Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Monday 9 September 2019

Runes of the Black Sun - Part Four

The Edel-Rune is the Rune of The Hooded Man as suggested by Hamasson; it is two Sigel-Runes facing each other, here as the White Sun-Black Sun. The Germanic Ing-Rune is a 'gateway' or 'portal'. In using the Old English name for this rune we pronounce it 'Sieg-El' which means 'Victory to the Light', 'El' meaning 'Light'. This is also the 'Rune of At-al-land' which is the 'Kingdom of Light' that will rise again in the North, under the Midnight Mountain. The 'hooded' man suggests hidden or concealed, and this also fits the name 'Helgi' which not only means The Hallowed One, but also The Hidden One. Both of these, of course, also refer to the Hidden Sun or Black Sun. The Sigel Rune is the 16th rune (8 + 8) whose numerology is based around the Sacred Number 8 (Infinity); the Mann-Rune is made up of two Wyn-Runes which have the same numerical 8 + 8. The letter S is shaped like the Number 5 which has significance.

The Legend of Scef-Ing forms the basis of the Legend of the Swan-Knight; the Swan is associated with Thule-Hyperborea originally. Scef-Ing appeared in the Swan-Ship (above) which is also symbolic of the change in world-age where the new Solar-Force is held in the Sun-Ship/Swan-Ship which sails upon the 'Waters of Dissolution'. The Legend of Ingus also gives rise to that of Hengest and Horsa who had a sister called 'Swan'. These are not random legends but form part of a Solar-Mythos. The Peorth-Rune is that of a 'portal', 'doorway' or 'gateway' to, and here there is a link to the Swan-Ship which moves over the waters into another world - as Frodo and Gandalf did when they left with the Elves at the end of Lord of the Rings. They left in the Swan-Ship.

If the Black Swan represents the Black Sun (at one level) then its colours of Black-Red-White (as seen here) represent the Wyrd Sisters (Norns) and the colours of Eternal Germania. 

In the dying Age of Pisces the Power of the Black Stone seems to have been given a good deal of airing; the Age of Ing (Aquarius) heralded the discovery of the Mysteries of the White Stone (of Ing). The White Stone was discovered in 1938 but its mysteries did not come into the light until the start of the Twenty-First Millennium. The 'Fire' links to the 'Serpent-Fire', Kundalini, or Vril-Force. 

The White Stone of Ing contains within it the 'New Name of God', the name of the God-Force that rules over the Age of Ing - Ingus ('The Son of the Black Sun'). Inga-Agni is the 'Fire of the Black Sun'; the Igneous Fire of the Sacred Blood. The 'Gift of Ing' is, as said before, the 'Gift of Ar' - the 'Gift of the Fire of the Black Sun'. This is why the Ing-Rune has two distinct versions in its XX-Form - the Ken-Fusion (Fire-Fusion) and Ur-Fusion (Primal Fusion). This connects to the Ur-Il or Vril. The 'Fire' is of course not the physical fire because it is the Spiritual Fire. 

AR V-AR ALDA - This not only refers to the 'First Time' but also to the Black Sun which was then the Golden Sun of the Golden Age - AR. This is also contained in the god-name UR-ALDA or AR-ALDA. Since 'god' and 'sun' are always linked together, and seen as one, then the term AR relates to both the Black Sun and the High God. 

ALL-FATHER - Iluvater, Ilu-Father or ALU-FATHER. As well as ALU-GOD as found on runic inscriptions. This refers to the 'High God' rather than to Woden, although Woden takes this title. The ancient Aryan Religion would have recognised this 'All-Father' which seems to have been lost at times, and at other times coming back into the light. 

AS-AR - As-Ar is the Egyptian Osiris who is said to be a 'Dark God' - i.e of the Black Sun. He is slain by the demonic Set, and then 'resurrected' as his 'son' Horus or Heru. Heru is Eru is Ar. Just as Baeldaeg is slain by his brother Hod, and is 'resurrected' after Ragnarok. 

ARAGORN son of ARATHORN - The line of Gondor, descended from ELENDIL and the Numenoreans - the High Race of the North. 

ARES - ARIES - MARS - God of the Scythians, Greeks and then the Romans.

ARYAN - AR-KAN - ARKAIM - ARMENIA - ARYANIA - IRAN - IRELAND (EIRA) - ALBION - ALBAN - ALBA LONGA. The 'Kingdom of Light' originated in the Golden Age in Thule (Hyperborea), was re-established in At-al-land, then the Gobi Civilisation, then through Aryan India-Iran-Tibet, then through Sumer-Akkad, Babel, Babylon, Egypt etc. Other 'Empires of Light' were established, each one at  lower and lower level as the Warg-Age progressed. Places such as Port Asar (Armenia), Arkaim etc. are today coming to light and showing that these 'Kingdoms of Light' were far more widespread than had been known. None of these exists today, nor can the people claim to be 'Aryan' since they were destroyed and exist no longer. What does exist is the Aryan Gene which can be awakened once more when another 'Kingdom of Light' arises in the North.

AR-MAN - IR-MIN - IR-ING - AR-ING - IRING'S WAY (Milky Way) - EORMAN - EARMAN - IORMUN - These are all linked together and connected to AR and the Black Sun. As is the term ARMANEN

The theme of this implies that our physical world is part of a downward cycle as we move away from the Central Sun - the Black Sun. As this happens the Central Sun 'dies' and becomes a Black Hole - this is a 'dead star'. The Power of the AR-Sun thus moves into another dimension, into another world that cannot be seen by most. The Black Sun is now a Spiritual Sun and can work only at a spiritual level. As its power waned, another race was created - the Aryan Race - which would naturally have a different consciousness but would retain within its racial make-up the Ar-Sun. This would be held in the Genetic Code of the Arya, awaiting the time when it could once more be awakened. The Aryan must work within the confines of the Power of the Golden Sun, although the Black Sun would remain in the Blood-Memory. 

The Golden Sun is now the 'Dying Sun' and the Black Sun the 'Resurrected Sun'; thus the 'Dying God' and the 'Resurrected God'. We can see that after Ragnarok and the Final Battle, when the Forces of Darkness are finally defeated, a 'New Sun' will shine above the Earth, suggesting that there are two parallel Earths, one ruled by the Physical Sun, the other by the Spiritual Sun. After Ragnarok it will be the Spiritual Sun which shines above the New World, which will be the 'Ancient World' upon which the Black Sun shines, becoming a new 'Golden Sun' in the New World. These two worlds are parallel, each one having a different vibration. With this world will come the new Race of Man - the Ar-Man or Sun-Man, the Sixth Root-Race as some would say. This, once more would be a Spiritual Race upon a Spiritual Earth. 

The Black Hole at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy is massive, a massive collapsed 'star' or 'sun'. But it is not in fact 'dead'; it is dormant at times, and at other times it emits powerful rays of energy-force, which it would seem would be growing stronger as we have entered the New Age. This is the Age of Ing which is the Age of the Resurrected Sun. 

This rune forms part of the Edel-Rune, the Rune of At-al-land; Ingus (*) was the 'Son of Manu' who led the Ingwaeones out of At-al-land in the time when the Great Catastrophe set in. Since the Edel-Rune is the 'Rune of the Homeland' then it equates originally with Thule (Hyperborea) which was the Northern Kingdom , and later to At-al-land which was the North-Western Kingdom. Hamasson has equated the Edel-Rune with the 'Hooded Man', thus linking this to 'The Hooded One' - Woden (Od-in - Od-al). When the figure of Woden appears in a certain guise he is a 'Hooded One' but within that hood is a Black Void - not really 'black' as we know it but a Void. This too equates with the Black Sun - Black Hole; this may be seen as the above Ing-Rune which forms the 'hood'. 

(*) I have used the name 'Ingwe' after Tolkien, but over the last few months started to use the alternative 'Ingus' because it fits with AEngus-OEngus-Angus of the Tuatha de Danaan of Ireland (Teuta of Idunn) who are most likely the Aryans who came to Ireland and gave the name Ireland - Erin after Ir - Er. The idea that they went 'underground' most likely goes back much further to Thule (Hyperborea) and to At-al-land when these Ar-Lands were moved by the Gods into a different dimension. 'Ingus' also forms part of my Wodenic name - Wulf Ingus-sunu meaning 'Wulf - Son of Ingus'. The 'Tribe of Dana' were also, it appears, here in England in the area now known as 'Leicester' where once her Cave existed in the 'Dane Hills' area ('Dane' is 'Danu'). This area became part of the 'Dane-Law'. The suggestion of a 'Cave' is important since the Tribe of Dana went underground. The links between the Goddess Dana and Ingus-AEngus are very important. Ingus is 'Lord of the Elves' and Idunn is of the Elfin-Race; this is shown in Irish Legend since the Tuatha de Danaan become the Siddhe ('Shee') who are more like the Elves that the 'Fairies' of Victorian times; the English hold the very same lore about Dana-Idunn and Ingus. 

In the Armanen System the Ar-Rune is given the following meanings by Guido von List -

  • The Ar.
  • The Ur-Fyr (Primal Fire, God).
  • The Sun.
  • The Light.
  • The Sign of the Ar - the Aryans who founded their Rita - the Primal Law of the Aryan - of which the Earn (Ear-n) or Eagle (Aar) is the hieroglyph. The Earn-Eagle-Aar sacrifices itself in a Flaming Death, in order to be reborn again. This is the Fanisk or Pheonix.

In the Ar-Kan Runes this is the Ger-Rune, but its inner meaning is of the Ar-Rune and the same as that which Guido von List states. The glyph is that of an upright stave with the Germanic Ing-Rune at the centre. 

This is also Eolhs-Calc joined together as below -

Life/Death - Male/Female (*)

(*) I think this is the work of Hamasson, at least it looks like it - got it online.

This is another way of showing the same symbolism inherent in the Haeg-Al Rune -

In the Classical Myths the Sun is male, whilst in the Germanic and Celtic Myths the Sun is female. How do we reconcile this? The Germanic Sun-God is male (Baeldaeg) but the Sun has two names - Sunna (Female) and Sol (Male?). The Black Sun, according to most sources is female which suggests that the Golden Sun may well be male, especially since the male seems to have dominated the past eras with the Intellect rather than Intuition. This is just a wild guess but seems to make sense - Sunna is the Black Sun. 

The Nine Glory-Twigs or Wuldor-Tanas form the 'Tree of Life' from which the 33 runes emerge. Wuldor is thought to be the Ski-God, Ullr, and the name means 'Glory', although it could have had a different meaning originally. Woden recovered the runes, which emerge out of the Black Sun, and they were taught to our Folk by Rig-Hama, Kon and then Earl. They were taught exclusively to the Earlingas or AEthlingas - the nobles - because they were the higher caste, with the Kon above them - the Kon-ungr (Cyning) or 'King'. 

I have mentioned before that there is no 'p' originally in the Germanic Tongues, and thus 'Peorth' would have been sounded differently. We have the Beorc-Rune, so a 'b' would not have replaced the 'p' (which has happened). I suggested that there may be a sound-change to Weorth since the rune is connected to Wyrd. The rune placed as above could thus be the Well of Wyrd or Well of Urd. The glyph fits such a suggestion. With the Hale-Bopp Comet being in the 'Beorc-Rune' and being 'Sent by Morgana' (Wyrd) the two runes are again connected by a thread. 

The rune is also connected with the Cweorth-Rune because it has the very same basic structure of an upright stave and two 'Ken-Runes' which occur in Cweorth in both of its forms. The bottom 'broken-line' can be reversed, making one version of Cweorth, or reversed and placed at the top opposite the other, making the usual version. Hamasson suggested that the Cweorth-Rune is the 'Broken Sword' (the hilt left only). 

The Rad-Rune or Rit-Rune is an upright stave with a reversed Sigel-Rune; this, as I have shown before, can relate to the Old English Dream of the Rood. It can thus refer to the 'Dying God' or 'Hanged God' who hangs upon the Rood-Cross. In the Old English version he is called the 'Hero' which suggests Ingus in one sense, although he does not seem to be linked to any 'Hanged God' - though he has been linked to the Aryan Krist as the 'Son of Man'. However, the 'Son of Man' appears as the Warrior-Krist riding a White Horse and leading the Armies of Light against the Dark Powers. Of course, Rad could represent the 'Dying Sun' as the Black Sun, through the past world-ages. In the Dream of the Rood it is not only the Krist that bleeds on the Tree of Woe, but also the Tree is called the 'Bleeding Tree'. If Krist were linked to Baeldaeg, who is the 'Bleeding God' then this may represent the Black Sun (at one level). Since the symbolism reverses when the Spiritual Sun gains power, the same glyph can symbolise both. Of course, the reflection of the rune shows the normal Sigel-Rune, and because the reversed Sig-Runes are used on the Black Sun this may well be right.

NOTE - These are my own opinions and are neither 'fact' nor 'truth'; they are there to try to find the truth and not to make the truth (something we leave to the press and media). These ideas have been put down hastily because they came to me over the past few days and I felt the need to record them. There are no doubt mistakes and some of the work has not been studied properly, but they form the basis of new ideas on the Black Sun.

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