Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Sunday 29 January 2023

The Return of the King


The Edel-Rune represents the Folk and the Land - Blood & Soil. The Ing-Rune is the Rune of the Blood and the Rune of the Blood-Memory. The Tarot Card named 'The Tower' or 'The Falling Tower' has upon it the image of the Crown - Kingship - being toppled by the Lightning-Bolt that strikes the tower. The constellation known as the Northern Crown (Corona Borealis) shows the 'Crown' fallen from the Constellation of Bootes (Constellation of Ingwe). In Lord of the Rings we find a poem by Tolkien which states that 'the crownless again shall be king'. 

The Ing-Rune shows the 'Crown' on the top of the Edel-Rune, symbolic I feel of the Kingship-Kinship bond. With the Ing-Rune we find that the Crown has been regained once more. This does not seem to be borne out by the rune-sequence, where we have Ing-Daeg-Edel or Ing-Edel-Daeg, these two versions being used. It has always seemed strange how Daeg-Edel are interchangeable for no known reason. However, Woden Initiates often disguised their work from the uninitiated, sometimes by altering a sequence. 

However, if we see this as the loss of the 'Crown' then Ing-Edel fits perfectly, but unfortunately we do not have the 'Crowned King' here. As I said, the Edel-Rune is of Folk & Land, and the Erda version obviously of the Folkland. Again, perhaps the interchangeable runes also applies to other runes, and thus Ing-Edel and Edel-Ing would be used in the same manner, which would solve the problem. But we do not know this and this is just speculation. But what we do know is that the 'Crown' that has toppled from Ingwe (Bootes) applies at this time, since this is the way that these two constellations are placed in our era. 

What we have to add to create the Rune of the Blood is FIRE; this is clear when we use the Kan-Fusion as shown above. This would be the right version to use since the glyph is of the DNA Helix. When the Crown is toppled the DNA Helix is broken, thus the link between Man and Land is broken. This is what seems to be the core of the Graal Mythos which is the quest to find the New King, whilst the Old King has a wasting wound (in the thigh which is important). The New King is not crowned until the Last Battle has been won.

The Edel-Rune drawn as above is seen as the White Sun - Black Sun in balance; we can surmise that the 'Dying Sun' (White Sun) is perhaps in near balance, whilst the Black Sun is the Rising Sun, getting more and more powerful, and thus its energy is waxing in the Sacred Blood. The above glyph is actually relevant if we see these Twin-Suns as being in two worlds - the Earth and the Inner Earth. 

According to Hindu Lore the Last Avatar - Kalki Avatar - arises from Shambhala, which is the 'Inner Earth'; thus, he appears as the God of the Black Sun, incarnate here on Earth. The same type of legend can be found in Tibet where the Chakravartin or Rudra Kalki appears, again related to the Legend of Shambhala. The name 'Shambhala' seems to be related to the idea of a 'pillar' and to the Spiritual Centre or Sacred Centre, also related to the 'Skamba'.