Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 19 December 2019

Runes, Postures & The Vril

I have mentioned before how the most ancient Empires of Light are closely connected to the Germanic Folk; it would also seem that the Germanic Runes are symbols of certain ancient stances/postures, most of which can be found in the areas where these Empires of Light were created. 

Here we see Ahura Mazda (Iranian) holding the runic stance OS; this seems to be symbolic fo the High God. Here he is shown holding a Ring of Power, but in other versions, and that of the god Ashur, we find the figure holding a Ring of Power and Rod of Authority/Justice. The symbolism here is of the Winged Globe.

Here we see Ea, a Sumerian God, in the AC stance; he holds the 'pail' which I have mentioned in other posts. 

Again, this is the god Enki, again shown in the AC stance. 

This the the goddess Taimat, again shown in the AC stance. 

Above is the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, whose name is so close to the Norse Nanna as to be obviously linked. She stands upon Two Cats with Two Owls beside her, and hold the CWEORTH stance. She holds a Rod and Ring in her left hand. 

One thing that stands out clearly here is that every one of these stances can be found only in the English Rune-Row. None of the above rune-shapes can be found in the Elder Futhark. 

I have shown in previous posts how the Peorth-Rune is a stance used by players of Taefl. This one does appear in the Elder Futhark. It would seem that the playing of Taefl is a kind of 'portal' or 'gateway' to the 'Game of the Gods'. You can see from below that the player on the right holds a Drinking Horn, which suggests that what they are doing is no mundane 'game' but is a Sacred Ritual where the 'Game of the Gods' is played. This again suggests that the players are 'possessed' by a god-force, thus moving the pieces through the Will of Woden. 

The Cweorth-Stance can be found in the various 'Dancing Warriors' from Scandinavia and here in England. This is the stance found in the Long Man of Wilmington and the Cerne Giant. It can also be found in the figure of Shiva.

In regard to the Os-Rune and the stances connected to this rune, this seems to justify the difference given to this rune and its counterpart in the Elder Furthark. The Woden Initiates here in England replaced the AEsc-Rune with the Os-Rune, because this is the Rune of Woden, the Rune of Kingship. This seems clear when we recognise the symbols associated with this rune-stance, the Rod and the Ring. The ring is the Ring of Power which Woden possesses - Draupnir - and the rod is the Rod of Rulership since in some depictions of this stance the rod is marked like a 'ruler'. The IE Root *reg- means 'to move in a straight line', hence why the ruler is linked to a 'ruler'; he is the one who is responsible for the Sacred Measurement of the Land. 'To move in a straight line' also hints at his ability to move into other worlds, especially the Ancestral Worlds. 

The term Os or As refers to a god, to a divine being; it is also connected to the idea of the Sacred Centre or World Pillar. This is why the gods live in As-Gard which is the 'As-Yard' or 'Yard of the AEsir-Gods'. 

The AEsc-Rune was then placed in the Fourth AEttir as the Rune of the Ancestors, or the Rune of the First Man/Primal Ancestor (Askr). Bede used the term AEscingas for the line of Hengest and Horsa, whereas the usual form is Oiskingas. Maybe he was not wrong at all over this since the two names are merely variations of each other. Since Woden is the 'Divine Ancestor' of our Folk he is given the title Oski/Osci or AEsc. The two runes are thus interconnected and one must be studied in the light of the other. 

The Os-Rune

This rune can also represent a 'banner' or 'flag' flying in the wind; the banner/flag is a symbol which actually represents the tribe/clan - which is the tribe/clan. This is why it is held next to the king, and guarded with the life of its bearer and guardians. It is a Sacred Symbol

Another interesting symbolism lies in the Vril Symbol of the Vril Society which is said to have existed in Germany before World War II. The symbol, as I have said before, can be seen in the light of a Chinese figure called 'Monkey holding the Peach', a clear symbolism of the Fruit of Immortality. But when we analyse this symbolism we find three clear points -

  • The left side is black which suggests the Dark Age that we are living through today; it could also suggest the Black Sun which is the 'Hidden Sun' today.
  • The glyph has been said to be a 'Lightning-Bolt' which is hurled into the darkness; this 'Lightning-Bolt' is set between the black and the violet, but with the lower 'arm' in the purple only. 
  • The violet section seems to hint at the Black Sun which is often said to give off a violet light. 

In The Lost World of Agharti by Alec Maclellan we find what he says is a description of Vril-Power held in secret documents which 'once belonged to initiates of the German Vril Society'. In fact, this also appears in an earlier work by Robert Charroux. Whatever the source of this, I feel that this matters less than the actual details - judge for yourselves.

The Scientific Way -

  • Chemically isolate the particles of Proton A1 which are contained in lead. 
  • These must be 'captured in the photonic magnetism of Saturn or else in lava which has issued from an active volcano.
  • Under the effect of the radiations obtained from the process, 'the male sex glands activate all the Korlos and confirm the ego in its physical centre of gravity'.
  • Vril-Power is thus activated.

That is just about as 'clear as mud' as you can get! But, there are certain points here that give clues to the meaning of this -

  • Lead - the Metal of Saturn.
  • 'Magnetism of Saturn' - the 'lava', when seen in the light of the next section on the 'male sex glands' could well be symbolic of the male ejaculation.
  • Seems the whole thing was based upon some form of Sex-Magic Ritual that awakens the Vril-Force. 

The Mystic Way -

  • Performed before a mandala of Shambhalla, as the world-centre of Agharti.
  • The adept should be 'bathed in a violet-coloured light made by an Amethyst, with the sound-vibrations of the Letter K endlessly repeated'. 
  • The power can be more easily obtained if the Sign of Saturn is present as well as the Egyptian Ankh.
  • During the ritual the adept will 'effect a symbolic regression of life', after which the Vril-Power will be readily available.

Once again this is far from clear, but Occult Adepts always have to put down these secrets in code so that non-initiates cannot use them and abuse their powers. The 'violet-coloured light made by an amethyst' (*) is the colour of the Vril-Symbol but it seems that the amethyst is used as a vibratory-power to stimulate the Third Eye. Add to this the 'Letter K' which may well represent the Ken-Rune, Rune of the Fire-Serpent, and it is clear that this technique uses sound vibrations that include rune-gealdor. Again, the 'Sign of Saturn' is used here suggesting some form of alchemical transformation from 'Lead' to 'Gold'.

(*) The key to these mysteries lies in the name 'amethyst' which is not an arbitrary name, but one obviously related to its vibrational properties. It stems from the IE Root *medhu- which means 'honey', or in particular 'mead' as the word itself suggests. It would seem quite obvious that the mead that we drink is but a pale symbolism of a much deeper and profound concept, and that is the 'honey-taste' that has been linked to yogis who put their tongue to the back of the throat after intense meditation, thus 'collecting' this. It would appear that this may be linked to the secretion of DMT which is a mind-altering chemical whose make-up is similar to serotonin and melatonin which is produced from the Pineal Gland. This is the reason why in later times, when these psychic powers were lost in our Folk, certain mind-altering herbs were used as a substitute for these lost powers. Certain people who have a better ability to achieve higher states of consciousness can do so without these drugs. 

The similarity between the Vril-Symbol and the Peorth-Rune is very noticeable, and the meaning of a 'portal' or 'gateway' must again be significant -

In one of his writings the infamous Aleister Crowley mentioned a parchment found on his person having the form VRIHL on it. He suggested that the meaning given to this was a psycho-sexual method by which communication with 'extra-terrestrial powers' could be made. Of course, if we use the term 'extra-dimensional powers' this makes more sense. But here the links come together again -

  • Psycho-Sexual Magical Workings.
  • Vril-Vrihl.
  • The Third Eye/Pineal Gland.
  • Communication between Man and the Gods or Ancestors.

Of course, the term 'Vril' most likely stems from 'virile' which suggests a male-orientated force. The term vira comes from this, usually meaning 'man', but in particular a 'hero'. Looking at the Peorth-Rune Stance again, used at the Taefl-Board, the drinking-horn would link to 'mead' and thus suggests that the game itself was used as a form of intense concentration producing altered states of consciousness. As I have stated before, many modern versions of Taefl are a game where the participants have to use their own ability to make the moves; in eld-times the game was played with dice and thus 'chance' was the major factor. 

One of the keys to these mysteries is the violet-purple light emitted from the amethyst. These mysteries are also held in the Gar-Rune and the Graal-Runes of the Ar-Kan Runes. 

The male-female ILU-Forces join together in the figure of Baphomet and as shown here are associated with Venus and the Black Sun (the eight-pointed stars shown at the base and crown). This produces the ILUHE-Force which is the primal power (Ur-Il = Vril). This is found in the Ilu-Ishtar texts where these are clearly associated with Ishtar-Eostra - Venus. 

ALU-ULA - The GAR-IL (Male Force) moves downwards from the ANSUZ-CENTRE (Odroerir) along the Serpent Column, through the LAGU-CENTRE (Son), down to the URUZ-CENTRE (Bodn) where the Sleeping-Goddess lies under her White Wolf-Skin. Through the Power of the Black Sun the Sleeping-Goddess (ILUA) is awoken and she arises from the URUZ-CENTRE (Bodn), moves upwards along the Serpent-Column, through the LAGU-CENTRE (Son), and thus to the ANSUZ-CENTRE (Odroerir) where the 'Eye of Woden' is awoken as the Woden Initiate is 'bathed in a sea of ultra-violet/purple rays'. 

Tuesday 5 November 2019

Ing - The Fire-Serpent

This post was sparked off (excuse the pun) by looking at a YouTube video by Volkisch Grimm whose videos on Germanic Lore are to be recommended to all Folkish Wodenists. The video concerned the difference between Ing  and Inguna-Frey, these, according to the video, being different gods. This topic has always been quite puzzling to me because of the nature of Ingvi-Frey as a Waene, and Ing as a God of Fire. The video suggested that Ing is the God of Spiritual Fire and thus linked to Kundalini and Agni, both themes I have taken up myself in my posts. The suggestion here is that Ing is the 'Spiritual Fire' and Inguna-Frey is the 'Master ('Lord') of the Spiritual Fire'. This is the same theme as Wod (The Wod-Force) and Wod-an (Master of the Wod-Force). This could have a ring of truth in it. 

The problem here lies in that Ing, in the Old English Rune-Poem, is clearly a figure who moves over the seas in a wagon (waen), and we know that he is connected to 'Cuthman' through the legends around the 'White Stone of Ing'. He is here seen as a human figure, and the Divine Ancestor of the English. The English derive their name from this figure, as do the Inglinga, the Royal Lines of Sweden and Norway. The name of this land is 'England' named after the god Ingus. Like the god Woden we have both a god and a human figure named the same - some feel this is a Christian method of stopping the old beliefs in the gods. However, we should not dismiss the fact that some gods do incarnate in human form at certain times of the Cosmic Cycle.

The link between Ing and Fire can be found in the White Stone of Ing and the three runes  Gyfu - Ken - Ing where the Ken-Rune represents 'Fire' and the 'Serpent-Fire'. The 'Gift of Ing' is Fire, and we know that the stone was once called by the name Firestone. Thus, Ing represents the Kundalini or Fire-Serpent and the Inga-Fire. Ing represents the 'Divine Spark' within Aryan Man, the 'Inner-Fire' that has to be awakened through spiritual discipline. 

The roots of the name Ingus are related to -

  • The groin area of the body, and thus the seat of the Fire-Serpent and of Fertility (Ingwe-Frey).
  • The Serpent - The Fire-Serpent (Ing).

The English Language has lost some of its original form through time, and such original letters as th and ng are now represented by the letters that make up the original forms - t & h and n & g. This is related to the Archetypal Myth of the 'Broken Sword' -

  • The Sword in the Oak-Tree is the Nyd-Rune which is associated with need, necessity and even 'death'. It is also the 'Broken I' or 'Broken Ego' through the glyph of the rune itself. Once removed the glyph becomes the Is-Rune representing the 'I' made whole again. The Sword is placed in the Oak-Tree by Woden and pulled out by Sigmund.
  • As Runebinder has pointed out the Cweorth-Rune looks like a 'Broken Sword' (he had this in a dream/meditation). This is a Rune of Fire, of the Ritual Fire, thus associated with the Vedic God Agni. 
  • The two sections of the original letter ng are 'n' and 'g' - Nyd and Gyfu. The Ing-Rune in the Ar-Kan Runes is made up of a Double-'G'. It may also be relevant, as Troy Southgate pointed out, that the 'cross' on the White Stone of Ing may be a Nyd-Rune, though this has as yet never been taken further, as it perhaps should be. 

We thus have the Sword taken from the Oak-Tree, an act that only the 'Once and Future King' can do, broken by the Spear of Woden, and then reforged and wielded by the Son of Sigmund - Sigurd the Wolsunga. This is all done through the Royal Line of the Wolsungas from which line the 'Once and Future King' incarnates. The 'Broken Sword' is the 'Broken S-Word' or 'Sun-Word', or even 'Sun-Wyrd'. Clearly the reforged 'S-Word' is the 'reforged' letter ng through which the Spiritual Fire is awakened. 

Interestingly, the name given to 'fire' by the Waene-Gods is 'wagon' (waen) which links to the Old English Rune-Poem. Thus, if we substitute the word waen with fire we do have a link within the rune-poem through waen-fire-Ing. But there is yet another hidden link (brought to light through another video by Volkisch Grimm) and that is the term used for 'sea' in the same rune-poem - waves. The term 'waves', according to this video, is used by the Waene for 'sea'. Within the Old English Rune-Poem under the Ing-Rune we have both 'fire' and 'wind' (wind creates waves), associations with Ing and the Waene (Ingwe-Frey). 

It is also interesting to note that the runes on the White Stone of Ing are carved into the central 'column' which may represent the Spinal Column, the Mount Me-Ru through which the Serpent-Fire rises along when awakened. Below these are two 'legs' with two 'arms' above it (whether as it is or the stone turned the other way round). As stated before there are two variations of the fire-essence - gn (A-gn-i) and ng (I-ng-a) which make the Agni-Inga Fire. Just a by-thought here, but the Ken-Rune/Nyd-Rune can be seen as kn which is the base of 'knowledge' whilst the gn form gives the classical root of gnosis. The Knowledge of Fire is hinted at here.

This reveals a further secret on the Sutton Hoo Mask which we have already shown has the following symbolism -

  • The Serpent running from the back of the head, over the crown of the head, ending at the Third Eye or Pineal Gland. 
  • At the point of the Third Eye the Serpent meets a Swan/Eagle/Winged Serpent (Saxon Irminsul) which is also the Ond-Weg or 'Way of the Vital Breath', the key to awakening the Fire-Serpent through the Rhythmic Breath. 
  • At the ends of the wings are Boar's Heads linking the whole theme to that of Ingwe-Frey and the Waene-Gods. What is it that 'awakens' any form of fire - Wind or the movement of air. Fire needs an element of stillness to light it, but to 'fan' the flames it needs the movement of air. At least, fire needs AIR, but to burn brightly and more fierce it needs the MOVEMENT OF AIR. This applies to the Fire-Serpent.
  • On the subject of 'The Once and Future King' and his spiritual lineage from the Wolsunga Tribe the Sutton Hoo Mask could be that of Raedwald, King of the Wuffingas or Wulfingas, an offshoot of the Wolsunga Tribe. As Sigurd the Wolsunga is the Son of Sigmund the Wolsunga, Helgi the Wulfinga is the Son of Sigmund the Wolsunga. This is the Graal Lineage of Waels as recorded by Wolfram von Eschenbach. 

The connection between Ing and Bootes I have made before; Bootes can be seen at certain times of the year as an alternative Ing-Rune, at the bottom of the upright stave being Arcturus - the 'Once and Future King'. 


The above photo was taken some years ago at Wayland's Smithy which is one of our most Sacred Ancient Sites. In the photo we see the manifestation of 'Fire' around the English Cross Flag and the White Dragon Banner. 

The above photo taken on the same occasion shows once more the manifestation of Fire. It does seem to be the case that modern digital cameras seem to pick up images not shown on either older cameras or seen by the naked eye. This may be down to the advanced spectrum of light that these modern cameras have; but perhaps also connected to an Electro-Magnetic Force (EMF) that is present. Modern 'psychics' seem to think that it this EMF that is necessary for spirits to appear; there may well be some truth in this since these ancient sites may have been sited and built to enhance this EMF and thus allow communication with the Gods and Ancestors. This EMF, represented by the god Thunor, is the force that holds atoms together, and thus the force that is needed for physical manifestation. If the vibrations of this force are altered then the form is altered, thus the differences between the material and spiritual worlds which is merely a difference in vibrations. This is where the use of crystals comes in, and it is known that the Pineal Gland is made up of crystals. This also links to the use of the Armanen Runes and the Krist-All. 

The above shows the Nine Glory-Twigs held within the Hexagonal Crystal (Krist-All), thus showing how the 33 Ar-Kan Runes are being developed from the Armanen Runes in a specifically English form suited to the English Folk. The whole thing, if drawn within a circle formed from the central point, becomes the 'Cube in the Circle' or the 'Circle Squared'. Like the Armanen Runes the core of this is the Haegl-Rune - Rune of Wholeness. The Gar-Rune (Spear of Woden - Cosmic Axis) is also at the core of this Mother-Rune. 

The Haegl-Rune is also the 'seed' and the 'Seed of Life'; it is the 'cold grain' or 'cold corn' and the 'snowflake' which represents the 'seed' from which all things grow. It is the wind that moves the seed (usually, or the birds, though the same symbolism applies since they fly through the air) to the spot where they will grow, and most often this does not seem random at all. Plants and trees seem to flourish when they grow at certain places and with certain other plants or trees. Another video by Volkisch Grimm connects Freya to the 'seed' and Ingwe-Frey to the 'sperm', hence their relationship as Sister-Brother and Wife-Husband. Ingwe-Frey is connected to 'fire' and thus to 'expansion' in relation to the Solar-Phallic symbolism attached to this god. 

The symbolism of Fire is central to the Aryan Mythos since the name itself 'Ar-yan' can be rendered in Germanic terms as 'Ar-Kan' - the 'Movement of Fire'. Fire forms the central point of any ritual, it used to form the central point of any home (until 'central heating' negated this symbolism), and the fireside was called the 'inglenook' named after the God of Fire. It is likely that the most ancient Serpent-Cults were of the Waene-Gods. Ingus seems to be connected to the ancient Sacral Kingship, kingship being associated with Fire.

The word kundalini is connected to our Kan-Rune and means 'coiled'; the 'winged, coiled serpent' is the dragon, a word meaning dra = 'to turn' (connected to the Number 3) and gon (kan) meaning here 'fire'; the 'Fire-Turner'. The Number 3 is the 3 1/2 coils of the unawakened Fire-Serpent. The prefix 'kunda'/'kundal' is also related to our 'kindle' and 'candle', and thus to 'fire'. 

The Waen (Great Bear/Plough/Big Dipper) can be seen as the 'Chariot of Ing', since it is Bootes who is the 'Driver of the Waen'. The chariot is connected to the Waene-Gods; it is noticeable that chariots were used widely here in Britain before and during the Roman times, as well as in Aryan India. Freya's chariot is pulled by Cats, that of Frey by a Boar, and that of Thunor by Goats; the Great Bear has also been seen as 'Woden's Waen' - the waen or wagon is a chariot. We have also the account of the wagon used by the Goddess Nerthus to take her to the Sacred Grove. These seem to be associated with the Waene-Gods.

The links between the dormant Fire-Serpent and the dormant Pineal Gland are quite obvious; the Pine-al Gland is named after the Pine Cone and the two symbols - Pine Cone and Fire-Serpent(s) - can be found in the symbol below -

The central column is a 'torch' but topped with the Pine-Cone; the Ken-Rune is the 'Pine-Torch' connected to this symbolism. The 'Twin Serpents' are symbolic of the Ing-Rune as shown below -

This is the Kan-Fusion version that represents Ing - Fire; when turned sideways it becomes the Ur-Fusion which is a fertility symbol representing Ingwe-Frey as the 'Master of the Spiritual Fire'. Freya is also connected to Fire through having the Brosingamen Necklace, the 'Necklace of Fire'. This seems to be connected to the Hvarena ('Glory of Light') of Iranian Lore; this was held by the goddess Ardvi Sura Anahita and was the 'Glory' that came from Ahura Mazda for the 'Aryan Nations'. This is the Light and Fire of Kingship, the Spiritual Fire of Agni-Inga. 

Monday 7 October 2019

Fu-Ur-Th & The Golden Age

Feoh is a rune connected to 'gold' but in the sense of the 'Solar Knowledge' contained in the English children's tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. But there may be even more to this than 'Solar Knowledge' or 'Solar Wisdom' because of a connection to the fabled 'Golden Age' through the symbolism of this 'gold'. This is inherent in the 'Art Royal' or 'Alchemy' where the symbolism of 'gold' refers to a new 'Golden Age' brought into being through the transformation of Lead into Gold. 

There is an IE Root *per and a Ger Root *fer which mean 'first', 'foremost' or 'in front of'; there is also an IE Root *prei-/*prai- from which we get the IE Root *preis-mo- meaning 'primal', 'primeval', or 'primordial'. The Latin primus means 'first' or 'foremost' and leads to princips which means 'he who takes first place', 'leader', 'chief' and also 'emperor'. This gives us the word prince. It must strike us immediately that both Feoh and Ur mean 'primal', or 'first'. They have to be connected to each other in some way, or perhaps in many ways.

Gold - First Time - Primal Age - Ruler of the Golden Age. This 'First Time', as I have shown before is the Ar Var Alda which is usually seen as meaning 'in olden times' but which has a much more specific meaning. I have a suggestion here to what the meaning of this is, since it occurs in the Lay of Helgi Hundingsbane, a figure who appears at the change of world-age into what would most likely be the Warg-Age or Kali Yuge. His tale, unlike that of Scef-Ing, does not seem to refer to the ending of the Golden Age, but to a later time when war is kindled, though after a period of peace it would seem. We know that at the end of a world-age there is a period of chaos, and at the end of a Cycle of the Ages a period of dissolution. It may also be so that there is a kind of 'gap' through which the original 'First Time' gets through, whence the Heroic Archetype can get through into the physical world, hence the use of the term Ar Var Alda. Maybe. 

Anyway, there is also an OE fah/fag which means 'radiant' or 'bright' and with the meaning 'gold' again suggests the Sun. This is emphasised by the OE feorh meaning 'life', 'soul' or 'spirit', again suggesting the Sun. A Ger Root *fer- and IE Root *per- mean 'to lead' or 'to pass over', the latter suggesting a 'bridge' (between the worlds). The highest religious position in the Roman Empire was a Pontifex which is a word meaning 'a bridge' or 'a crossing over'. Here we have the idea of the 'ruler' or the 'emperor'.

The 'Ruler of the Golden Age' according to Roman Mythology was Saturn; to the Greeks he was Kronos, to the Germanic Folk, Crodo or Hrodo, and to the English Folk, Sataer or Sataera. Another connection to the Golden Age is the god called Uranus whose name can be rendered -

Ur - Primal.

An - Breath (Geist or Spirit).

Us - To shine, To burn.

Again, the name suggests the Sun or here 'The Primal Sun'. The Age of Aquarius is supposed to be ruled over, we are told, by Uranus, but this seems to have been Saturn originally. But, as I have mentioned before, Saturn and Saeter are both 'agricultural gods' which does not fit at all with the 'Golden Age'. Indeed, they link more to Scef-Ing in the sense of the mythical figure who appears at the end of the Golden Age to bring Fire and Agriculture to the Folk in the North. It should also be mentioned that Frodi (Ingui-Frea) was also linked to a Golden Age. I am going to leave this theme for now because it can seem very mixed up. In regard to Ingus and the 'Golden Age', since the word 'Frea' or 'Frey' can also be rooted in the meaning 'primal' or 'primordial' then the name Ingui-Frey would be 'Ingui the Primal'. 

We move on now to the second rune of the First AEttir - the Ur-Rune. This is another rune meaning 'primal' and another rune connected to the 'cattle' of the first one, Feoh. But this time the Aurochs, Ur-Ox or 'Primal Ox'. Again, if we use the link to 'gold' there emerges yet another Solar Image; this is further emphasised when we consider aur to mean 'gold'. But we are also connecting once again to the 'Golden Age'. We are also back to the Ar Var Alda which can thus be Ur Var Alda, but where AR can be the Black Sun which was originally the 'Golden Sun of the Golden Age'. AR and UR can mean the same, and this could refer to the 'Black Sun'. 

Now, there does seem to be a hidden message here that hints of a link between the 'Black Sun' and a 'Black Hole'. The Icelandic Rune Poem has the different meaning of 'drizzle' which seems out of place somehow, certainly nothing to do with the meaning 'primal'. There is a Sanskrit word uksh clearly connected here to 'oxen' and this means 'to sprinkle' reminding us of this 'drizzle'. Of course, all of this is symbolic and refers to the realm of Niflheim or 'Mist-Home'; but it can also refer to the nebula since nif and neb are mere variations of the same root-words. A nebula is the name given to gas and dust ('drizzle') given off by a collapsing star, and a 'collapsing star' later forms a Black Hole

There is an IE Root *er- which gives us words such as 'origin' and 'original', but the root-meaning is 'to move' and 'to set into motion'. This gives rise to the name Irmin or Ermin as well as to the Irminsul. The Aryan Root *ar- means 'movement' or 'to plough' and gives rise to the name Arya or Aryan. But the root also seems to embody the sense of the most ancient Hyperborean Race  whose genes were passed into the Aryan Race, but 'hidden' in the sense of being something passed from generation to generation until the time was right that this would become active once more at the end of a Cycle of the Ages. 

The Ur-Rune in its Ur-Glyphic form is an 'upturned V' which is a symbol of the World Mountain - the Midnight Mountain in the North. Above the Midnight Mountain shines the Black Sun. It is not too well known that the word boreas meant originally 'mountain'; thus Hyperborea would refer to the Midnight Mountain. In fact, the IE Root *G(w)era- refers to the Hyperboreans, and means 'mountain'; the fact that etymological dictionaries refer to the 'mountains of Thrace' being north of Greece is a later misunderstanding of the Midnight Mountain in the Far North. There can thus be links to B-ur-i and B-or who would be connected to the Midnight Mountain. (*)

There is also a Ger Root *ar-/*or which means 'to be' or 'to exist' and this seems linked to the idea of Being which is the term used of the Golden Age by Julius Evola. In relation to the name 'Saturn' the Golden Age in Vedic Lore is named Satya Yuga, where sat means 'being'. Thus, the original name 'Saturn' may well have referred to the concept of 'Being'. 

We must now turn to the third rune of the First AEttir - the Thurn-Rune or Thurs-Rune. The Icelandic Rune Poem equates this rune with Saturn and also to the Ruler of the Legal Assembly or Ruler of the Thing. These can be related to the god Thunor, whose rune this is, but also to the god Tir who is associated with Truth, Justice and Order. But here we can also see a subtle link with Uranus, the Varuna of the Vedas; he is also an ancient god of Order, Balance and Truth. 

The Thurs-Rune is not just the harmony and balance created by Thunor, but also the 'seeds' of the disharmony and unbalance of the Thurs and the Dark Joten. We should recall that the 'Giants' steal the Solar Wisdom ('gold' or 'cattle') from the Gods or Arya. But the Thorn-Rune is also the 'Rune of Third', the Divine Hero who regains the 'cattle' stolen from the Arya, just as Jack regains the 'gold' stolen from his father. Feoh and Ur contain the Divine Wisdom or Solar Knowledge of the lost Golden Age, and Thorn is the rune connected to regaining this knowledge when it is 'stolen' by the 'Giants'. 

What we do have here in the sequence Fe-Ur-Th are links to the fabled Golden Age, the 'Black Sun' of this ancient era, the Hyperborean Race of the 'Shining Ones' that seem linked to the Feoh-Rune, the 'Black Hole' at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, and Saturn-Saeter, Ruler of the Golden Age. Each of these runes moulds its meaning into the next rune, each one relating to the other, and each one being related to the same theme - the Golden Age of Being. In fact this sequence seems to be continued through Os-Rad-Ken-Gyfu-Wyn, all of which could be related in some way to the Golden Age of Perfection. 

Os - Ruler of the Golden Age.

Rad - Right Order, Truth, Rita.

Ken - Knowledge, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Kinship and Fellowship.

Gyfu - Exchange, harmonious working of giving and taking. 

Wyn - Fellowship, Joy, Harmony, Blessedness.

One of the things that could bring light to the problem of Saturn and the Golden Age is the Roman festival called 'Saturnalia'. This happens around the Yuletide period of the year which is the time of death-to-rebirth' and also of the 'Ride of the Wild Hunt'. Since the essence of this festival is one of everything being turned upon its head then this fits with the era in which we are living through today. This is the time of dissolution and of chaos. It is thus possible that the idea of 'Saturn' and the 'Golden Age' may be that of this god overthrowing his father Uranus who was the 'God of the Golden Age'. Uranus is 'castrated' by his son, Kronos, meaning that he is unable to procreate and thus becomes unable to rule creatively. Since the name 'Chronos' is associated with 'time' this is something that would have come into existence at the end of the Golden Age. 

In Norse Sagas there is a tale about the World Mill churning out gold; it is greed that creates a situation in which the maidens who turn the mill unhinge it and create a catastrophe. It thus seems possible that some form of disharmony entered at the end of the Golden Age which caused its downfall. The 'World Mill' is linked to the Precession of the Equinoxes and the 'wobble' of the Earth due to its being 23 1/3 degrees off its true axis. The idea of the World Mill being 'unhinged' seems to suggest some form of cataclysm that threw the Earth off its true axis. We have also the theme that the Dark Sorceress named Gullveig appeared amongst the Gods, and her name means 'Gold-Lust' I am led to believe. She appears in Middle-Earth as 'Heid the Seeress', though the name 'Heid' was used frequently for such figures, not all as dark and destructive. If Viktor Rydberg is right then Loki eats her half-burned heart and thus takes on this female form of evil as an androgynous figure of male-female evil. It would seem that the dominant theme of the end of the Golden Age centres around the corrupted use of 'gold' in some way. 

If we look to Central and South America we find that such cultures as the Inkas created vast amounts of symbolic and religious objects out of gold; not for the wealth of the gold but as symbolic and religious 'divine' objects. Of course, some of the Christians who later came onto the scene did not quite see these in the same light, so here we can see how the same objects are seen differently according to the thoughts of different peoples. Like our own Germanic Culture, gold was originally 'wealth' but thought of in far different terms than the later 'greed for gold' that replaced that of honour and loyalty. So far down the road to insanity has this world gone that today 'wealth' is centred around the 'Electronic Fund Transfer System' where nothing is transferred from one person to the next. Everything is merely on paper (or today a screen) and the whole thing is an illusion where no actual wealth exists - only credit. Whereas gold and wealth were the bind between the King and his Warriors, the King and his Folk, it became a means to control the people; today there is no 'gold' in circulation, only 'credit', and the use of a 'Credit Number' will be the means of total control over the world. Both the Norwegian Rune Poem and the Icelandic Rune Poem warn that 'Wealth causes kinsman's strife' and this became truer and truer over the ages until today we see the pinnacle of the problem of 'gold' and 'wealth' in their material form. The symbol of gold in a spiritual sense is far different. We are living through the polar-opposite of the Golden Age that has gone, and the Golden Age that is coming. 

Saturn is seen as 'Old Father Time' and as I have stated before this suggests that the 'imprisonment' or 'enslaving' of Saturn- Kronos is seen in the replacement of Cyclic Time by Linear Time. The Widdershins Fylfot is thus the means to counter the movement of linear time towards death and decay; it is used by the Men Against Time who do not fit into this decaying, rotting and dying world and the Old Order, and who are the heirs to the New Order and the New Race of Man to come. 

As symbolic of Baldaeg-in-Odainsacre this is also symbolic of the Black Sun which is the power that courses through the Blood of the Arya, or rather the heirs to the Arya, those 'solitaries' who remain true to their Gods, their Ancestors, to All-Father and to Truth and Justice. This symbol is 'not of this world' because it comes from another world but it has infinite power in this world of matter. 

According to Miguel Serrano we have entered the 'Lead Age' which is one of tremendous upheavals and terrors at the end of the Warg-Age or Kali Yuga. This is thus associated with Saturn-Satan; it is the transmutation of Lead (Saturn) into Gold (The Sun) that will usher in the new Golden Age. Since World War II saw the 'Ride of the Wild Hunt' at the 'Yuletide' of the Great Year Cycle, then this downward movement is to be expected. The result of this disastrous world war was not a 'victory' for anyone since it merely resulted in the situation getting far worse than it had been - the world was thrust into disorder, chaos and dissolution. After the Yuletide the 'winter' sets in and this is the coldest, harshest and worst time of the year. We are now in the 'Great Winter' of this cycle, but all we can hope for is that 'time' as we know it has been speeding up, which means this era will last much shorter than it normally would. Only the most hardy and strong within Nature live through the winter months. This is the time for the 'Survival of the Fittest'. 

As stated in earlier blogs it is 'Mercury' (Woden) and 'Sulphur' (Ingus) that hold the key to the transmutation of Lead (Saturn) into Gold (The Sun). This process runs hand-in-hand with that of the 'Philosopher's Stone' which is the key to Immortality and to the creation of the God-Man or 'Coming Race'. The new 'Golden Age' requires a new 'Golden Race' - the Sun-Man or Solar Race. This is more of a 'recreation' than a 'creation' but in the process, due to the 'ego' being developed within man, the new 'Golden Race' will not be the innocent and childlike race of the former Golden Age, but an 'adult' and 'mature' race with self-consciousness and thus the ability to create at will. 

(*) There is also a subtle link to the Beorc-Rune here; when turned upon its 'back' this becomes a symbol of 'mountains', maybe linked to the Germanic berg or burg. The rune, despite numerous attempts to connect this to other trees than the 'birch', would be pronounced 'beorch' and thus clearly means the 'birch-tree'. This is the first tree that appears after a forest fire or when swathes of trees are cut down during the 'management' process used by such eminent governmental departments as the 'Forestry Commission'. This is thus the 'Tree of Rebirth and Renewal', and is symbolic of rebirth and renewal. Opened up it is the Peorth-Rune, Rune of Birth. 

Thursday 26 September 2019

Ar-Man - Ar-Kan

Some rune-workers reject the Armanen System because it is not 'authentic', which goes to show a complete ignorance of our Ancient Runes. Together with the 'scholars' who see these runes as merely an 'alphabet', despite the obvious fact that the Teutonic Folk did not write things down but passed them by word of mouth from generation to generation, these throw a veil across the runes that has to be lifted. 

Woden discovered the runes through a Shamanic Initiation whilst hanging upon the World Tree. He did not create them he recovered them from the Well of Memory. With this in mind it matters less as to when the runes were first used than the archetypal myth as to how they were recovered for the Teutonic Folk. If we see it in this way then the Armanen Runes recovered by Guido von List whilst blinded (as was Woden blind in one eye) are far more authentic since he took upon himself the Archetype of Wotan in doing this act. It would seem obvious that they were rediscovered (again) at a time in history when they were needed by the Teutonic Folk in Germany. Guido von List rediscovered them by delving deep into the Well of Memory - the Blood Memory. Here lies the lost Eye of Woden.

The Hag-All/All-Hag/Krist-All is the form above out of which the 18 Armanen Runes can be drawn. When the Norwegian Rune-Poem states - "Krist shaped the former (original) heavens' - this refers to the very ancient time when Thule existed, lit by the Black Sun that shone above the Midnight Mountain. Thus the 'former heavens' but also the 'former Sun'. The Haegle-Rune represents the Sun; when taking a photo of the Sun it appears as the six-rayed Haegle-Rune. We can see that the Armanen Runes were rediscovered by the Ar-Man or 'Sun-Man', but this is the Black Sun of the Ancient World. These runes have come out of the Black Sun. 

This Hag-All Rune or 'Mother-Rune' forms what is today known as the Seed of Life. When extended this becomes the Tree of Life which grows out of this 'seed'; this is symbolised by the Nine Glory-Twigs of Woden. The Tree of Life contains all 33 Runes of the Ar-Kan Runes which are a development from the Armanen Runes. 

Krist is seen here as a 'Sun-God' but connected to the 'Black Sun' and not to the 'Golden Sun' of today's world. Krist is now the 'Hidden God' and is the same as Woden in this role. 

' who went down into the pit for the salvation of the world; this was the Sun shorn of his Golden Rays, and crowned with Blackened Ones as the 'thorns'...'

The Secret Doctrine - HPB.

This refers to Krist (Chrestos) as the 'Black Sun' which is hidden in the depths of the subconscious mind or 'The Pit' which in India was called Patala and ruled over by a Snake-God called Vasuka. The depths of Patala were 'impregnated with the brightness of the new Sun', just as Baeldaeg (Sun-God) is in Hela in Norse Mythology. His symbol is that of the Fylfot-Swastika which is black, being symbolic of the Black Sun. Vasuka is the 'Great Naga' who was used as a rope around the mountain Mandara for the churning of the Ocean for Amrita - the Water of Immortality. 

Since the 33 Ar-Kan Runes derive from the Tree of Life, which itself is a growth of the Seed of Life (Hag-All) then they too derive from the Black Sun (AR) and form the 'emanations' of the Black Sun in the Age of Ing. Some of the Brahmans of India laboured under the false impression that no 'avatars' or 'adepts' could appear in the Kali Yuga, despite this idea being contradicted by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. 

'Among the commandments of Tsong-Kha-Pa there is one that enjoins the Arhats to make an attempt to enlighten the world, including the 'White Barbarians', every century, at a certain specified period of a cycle.'

The Secret Doctrine - HPB

'It is said that up to the time when Pban-chhen-rin-po-chhe 'Great Jewel of Wisdom') condescends to be reborn in the land of the P'helings (Westerners), and appearing as the Spiritual Conquerer (Chom-den-da), destroys the errors and ignorance of the ages, it will be of little use to try to uproot the misconceptions of P'heling-pa (Europe); her sons will listen to no one.'

The Secret Doctrine - HPB.

Another prophecy states that the Secret Doctrine will remain pure in Tibet until such time as it has been invaded by foreigners - which has happened in our times when the Chinese invaded Tibet. 

The Hagal-Rune seen above shows the consciousness held in the 'centre' of the spinal column, around the area of the Solar Plexus-Heart Centre. 

The Ior-Rune or Iar-Rune shown here is symbolic of the raising of consciousness up to the Third-Eye Centre, and thus the means of communication with the Gods. Gifu is the 'gift' given to us by the gods, the means to awaken within ourselves this 'Inner God-Force' through the raising of consciousness to a higher level - from Son to Odroerir. In one sense the link to a 'Serpent' is made through the Spinal Column which is shaped like a Serpent; it is this, at a spiritual level, through which the consciousness moves upwards. Inherent in the rune is a move from one element to another - from 'earth' (UR) to 'water' (LAGU)- from which arises the symbolism of the wind-mill which thus moves us from 'water' into 'air' (spirit - ANSUZ). 

The 'Serpent' is also the Fire-Serpent that arises along the spinal column as the Kundalini-Force. It is this Fire-Serpent that arises through the Three Cauldrons - Bodn - Son - Odroerir - reaching the Third Eye Centre as this rune suggests. The Fire-Serpent arises in the shape of the snake (S) along the Spinal Column which is made up of the 33 Ar-Kan Runes. The Nine Sacred Runes of the Third AEttir are to be found in the Coccyx (Gar-Stan-Calc-Cweorth) and the Sacrum (Ear-Ior-Yr-AEsc-Ac). 

The Yr-Rune moves into a 'higher state' through the Yr-Rune which is the Ur-Irminsul. This forms the gealdor YM (OM-AUM) which is that of the 'Hidden God' (AMUN) and the AR-MAN. The Ur-Rune is that which is 'primal' but with the aurochs (Ur-Ox) it is an 'earthly' symbol (the 'moor-stomper') of the Bull-Ox. The Yr-Rune is that of a Yew-Tree or Yew-Bow whose arrows fire through the element of 'air', thus taking this to a spiritual level. There is another alternative rune using an Ur-Rune over a Gifu-Rune (X) which is the Ur-Consciousness. 

The Ar-Man is the 'Sun-Man' and the Ar-Kan is the 'Sun-Fire' or 'Sun-Knowledge', but of the most ancient Black Sun and not the Golden Sun of today's world. Both Woden and Krist, as the 'Crucified Gods' represent the Black Sun and its 'death'; this is inherent in the Ear-Rune (Death) and the Cweorth-Rune (Transformation & Resurrection). The 'Hanged God' becomes the 'Crowned and Conquering Son ('Sun'). Krist becomes the 'Sun of Man' - Woden becomes 'Wid-Ar'. One of the various meanings associated with 'wid' is 'widow', which means 'loss'; this is the hidden meaning within the name 'Wid-Ar' who is the 'Lost Sun' or 'Hidden Sun'. 

It is essential that we seek to awaken those within our Folk who hear the Call of the Blood, for in doing so the way is prepared for the future Avatar who will appear in the Age of Aquarius. It is quite possible that the idea of the Age of Ing is such that it now represents the 'Age of Heroes' which would be a transition period between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius, lying in neither one nor the other, and yet lying in both of them. This is the 'conception period' of the Age of Aquarius. Since time is today shortened (truncated) we have no idea how long this will last. 

That the English Folk are not 'awakening' as fast as some would like it is simply because the time of the Last Avatar has not yet come...this will be in the future at the 'Day-Break' of Aquarius. And we cannot tell when this will be. This does create a problem in that some people await such a time thinking that it will just 'happen', and thus they do not need to do anything. This is a great mistake, because what we do today will ensure that the Last Avatar will appear and bring an end to the Reign of Evil & Darkness. It is our words, our deeds and acts that will ensure that this comes about - this is our Divine Mission. 

The 'Guiding Light' for this future awakening is the Black Sun of the Ancients - the Light of Thule. This shines without and within, it is the 'Inner Light' that guides and guards us in our Divine Destiny, cast into the Web of Wyrd by the Three Sisters of Wyrd. The Hale-Bopp Comet (Bab-Komet) was sent by Wyrd to awaken us to our Divine Destiny; this is a pointer to the way that the web of fate is being woven for us. This was the Eight-Legged Horse (Sleipnir) that rides at the dawn-time of the Age of Aquarius, heralding this New Age. 

8-8-8 Crop Circle

The date of this crop-formation was the 8th August 2015 (8-8-8) and the symbolism has here changed in that the four 'dots' and curves around these 'dots' makes up the Sacred Number 8 again. The 'dots' represent the Four Beasts of the Apocalypse - Lion-Man-Eagle-Bull - which form the turning of the Precession of the Equinoxes from Pisces to Aquarius. This is also the 'Squaring of the Circle'. The 'extra' outer ring shows four 'rays' being refracted through the first inner ring, thus hinting that the Black Sun (dormant) is beginning to throw out energies into the Cosmos. These are the Central Black Sun and the Inner-Earth Black Sun becoming more active, thus awakening the Inner Black Sun within the Ar-Man. These 'rays' form a Fylfot-Swastika, part of the three that make up the Black Sun symbol. Spiritual Forces are awakening again through the Power of the Black Sun.

Cygnus the Swan

Cygnus the Swan is the pointer to the Black Hole at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is symbolised in the South Saxon Mark by the Long Man of Wilmington, whereas the Herne Giant in Dorset represents the winter aspect as Orion the Hunter. The shape of the Cweorth-Rune is that of Cygnus the Swan; its meaning of 'Sword' connects to SWAR and to the Sun. From this area of the Milky Way Galaxy are emitted very powerful energy-rays that affect the Earth at this time. These energies will awaken the 'Elect' - the 'Heirs' - the 'Ar-Man'.