature, since there is always and Ur-Form which we could render archetype - 'Primal Type' (Ur-Type). We can see this in the way that Nature works, for when man alters the natural form of plants through 'breeding' new varieties, many of these, when seeding, revert to their original form. Take, for instance, the 'thornless' blackberry which is wholly unnatural; when this seeds, or even when it reproduces by 'layering', some of the species reverts back to having thorns, proving that Nature produces the Ur-Form which is the most natural form. 

We can also understand the nature of Ur when we consider that the foetus is a kind of 'blueprint' for the living being produced. Certain sensitive people can see the 'blueprint' of plants, the energy-field that surrounds all life, and which includes human beings. It seems to be a fact that such 'sensitives' have been able to see this energy-field as complete even when an individual has lost a limb. This 'blueprint' can thus be equated with the Ur-Form which is the original form of life. 

The Aurochs is the Ur-Ox or 'Primal Ox' and thus the first form of this mighty creature. We should perhaps note the change from 'ur' to 'aur' in this word, which suggests the two prefix's are interchangeable. This seems to be proven by the more famous 'OM' which is sounded more like 'AUM' and is indeed spelt this way as an alternative, used to emphasise the sound. In Wodenic Lore the Yr-Rune represents Ymir, where the 'Y' may be sounded as 'Au', maybe something like the Old English cyning pronounced 'cooning' rather than 'kin-ing'. Again, it should be noted that the Yr-Rune, as shown below contains the Ur-Rune -

We should also note that AUR can also be seen as OUR which is a form of the 'collective'; the Ur-Form is the basic form of the collective species as a whole. This gives us hope for the future of our Folk, if only we can delve further into these ideas. The Aryan Folk has an Ur-Form or 'Primal Form' to which it would revert if it were to once again become 'wild'; a return to the 'wilderness' would be the key to this regeneration of our Folk. We need to become more 'primitive' in many ways, especially (at this time) in regard to seeing ourselves as having to live in this unnatural society, but not be part of it. We need to become Wolf's Heads within this dying society. 

The Ar-Man should thus be seen as the Ur-Man whose symbol is the Ur-Man-Sul - the 'Column of the Ur-Man'. The 'Primal Irminsul' is seen in the above English Yr-Rune. The Younger Futhark and the Armanen Runes have a totally different glyph -

This is the Yr-Rune which becomes the Calc-Rune within the English Rune-Row; it is the 'Death-Rune' at one level, though this meaning refers more to the Death Mysteries than to any negative sense of the term. It can be the 'Yew-Bow' since the glyph shows this too, so this is the link between the two runes in their glyph-form. 

The ideas of 'Primal Ice' and 'Primal Fire' (Ur-Ice & Ur-Fire) can be seen in this light too, because they are Ur-Forms that existed at the 'beginning' - the Ur-Time. Again, this suggests that to gain the knowledge of anything we have to go back to their Ur-Form, that form that existed in the beginning - Ginnungagap. The term 'ginnunga' is merely 'be-ginn-ing' and 'gap' means a 'gaping chasm' or 'abyss'. This can also be seen as a 'gap' and I am here reminded of a certain method suggested to Carlos Castaneda by his shaman, Don Juan. This method of 'seeing' entails looking at the spaces in-between. For example, looking at a tree with its trunk, branches and leaves, but not at the tree itself but the spaces in between the leaves etc. This is thus the 'gaps' which exist 'in-between' the physical reality. 


  1. I'm sure you considered this Wulf, but Ymir's other name is Aurgelmir. So even without pronouncing 'Ymir' 'Oomir', we have the link to the AU-riginal name prefix.

  2. Never even thought of that mate; good point to bring up. Good thinking!