Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Monday 17 September 2018

The Amber Nectar

In the ALU-ULA Exercise developed by the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag we make mention of the 'Nectar of the Gods' which is secreted after the 'Sacred Marriage' which takes place in the Higher Centre. This is interesting in view of certain things that I have just learnt from a source in Leicester. This involves the role of the 'Third Eye' in all this. 

Firstly, it seems that scientists, in their efforts to experiment on anything that gives them 'knowledge' have found that in rats their Pineal Gland secretes DMT, the most powerful hallucinogen known today. This should explain to us why man has had to resort to the use of such substances as the ayahuasca plant used by shamans in Central and South America. When the Pineal Gland was active there would be no need for this, since the human body would naturally secrete such hallucinogens which would give visions to the shaman. This fact has not been widely published, nor has it been looked into. 

Some yogis of India are said to go into a deep trance and force their tongue down the back of the throat in order to collect the substances secreted through their trance-state. This is said to have a 'sweet' taste, which we can see as the 'Nectar of the Gods'. It would seem that the 'Sacred Marriage' - at one level - is the 'marriage' of the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Gland which somehow work together in this process. In the Chinese Tantra that I mentioned in previous posts a fluid is secreted that floods the body, this tasting like 'honey'. 

In the ALU-ULA Formula the Ansuz-Centre is Odroerir ('Wod-Roarer') which is the cauldron containing the Mead of Inspiration - the 'honey-drink' of the Gods. It seems obvious that the Sacred Mead drunk by the Germanic-Norse and Celtic Folk was not just simple fermented honey but contained powerful forms of hallucinogen that would substitute for the loss of the power of the 'Third Eye', the secretion of the 'Nectar of the Gods' through the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Gland. 

The Pineal Gland secretes serotonin which is supposed to be linked to depression and other such moods when enough is not produced; having said that serotonin cannot be measured so this is just a theory. As seen above the Pineal Gland area is indeed very much like the Eye of Horus drawn in Egyptian Hieroglyphs. 

The above shows the Pituitary Gland in the head, on the left being the Wewelsberg Order Castle as it was planned out to be when completed - which did not happen. This shows the Spear of Woden thrust into the Holy Graal, pointing at the area of the Pineal Gland & Pituitary Gland. The Pine-Cone was often seen at the top of the Caduceus, showing the link between the Fire-Serpent and the Third Eye. 

It seems obvious that the movement upwards of the Fire-Serpent to the Third Eye involves the 'Sacred Marriage' (HE/SHE) which involves the balance of the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Gland whence the Amber Nectar ('Nectar of the Gods' = Amrita/Ambrosia) is released. This is the Mead of Inspiration which is not just a physical drink made of honey, but is the secretion of the Mead of Inspiration in the physical body, but which takes place at other levels in order to release this. 

From my own experience in the mystical experience/ Initiation that I undertook back in 1997 when the Third Eye opens everything becomes crystal clear. The mind is no longer in a state of wandering from thought to thought (symbolised by the hare/rabbit chasing around) but is clear and even in a dream-state thoughts can be controlled by the mind. This, I believe, is called lucid dreaming, and it can be brought about as I have seen for myself. This is something that will take years to master though and does not occur regularly. 

Odroerir was the name of the cauldron or horn which contained the Mead of Inspiration, although there were Three Cauldrons with Son and Bodn. These, it must be remembered, contained the mead made from the Blood of Kvasir, whose name is related to the idea of 'fermenting' and thus to 'intoxication'. The Odroerir-Centre must be the Centre of Wod or the Woda-Force which itself relates to 'divine madness', 'intoxication' and 'divine inspiration'. 

The Eye in the Triangle used as a Masonic Symbol and Illuminati Symbol must originally have been the 'Third Eye' since the Triangle is symbolic of this Higher Centre, the Inverted Triangle being symbolic of the Lower Centre. This is an ancient symbol and not necessarily 'evil' but which can be manipulated for evil purposes, as all symbols can. 

We have to consider what an 'hallucination' really is, since it is today deemed something that is unreal, not part of 'reality'. But since today's 'reality' is fixed firmly in the physical, material world then anything else is dismissed as 'not being there'. Yet, our dreams are just as real to us whilst dreaming as our waking state is real to us. So which is 'reality' and which is 'not reality'. Both are as real as the other, merely different states of consciousness. Hallucinations are just different states of consciousness, a different 'reality' that exists beyond (and above) our 'waking state'. 

Secretions such as serotonin and the secretion of DMT from the Pineal Gland are merely a chemical reaction that takes place in the human body, but one which can alter our state of consciousness and in doing so can give us insights into different realities - different worlds of being. Mind altering substances were used by shamans and wizards to gain altered states of consciousness because they mimicked the natural secretion of such substances that happened naturally before the loss of the Third Eye. 

Shamans in Central and South America use the plant ayahuasca as a mind-altering 'drug', and from their experiences we can see how this came about. It would seem that centuries ago a particular shaman had a vision in which he was shown this particular plant which could be used for this purpose. This would infer that this shaman had foresight and knew that the human body would at some future time not be able to produce the mind-altering secretions needed, and that a vision showed him what could be used, and this knowledge was passed down until the time that it would be needed by future shamans. This would have been at a critical time when such psychic powers were fading and the shamans needed to maintain this power, but having to use external substances to achieve altered states of consciousness.

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