Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Tuesday 8 August 2017

The Calc-Rune - Rune of Kalki

As with all runes the Calc-Rune has many different meanings at many different levels. This has been called the Death-Rune and this is the meaning that I am going to look at here. The shape is that of a 'bow and arrow', the weapon that can bring death. But in our modern age this rune represents the nuclear warhead, the 'weapon of mass destruction' that will be wielded by the Force of Destruction at the end of the Cosmic Cycle. Thus the rune is the Rune of Kalki Avatar, obvious from the rune-name 'calc'.

Kalki here wields a bow and arrow, though the usual weapon is the Flaming Sword. Kalki is an incarnation of Vishnu, but in his last incarnation he is more akin to Rudra-Shiva - the Destroyer of Worlds. In this respect we are reminded of Surt, who also wields a 'Flaming Sword', and is the 'Destroyer of Worlds'. Shiva dances the 'Dance of Destruction', shown in the Cweorth-Rune, the stance he is usually shown in. 

What we have to understand is that the end of a Cosmic Cycle means the destruction of everything, the Nine Worlds are engulfed by the Flames of Destruction. Everything has to go through the cleansing Fires of Surt - the Black One. It is this destructive force that is used to cleanse all evil and to bring justice and honour back to a fallen world. 

It is important to note that the Calc-Rune appears within the Anglo-Frisian Rune-row and the Younger Futhark, but does not appear in the Elder Futhark. Only in the English Runes does it appear with the title 'calc'; in the Younger Futhark (and Armanen) it is the Yr-Rune or 'Rune of Error'. Even then the English version of the Yr-Rune is shown as a bow and arrow, and related to the Yew-Bow and Yew Tree, the tree of death (graveyards) but also of immortality. 

I have equated HelgiH with Kalki Avatar because of the letter-changes which are feasible in the two different languages - Germanic and Sanskrit. HelgiH appears three times, is reborn from Helgi Hjorvarthson, to Helgi Hundingsbane, to Helgi Haddinga. These three incarnations also entail the Folk-Hero having his 'Valkyrie', the last being Kara, a name associated with 'time' (Kari). The 'Lay of Kara' is lost to us, or maybe never actually written, so we know little of the last incarnation of HelgiH. What we do know of Helgi Hundingsbane is that his appearance heralds bloodshed and slaughter, food for the ravens and the wolves. 

'The trumpets blared and each side joined battle with utmost violence. You might well have imagined that the heavens were suddenly rushing down at the earth, woods and fields subsiding, that the whole of creation was in turmoil and had returned to ancient chaos, all things human and divine convulsed by a raging tempest and everything tumbling simultaneously into destruction.....'

Account of the Battle of Bravellir by Saxo; quoted from the 'Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok' (translated by Ben Waggoner).

This Norse account runs parallel to the account of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. In doing this Saxo has resorted to Archetypal Myth and given an account of Ragnarok at the same time. The same type of epic heroic battle occurs in the Greek Iliad, and all these are Aryan Mythology. Some are recorded as past epic battles, others as future epic battles; they re-occur throughout the Cycle of the Ages.

There are also some interesting roots which link to the names Kalki and Helgi -

Aryan Root *kal- / Germanic Root *hal-

to hide

to cover

Aryan Root *kar/kal / Germanic Root *har

to move,

to run


to project

Aryan Root *kar / Germanic Root *har

to hurt

to destroy

to burn

HelgiH is The Hidden One and we have here links to destruction by fire; there can be no doubt that his Archetypal Myth fits with that of Kalki Avatar of the Hindus. His myth tells us that he appears at the end of a cycle, and that his appearance heralds war, bloodshed, and destruction - the wolves and ravens rejoice because of the feast to come.

The power of destruction is also the role of Thunor; the Hammer of the Gods is Mjolnir which means 'the miller' or 'the crusher'. This applies also to the Swastilka which is the force that destroys the Evil Forces through its movement, its power of action. We should not forget the role of Thunor in the process of the destruction and cleansing of the Old Order.

The Calc-Rune is the Bow of Shiva, and as I said earlier today symbolises the nuclear warhead, it is the glyph of a 'rocket' that launches the weapon of mass destruction. As in the case of the Mahabharata we find that the power of the god Krishna (The Black One) is held in the concept of detachment, of being able to do that which is necessary, that which is ordained by a Higher Power, without pity or compassion. Arjuna is told that his enemies are already dead, this has been ordained by Krishna himself. His destiny is to destroy his enemies, even though they be his kinfolk.

Another rune connected with Kalki is the Hagal-Rune; it is significant that Helgi Hundingsbane is fostered by 'Hagal'. This rune contains both the 'Life-Rune' and 'Death-Rune', the balance of opposites contained within the whole (heil). I have shown before how Edred Thorsson sees the Hagal-Rune as being the projection from above or beyond of a hard and dangerous substance which is also the 'Seed of Becoming', new creation and transformation, sometimes through crisis. This is the transformation within the framework of cosmos, and the re-unification of opposites in a productive way. This sums up the Hagal Rune - Rune of Helgi/Kalki - which contains the 'reunification of opposites' within the same symbol. The meaning 'hail' given to this rune tells us that it is a Rune of Destruction, but it is also a Rune of Destruction-to-Recreation.

Interestingly, this rune is the basis of the 'Seed of Life' and the 'Tree of Life'; it is also seen as being the 'Star of David' when the points are joined as two triangles - the fusion of opposites. This is associated with the 'Cube of Saturn' and thus the Dark Power of this planet will be used against those who have used it against our Folk. The Gods are a blend of Gods and Joten, so they have the power to turn the Dark Side against their enemies - the Joten. This is the power that will be wielded by Kalki Avatar!

Wednesday 2 August 2017

Runes & the Fire-Serpent

The human spinal column is Mount Me-Ru  or Mount Su-Me-Ru in our own Wodenic Lore, and this is the Mount of Measurement of the Runes, there being 33 runes which fit onto the whole of the spinal column, starting at the top and working to the bottom. This is the case, since the World Tree or Cosmic Tree is seen to be upside-down in the most ancient lore, and the 'Hanged Man' (Woden) hangs upside down on Yggdrasil. The right-hand image here is that of the Spear of Woden which is also pointing downwards

The left-hand image is that of the Serpent which, of course, is the Fire-Serpent or Kundalini. In some sense the 33-runes are the Fire-Serpent and its ascent-descent along the spinal column, which links to the ALU-ULA Formula of the Three Cauldrons. Rata-tosk runs upwards and downwards along the spinal column, linking the top to the bottom, and bottom to the top. 

I have mentioned before how the Sutton Hoo Helmet has a Serpent running from the back of the skull, over the crown and ends at the Mind's Eye, connecting here to the 'beak' of a bird - Eagle, Swan or Dragon. The Serpent here is the Ur-Rune which follows the shape of the head from the back of the neck over to the Third Eye. This is the Path of the Fire-Serpent and the means to awakening the power of the Third Eye is through the 'Vital Breath', through the Ond-Weg which is here the 'Irminsul' nose-piece, this column being called the Ond-Weg in the North. 

The 'Dancing Warriors' to either side show that this is not a 'war-helmet' but a 'Ritual Mask', indeed, it would seem to be a Ritual Mask dedicated to Woden as the God of the Germanic Mannerbunde. This is a Cultic Warrior-Mask used in cultic rituals of the young cultic-warriors - Warriors of Woden. The twin 'beaks' meeting at the Third Eye suggest the beaks of the White Swan, symbolic of the Highest Initiation, and also of the Vedic 'Hamsa' which is used for the crown-chakra ('hamsa' means 'swan'). 

This has been said before but is so importance as needing to be repeated at times in order that we can understand more about the Fire-Serpent and the links to the 33 Ar-Kan Runes. The 'sinking' of the Mind's Eye seemed to have happened with the sinking of At-al-land, a physical catastrophe that synchronised with a psychic catastrophe. The Mind's Eye is associated with the Pineal Gland which atrophied after this catastrophe. The Pineal Gland is named after the 'Pine Cone' since it seems to open like a Pine Cone; it is thus linked to the Ken-Rune which is a glyph of the 'Pine Torch'.

The above symbol, the Ken-Rune or Kan-Rune, is found in the 'Heil Salute' which invokes 'Cosmic Fire' as well as the 'Heildom'. The rune-shape shows that this stance throws out this force through the upward-pointing arm and then the hand. The forces is taken up from the Hara-Centre which is two fingers below the navel, below the belt-buckle (which itself is a symbol of this Power-Centre, hence why belts are shown on certain naked figures of Germanic Warriors). 

The Ken-Rune is the Rune of Knowledge, but in the sense of 'enlightenment' or 'illumination'; hence the use of the term 'ken' (Scottish from Old English) for 'to know'. Enlightenment or Illumination comes from the opening of the Mind's Eye through the awakening and the ascent of the Fire-Serpent

This version from the Elder Futhark can be seen as an 'eye' or more precisely the 'Third Eye'. The ascent of the Fire-Serpent is the usual way to see this form of spiritual awakening; the Left-Hand Path reverses this to the downward descent, following the downward pointing Spear of Woden, thus reaching the lowest point which is where the Gar-Rune is positioned. 'In order to reach heaven it is necessary to go down to hell' in the words of Friedrich Nietzsche (or similar words). This is through the ALU Formula; the ascent follows using the ULA Formula. Using the Elder Futhark and its numerical equivalents we get 

Ansuz - 4

Laguz - 21

Uruz - 2

These add to 27 which is the number associated with 'kingship' and with 'fire', both also linked to the Kenaz-Rune. This forms part of a sacred number system - 27, 54, 108, 216, 432 which ends with the number of years in the Kali Yuga 432,000. ALU-ULA, of course, would add to 54.

One version of this rune is named Kaun which means 'ulcer' or 'boil'; this too is associated with 'fire' and 'heat', but also with a 'mound', since it is a 'lump' on the body. This is an 'inflammation', a 'flame', which shows its obvious associations with 'fire'. Kan is a 'serpent' or a 'dragon'; a Fiery Serpent or a Fiery Dragon. Dragons are 'winged serpents' and they are associated with 'fire' and the 'breath of fire'. 

The most famous dragon-slayer is Sigurd, son of Sigmund; his name means 'Victory-Guardian' or 'Victory-Warder'. But Sigurd does not just slay a dragon which guards a gold-hoard; when he has slain the dragon, Fafnir, he cooks the heart to give to his mentor, Regin, and in doing so burns his hand. Putting his hand to his mouth he tastes the Blood of the Dragon and thus becomes 'enlightened'. Thus realising the treachery of his mentor, he slays Regin and eats the Heart of the Dragon himself. In doing these two things he -

  • Tastes the 'Blood of the Dragon', which is the 'Blood-Memory of the Dragon', thus becoming a 'Dragon-Lord'. Doing this allowed him to understand the 'Language of the Birds' which means he became 'aware' and regained a higher state of consciousness, a state lost after the sinking of At-al-land. 
  • Eats the 'Heart of the Dragon'; we say 'heart and soul', thus linking these two, the heart and the soul. He takes into himself the essence of the dragon, which is the Keeper of the Ancient Wisdom. 

At this point Sigurd merely 'sees', he becomes 'enlightened'; but when he takes the gold-hoard he takes upon himself the Curse of the Nibelungs, and this seems to prove to be his downfall. With the help of Woden, who guides him to a horse named Grani, offspring of Woden's Steed, Sleipnir, he jumps through the Vafir-Flames that guard Sigdrifa-Brunhilde and awakens the 'Valkyrie' (his SHE in terms of Miguel Serrano). But his later rejection of Sigdrifa-Brunhilde causes his ultimate downfall and death, since he weds an 'earthly' woman of the 'flesh', indeed a woman who tricked him for the greed of the gold-hoard. 

We can see Sigdrifa within the Fiery Circle as the 'Sleeping-Goddess', Kundalini, which is awakened by the Folk-Hero. Rising upwards the force would get as far as the stage for the 'Sacred Marriage' (HE-SHE) but this does not happen due to the rejection of his 'Valkyrie' for an 'earthly' maiden. This is obviously an Archetypal Myth where the Folk-Hero is doomed to failure, destined to fail in his work at this stage. 

It has been said that there were three stages involved in the history of the last 100 years or so -

Sigmund - Sigmund is slain by the Spear of Woden when Woden breaks his sword. The first defeat, and the First Wave.

Sigurd - Sigurd has the sword re-forged by the smith Regin, with which he slays the dragon Fanfnir. Sigurd is slain by Hagen with a spear plunged into his back. This is the second defeat, and the Second Wave. 

Parsifal - The 'Divine Fool' or 'Pure Fool' is the Folk-Hero who finally appears to fulfil the Divine Destiny; he does this through the Path of the Graal, whence the 'Wounded King' is healed and Parsifal become the new King of the Graal. This is the Final Victory, and the Third Wave. 

The secret of this is that these three Folk-Heroes are all born of the Wolsunga Tribe, the tribe spawned by Woden in the great forests of Germania. Woden here is the 'Wolf-God' and these are the 'Wolfings' or 'Wolsungas'. (This can be found in the works of Richard Wagner.) The Four Hallows (Cweorth-Calc-Stan-Gar) or the Graal-Runes (Calc-Stan-Gar) are found within the 33-Runes, passed down from the time of the sinking of At-al-land. This is why these appear in this English Rune-Row because the 'Resurrection of The Fool' happens here in England, the 'Land of the Son' (of the Widow.) The Graal Runes occur in no other rune-row, Nordic or Germanic. We know that the Wolsungas were here in England by the name 'Walsingham' which can be found in Norfolk (and other names too). We also find the continuation of this famous line in the sons of Ragnar Lodbrok, born of his wife, Aslaug, the daughter of Sigurd the Dragon-Slayer. There is Wolsunga Blood here in England, and this is the key to the 'English Awakening' and the 'Last Avatar'

HelgiH, of course, is a son of Sigmund, and is the same archetype with a similar archetypal myth. To Folkish Wodenists he is the Spirit 88 who is the Last Avatar and Incarnation of Woden, as Wid-Ar the Avenger. This is also Widukind, the famous Saxon Hero who fought against the Roman tyranny to free the land of the Saxons. He too rode a White Horse (originally, according to Hamasson). HelgiH, of course, is the Thrice-Born for he is born as Helgi Hjorvarthson, reborn as Helgi Hundingsbane, and finally reborn again as Helgi Haddinga. 

The Spear of Woden points downwards to the Graal-Runes, the spear-head being the os sacrum - the 'sacred bone'. This is also a 'spade', obvious by its shape; the spade is used for 'digging' and it is here that we 'dig' to find the 'treasure' hidden within the 'tailbone' or coccyx - the Four Hallows or Graal Runes. 

The colour of the lowest area is black; it is symbolised by a Black Aurochs (Primal Ox). It is here, in the darkness, that the 'treasure' is hidden; it is here that we 'dig' to find that treasure. This area represents the 'Darkest of Night' the era through which we live today, but through this dark era we find our way by following the Light of the Black Sun, the Uncreated Light that guides us through the Dark Age. 

Cweorth - This is the Sword (Sweorth) wielded by Sigmund, re-forged for Sigurd; it is the Sword of Light that shines through the Darkest of Days. This is also the 'quern', the World-Mill, and its turner, Waendal or Mundilfore. This rune is the Fire-Whisk, this fire being the Fire-Serpent which is awakened by the Folk-Hero. This also represents the 'Dance of Shiva' who is Woden as the Wild Hunter-God. This is the Fire-Dance and the 'Dance of Destruction' (to re-creation). 

Calc - This is the 'whiteness' after the 'Purification by Fire' of the Cweorth-Rune; it is the 'White Stone' (Calc-Stan) which has become white through this 'Purification by Fire', as opposed to the Black Stone of the counter-initiation. This is the Graal-Cup, the 'Horn of Plenty', the means of regeneration and resurrection, the 'Cauldron of Rebirth'. It is also the Rune of Kalki-Avatar or Rudra-Kalkin.

Stan - Again, this is the 'White Stone' (see above); it is the Stone of the Graal, the Philosopher's Stone. It is also the 'Holy White Stone of Ing', the 'Gift of Ing' which is the Fire of Ing or Inga-Fire associated with the Ken-Rune and Ing-Rune. It is the White Horse Stone, the stone that is symbolic of the Saxon Nation - heirs of the Solar Race. This stone can be seen as the mould into which the molten iron is poured to make the Flaming Sword (Sweorth). It is the Ur-Pattern from which the Sword of the Last Avatar is formed. It is also the 'un-hewn stone' which is the means by which the ancients built their stone-circles as 'needle-points' and entrances to the Other-World. The Aryan Root *(s)tan means 'thunder' and thus related to sound, which is the secret of the un-hewn stone - sound

Gar - This is the 'Spear of Woden' which is the 'Gift of Ing'; this rune represents the G-Ar or 'Gift of Ar', Ar being the 'Hidden God' as opposed to the Sun-God known as 'Ra'. This is Amun, Amen or Ar-man/Ar-men/Ar-min/Ar-mun. This is the god of the 'Race of the Black Sun'. In Egyptian Lore the god Amun ('The Hidden God') is said to appear at the end of the cycle in the form of a Serpent, the Fire-Serpent. 

The 'Hooded Cobra' has always been sacred to Shiva; here we see the strange markings on the back of the head, two 'eyes' staring from the back of the head, being able to 'see' with 'other' eyes. Indeed, being able to see backwards, maybe backwards in time. Woden too has associations with the 'Hooded Cobra'; we find that as Votan of Central America (one of the 'White Gods') he is of the Race of Chan - the 'Race of the Serpent'. We should recall here the white race whose islands sank in a massive flood in ancient times, a white race of 'Nagas' whose god was Naryana - a name which has the 'Serpent N' and 'Aryana' - 'Aryan'. (The 'Serpent N' was made to lie upon its 'belly' becoming the 'Serpent Z' - a reference perhaps to the usurpation by Z-ion.) (*)

(*) The letter 'N' was an ancient symbol for a serpent; this seems to be borne out by the term 'naedre' which is the Old English for 'adder', the letter 'n' being dropped for some reason. In the Nine Herbs Charm the serpent comes 'crawling', thus meaning the 'Z-Serpent' (upon its belly). This is the Serpent of Evil which Woden slays with the use of the Holy Runes (Nine Glory-Twigs or Tree of Life). 

These islands, the Isles of the West or Islands of the Mighty, are rife with Serpent Lore. As part of Germania this comes under the guise of the White Dragon or White Wyrm; this not only symbolises the English Folk and Land of England, but also the Serpent-Force that pulses through the landscape of these islands. 

The 'Necklace of Fire' known as the Brosingamen Necklace, worn by the Goddess Freya - the Goddess of Light - is symbolic of the Inverted Triangle or 'Trikona' ('Tri-Kona'), i.e. symbolic of the female genital area and thus of the Feminine Fire of the Ur-Kona/Ar-Kona. This is the area where the Fire-Serpent dwells, the 'Sleeping-Goddess' (Freya-Idunn). She hides under the 'White Wolf-Skin' which could not only suggest the snows of the Northlands, but also the fair-hair of this area of the Sleeping Goddess. It is the Feminine Fire/Fire-Serpent which dwells 'beneath the White Wolf-Skin'. In the male this area is associated with Ingwe, since the Aryan Root *ingwe means 'groin'. 

The Secret of The Graal, as portrayed by Richard Wagner, is the plunging of the Spear into the Graal-Cup; this contains a clear sexual symbolism, the Spear being male and the Graal-Cup being female. This is symbolic of a 'new creation', a 'new birthing' and a regeneration of Man and Nature - Kin and Kind. It is also a symbol of the renewal of Nature. But there is far more to this than just a physical renewal; this refers to the spiritualisation of Nature, as much as to the spiritualisation of Man

The Calc-Rune is seen as a 'cup' which is upside-down; this does not negate what I have said since this is the 'Waters of Aquarius' which is really an air-sign and thus represents the pouring of Spiritual Forces down upon the Earth. These are the 'Waters of Life' (Lagu) poured upon the dying world and upon the dying race of Man (Aryan Man). 

The Gar-Rune has the Ing-Rune overlaid by an X-Cross, making the 'Gift of Ing' when the runes are used. It is also England, glyphed by the Ing-Rune, overlaid by an 'X', which marks the 'spot', the place where the Last Avatar will appear, as prophesied in Wulf's Prophecy. He will appear in the Angel Isle (Isle of the Angles) when The Prophecy 88 is fulfilled. England here is symbolised by the Germanic Ing-Rune, and this is associated with the planet Venus - the Morning Star. The 'X' symbolism is thus related to the 'Gift-Goddess' - Gefion - who is Venus-Freya-Idunn. She it is that 'gives' to us the 'Gift of Ing' - the Inga-Fire.

Rata-tosk represents not only the communication between the base (earth) and the crown (heaven); this also represents the 'ecstacy', the 'divine madness' (**) which is produced by the 'heat' that moves up the spinal column - the Woda-Force of which Woden is the master. (***) The root *rata- means 'intoxication', 'madness' or 'orgasm'. 

(**) The Woda-Force, the Aryan Root *wod- meaning 'divine intoxication', 'divine madness', 'fury', 'ecstacy' etc.

(***) Wod - as above; -an - 'Master of....'

There is another secret held in the name 'Rata-tosk'; the prefix 'rata' links to the Rad/Rat-Rune which thus tells us that this is a journey, a path, a quest (the "Knight Errant'). This is the Graal-Quest. It is the journey, wanderings, of the Grail Knights, in particular that of Gawain and Parsifal. It is these two knights that are the most important of the 'Grail Knights'. 

Parsifal, guided by the 'Star-Woman' (Wyrd) has to 'defeat' the Guardian of the Gateway in order to fulfil the Grail Quest. The guide is she who controls the 'chessboard'; she is Morgana, the Goddess of Fate and Death. Death cannot be 'defeated' but the Goddess of Fate is able to take the Folk-Hero to Avallon, to Valhalla, to feast with the Gods, to become like the Immortals. In the Long Man of Wilmington we see the figure of Waendal - the World-Turner. This is the Cweorth-Rune, Rune of the Fire-Twirl, Rune of the Fire of Surt (Tris). The Fire of Destruction to re-Creation

In the Vedas we find a serpent used for the 'Churning of the Milky Way'; this represents the 'Fire-Borer', the turning backwards and forwards of the cosmos. This is the role of Waendal/Mundilfore who is the 'Turner of the Wheel', the chakravartin, the Turner of the World Mill. The 'World Mill' is the Ior-Rune which is also the Rune of the Serpent. This is the Serpent-Force which is the power that turns the World-Mill, the power that turns the cosmos; it is also the power that turns the Earth upon its axis. The Cweorth-Rune is the Rune of the Fire-Serpent. 

According to the Hindus we are in the Kali-Yuga, the 'Age of Kali'; Kali is a Dark Goddess, her name being linked to our 'coal' which is black. The Fire-Giant, Surt, has a name which means 'black' or 'dark', linked to our word 'soot'. Both the names 'Kali' and 'Surt' are thus connected to 'fuel' (coal) and to 'burnt fuel' (soot). Strangely enough the name 'Kali' also means 'time'; the Valkyrie-wife of Helgi Haddinga is named 'Kara', a name which is the same as 'Kari', which itself means 'time'. All of these are linked to the 'God of Time' or 'Old Father Time'. It has been said that Kronos (God of Time) lies sleeping (or chained) on an island in the West, awaiting his time to awaken. 

On the evening of August 10th 1999, the evening before the solar eclipse of August 11th 1999, which happened at 11.00 on the next morning, I buried 8 bottles in the shape of a Fylfot-Swastika (Symbol of Waendal-Mundilfore). These bottles had on them 'Millennium Ale' and a picture of 'Old Father Time' holding a blond-haired, blue-eyed baby. The solar eclipse was symbolic of the bringing to life of the 'King of the Angles' (Ingwe) through the appearance of the 'King of Terror' (solar eclipse); this happened with the solar eclipse, and the planet Venus, in the House of the White Dragon or Leo the Lion (****).

(****) Leo the Lion is 'Lleu' or 'Lugh' (Lughnasad is August 1st); the names mean 'Light' and refer to the 'Light of the Sun' in its fullness of the summer. The symbol of the Sun at this time is the White Dragon.

It would seem that the god known as Kronos/Chronos was originally a 'God of Grain' very much like Osiris of Egyptian Myth. We see this in the 'Grim Reaper' aspect, reaper of the harvest, and also in the figure of Sataera known to the Saxons, a figure associates with Saturn as the name suggests. We have various Norse Myths that feature the death of the 'God of Grain'. 

Kundalini is not something that is restricted to man; there are three different levels of the Serpent-Force -

  • Cosmic Kundalini,
  • Earth Kundalini,
  • Man Kundalini
As the Cosmic and Earthly Kundalini begins to enfold this is followed (or synchronised with rather) the enfolding in Man. These are linked together, so the destiny and evolution of Man is linked to that of the Earth and the Cosmos. Cosmic Kundalini seems to be linked to the 'wormholes', which seems feasible since 'worm' means 'serpent'. These must be like coils or spirals, or 'screws' which act as a link between worlds. 

The 'spinal column' of the cosmos is the Milky Way which is shaped like the Saxon Irminsul or 'World Tree' (Yggdrasil is said to be 'white'). This has a 'trunk' (WEOH) and two 'branches' (WAN & WIL). The 'spinal column' of the Earth can be seen in various areas of the world where the pattern of the sky is found imprinted on the landscape. A good example of this is the pattern of the Milky Way ('Iring's Way') on the 'Royal Roads' of Britain - the A1 (Ermine Street), and the A5 ('Watling Street'). This pattern links England, Wales and Scotland together and predates the 'Roman Roads', itself suggesting that the names could also predate the Roman era. Ermine Street would be WAN, Watling Street would be WIL, and WEOH would be the 'trunk' which we can assume would have been below London and thus join to the 'branches' in London. 

The earliest version of the Irmunsul has the Swan's Wings at the top, as does the Greco-Roman Caduceus. The latter has Twin-Serpents entwined around the column. 

In the above the Caduceus has the Pine-Cone (Third Eye) at the top; the image suggests not only that the Pine-Cone represents the 'Third Eye' but also the 'Flame of Enlightenment', since the cone also symbolises a 'flame', whilst the column is the 'torch'. The meaning of the Ken-Rune is the 'Torch' or more precise the Kienspan or 'Pine Torch'. Here, again, we have proof of the meaning of the Ken-Rune. This, it is said, lights the place where the 'AEthlinga' dwells, i.e. the barrow or burial mound. The Ken-Rune is linked to kingship and to the princes or AEthlingas. 

The Serpent-Force is also linked to the Ing-Rune; this shows again in the above where the spiralling Twin-Serpents can be seen as the Ing-Rune. In this we have the Ken-Fusion version rather than the Ur-Fusion (the latter being a sexual symbolism). It is noticeable that there are three points where the Twin-Serpents cross, these being the Three Cauldrons, the top one being the 'Third Eye' (Odroerir). 

If the bottom cauldron (Bodn) is upturned then this is represented by the Calc-Rune; the top cauldron (Odroerir) is then represented by the Eohls-Rune; the centre one is said to face sideways but I cannot think of a rune to fit this pattern. With the Life-Rune (top) and Death-Rune (bottom) the centre would be the Is-Rune as the column, thus making the Wendhorn ('Turning-Horn'). Miguel Serrano equates the 'Third Eye' with the Odal-Rune (Edel-Rune) which is Od-roerir. We find that the Irminsul in its ur-glyphic form should have the Life-Rune at the top, Death-Rune at the base, the Is-Rune as the column, but with the Rad/Rat-Rune on the column, symbolic of Rata-tosk. Rata-tosk (R-Rune) thus represents the movement along the central column. 

Of course, the Rad-Rune is also made up of the Column (I) and the Zig-zag, the latter representing the blood flowing down the column, the reversed Sig-Rune. (The term 'zig-zag' can be seen to be rooted in the Sig-Rune or 'Zieg-Rune'.) In this case the rune is reversed, which is how it is on the symbol known as the Black Sun. In which case we are here seeing the Rad-Rune as being linked to the Black Sun rather than the Golden Sun. This reversal is once again linked to the 'widdershins' movement of the Fylfot-Swastika - the Swastika of the Return (Serrano). 

In the chakra system from Hinduism each chakra has a colour; the 'Third Eye' chakra is indigo, and this is sometimes equated with the Amethyst Crystal, which has a similar colour. In a Vril Society quote (which may, or may not, be authentic) the Amethyst Crystal is associated with the letter 'K', and thus we find yet another link to the Ken-Rune, in sound this time. 

The Third Eye is the Pineal Gland which is symbolised by the Pine Cone; the Pineal Gland is made up of calcite micro-crystals, which is an interesting fact. These are cubic, hexagonal or cylindrical, and made of calcium, carbon and oxygen. It is possible that there is something in the ideas of Guido von List in that the 18 Armanen Runes are taken from the Krist-All, i.e. from a 'crystal', and that this is hexagonal. The Pineal Gland excretes melatonin and light inhibits the excretion whereas dark produces more. This is why meditation is done with the eyes closed and in the darkness. 

It would seem that the Pineal Gland has the function of being a receiver and transmitter, which means that this is the means of communication with the Gods, Elves etc. The sound vibration for the Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra) is 'OM', which is the equivalent to our Yr-Rune which is the Rune of Ymir ('Y' is pronounced as French lune and thus lunar so this is really 'oom' or 'oor' (for the rune-sound). The sound 'Y' is also the same as the Old English 'y' in cyning which is pronounced 'cooning'. It is also interesting to note that the Pineal Gland is made up of calcite micro-crystals, since we may have a link to the Calc-Rune here. It should be noted that the Anglo-Frisian Runes use this name, whereas the Younger Futharks use the name 'Yr' and equate this with an 'error' or 'to err'. This could equate with man's 'fall' which is connected to the loss of the 'Third Eye' and the atrophying of the Pineal Gland. 

In Hindu Lore there are three types of humankind - the Divya, the Vira and the Pashu. The Divya is a Divine Being, the Vira is a Heroic Being and the Pashu is the 'animal-man' or more precisely the 'material man'. The term 'Pashu' means 'to bind' and this is the mass of people 'bound' to the material world, bound to matter, and bound to his animal instincts. This level of humanity can never to the whole, but see themselves as separate beings, separated from Nature and the Cosmos, indeed, today separated from their kith and kin - their race. 

The Vira or Wera must face his limitations, and must then overcome them; this is the essence of Nietzsche's Ubermensch. Ignorance, laziness, complacency, and giving way in order to have a quiet life, these are the enemies of the Vira, the Divine Hero. Fear, shame and disgust are Pasha traits, but for the Vira these need not be bonds; they are emotions that the Vira can use because they are uncomfortable, and they spur us on to fight, so long as we fight the right things. 

Kundalini is linked to Tantra, and this word has often been misunderstood; in fact it can mean Tan ('to spread') and tra ('to save'). Because the Vedas were Aryan Sacred Texts time began to make things very difficult for the Aryans due to intermixing with the darker peoples of this area. Alien cultures began to take hold and alien ideas spread into the old Vedic Civilisation; the Brahmans began to lose their authority, and as always began to decline. The old tradition of the High Rishis of the Vedas survived simply because a line of masters retired into the great forests, and there in isolation practiced their religion separated from society. They spread ('Tan-) the knowledge in order to save ('tra') it; like today, when we too face an overwhelming catastrophe, the Ancient Knowledge has to be spread amongst the people. At certain times this was dangerous so the knowledge was passed through secret orders, but today the mass of people will not understand what is being said, so the knowledge can be passed around and only the few (initiates) will be able to understand and work upon it. 

In regard to the Three Cauldrons system that we have adopted (thanks to Steve McNallen for his work that sparked this off) there are three power centres of the body, each of which corresponds to the T  hird Eye (Odroerir), the Heart Centre (Son) and the Root Centre (Bodn). It is thus important to note that in Kundalini Yoga these exact same chakras (Ajna, Anahata, and Muladhara) contain the Trikona inside which is the Lingham of Shiva. (*****). These are often called the Linga Chakras. Kundalini thus resides within these three power-centres, equivalent to superconsciousness, consciousness and subconsciousness. These three power-centres are the most potent. 

(*****) The lingham is the 'Phallus of Shiva', around which is coiled the 3 1/2 coiled Fire-Serpent. 

'The awakening of the kundalini power is felt as a descending and ascending current. There are two main nerve channels for the currents, one on each side of the central channel in the spine. The descending current is the energy from above coming down to touch the sleeping power in the lowest nerve centre at the bottom of the spine; the ascending energy is the release of the energy going up from the awakened kundalini.'

Sri Aurobindo

'In our yoga there is no willed opening of the chakras; they open up themselves by the descent of the force. In the tantric discipline they open from down upwards, the muladhara first; in our yoga they open from up downwards. But the ascent of the force from the muladhara does take place.'

Sri Aurobindo

There are so many books and videos dealing with the awakening of kundalini, most of which teach a forced or willed awakening, which has always been warned against due to the inherent dangers. The Three Cauldrons are centres for meditation and for gealdor-sound; thus ALU is the magical power that flows downwards to awaken the kundalini-force at the Base-Centre (Bodn). The descent is symbolic of the spiritualising of matter; the ascent is when matter ascends to the spiritual level. These are changes in vibration, since spirit and matter are merely different vibratory levels

As I have stated before, the chakras use different animals, obviously from the East, coming from India. For our work we can use the following -

Black Bull (Aurochs) - Base Centre.

Red Deer - Heart Centre.

White Swan - Head Centre.

According to my experience at Wayland's Smithy, where I met with a 'New Age' woman and here male friend, the ALU-Force is linked to the Ancestors. She saw my Mead-Horn carved with runes and asked what they were; when I told her that they meant ALU she was quite taken aback, for only a week or so before she has a vision when entering the Smithy. This was of a male warrior holding a spear; he kept repeating the phrase - ALU, ALU, ALU. The link with our Ancestors is necessary in the awakening of the Fire-Serpent. This, of course, dwells where the AEthlinga 'lies', i.e. in the burial mound. Hence the warrior at Wayland's Smithy. 

It is said that the Fire-Serpent reached to the Heart Centre before the Great Catastrophe that sank At-al-land; it fell back down into the waters, rather than rising and taking wings, rising towards the Morning Star (according to Miguel Serrano). The evolutionary process was slowed down, but now the time has come to continue the Path of the Fire-Serpent through the use of the runes.