Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Monday 3 July 2023

"The Second Coming"

The Wild Hunt - Twelve Nights of Yule

'The third image I want to give you today shows how again a New King arises in the distance. His name is 'HOPE' because he closes the Sources of Evil. And every sign of the zodiac gives him a year, the first half of it is in peace (1933 - 1939) and the second in war (1939 - 1945). However, the Sources of Evil break out again, and they shower the Young King with Blood and Fire, from above and below and from all sides. Thus he perishes. And the name 'HOPE' falls with him.'

The Book of Sajaha - 9.

HOPE and its reflection EPOH. Through English Gematria HOPE = 44, thus HOPE and its reflection = 88. 

Aragorn is the 'Once and Future King' and, as Aragorn II was born in Rivendell in 2931 Third Age, the only son of Gilraen the Fair and Aragorn I, fifteenth chieftain of the Dunedain of Arnor. He was fostered by Elrond, and he bore the name Estel meaning 'HOPE', to hide his true lineage from the Servants of Sauron who were scouring the North for the lost heir of Isildor. Aragorn became a Ranger of the North clad in simple Green and Brown. 

"But some Strong Man will shake up and awaken the remains of the heirs. Like a Comet that suddenly gives a sign...."

Book of Sajaha - 9.

'When all seems lost, all HOPE is gone,
Then shall arise The Hooded One...

The Hooded Man Prophecy - Wulf Ingessunu

With the defeat of HOPE the Dark Forces take complete control of the Earth -

"Then the darkness totally captures the power in the world. The deluded people sacrifice in dull temples any impure kind. The Prince of Shadows determines the paths, his mocking Priests of Lies rule the Earth. Yet the heirs of the heirs of Babylon (Iraq), Assyria (Syria) and Persia (Iran) try to resist, but have long been weakened...."

The Book of Sajaha - 9.

"Bring HOPE to those who have none,
FREEDOM to those in chains,
JUSTICE to those who are wronged."

Word-Hoard of The Hooded Man - 18 Words.

Tir - The Sky-Father. There is a possibility that 'TIR' represents the most ancient Pole Star that hung over the Golden Age of Thule-Hyperborea. 

Beorc - The Birth-Mother (Freya-Venus). This, of course, also applies to the 'Earth Mother' since an Avatar is a Divine Being born of an Earthly Father/Divine Father and an Earthly Mother. This Avatar is born under the influence of the 'Virgin' (Venus) as we find in many of the archetypes related to 'Krist' - Krishna, Agni, Krist, etc. 

E(o)h - Sacred Marriage of the Sky-Father & Birth-Mother.

Manu - The Aryan Manu - offspring of the Sky-father and the Earth-Mother; HOPE - the 'Mighty One' of the Eddas. Manu appears before the Great Flood in order to save the Ancient Mysteries and to recover the Divine Order of the Gods. 

Lagu - The Waters of Chaos, the Waters of Dissolution, the 'Great Flood' (symbolic and literal), the Birth-Waters in the Womb of the Mother. This is the point when Chaos reigns, when the Prince of Darkness takes control of the Earth. 

Ing - The 'Son of Man' - the Warrior-Hero, Resurrection of Ingwe (1999) and the conception of the Age of Ing (1999). Era of 'The Strong One', this is the Age of Heroes, the transition-period between the world ages. This period really starts with The Hooded Man Prophecy on October 31st 1993, and then the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet in 1997 when the Mysteries of HelgiH are revealed. 

Edel - The Hooded Man (linked to the Ing-Rune above).This is not the Last Avatar, it is a force that heralds the Coming of the Avatar. 

Daeg - Day, the 'Day-Break', Dag (Daeg) wields the Spear of Woden to slay Helgi Hundingsbane (The Hooded Man). Heralds the birth of the Last Avatar. The transition-period must first be 'slain' in order that the 'Day-Break' of the Age of Aquarius takes place. 

"The Spirit of the Emperor will be kept in the Male Stone, the Gar-Il. Its Female counterpart, Ilua, will be safely hidden in the Holy Mountain of Wotan waiting for the New Age. For this birth the two crystals will be united in the Great Baphomet and flow through a worthy woman."

The Gar-Rune is the Spear of Woden - the 'Gift of Ing'. The 'Gift of Ing' is, as we know through the White Stone of Ing - FIRE. This is the Spirit of the Emperor found in the Gar-Il. 

The White Stone of Ing shown as the Stan-Rune (The Stone), where Ing is found in the White Stone - Calc-Stan. In this White Stone is found the 'New Name of God' - Ingwe. This is the god-force that rules over the Age of Ing - the Age of Heroes. Ingwe is the Sacral King, or in this case The Emperor - the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS. 

In the Gar-Rune we find the Ing-Rune (Male) and the Gifu-Rune (Female); Parsifal - the 'Divine Fool' - plunges the Spear of Woden into the Grail-Cup, this brings into being The Emperor

"All-Father himself was slaughtered as a living messenger by the servants of the dark horror.

Because it was All-father as All-Krist himself. The hatred of darkness raged against him.

The Power of Light martyred, the truth crushed, the liberators bound - a terrible time."

The Revelation of Isais.

The Revelation of Isais is supposedly an account of two Templar Knights to whom the Goddess Isais appeared and gave to them certain prophecies, and accounts of the lost homeland of Thale (Thule). Whether these two Templar Knights existed we do not know, and this piece should be placed in the context of the time in Germany when an 'Aryan Kristianity' developed. But, when we look at the account of the Death of Krist in the Old Saxon Heliand this is nothing but a scathing attack upon the Forces of Darkness that slew the Krist, certainly a lot more furious than that which we find in The Bible. Somewhere, in the mists of time, a God-Force appeared as the Power of Light and was put to death at the hands of the Forces of Darkness. In the 'mists of time' -

'However, the Sources of Evil break out again, and they shower the Young King with Blood and Fire from above, and below and from all sides. Thus he perishes.'

But, of course, nothing like that could ever happen, could it? A God-Force that appears upon the Earth and is destroyed by the Forces of Darkness? Just an old tale from the Middle-East! But...Archetypal Myth is never a point in time, it is a recurring myth that forms the history of the world, appearing at different times and in different places. 

"Your goddess, however, is called Ishtar, All-Father's radiant messenger; and your secret companion: Isais. You will see her when the victory battle is fought, to celebrate with a long wavy head of hair, before I shorten it again to continue fighting. I say this because you always have to know how to recognise my image. How you think it - so I recognise myself.

Because all thoughts are seen in Greenland, understandable message, clearly recognised by pictures."

The Revelation of Isais.

This piece speaks of the Goddess Isais, whose image here is one of a long-haired woman in her role of the 'Goddess of Love' and a short-haired woman in her role as the 'Goddess of War'. Now, even though the authenticity of this work may be in question, I can verify this statement myself from a dream long before I was given this piece. In the dream appeared a woman who had her hair cut short, and she appeared to me to give some advice. After the dream I first thought of Sif, with here hair cut off, and although this may have a ring of truth there is also the possibility that this was the Goddess Isais. 'Greenland' is here the Inner Earth of Miguel Serrano - it is the Nether-World - it is also the 'Land of Dreams'. The clear statement here is that of the importance of images that work between the worlds. Isais, like Freya, is associated with the Cat, that is in her 'Goddess of Love' aspect; in her 'Goddess of War' aspect Freya is associated with the Wolf. This too I had in a dream at the Midsummer Sunstead over 20 years ago, not historical but 'revealed'. 

Ishtar (*) is the Babylonian name of the earlier Sumerian Estar, a name clearly related to our 'Easter' - Eostra. In the Revelation of Isais she is revealed as Idunn - the Goddess of Regeneration and Immortality. The theme of this work, and the Book of Sajaha, is the Eternal Battle between the Gods and the Lord of Shadows; we have this in Norse Mythology through the Eternal Battle between the Gods and the Dark Joten. However, if we seek to look no further than the Germanic, Norse and Anglo-Saxon Myths we can easily fail to understand what this struggle is about. The power-centre of the Lord of Shadows is in the Middle-East, and it is to the area around here that we can best understand these forces, and how both the Babylonians and later the Romans tried to crush the growing Power of Darkness, and in the process perhaps (through Wyrd) hastened their drive for world conquest. 

(*) In Verse 29 of these 'revelations' the name given is not Ishtar but Istara, a name clearly the same as Ostara/Easter, and indeed almost the same as Tolkien's Istari. The root of these words is IE Root *awsos- from which stems 'Isais' presumably. 

The origins of the Revelations of Isais are said to lie in the two Knights Templar Roderich and Emmerant who were searching for traces of Marcion in the former Carthage. There they are said to have received The Message of the Goddess. Marcion, of course, was one of the non-Judaic Kristians who, like some of the Gnostics, saw Jahu-Shaddein as the 'Lord of Shadows' - the 'Demiurge'. This was another form of Kristianity that arose in these times, since there was not just the Judaeo-Christian version that is always promoted, a move that seeks to stop any form of study into the true versions of this religion. The Goddess Isais-Istara tells the two Templar Knights that she has appeared to them in order to give the true version of Krist, and not the distorted version that have been taught to believe in. 

Most people will no doubt reject what I have said here because it has no 'historical' proof of ever happening, as if 'history' was a series of 'proven facts' rather than being written by the 'victors' - i.e. made up! A growing number are questioning the 'truth' of the recent 'pandemic', and yet most of these are still unwilling to recognise the deceit and lies of the press, the scholars and the academics who continue the Great Lie of the events of World War II. Repeat a lie, over and over again, and it becomes 'believable'. The servants of the 'Father of Lies' have had thousands of years to perfect this! The whole basis of Judaeo-Christianity was built upon a LIE. But they did not create this, merely distorted an Archetypal Image into something that suited their agenda.

For myself I can see certain things in these 'revelations' that could have been taken from Revelations; but this is just a very small fraction of the work, and it is still possible that some form of real 'revelation' was behind this, and that this was 'historicised' in order to help to make it palatable to others. Most of this runs parallel to the Book of Sajaha anyway, which is said to have been found in stone tablets from Iraq in the early Twentieth Century. The other work may have been 'revelations' stemming from this, we do not know. 

The Woden Folk-Community promotes Exoteric Wodenism in a form suited to Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Germanic Heathens, who can use their preferred form of this. In reality they are, of course, exactly the same, since to recreate an 'Anglo-Saxon Mythology' the Anglo-Saxon names are used to replace the Norse names, which in truth remains a 'Norse Mythology'. The same applies to a 'Germanic Mythology', since most of the Northern Myths were recorded (by Christians) in Iceland, and the sagas mainly in Scandinavia, though they could have originated in other areas of Germania. Since almost everything we have is recorded in the Christian era it is necessary to be wary of this when studying Germanic Mythology.  

This is where Woden's Folk differs, since this was originally created to prepare the way for the Coming of the Last Avatar. To achieve this we need a new Folk-Religion suited to the new world-age, or more particularly the transition-period between the Age of Pisces (Hanged God) and the Age of Aquarius (The Warrior-King riding a White Horse). Since much of this breaks with 'tradition' (since it has to be a new adaptation, then it will produce a good deal of opposition, and will be accepted by far fewer of our Folk. To create such a New Folk-Religion means that it must be a Revealed Religion, not one taken from the past and revived. Hence the need for Woden's Folk to take upon itself the role of using the essence of the Ur-Religion of the Aryan to create a new form suited to this new world age. 

This new Folk-Religion must be based upon the New Archetype of Woden as the Warrior-King riding a White Horse, bearing a Flaming Sword and the White Dragon on the Shield. In the background are the Holy Mountain of Woden, and the Comet which heralds the Coming of the Last Avatar. 

Sunday 12 March 2023

The Need of Ing

This work is based upon the ideas of Peryt Shou and on the Magical Formula AEPANDI NAM, the 'Cry of Need' used by Woden as he recovers the Holy Runes. To understand this it is necessary to follow the idea of Peryt Shou in that Yggdrasil (The Steed of Ygg) and the Cross of Krist are one and the same thing - the Gallows-Cross or 'Wolf-Tree'. 

The core of his ideas centre around the idea that the Crucifixion of Christ - 'The Crucified One' - brings the world (and Man) to destruction, whilst Woden-Krist is 'The Awakened One' who leads the world (and Man) back to resurrection and to a spiritual transformation. Nine great lunar-cycles have gone by since the death of Christ, and on the Ninth Night Woden climbs down from the World Tree as the 'Awakened One'. Woden awakens on the Ninth Night, in the deepest night of humanity, by means of the Magical Runic Force - the Need is the Compulsion of Fate, which is how Guido von List sees the meaning of the Need-Rune. 

For a Spiritual Awakening to take place it is thus necessary to recognise this 'Compulsion of Fate', to recognise this Need-Necessity, and to break free of the negative anti-life meaning of the Need-Rune, and embrace the positive and spiritual meaning of the rune. 

The tale of the Ring of Power which is held by the Dwarf Andvari, who represents the base materialistic power of the Gold Ring, shows how Woden first lusted for the Gold Ring, which was eventually hidden away by the dragon, Fafnir, and then taken by Sigurd the Wolsunga when he slew the dragon. Thus, Sigurd took upon himself the Curse of the Gold Ring - its materialistic meaning - and this became his downfall. The 'Curse of the Gold Ring' - the One Ring - is its being locked into the material world, thus keeping out the spiritual worlds. 

What Man must rediscover is the Spiritual Eye which has been submerged in the world of matter; to do so he must plunge deeply into the 'Well of Memory' (Mimir's Well). There are four important runes/symbols that are connected to this 'Awakening' -

  • The Nad-Rune.
  • The Swastika.
  • The Solar-Word - Os-Rune.
  • The Cweorth-Rune - Cygnus the Swan. 

But first we shall look at the meaning of the 'Cry of Need' - AEPANDI NAM -

  • Aepa (O.N.) to cry out.
  • oep - a shout of need.
  • op - cry of distress, pain.
  • and/anda - secret/spirit/spiritual waves.
  • and/anda - breath (hence 'wind' or 'spirit'). Clearly 'ond'.
  • NAM - 'took up'.

(We have also the Hindu 'Ananda' - An-Anda - which is the 'Eternal Bliss', and the Goddess known in the South-East of England Andraste (And-Raste). 

When Woden reaches downwards to pick up the Holy Runes and then 'took up' the  Runes, he does so from the 'Watery Abyss' that is below the Earth, i.e. the Realm of Mimir (Well of Memory). He can do this simply because his 'Spiritual Eye' was given in exchange to Mimir, and held in Mimir's Well, which he thus has access to in order to 'see' and to recover the Ancient Wisdom. It is the Need-Rune and the 'Compulsion of Need' that causes him to make this self-sacrifice. He becomes the 'Turner of Need'. This is why Woden is the Great Initiator, since he is the leader of the Divine Revolt against the Demiurge (Dark Lord) and the one God who guides our evolutionary-drive towards the Superman. It is the Will of Woden that is the Will-to-Power that turns the Need in order to achieve this aim. The Aryan Spirit triumphs over Need and Death. 

Another symbolism here is the Fenris Wolf (The Jackal) who 'swallows' Woden; here this is symbolic of the material world. Fenris Wolf is Saturn ('The Swallower') who is Cronus, who 'devours' his sons. The 'resurrected' Woden is 'The Son' who is Wid-Ar, the god who breaks open the Jaws of Fenris and allows the Spirit of Woden to escape. This is why Wid-Ar (The Silent One) is so important to us, since this entails the transformation from the 'Hanged God' or 'Crucified God' (Ear-Rune) to the 'Crowned and Conquering God' (Cweorth-Rune). 

The Swastika is the Symbol of Salvation (SAL) and has within it the Double-Sig Runes - Sal = Salvation & Sieg = Victory. This can also be rendered as Heil (Hal) and Sieg. The Need-Rune is static, and applied to the kindling of the Need-Fire, whilst this is the energy that turns the 'Solar-Wheel' (Swastika). We can put this in another way - the kindling of the Need-Fire, and the compulsion of Need (Fate), is the energy that causes the re-awakening and waxing of the ancient Black Sun - the Sun of the Former Earth. 

Peryt Shou connects this Current of Awakening with the constellation of Cygnus the Swan, and this is interesting in that Andrew Collins ( a speculative writer) connects Cygnus the Swan with man's evolution. Peryt Shou mentions Cygnus and the Cosmic Rays that it emits, which were proven by science decades after his time. This is the symbol of Cygnus the Swan -

The Cweorth-Rune is the 'Fire-Twirl' and is akin to the symbolism of the Swastika; it is also connected to Waendal (Mundilfore) as the World-Turner. I have mentioned before how the VW symbolism on the wheels of this car, when revolved at a certain speed, shows a Curved Swastika. (This shows how advanced esoterically the Germans were, since the use of the car thus impressed the symbolism of the Thule Swastika into the subconscious mind of the people.) The Swan has always been the symbol of the Highest Initiation. 

The 'Solar-Word' is symbolised by the Os-Rune which is the rune showing the 'Prince of Asgard' holding a Rod and a Ring - representing Authority and Power, but in this case spiritual Authority and Power. 

As Peryt Shou tells us, the Runic Magic of Woden, that which allows for the 'resurrection', is a 'Mystery of the Blood'. In this case he sees the Sacred Blood as a 'vibrating crystal', and in his work he equates the vibration associated with this as 432 cycles per second. 

The sword named 'Nothung' is the Sword of the Wolsungas in Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle and the name means 'Need of Ing'. Here we see a confirmation of the 'Mystery of the Blood' that Peryt Shou talks about. The Ing-Rune is the Mystery of the Blood, and the DNA Spiral - and here also we see the link to the Evolution of Man. 

Friday 3 March 2023

The Age of Heroes


The Ing-Rune has many levels of meaning, and at one level it is the 'Sign of the Son', and in this case we are looking at Wid-Ar the Avenging Son. Here we see the Edel-Rune that is 'crowned', but as we know the 'crown' has been 'toppled' by the Joten-Forces who have usurped the Divine Authority and replaced this by a Demonic Kingdom of Darkness. 

The Ing-Rune is made up of Twin Ken-Runes (FIRE) as the Ken-Fusion, and of Twin Ur-Runes (UR) as the Ur-Fusion - thus 'Primal Fire' or 'Ur-Fire'. Wid-Ar arises wielding a FLAMING SWORD - the Ur-Fire. This is the 'Fire of the White Dragon' in our own Wodenic Lore. This rune is also made up of Twin Gyfu-Runes - the 'Gift of Ing'. If the rune-lines are extended in any/all directions the same pattern unfolds - to infinity. This pattern is of the Gyfu-Rune and the Germanic Ing-Rune (Diamond-Ing). But, when this sequence is started the first rune that is formed is the Gar-Rune - the 'Gift of Ing' (Gungnir). 

This is why these three runes - Edel-Ing-Gar - are linked together as the 'Gift of Ing'; the 'Gift of Ing', as we know, is FIRE. This mystery can be found in the White Stone of Ing, known as the Firestone. 

The 'Gift of Ing' as the Spear of Woden is the Cosmic Axis, here symbolised by the Sacred Spear, and by the World-Pillar, which the Stone of Ing clearly symbolises. We know that this era is that which will see the Fires of Surt cleanse the worlds, and here too we see a cleansing by fire, with the Flaming Sword. 

Now let us look what the Stan-Rune in this version can tell us about the subject. This is the 'Stone of Ing' since it contains the Ing-Rune; it also contains Twin E(o)h-Runes and Twin Mann-Runes - the Divine Twins and Manu. All these runes and concepts are connected with our era, at the end of a world-age moving into the beginning of the next world-age. This, in fact, contains the three concepts of 'Twin' (Divine Twins), Manu (Mann-Rune) and the 'Son' (Ing-Rune). This message - on the White Stone of Ing - has been given to us today, at this time of the Cosmic Cycle, to aid in our Sacred Blood Struggle. 

The Edel-Rune is that of Twin Sig-Runes, here seen as White (White Sun) and Black (Black Sun). The Sig-Rune is the Rune of Victory and Rune of the Sun, as well as being symbolic of the Solar Serpent. It is the Lightning-Bolt of the Lightning-War, the war waged against the Forces of Darkness and Chaos. This is the Lightning-Bolt of Thunor which blasts the Darkness, allowing the Divine Light to shine once more upon the Folk. 

The transition-period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius we name the 'Age of Heroes' or 'Age of the Son' ('Age of Ing'); Ing is also the Divine Hero, which adds weight to this idea.  We are in the time of the greatest destruction, disorder and chaos, at the time of the Great Dissolution, but this is an age in which the Aryan Hero arises to combat the Darkness and Chaos, to wage a Holy War against the Joten-Forces, and to bring into being a New Order that will manifest a 'New Man' - the 'Superman'. 

Sunday 29 January 2023

The Return of the King


The Edel-Rune represents the Folk and the Land - Blood & Soil. The Ing-Rune is the Rune of the Blood and the Rune of the Blood-Memory. The Tarot Card named 'The Tower' or 'The Falling Tower' has upon it the image of the Crown - Kingship - being toppled by the Lightning-Bolt that strikes the tower. The constellation known as the Northern Crown (Corona Borealis) shows the 'Crown' fallen from the Constellation of Bootes (Constellation of Ingwe). In Lord of the Rings we find a poem by Tolkien which states that 'the crownless again shall be king'. 

The Ing-Rune shows the 'Crown' on the top of the Edel-Rune, symbolic I feel of the Kingship-Kinship bond. With the Ing-Rune we find that the Crown has been regained once more. This does not seem to be borne out by the rune-sequence, where we have Ing-Daeg-Edel or Ing-Edel-Daeg, these two versions being used. It has always seemed strange how Daeg-Edel are interchangeable for no known reason. However, Woden Initiates often disguised their work from the uninitiated, sometimes by altering a sequence. 

However, if we see this as the loss of the 'Crown' then Ing-Edel fits perfectly, but unfortunately we do not have the 'Crowned King' here. As I said, the Edel-Rune is of Folk & Land, and the Erda version obviously of the Folkland. Again, perhaps the interchangeable runes also applies to other runes, and thus Ing-Edel and Edel-Ing would be used in the same manner, which would solve the problem. But we do not know this and this is just speculation. But what we do know is that the 'Crown' that has toppled from Ingwe (Bootes) applies at this time, since this is the way that these two constellations are placed in our era. 

What we have to add to create the Rune of the Blood is FIRE; this is clear when we use the Kan-Fusion as shown above. This would be the right version to use since the glyph is of the DNA Helix. When the Crown is toppled the DNA Helix is broken, thus the link between Man and Land is broken. This is what seems to be the core of the Graal Mythos which is the quest to find the New King, whilst the Old King has a wasting wound (in the thigh which is important). The New King is not crowned until the Last Battle has been won.

The Edel-Rune drawn as above is seen as the White Sun - Black Sun in balance; we can surmise that the 'Dying Sun' (White Sun) is perhaps in near balance, whilst the Black Sun is the Rising Sun, getting more and more powerful, and thus its energy is waxing in the Sacred Blood. The above glyph is actually relevant if we see these Twin-Suns as being in two worlds - the Earth and the Inner Earth. 

According to Hindu Lore the Last Avatar - Kalki Avatar - arises from Shambhala, which is the 'Inner Earth'; thus, he appears as the God of the Black Sun, incarnate here on Earth. The same type of legend can be found in Tibet where the Chakravartin or Rudra Kalki appears, again related to the Legend of Shambhala. The name 'Shambhala' seems to be related to the idea of a 'pillar' and to the Spiritual Centre or Sacred Centre, also related to the 'Skamba'.

Tuesday 6 September 2022

Ancestral Memory


In a previous post on the Inglinga Blog I wrote of a book about water being able to hold 'memory'; in regards to this the experiments shown in the book invariably showed a 'Hagal-Rune' and its many variations and patterns. It suggests that liquid crystals in the blood may thus be responsible for carrying Ancestral Memory. Thus the concept of the Blood Memory. Miguel Serrano talks of the Igneous Blood - 'Fiery-Blood' - which relates to our own ideas on the god Ingwe, and to the concept of 'Fire-in-Water'.

The Edel-Rune is the 'Gift of Ing' which is connected to the DNA, and meaning 'Ancestral Property' which relates not only to inherited land, but also the 'inheritance' passed on as the DNA. We can certainly find the Edel-Rune within the Ing-Rune -

The Hagal-Rune above is made up of a Gifu-Rune and Is-Rune; since this is a 'hailstone' (Ice) or 'snowflake' (frozen rain = ice) the we could see this as relating to the 'liquid crystals' that carry the 'Ancestral Memory'. This is no doubt where the play-on-words created by the Armanen Adepts - Hag-All & Krist-All - originated, since the Armanen Runes are based upon the Hag-All, and thus, reading into this, they knew full well that they were invoking the Ancestral Memory through the use of the Runes. 

Wednesday 3 August 2022



Collins English Dictionary (2005) - 

hallucination - seem to see something that is not really there.

Chambers Etymological Dictionary (1895) -

Hallucination - error, delusion, perception of things that do not exist.

Two different dictionaries dated some 100 years apart, both claiming that a 'hallucination' is something that does not exist, or is not really there. No-one appears to have taken deep thought as to how one can see something that is not there! Many dreams are exactly like real life, and whilst we are in them we believe that we are 'living the dream'. In fact, which exactly is real life our awakened state, or our dream state? 

The Chambers Dictionary does in fact give the game away, since it traces the word back to the Latin - 

  • hallucinatio
  • hallucinar
  • alucinar

The translation of the Latin word is - 'to wander in mind'; this is a far distant meaning to this being an 'error' or 'something that is not really there'. 'To wander in mind' refers simply to a state of 'day-dreaming'. In fact the Skeat Etymological English Dictionary (1894) has this meaning - hallucination - 'wandering of mind'. It goes on to give the same Latin words -

  • hallucinari
  • allucinari
  • alucinari

The meanings given are - to wander in mind, dream, rave, with hallucinatio meaning 'wandering of the mind'. Skeat's dictionary is the closest to being right here, since it translates the term directly from the Latin meaning. A hallucination is simply a 'day-dream', and one as real as any of our dreams; but it is a day-dream which is actually seen as a 'vision'. This is why the meaning has been distorted, since to do so takes a different state of consciousness

There is a single point here that seems to be of great importance, that the Latin spellings can be either ALU or HALU. In Esoteric Work we have seen the importance of the 3-4 Formula, since this occurs in our own 33 Rune-Row, where the Three AEttir are now Four AEttir. 

ALU is linked to our word 'ale' which is an intoxicating drink, a drink which can alter one's state of mind. In the Ar-Kan Three Cauldrons Exercise the Head-Centre is represented by the Ansuz (AESC) Rune and is linked to Odhroerir. The word Od-hroerir stems from Od (Spirit) and hraerir (Excited, Stirred, Intoxicated). This, in our terms is the Wod-Roarer, the 'Exciter of the Wod', and is thus linked to Woden who is the 'Master of Wod'. The Heart-Centre is represented by the Lagu-Rune (Son) and the Hara-Centre by the Ur-Rune (Bodn). These three Sacred Centres are on the three stages of human consciousness - UR = Gut (Intuition), LAGU = Heart (Emotions) and ANSUZ = Head (Intellect). 

Where does the 'H' come into this? Well, we do not have a centre of consciousness that is above the head, i.e. beyond and outside the human brain, heart, gut, and thus the Higher State of Consciousness. In meditation today, whilst doing my daily exercise-bike work-out, it came to me that this may well be symbolised by the HAEGL Rune. 

The Base-Rune is UR, and the HAEGL-Rune is an Ur-Rune with an upturned Ur-Rune above it - Ur and its reflection. This seems to be symbolic of the 'reflection' of anything here in Middle-Earth in the Other-World. This can also be seen if we use the HAGAL-Rune -

Here, rather than the Ur-Rune and its reflection we have the Eohls-Rune and its reflection in the Calc-Rune. That the Fourth Centre would be symbolised by the Haegl-Rune - rune of wholeness, health and oneness - is thus fitting I feel, since it goes beyond the conflict of opposites, merging the two into a wholeness. Thus, rather than the ALU-Formula we have the HALU-Formula. But...I do not feel that this should be used in the ALU-ULA Exercise, since this is the communication between the Base Centre and the Third Eye, and the two-way exchange through the 'Messenger of the Gods' (the Fiery Serpent) between Man and the Gods. At this stage it seems wise to leave this until more research is done on the subject, but HALU does seem - to me anyway - to be a valid extension of the ALU Formula, as may ULAH which naturally follows.

I am inclined to agree with Tom Rowsell (Survive the Jive) in that the 'ALU-GOD' with his symbolism of the Swastika is in fact Woden. Woden's Folk has used the term 'ALU-FATHER' as well as 'ALL-FATHER' and even incorporated the Babylonian name ILU which means 'Light' or 'God'. There is a Semitic term EL for 'God', but even here we have merely a difference of sound/spelling, and we have our own ELF meaning 'Shining' or 'Light', so it cannot be ruled out that this was an Aryan Root-Name. Tolkien has the name of the High God as ILU-VATER, rendered as 'The One', but which can also be 'ILU-FATHER'; since the alternative is ERU, meaning 'The One' then ILU/IRU/ELU/ERU are variations, just as we have IR-MIN or ER-MIN, or even AR-MIN. 

A hurricane, seen from a satellite image, is a swirling spiral, or a swirling swastika in two-dimensional form. As the 'Storm-God' this fits Woden well; we do not know where the term Fylfot came from, but as I have shown before through the Merseburg Charm this is the 'Foal's Foot', and is thus also symbolic of Baeldaeg in the Nether-World. The Fylfot-Swastika is the Black Sun, whose alternative glyph is made up of Four Swastikas -

I have mentioned this because Woden is the 'Exciter of Ecstasy' - of the Woda-Force. Odhroerir is both the vessel (i.e. the Centre) and the force itself (the energy from the Head-Centre). 

Although we use the SWAN as the symbol of the Head-Centre (Third Eye), since this is the Third Eye Centre it may also be fitting to use the UNICORN. The 'Unicorn' ('One-Horn') has a spiral horn at the Third Eye Centre, and has always been associated with the Moon. That this represents as force or energy is certain through the symbolism of the 'Horse'. This is a White Horse with the Third Eye opened - awakened. The White Swan would be the Solar Symbol, whereas the White Unicorn would be the Lunar Symbol. This, of course, suggests another type of meditation-visualisation in which the Left & Right Brains are brought into play together. Left-Brain - SWAN & Right-Brain - UNICORN. 

The Spiral Symbol used of this Third-Eye Chakra would suggest that the use of the SWASTIKA for the Chakras - as is done by Miguel Serrano - is correct. The SWASTIKA is a SPIRAL in a two-dimensional form. This would be an S-Swastika or Thulean-Swastika as used by Miguel Serrano in his illustrations of the Armanen Runes. 

The original Irminsul seems to have had Swan's Wings on top of the Irmin-Column; the symbolism is the same as Iggdrasil in Norse Myth. Below the Swan's Wings are the Ram's Horns, which may well be symbolic of the Ammon-Horn which is found near the Pineal Gland in the head. This points towards the North Star - the Nail of the Northern Sky - which represents the High Seat of the High God. The symbolism of the Serpent (Earth-Bound Man) that transforms into the Eagle/Swan/Winged Serpent (Divine Man - The Man-God) is found in the Symbol of Iggdrasil - the 'Sun-Dragon of Ing'. The God of the Arya -

  • Aryaman - India.
  • Airyaman - Persia.
  • Ariomanus - Gauls.
  • Irmin/Ermin - Saxons.
  • Eremon - Ireland.

The symbolism of the Saxon Irminsul is here shown with three parts - Base-Centre-Head. Iggdrasil has the Serpent (Base) and the Eagle (Head) with the Hawk at the Third Eye (Hawk-Eye). The 'column' of both the Irminsul and Iggdrasil is in microcosm the human spine, made up of 33 parts each one of which is represented by one of the 33 Runes. Of interest here is that the 9 extra runes make up the Sacrum (5) and the Coccyx (4), the last 4 being the Four Hallows, again being part of the 3-4 Formula (Graal-Hallows). 

This figure seems to show Woden riding a stylised horse, and the ALU-Formula may be hidden in the runes etched in different parts of the bracteate - from Denmark. The head of Woden shows his left eye, in front of which is another 'eye', which in itself suggests this is in fact Woden. Similar bracteates show the Swastika, and one with ALU-GOD has the Swastika on it too. 

Ilu (Babylon) and Iluvater (Tolkien) are not 'racial gods', they are the High God or Creator-God, which is akin to our All-Father or Wr.Alda (Primal Ancient One). It may be the ALU also refers to the High God or Creator God - the 'Primal Ancient One'. It is interesting to note that the M42 Nebula in Orion the Hunter (Herne the Hunter or Woden Herian) is the 'Eye of Orion' -

The Myth of Orion, as mentioned in the book Hamlet's Mill has many similarities to that of the Myth of Robin Hood ('The Hooded Man'). Somewhere here there is a link to Woden as Herne the Hunter (Bow-God), and Orion was linked to the Egyptian God Osirus (As-Ar). The name 'Orion' may well be seen as Ur-Aion or 'The Primal Aeon'. In Germanic Lore, when the Sword of Orion turns red this means the 'End of the World-Age'. At the foot of Orion is the Dog-Star - Sirius, and 'The Fool' of the Tarot could represent Orion & Sirius. 

I have strayed somewhat from the original theme - as usual - but my mind 'wanders' as the post progresses, so I like to write down what comes into my head, since these things may one day fit together into a pattern that I have not seen as yet. Here in England the Constellation of Orion is set out in the chalk hills of Dorset as the 'Cerne Abbas Giant' - the winter aspect of Woden as the Wild Hunter-God. The notable feature of this hill-figure is the Solar-Phallic Symbolism, which immediately gives (to most) the idea of 'fertility', but in spiritual terms this denotes a 'Creator-God'. 

I'll come back to the theme of H-ALU when more meditation-visualisation has been done on this, since we cannot use it until being a bit more sure that it is a workable formula. This will no doubt not be verifiable in historic terms, but our Ancient Runes did not stagnate and stay as they were in ancient times - they evolve as we evolve. 

Wednesday 16 March 2022

The Swan Symbolism.


This object was found somewhere in Kent, England, and features a figure with horned helmet and twin spears; it is not unique by any means and the same stance can be found on Swedish bracteates and on the Long Man of Wilmington. There are some important things that stand out with this Germanic Warrior -

  • The Solar-Horns which are like Twin-Serpents, often with the beaks of a bird as the head; it does not come out clear on this one, but the composite Serpent-Eagle or Serpent-Raven or whatever bird is used is symbolic of Earth-Heaven.
  • The second thing is the Belt Buckle; no clothing is actually shown here but the Cultic-Warrior wears a Belt Buckle around his waist. 
  • The figure itself is shown within an Inverted Triangle; he stands on a large globe, and the Twin-Spears point to two smaller globes - this may well be some form of star-lore. There are also smaller globes in the section above this, three can be seen here.

The configuration of the Five Globes at the top is something like a 'W'; this may thus be symbolic of Cygnus the Swan, especially since this seems to be the case with the Long Man. The 'Triangle' is the Summer Triangle of which Cygnus forms  part. 

In 2005 a US 'Think-Tank' went public with its own conviction that a binary system producing powerful jets of cosmic rays triggered a rapid acceleration in human evolution during the last Ice Age. Cygnus X-3 is such a binary system; and we find that Peryt Shou giving details of Cygnus the Swan giving off cosmic rays, well before this was discovery was made.

In an Irish Legend - The Dream of AEngus - we find this hero having a dream in which he fell in love with a beautiful maiden. This is almost exactly how we find the Myth of Frea and in this she is a Swan-Maiden. In the Scottish Western Isles the goddess Bride is seen as the wife of Angus. It seems that AEngus was associated with a brugh which is Newgrange, a place he tricked his father, Dagda, into giving him. 

The Swan can walk on land, swim in water, and fly in the air, which in symbolic form would mean the ability to move between different worlds. The Swan is associated with the dead, through the link to the Valkyries or Swan-Maidens. Throughout Northern Europe there are tales of a Swan-Maiden wearing a Swan-Shift and a Swan-Ring (necklace or the like); the River Elbe stems from alb meaning 'White Swan' in this case, but the word mean 'Elf'. It seems that a Gaelic word eala or eal means 'swan'; eala in Old English means 'hail', and is associated with 'holy'. 

Lohengrin was a 'Swan-Knight', as was the House of Bouillon and Godfrey de Bouillon, Duke of Lower Lorraine and the first 'King of Jerusalem'; this Royal House claimed descent from Helyas - a Knight of the Swan. Weland the Smith is also associated with the Swan-Maiden, and the sister of Hengest and Horsa was named 'Swan'. 

We can see how the Cweorth-Rune is associated with the Swan, and in particular Cygnus the Swan. This is sometimes called The Northern Cross, though its form is that of the Cweorth-Rune. The Constellation of Cygnus the Swan marks the 'Dark Rift' at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy - the Black Hole. 

One of the things here that is very interesting is the connections between the Swan and AEngus (Ireland) and Hengest (AEngys) - and thus Ingus (England). One of the characteristics the folklore attributes to the Swan is the sound of singing, and especially of enchantment - en-chant-ment. A connection to this happened many years ago when I awoke from a dream in which Heorrenda was sining an 'otherworldly' tune; looking out of the window a bright star was shining - Venus I think. 

The Irminsul in its original form, or so I am led to believe, has Swan's Wings for the 'arms'; there is an Eagle at the top of Iggdrasil, so these seem to be interchangeable symbols. The name 'swan' comes from the IE Root *swen- which means 'sound'; if we use the root in its Ur-Form we find S-Wen where the 'S' could relate to the 'hissing' sound, and to the 'swan-neck' - which itself must relate to the 'necklace' of folklore. 

The idea of the Swan-Ship that sails upon the Waters of Chaos or Waters of Dissolution is thus backed up by the idea of an evolutionary-shift at certain key points in the Cycle of the Ages - due to a Cosmic Event. Man is thus never broken from his ties with the Cosmos. The idea of this Cygnus X-3 binary star causing this came from a book by Andrew Collins - 'The Cygnus Mystery'. Collins obviously goes along with the system 'think-tank' in that this was an 'evolutionary jump' which goes along with the idea that mankind is continuously 'evolving' upwards - which is not quite so. We could say that this caused an 'evolutionary change', as with the idea that Man 'evolved' the 'I' or 'Ego'; this is a necessary change, but should be viewed (in my opinion, that is) in the wider context of being necessary to a future evolutionary change to the Sonnenmensch or Superman and the Absolute I of Miguel Serrano.