Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Saturday 22 September 2018

The Mother Rune - Nine Glory-Twigs

This is the original 'Nine Glory-Twigs' which is just one version of this 'Mother-Rune' since Hamasson re-drew this in a way that makes a continuum from the Armanen Runes. 

At our annual Nottinghamshire Folk-Moot I did a short seminar showing the 'Mother-Rune' in the form above. This uses nine 'sticks' or 'Glory-Twigs' placed within a hexagon-shape. From this shape all 33 Runes can be found, thus forming the 'Mother-Rune' out of which the runes are drawn. 

This carries further the form that Hamasson drew since it places the whole structure inside a hexagon. This creates the 'Seed of Life' and the 'Tree of Life' and is in total balance. The figure is very interesting -

  • There are 24 triangles within the whole.
  • The central hexagon is the Hag-All/All-Hag of the Armanen System.
  • The central figure, as well as the Hagal-Rune, is the Gar-Rune. 
  • Alternatively, the central rune can be seen as the Germanic Ing-Rune.

The figure can be used as a Mandala by making it out of wooden staves - nine long staves and six half-staves. To make this even more effective either glue the pieces into place or make the wood with a diameter wide enough to drill a small hole and pin together with suitable pins. Gluing would be the easiest since the pins would need to be different sizes. To make this effective it should be made with 9 inch staves for the 'twigs'. The others will be half that size.

Tree of Life

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