Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Saturday 7 September 2019

Runes of the Black Sun - Part Two

The Hagal-Rune is also the Hag-All or All-Hag and is related to the Armanen ideas of the Krist-All or Krist-All (Krist-Al).

Hagall is the coldest of corns;
Krist shaped the original heavens.

Norwegian Rune-Poem.

This version is one of those used for the 'H-Rune' in the Ar-Kan Runes, and it forms the central part of the Nine Glory-Twigs which is the 'Mother-Rune' made up of all the rune-staves.

A name of Woden is H-Ar which we have used in a variation in our Hari-Woden Chant -

Hari-Woden, Hari-Woden, 

Woden, Woden, Hari, Hari;

Hari-Woden, Hari-Woden;


This has the numerical sequence-

 (4+5=9), (4+5=9) = 18

(5) + (5), (4) + (4) = 18

(4+5=9), (4+5=9) = 18

(3+4) = 7

I devised this from the 'Hare Krishna' chant but with a slightly different 'tune' to it; the number of letters when added together makes 61 (W-O-D-E-N in English Gematria) which was intended. But the numerology of 3 x 18 or 6 x 9 and the added 7 letters was not intended but is clearly more important than I imagined when doing this. This fits with the 18-Words of the The Hooded Man -

Bring Hope to those who have none,

Freedom to those in chains,

Justice to those who are wronged.

I found a very strange piece in the Prophecies of Sajaha; this is a vision that the Seeress saw, explained to Nebuchadnezzar II -

'The third picture that I give you today shows how once a New King arises in the distance. And he is of our Blood. His name is Hope, because he shuts off the Sources of Evil. And each heavenly sign (of the zodiac) gifts him a year: the first half in peace and the second in war. But the Sources of Evil break open again, and they overwhelm the Young King with blood and fire from above and below and from all sides. So he perishes. And the name Hope falls with him.'

'Then the Darkness takes power over the world...Shaddein rules the path, sneering his priests reign supreme over the Earth...'

'....Who will command the horror to stop, while waiting for
Aquarius to pour clear waters?....
The flags will fly high in the victorious Final Battle
when Aquarius saturates the earth world.
Still far away is the Final Victory.
(Die Isais Offenbarung)

'The victory is far away...There is no New King'.
(Prophecies of Sajaha 9)

Between the defeat of the one called Hope and the coming of the Third Sargon (The Last Avatar) another will appear -

'A strong one will shake up the remains of the heirs and awaken some. Like a comet suddenly giving signs....But the victory is far, and there is no New King.'

Sahaja 9.

Bab-Komet - Baphomet - Bopp-Comet

It would seem that the planet Venus came into our Solar System as a comet, if we are to believe Immanuel Velikovsky, that is. This is a theme that Miguel Serrano takes up, and this, like the Hale-Bopp Comet, suggests that these things are sent into the Solar System by the Gods. Venus would bring the Light of Hope into our Solar System, the Ray of Light sent by the Goddess Eastra-Idunn-Freya - the Goddess of Dawn and the Light. Through this is channeled the Light of the Black Sun. This star was known as Earendel to the English and is the Ur-Waendal - the 'Primal Wanderer'. This is also associated with the Long Man of Wilmington. It was the Solar Eclipse of August 1999 that 'triggered' the awakening of the 'Time-Clock' set by the ancient Aryan Initiates in this area of the South Saxons. 

'Kingdom of Light, O Realm of Light, the ship breaks the keel,
Debris only landed on the beach. Study the pieces,
Carefully watching for new action:
Victory Ship once more.
If the ray blows the sails -
From the other side he comes by Ilu's Hidden Sun
-then is the time.
In investigating the starry world,
look to the head of the Bull. He brings the Lance.
Weigher out of the stars measure:
From the head of Taurus to Aquarius.
Under the centre hides the Black Stone.'

(Die Isais Offenbarung - Quoted from The Last Battalion - 55 Club)

There are 18 Runes in the Armanen Rune-Row; this piece is from Sajaha 9; 9 is the Sacred Number of the North, it is a, outward-opening spiral. 9 + 9 equals 18, the Sacred Number 9 doubled. As pointed out the seemingly random name Arahari is not random since it refers to the Black Sun. I chose to use the word as Ara-Hari emphasising the two separate parts. The name 'Hari' seems to have referred to Vishnu (I believe Miguel Serrano mentioned this) whilst the name 'Hara' refers to Shiva. If this is so (it would need checking) then the name 'Hara-Woden' could be substituted for 'Hari-Woden' which would refer to the Destruction-to-Recreation' aspect as the Wild Hunter-God. (This is just an idea at this time.)

The alternative version of the Nine Glory-Twigs has the Hag-All at the centre - the Seed of Life. The Nine Glory-Twigs are thus the Tree of Life which grows from the Seed of Life. Thus, the 33-Rune Ar-Kan Runes have 'grown' out of the original Armanen Runes. Looked at yet another way the Haegl-Rune is really the Hael-Rune; the Welsh 'haul' means 'Sun' and is pronounced something like 'heil'. The Central Sun is thus not the 'Golden Sun' or 'Dying Sun' but is the Black Sun which is 'trapped' and 'imprisoned' by Saturn. Saturn is in fact 'lead' and the alchemical (Al-Khem) transmutation of 'lead' into 'gold' is merely the transmutation of the Black Sun into the new Golden Sun of the Golden Age. 

The Hexagon of Saturn

The legendary Saturn is the ruler of the Golden Age, and thus the Black Sun represents the Golden Sun of the Golden Age which is today the Spiritual Sun or Hidden Sun. The Hae(g)l-Rune is also linked to HelgiH - The Last Avatar. This is because he is the Sun-Hero, and the glyph of the six-rays is the Sun (seen when a photo is taken with the sun shining). 

The above figure is that of the Nine Glory-Twigs set into a hexagon; this is the version that I decided on for the 'Mother-Rune'. The Hag-All is at the centre, as mentioned before, but the Gar-Rune can also be seen as the Central Rune - the Gift of Ar or Gift of Ing. The Seed of Life was planted in the Twentieth Century before the dawning of the New Age: this grows into the Tree of Life which heralds the coming Final Victory

The Cweorth-Rune follows the Ear-Rune, the latter being the 'Dying God', and thus the 'Dying Sun'. But in a sense, since this is the 'Bound Giant' (his hands are 'bound') then the Ear-Rune is the Black Sun which is 'imprisoned' by the Dark Powers. The Cweorth-Rune (above) is thus the Black Sun freed from that 'prison'. This rune thus represents the Resurrected Black Sun and the 'Son of the Black Sun' - Wid-Ar. 

The 'Son of the Widow' is the 'Sun of the Widow'; the Black Sun is dying/dead and the 'widow' thus births the 'New Sun' - the new 'Black Sun' that resurrects at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. This was most likely the original basis for the 'Aryan Mystery Religions' which at an 'outer' level taught the resurrection of the Golden Sun each day, but at an 'inner' level this was the resurrection of the Black Sun which would occur at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. 

The Is-Rune or Isa-Rune is the Rune of Isais, the Rune of Isis - 'Infinite Stars and Infinite Space'. She is the Goddess of Light and Love; the Goddess of the Dawn whom we know as Freya, Idunn, or Arya. She is also the woman whose two head-bones wrapped in White Cloth, with a Red Cloth wrapped around this, labelled CAPUT LVIIIm found in the care of the Knight's Templar. According to one source she is named Yse which is Isa, Isais or Isis. This links to yet another mysterious tale from the Knight's Templar which features a skull on leg-bones - Skull & Crossbones. This symbol is in fact of the Wild Hunt, and here I have to recall a strange dream I had of the Wild Hunt in which the words ISSI-WYN were sounded. The CAPUT 58m is 'Head58m' or as stated in The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail 'Head 58 Virgo'. Venus the Virgin is in the Constellation of Virgo; 58 is the number of 'ROBIN' and The Hooded Man Prophecy. The 'Magic Head' was supposed to have passed into the Order of the Knights Templar. 

The Sun is shorn of its Golden Ring and is imprisoned in the Underworld by the 'Witch of the Eclipse' (Loki). There the 'legs' of the Sun are lamed. The Goddesses try to charm the legs back to right; Woden sings a charm and the legs are righted. The Golden Ring is returned and the Golden Sun flies back into the heavens once more. (Merseberg Charms)

The Sunwheel - The Cross - The Swastika - The Cross - The Sunwheel

Thus the term 'Fylfot' which is the 'Fol's Foot', 'Foal's Foot' or 'Fool's Foot' the legs of Baeldaeg's Foal which are 'broken' as the 'Haken-Cross' or 'Broken Cross'. The Haken-Cross or Fylfot (Swastika) is the symbol of Baeldaeg in the Underworld, of his stay in Odainsacre, where he is the Sun-God - the Black Sun or Hidden Sun which still shines upon the Arya, coursing through the Blood of the Arya. 

The Fylfot - Fol's Foot - Symbol of Baeldaeg

'When the Ice of the Darkest of Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner earth, the poison apple shall fall away, and the Sleeping Goddess shall awaken, throw off her White Wolf-Skin, and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun, she shall bring forth the Divine Child of Light who will lead the English Folk in their Divine Mission against the Servants of Darkness.'

The Prophecy 88 - November 9th 2014.

The Black Sun

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