Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Saturday 7 September 2019

Runes of the Black Sun - Part One

During the Age of Pisces and those ages that came before this time the Black Sun was the 'Dying Sun', hence the various images of a 'Dying God' or 'Dying Sun-God' who represented the Black Sun. This was known to various ancient Kingdoms of Light - Aryan India, Aryan Iran, Sumer, Babel, Akkad, Babylon, Egypt and going back to At-al-land and Thule-Hyperborea. This knowledge was passed through the ancient Saka and other Aryan Tribes into the Teutonic Tribes of the North - Sons of the Midnight Mountain. 

The Solar Eclipse of August 11th 1999 was the turning-point of this Cosmic Cycle; this was the point at which the New Age was conceived. This is the Age of Ing (The Avenging Son of the Black Sun) which is the Age of Aquarius or the Age of the Water-Bearer. The pouring of the waters from the Water-Pitcher represents the pouring of the Rays of the Black Sun upon the Earth. 

This Daily Mail clipping of August 11th 1999 shows the 'Black Sun' in the 'House of the White Dragon' (Leo the Lion); what it does not show is that the planet Venus - the Morning Star - was also in the 'House of the White Dragon'. This is a crucial point because the Rays of the Black Sun shine upon the Earth through the planet Venus. This is perhaps why this planet, according to Immanuel Velikovsky, was once a comet that was caught and held in our Solar System - sent from the Goddess of Dawn & Light - Eastra/Ostara/Idunn/Ishtar. (Ishtar is the Akkadian Goddess equivalent to Inanna of the Sumerian. The name 'Inanna' is clearly not very different from our 'Nanna' who is the wife of Baeldaeg the Sun-God, whose myth is that of the 'Black Sun' which has been 'imprisoned' in the 'Underworld' and whose symbol is the Fylfot-Swastika (Fol's Foot - see the ideas on the Merseberg Charms). Baeldaeg is not the daily resurrected Golden Sun, because he is in Odainsacre and is the Hidden Sun or Occulted Sun whose power was lost, but who is again ready for resurrection after Ragnarok. It is thus no coincidence that Bael-Daeg is similar to the 'Bel' of the Babylonians who was the 'True God' in their lore. Even here, we seem to find a distortion of this figure into its opposite.

The Black Sun here is that which resurrects the 'Great King of the Angles' - Ingus/Ingwe. Not only is this the dawning of the New Age and the rising power of the Black Sun but also the Resurrection of Ingus who is the 'Son of Man' and who represents the coming of the Last Avatar - The Third Sargon. The power inherent in the above planetary alignments seems clear -

  • The Sun & Moon are here joined in union - Male-Female/El-Ella/He/She - which is to be found in the Symbol of Baphomet of the Templars (not that of Eliphas Levi's distortion), where a male-female head represents the Sacred Marriage.
  • The Hale-Bopp Comet (Spring 1997 in the area of the Goddess of Dawn, symbolised by the Beorc-Rune) is Bab-Chomet (Bab-Komet) or Baphomet which was also 'Sent by Morgana' (The Goddess Wyrd) and thus came from the Gods, and its 'vibrations' will bring to life the Third Sargon (The Last Avatar - Wid-Ar). Since RA is the Golden Sun, the now 'Dying Sun', and AR is the Black Sun then Wid-AR is the 'Son of the Black Sun'. 
  • We have a three-year period here from 1997,1998, and 1999 in which there as the appearance of the Bab-Komet (1997), the creation of Woden's Folk (1998) and the Solar Eclipse (1999). Following from this the epic trilogy of the Lord of the Rings (Wolfmoon 1999, 2000, and 2001) was the awakening call to the English Folk. Tolkien's Mythology is English Mythology of the highest level, an attempt to give back to the English their Archetypal Myth. 
  • In the newspaper clipping we also have the symbolism of this Resurrection of Ingus and the conception of the Age of Ingus in the symbols of the Cross of Fro-Ing (Equal-Armed Cross) and the Germanic Ing-Rune (diamond-shape). This now appears to be far more important than I had considered before because it clearly shows that our stance on the fusion of English Heathenism (Ingus) with Aryan Kristianity (The Krist who 'shaped' the Ancient World) is validated and something that we had to do, following on from the Armanen Masters who did the same in Germany before World War II and continue this today. 
The Dawn-Goddess who we can call Eastra (*), Idunn, Freya, Ostara (**) or Ishtar is not only the 'channel' for the powers of the Black Sun, but is also the Goddess of Light who sends her 'Son' to Earth as an Avatar. This is also inherent in the planetary-alignment above. Of course, Venus is itself a male-female 'star' as the Morning Star (Freya) and the Evening Star (Ingui-Frea). This itself is symbolised by the male-female head of Baphomet. 

(*) 'Eastra' or 'Eostra' became 'Easter' and the latter may well be even nearer to the original truth of the name - 'East-Ar', since she is connected to the Black Sun - AR

(**) Again, 'Ostara' is 'Ost-AR' which is more likely to have been nearer to the Ur-Name since we find the older Sumerian Isht-AR.

The Gar-Rune is not only the 'Gift of Ing' but also the 'Gift of Ar' or 'Gift of the Black Sun'. If these two are actually the same then Ingus takes us back to a time when the Black Sun shone above the Midnight Mountain in the North. We are actually told in Norse Myth that Igg (Ing) was an early name of Woden. This explains the Aryan Tree which we call Iggdrasil which refers to the Aryan Folk which declined and are today little more than a remnant, but who, through the Power of the Black Sun, will be resurrected as the Sixth Root-Race - the Solar-Race (of the Black Sun) or Sonnenmensch. We find old remnants of Ingus/AEngus/OEngus/Angus in England, Scotland and Ireland and these remnants may point back to a very ancient time. I should also point out that 'gar' can also mean 'stone' which links this to the Stan-Rune and to the Gra-al (Gar-Al = 'Stone of Light'). (***)

(***) The sequence AL-AEL-EL-IL-OL-OEL-UL is valid since 'elf' is 'alb' in High German and thus Al-El-Il all have the same meaning. These mean 'Light' in its basic meaning, and this is verified by Ullr whose name is said to mean 'Shining'. 

The legend of the Once and Future King is linked to Arcturus in the Constellation of Bootes; this, as I have shown, is connected to Ingus. In the last century the power seems to be centred around the 'Black Stone', which may now represent the 'Dying Sun' since the old world-age has ended. With the dawning of the New Age - the Age of Ing - the finding of the White Stone suggests that this represents the Power of the Resurrected Sun (since the Black Sun will obviously become the White Sun as the power increases). Thus the 'Once and Future King' is not only the Avatar but also the Black Sun whose power is 'resurrected' in the Age of Aquarius. The 'Gift of Ing' is Fire which is the very essence of the Arya and the Black Sun; this is the Igneous Fire of the Fire-Serpent - the Vril or UR-IL (Primal Light of the Black Sun), or even the AR-IL (Light of the Black Sun). 

The White Stone of Ing

The secret of the 'Star Goddess' is connected to Venus, and she is the one who wears the 'Scarlet Robe'. This, of course, is red which is the colour of the Rays of the Goddess that come to Earth and thus incarnate the Avatar when the time is right. She is 'Morgana' who sent to us the Bop-Komet in 1997 - she is the Goddess of Wyrd. 

Tir - The Sky-Father/All-Father.

Beorc - The Birth-Mother.

Eh - The Sacred Marriage of the Sky-Father and the Birth-Mother (Sun & Moon).

Man - The 'offspring of this Sacred Marriage - The Aryan Manu. 

Lagu - The Great Flood - The Time of Dissolution.

Ing - The Divine Hero, the Hero-God, the 'Son of Mann'; Wid-AR the Avenger; The Third Sargon - S-AR-KAN. 

Daeg - The New Dawn.

Edel - The Rising of At-al-land from the Waters of Chaos; the restoration of the Kingdom of Light upon the Earth. 

The Divine Light of the Black Sun was known as Ilu in Sumer and Babylon; that Tolkien used the name Iluvater (Ilu-Father) is thus significant, and in creating an English Mythology he recognise the Ilu-Father or All-Father as being the Universal Life-Force which is also Ur-Alda/Wr.Alda/Uralten etc. and may also be connected to our own work on ALU - ULA which is something that I am studying at this time. 

That the Ar-Rune was seen to be Primal Fire by Guido von List and the Armanists (Ar-Man-ists) is in itself something that we have to consider in the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag (****) and the Ar-Kan Runes, with the consideration that we use a different glyph for the Ger-Rune. There is obviously a clear link between 'Ger' and 'Gar' although the sounding of 'Ger' is 'Year'. 

When the Wolf swallows the Sun, and Woden is swallowed by the Fenris Wolf, we can see the Golden Sun being 'swallowed by the Wolf' which is replaced by the Black Sun who is Wid-Ar who has the ancient Power of the Black Sun. Our Sun 'died' in 2012 when it moved into the Dark Rift of the Milky Way; this is why this is associated with the Black Sun which had started its upward cycle once more - 'reborn' out of the Womb of the Mother (Dark Rift). 

Looking at these things in this light we can see how there is such a vagueness about some of the Ancient Lore, because during these Dark Times the legends and myths have been mixed up and deliberately distorted - yet they remain true deep within the Blood-Memory and cannot be lost whilst our Folk exist. 

The Ar-Kan Rune-Lag and the Ar-Kan Runes are thus not connected to the Golden Sun or 'Dying Sun' but to the Black Sun which is rising again in the Aryan Consciousness (the term 'Arya' is connected to the Black Sun and thus used in the wrong sense by many in this modern era). It is our aim to re-establish the true Aryan Law which is above and beyond the 'laws of man' (who makes 'rules' and not Laws) - this is the Eternal Law of the High God. The Ar-Kan Runes are the 'Runes of the Black Sun'. 

The arguments over where and when the Ancient Runes started being used is irrelevant; Woden rediscovered the Ancient Runes which are the Forces of Vril that exist within the Black Sun which shone over Thule-Hyperborea thousands of years ago before the tilting of the Earth'a axis and the Great Cataclysm. 

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