Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 21 December 2017

The Runes of Ingwe

As I was looking through my old works I came across the 33 runes which were discovered by a Woden Initiate back in March 2012. Over and over again I have meditated upon these, come up with some ideas, but never really understood why they have been given to us, nor what they really mean. So now I am going to open this mystery to others, hoping that someone, somewhere, will come up with some new discovery that will open these mysteries to us once and for all.

The trigger for this was when I asked this Odinist if he could meditate upon a 'crystal' for me. This was because I was asked to look into a 'crystal' that was the subject of 'Psychic Questing' some years ago, a crystal hidden somewhere up in the Scottish Highlands. Being not so well off I could not risk going up there on a whim without some form of proof that something tangible may be there, so I asked Ragnar Eriksson, who I had only just met, to do this meditation, hoping that he would come up with something. He was outside our group and thus not involved so anything we got would be uninfluenced by our work.

Nothing is simple, and Wyrd set the web trembling and Ragnar (mistakenly) thought that I was referring to the 'Krist-All' of Guido von List, and his meditations went along these lines. Had he not have done so these would no doubt not have come to light - weird. His letter to me is as below -

Hello Wulf,

After receiving your email asking me to meditate on an ancient crystal I assumed that you meant the one used by Guido von List at the beginning of the Twentieth Century? With this in mind I set about the task of doing so, but had no illumination until my second attempt a day later. This time I knew that there was something odd that I was seeing, but it was unclear what it was that I was actually seeing. My third attempt became more revealing in as much as I was seeing something else inside the Crystal Cube, but this was not at all well defined. 

A fourth evening meditating on this revealed a diamond-shaped smaller crystal inside the first. The Armanen Runes appeared where one would expect them, i.e. on the edges of the facets of the first crystal. But there were also runic shapes on the facets of the diamond too. 

On my fifth attempt I saw only the diamond-shaped crystal, the runic shapes were each in flames. On seeing this I copied down the shapes I saw in the order in which they were revealed to me. Having now got a set of 33 rune-shapes I had no names for them so had another meditation session the following evening and, sure enough, I was given the rune-names. 

You will find them on the page behind this letter mate. I cannot say if this is what you are after, if these are meant for you, or even if these are the healing-runes I have been looking for for the past twenty years? Either way, I am sure you might be able to sheds some light here, Wulf?

Best Wishes and I hope this helps (in whatever way),

Kind Regards,

Ragnar Eriksson

Firstly it would be wise to tell how I came to meet Ragnar Eriksson, whom I have lost touch with long ago). Both he, and a lady within his group, had the same dream-vision in which they were told to 'Seek out the Wolf and the Pale Dragon'. After this he came across our website and assumed that I was the 'Wolf' and the White Dragon was the 'Pale Dragon'. Some synchronicity, and proof that there are Higher Powers working through many people, working for the same struggle. It would seem that he was led to us in order to be the one to reveal these Holy Runes, and we must thank him for this. (*)

Anyway, it is now time to reveal these 33-runes so that they are not lost to us, and that their importance comes to light. Below are the runes revealed to Ragnar and sent to me -

There are certain things that came out with my own meditation -

  • The Germanic Ing-Rune features in no less than 11 staves; 11 is a number related to the 33 (11 x 3).
  • The Tiw-Rune (Arrow) appears also on 11 rune-staves. 
  • The Jera-Rune runs clockwise relating to the Cycle of the Year, whilst the similar Heimdall-Rune runs anti-clockwise relating (as it should) to the Precession of the Equinoxes. 
  • The Gar-Rune is a balance of Jera and Heimdall. The Quaert-Rune is also similar but without the upright stave.
  • The 'arrows' seem to signify movement upwards and downwards in some cases. 
  • The Stahn-Rune and the Gaefu-Rune are similar but 'opposites'; the 'Stone' and 'Gift' can be found in the 'Gift of Ing' and 'Stone of Ing'.
  • The Calc-Rune here becomes the Kaulca-Rune which obviously suggests Kalki Avatar. This is similar to the Daeg-Rune. 
  • The AEthel-Rune is here a Germanic Ing-Rune with an arrow pointing downwards; this itself is interesting. Obviously the rune refers to the 'Racial Homeland'. 
There are also another couple of things that came to me after first meditating on these -

  • There are two runes - niD and nid both of which appear to have the same name; I have interpreted the first as nith, the second nid.
  • There are also two runes named 'ihr'; the one that looks like the Uhru-Rune but upside-down I saw as Ihru, the second as Ihr.
The runes are broken into four AEttir plus the Gar-Rune which is still the 'Sacred Centre -

Fae - Uhru - Thunor - Man - Caan - Stahn - NiD - Aak

Jera - AEhu - Lagiw - Balder - Isc - AEuuas - Sighael - AElas

Ing - Daeg - Iuhr - Gaefu - Ihru - AEthel - Heimdall - nid

AEhr - Asc - Paertra - Quaert - Uuyn - Kaulca - Tiw - Ihr


The only two spellings I have changed is the NiD-nid/Ihru-Ihr since two runes cannot have the same spelling, though similar sounds. The Gar-Rune is not clear on the photo but is the Quaert-Rune with an upright stave. In regard to direction the Uhru-Ihru/Aak-Iuhr/Stahn-Gaefu runes are all made by spinning the first around either clockwise or anticlockwise, yet another directional move

Although the secrets of these runes have as yet not been revealed their importance seems clear from the way that they were revealed. Firstly, the Armanen Crystal was shown, together with the 18 Armanen Runes; from out of this Armanen Crystal the Diamond-Crystal ('Crystal of Ing') appeared. This suggests that the 33-runes have grown out of the 18-rune Armanen System, and that they have appeared here in England at this time because the Sword of Hengest passed from Germany to England. 

That each rune-stave appeared in a fiery-nature suggests that these are indeed the Runes of Ingwe (Inga-Runes); even the Is-rune (Isc) is now connected to movement (upwards-downwards) and to Ing (diamond-stave). Ingwe is similar to Agni and thus a Fiery-God. According to the Listian theory Arman is the 'Sun-Man', Ingfo is the 'Sun-God' and Istfo is the 'Wanderer'. Ingwe is thus a Sun-God and Sun-Hero in manifestation. Since we have entered the Age of Ing and that the archetype of the Coming Man ('Son of Man') is linked to Ingwe then these runes must be connected to the Age of Ing and the Aryan Heroic Archetype. Thus, not only did the 'Great King of Terror' (Black Sun) bring back to life the 'Great King of the Angles' (Ingwe) - in 1999, but also in 2012 a new set of runes connected with Ingwe was revealed to a Woden Initiate here in England.

This diamond-shape features in a number of places across these islands and is invariably described as a 'lozenge'. It occurs on the stone at the entrance of Bryn Cellu Ddu in Anglesey, North Wales, an ancient 'burial chamber' or 'tumulus'. There are even designs on some Pictish Stones which could be seen as being a more elaborate design of the Ing-Rune in its English version XX. Remembering that there was a Pictish King called AEngus/OEngus. The widespread ancient knowledge of Ingwe needs much further investigation since he seems to have left a mark throughout the nations of these islands. 

Pictish Symbol

Of course, there is the possibility that I have got this wrong and that rather than referring to the 'Age of Ing' in our times these runes are linked to At-al-land and the sinking of the 'Racial Homelands'. The AEthel-Rune does suggest this, whereas its modern version is the Ing-Rune with an upward-pointing shape underneath. Or, the new AEthel-Rune could mean a 'coming down from above' of the Force of Ingwe. These things will become clearer in time.

Whatever the case these runes have now been revealed and now open to others to come up with new ideas. It is strange that at every corner these things seem to revolve around the figure of Ingwe. Ingwe is the "Beginning and the End' or 'The First and the Last' and is the 'Son of Man(nus)' He is thus associated with The Fool of the Tarot. Note that the figure of The Fool holds in his left hand the White Rose of Albion. He is the 'Harlequin' or 'Herla-Kin', who is the Wild Hunter-God in one sense. 

(*) There seems no indication that these are 'Healing Runes', although in a sense they may well be classed as runes that 'heal' the Folk and the Land. That they are 33 in number, the same as the Anglo-Frisian Runes, links them to At-al-land. Marby considered the 33-runes to come from Atlantis.

Wednesday 20 December 2017

ALU-ULA Exercise

Below is the ALU-ULA Exercise which we have used at our Folk-Moots; this has an added piece using the 'Mudra of Ingwe' which binds the Woden Initiate to Ingwe as the Divine Ancestor. If you have the Wulf Ingessunu ALU recording on the Seelenlicht CD 'Love and Murder' (Track XIV) this could be played in the background. 

Stand with your feet about 12 inches apart; relax and let a feeling of warmth pass through your body.

Form a closed fist with the right hand over the Heart Centre; now curl the left hand over the right hand. This represents the Sun and the Moon - the balance of Light and Darkness. 

Now make the Mudra of Ingwe over the Third Eye Centre by crossing the left index finger (first finger) over the right index finger, and crossing the left thumb over the right thumb beneath this. The ends of the thumbs should touch the knuckle-joints of the two index fingers. The other fingers of both hands should be closed up. This will form an X over an X - the Ing-Rune. This will also form a Germanic Ing-Rune from the Third Eye down to the Heart Centre. 

Place your open hands across the Hara-Centre (2 inches below the navel) in the shape of a Trikona (Inverted Triangle). 

Intone the Rune - "URUZ" - in a deep voice. Visualise the rune-stave URUZ in a black form. You can add a visualisation of a Black Bull if you wish, but this should be done after the visualising and chanting of the rune.

Bring your open hands upwards, level with the Heart Centre/Solar Plexus Centre; the hands should be now slightly opened and pointing away from you towards the front (in a kind of twin Lagu-Runes).

Intone the Rune - "LAGUZ" - in a slightly higher voice. Visualise the rune-stave LAGU in a red form. You can visualise a Red Deer at this point if you wish.

Now bring the hands upwards again to the Third Eye Centre where the open hands forms an Upright Triangle over the centre of the eyebrows.

Intone the Rune - "ANSUZ" - in a high voice. Visualise the rune-stave ANSUZ in a white form. You can visualise a White Swan at this point if you like.

Now repeat this, but start with ANSUZ, down to LAGUZ, and down to URUZ. This is one cycle. Do the cycle either 3 times (or 9 times if you have the time and inclination). The main thing is not to rush it through so doing it 3 times may be better for the first time. 

Note: the last latter 'Z' should be extended for as long as you can as 'zzzzzzz'; this acts as a 'buzz' which should be felt in the particular centre of the rune sounded. 

Friday 29 September 2017

The Feoh-Rune

In the Inglinga Blog I have worked on the idea of the Eternal War between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. This came about through concepts contained in the Rig Vedas. It is clear from this that the symbols of the 'Cows' and the 'Gold' are symbols of the Solar-Light of the God-Head, the Divine Light of Swar, the region above the heavens, the highest point of consciousness, the Realm of the Gods - Asgard. 

The earliest meaning we have for the Feoh-Rune is 'cattle', from the Old English Rune-Poem; the later texts replace this with 'gold'. The texts use these in reference to the physical objects and thus contain mundane meanings. Yes - this is one level of meaning but it is not the only one. To find the inner and hidden meaning we need to refer to the children's tale - Jack & the Beanstalk.

Jack is sent out by his mother with a cow which he has to swap for the necessary food to live; on the way to market he comes across a man who persuades Jack to part with the cow in exchange for some Magic Beans. He takes the Magic Beans back and his mother sternly scolds him for his action, so Jack throws the Magic Beans into the garden.

When Jack awakes the next day he finds a vast bean-stalk rising into the skies, so he climbs up to the top. There he enters the realm of an Ogre (Giant) and he finds a Golden Hen that lays Golden Eggs guarded by the Ogre, which he steals and takes back down to his mother. The next day he climbs again and finds a hoard of Golden Coins, which he steals again and takes to his mother. On the third climb he enters the house of the Ogre and finds a Golden Harp which starts to play; the Ogre returns so the wife of the Ogre hides Jack in the oven. The Ogre exclaims -

Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum, I smell the Blood of an Englishman,

Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread.

The Ogre's wife waits until the Ogre falls asleep and lets Jack go; Jack steals the Golden Harp and climbs down the beanstalk, but the harp starts to play, awakes the Ogre who follows on the heels of Jack as he descends. Jack jumps to the floor, cuts the beanstalk, and the Ogre falls to his death. It becomes clear that the Golden Treasures were originally the property of Jack's father, so in reality he merely took then back.

We have all the elements of the Mystery of the Feoh-Rune here - the 'cow' (Golden Sun), the beanstalk (spiral ascent), the Golden Treasure (The Light of the Arya), the stealing and regaining of the Golden Treasure. We even have the runic formula for this rune - Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum. (It is perhaps expected that the formula is here set to fit into the rhyme and metre of the poem, but the formula in effect would be -

Fa - Fe - Fae - Fi - Fo - Foe - Fum

This is the Sevenfold Sound of Fehu, shortened to Fa-Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum; note that the Latin Alphabetical order is used, whether this is original we cannot tell. The Ogre mentions that he will 'grind' Jack's bones, suggesting that he is the Turner of the Mill. I have discussed this in my book Ar-Kan Rune-Lag : The Secret Aryan Way in which I recognised the 'gold' as symbolic of the Solar Knowledge and Solar Wisdom, as well as the Solar Light. 

We have to recognise that the Solar-Light is stolen by the Great Enemy, by the Forces of Darkness; I have mentioned before how this could relate to an ancient times (perhaps in Egypt) where the Aryan Wisdom was stolen when one of the Aryan Kings was slain (the Legend of Hiram Abif may be related to this). It seems clear that the Aryan Wisdom remains hidden in the lore of the counter-initiation, hidden but distorted to suit their evil aims. It has always been strange that many Western Tradition Occultists have used the Kabalah, but maybe there is some hidden worth in this lore after all, hidden but distorted (as must be recognised, of course, before using such texts). 

The above shows clearly that the runes were not merely mundane symbols for everyday objects; seeing them as such has kept the true meanings hidden. What we need to remember is that words used in ancient texts have to work at an intuitive level and not an intellectual level; they have to work through the right-brain in the way of A = B = C = D etc. rather than 1 + 2 + 3 = 6 when the left-brain is used. Thus, every word used has to be seen in a way in which it evokes many meanings at the same time, even meanings that would seem to contradict. 'Cattle' is the same as 'Gold', even though they seem quite separate and different, for they both symbolise the Solar Light in different ways. Gold is more obvious, but the cow is both motherly and nurturing, and the Sun's rays nurture and feed us with Light. Audhumla is the Cosmic Cow and Cosmic Mother. 

Those scholars who have rejected anything but materialistic meanings to the runes have 'blocked out the Light', have pushed the true meanings into the darkness, where it is the role of the Aryan Mystic to retrieve them and bring them back into the Light of Day. Those who wrote down these symbols would likely have been aware of what they were writing, but had to hide them from the Judaeo-Christian oppressors who sought to destroy the Ancient Wisdom of the Arya. It may be that they were not aware of the hidden meanings, who knows? 

The 'darkness', the 'cave' and the 'lake' are symbolic of the subconscious; it is here that the Aryan Treasure lies hidden. It is here that the 'demons' and the 'darkness' hide that treasure. It is necessary to dive deep into that darkness, to dive into the 'lake', to enter the 'cave of darkness', to slay the Dragon of Darkness that guards the Gold-Hoard, and to retrieve the Gold-Hoard, steal back the cattle, and to bring this back into the Light of Day - the conscious mind. The unconscious has to be made conscious. This is the Mystery of the Blood - the Blood-Memory.

Like the Giantess, Gunnlod, the female Joten (Giants or Ogres) aid and help the Aryan Hero who has to find the treasure. This is clear in the tale of Jack & the Beanstalk. In the Myth of Knit Mountain we find Woden retrieving the Mead of Inspiration which was also stolen by the Joten and retrieved by the Gods. The essence of these tales is that some form of self-sacrifice is needed to regain the treasure, whether it be the Mead of Inspiration or the Golden Hoard, or the Cattle. The essence is struggle, going against all odds, sacrificing all for the sake of the Divine Quest. This is also true of the Graal-Quest, for the Graal is often seen as a 'Divine Light', a brilliant, shining light at the end of the struggle. To whom does the Light belong - the Light is the right of the Arya. The Divine Light is Feoh which can be seen from the OE fah which means 'radiant' or 'bright' and is the Fire of Ingwe. (*) There is another Old English word feorh which means 'life', 'soul' or 'spirit' and which is the Flame of Life. Light and Fire are the realms of Ingwe. (See the book for more details of this rune.)

(*) Woden's Folk uses the formula FAH as a means to remember the key elements for fire-making -

F = Fuel.

A - Air.

H = Heat.

Thursday 28 September 2017

Sieg Heil!

The above, taken from the Volkische-Runes Blogspot, are four variations of the Ken-Rune, but it is the second from the left that we are interested here. This rune-shape is an upright stave with an upward-pointing 'arm'. We cannot but notice the shape is that of the so-called 'Nazi Salute' or 'Fascist Salute'. Of course, this post (once again I am afraid) opens me up to the claims of being a 'Neo-Nazi' but that is a hazard we have to overcome if the truth is to become known, and the truth will one day sweep aside all of the lies and the misunderstandings that come from the Great Liar and his Dark Servants.

The salute is made up of two distinct runes, the Sieg-Rune and the Hael-Rune (Haegl-Rune). Added to this the rune-stance is that of the Ken-Rune in its Anglo-Saxon form. We need to analyse these runes to see what the stance actually does -

  • Sieg means 'victory', so Sieg-Heil means 'Victory-Heil'.
  • Heil or Hael is a force, the mysterious force invoked by the use of this salute. It is a force of healing and health, a force of harmony and stability, a force for good since surely healing and harmony is good for us - though certain powers may not see it this way, since they promote division and disharmony. 
  • Sieg is also the Sun, the Brilliant Light, the Golden Light of the Sun, the Sun of the Arya. This is also invoked, the Power of Light and Life.
  • Sieg is the Lightning-Bolt of Thunor, of Indra, of Thor, the Lightning-Bolt that smashes through the Darkness. It is the power that breaks down barriers, that breaks through any obstacles. It is the Thunderbolt, the Bolt of the Thunder-God, the Power of Light breaking the Darkness.
  • Sieg is a Rune of the Serpent (S), the serpentine-power, the Fire-Serpent, the Power of Ingwe-Agni.
  • The Ken-Rune is the Fire-Serpent, the Inga-Fire, the Power of Ingwe-Agni; this is the upward path of Light and Fire as shown in the stave itself, the upward movement within Man, rising to the heavens, to the Divine Light, to the Divine Truth.
  • As the Force of Ingwe this salute invokes the Power of the Divine Will, the Will-to-Power, the Will-to-Victory over the Forces of Darkness and Matter.

The third rune is that used on the White Stone of Ing, and this can either be with the stave above the upturned 'V' or the stave below a 'V' (as a 'Y' shape'). In this case I feel that the former is how it is used here. 

The Ken-Rune stance suggests the invocation of the Fire of the Sun and the rune means the Sun, the Serpent but also the Soul (Sowilo). The 'Light of the Gods' (Litr Godh) is the Divine Spark, Agni-Ingwe, who is the Hidden God, the god within the Arya, the Fire of the Arya, the Fire of the Hidden Sun, the Sun concealed in the Darkness of Matter. Sieg is the victory of Light over the Darkness, 'Sieg Heil!' is the invocation of that victory, the drive towards harmony and then perfection. The drive towards Immortality and the Realm of the Gods.

The Sieg-Rune is associated with the Will; this is linked to the Lightning-Flash or Lightning-Bolt, it is that which will break through, achieve victory in the end through the Power of Will. The word 'will' is itself entirely positive, there is no hint of negativity within the sense of the word. When we say 'I will' it is a positive and powerful statement, unlike 'I might' or 'I might be able to'. 'I will' is powerful and has to be said with vigour and power - in itself it invokes power and force. Will is in fact the Power of Truth. 

The rune has a serpentine-movement related to Agni and thus to Ingwe; it is a spiral motion, a spiritual motion, the Power of the Vortex. Ken is the Inga-Fire, the Aryan Fire, the Sacred Flame of the Gods, the Flame of Knowledge, the Fire that Forges, the Fire that Transforms. It was said that great Initiates of Fire would arise to guide the evolution of Man, the Fire of Ingwe which is the Beacon-Fire shining in an Age of Darkness. 

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Alchemy and Runic Symbolism

This post was sparked off by a link sent to me by C.M.Reed which promotes two books about the symbolism of the REBIS and its shape which features universally and, of course, is the shape of the Long Man, the Herne Giant, Viracocha, the Atacama Giant and the Ear-Cweorth Runes. The link is to which has a number of images of the symbolism. We have already shown some images of the rune-shape but this post will bring into play another meaning of these runes, one linked to the 'Graal Runes' theme that we have worked on many times. What we need to do is to go through the REBIS and the symbolism.

The image is male-female as shown by the two heads.

The Sun is male, next to the male head.

The Moon is female, next to the female head.

The Man is dressed in RED (The Red King) and the Woman is dressed in WHITE (The White Queen). 

The man holds the compass which makes a circle and thus symbolises the Spirit.

The woman holds a square which (as the word suggests) makes a square and thus symbolises Matter.

Aphrodite (Venus) and Hermes (Mercury) have a child named Hermaphrodite who is born male but becomes male-female thus uniting the two as one. The above shows the union of Venus (Female) and Mercury (Male). This is the Alchemical Wedding. 

An alternative symbolism is that of the Red King (Spirit) and the White Queen (Matter). This is symbolic of Man who is Spirit born into Matter.

At the bottom is a Winged Globe in which is a Triangle (Spirit) imposed upon a Square (Matter). Above this is a Fire-Serpent (Fire-Dragon) which represents a transmutation by fire. The Number 4 is found on the Square, and the Number 3 on the Triangle - again 4 = Matter, 3 = Spirit. 

At the top is a Golden Star which represents the transmutation of Lead into Gold, and thus the coming Golden Age. This is a six-pointed star symbolic of the union of male-female, within which is the Sign of Mercury.

Looking at another site I found a very interesting explanation for the word REBIS which is said to be from the Latin res bina meaning 'dual-matter' or 'double-matter'. The site gives a better explanation of this as RE (Ra - Egyptian God) - B - IS (Isis - Egyptian Goddess). No explanation is given as to the 'B' as far as I could see. This is obviously the Male-Female union as found in the rest of the symbolism. 

Analysing the images on the website the figures in this position are holding in each hand -

Two Stags - Anatolia/Assyria

Two Dragons/Serpents - Afghanistan/Norse

Two Serpents - Andes/Crete

Two Lions - Egypt/Mesapotamia

Two Leaves/Corn - Greece

Two Birds - Greece

Two Horses - Hittite

Two Tigers - India (?)/ Persia 

Two Wolves/Dogs - Minoan/Persia

Two Rams - Persia

Two Animals/Horned Animals - Sumeria

Although not quite the same this image of Woden and Two Wolves contains the same theme without the same pose. It is Anglo-Saxon.

Now, simple logic tells us that these images are very different from the alchemical images of much later times, and are not a continuation of the original images. There is no hint in the later medieval images of either a male-female (they are either male or female) or of a union of male-female (the animals are the same on both sides). The only thing that links all of these images is that they show the stance of the Ear-Rune/Cweorth-Rune. Also these two runes are associated with death in that the Ear-Rune is the 'Earth-Grave' and the Cweorth-Rune is 'Ritual Cremation'. 

At the end of the Cycle of the Ages the world is dissolved into Chaos, into the Primal Material, into the Source, into the Darkness of the Void. This, as Blavatsky pointed out, involves the 'Dissolution of the Races' which we can clearly see happening today. Miguel Serrano's work, which we have taken up too, involves the idea that the 'Alchemical Marriage' (Male-Female) is not the end-phase of the 'Great Work' and that there is a further stage where we can go beyond this to become the God-Man. All other spiritual disciplines teach the union of male-female and the dissolution into the 'All', 'Cosmic Consciousness', 'Union with God', 'Union with Nature' etc. as the end result, but as Steed has pointed out, what would be the use of doing this since our lives would have no purpose and meaning, just being dissolved back into the source. 

Thus, the need for a union and then a separation is required to achieve going beyond, crossing the abyss (Void - Black Sun) to the Green Ray of Venus; this involves a transmutation which is achieved through Fire. Here we see the importance of the Cweorth-Rune which is the Rune of Transformation (by Fire). This transformation takes us to the Ubermensch of Friedrich Nietzsche. 

Going back to the REBIS I will now look at this as a Runic Formula - RAD - BEORC - IS. 

Rad - The journey, quest (for the Graal), the Self-Sacrifice (on the Tree of Woe).

Beorc - A regeneration (birch tree), a new beginning, rebirth, a New Dawn.

Is - The 'I' transformed into the Absolute I. 

Ra and Isis produce Horus the Son; Woden and Grid produce Widar the Avenger; Beorc is the Regenerated God. Ra is the Sun (Spirit), Isis is the Moon (Matter), Horus is the offspring - Spirit incarnate in Matter. Woden (Spirit) and Grid (Matter) produce Widar (Spirit incarnate in Matter). This is the same as Osiris (Spirit) and Isis (Matter) who give birth to Horus who is the new 'Horus-King' incarnated on Earth. 

It is interesting to note that it is Mercury (Woden) who is shown at the top, above the heads of the man-woman. It is thus Woden who ushers in the new Golden Age, who transforms the Lead into Gold, who transforms Saturn into the Golden Sun of the Golden Age. 

There seems to be no common denominator throughout the ancient images, bar for the fact they are mostly a figure, either man or woman, god or goddess, holding two animals, birds or mythical creatures. The Long Man of Wilmington shows the ancient figure of Waendal or Mundilfore, so the image suggests that of the God of Cyclic Time, the World-Turner and Cosmic-Turner. The Twin-Serpents in some images are related to the figure of a god that turns the world from the Cosmic Axis. 

The above figure shows the 'Churning of the Ocean of Milk', the 'milk' obviously symbolic of the Milky Way Galaxy. This is done by a Serpent, with Gods (Devas) and Demons (Asuras) being on either side pulling the Serpent. This is the balance of opposites or conflict of opposites. 

The Cweorth-Rune is also the Fire-Twirl which is the Creation being whisked into being by Mundilfore. It is Waendal/Mundilfore who whisks the worlds into creation. This rune thus suggests a 're-creation' of the worlds, and thus also of Man. 

In the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag we use two similar rune-staves for Ear and Cweorth' Ear has two small staves at the end of the 'arms'. These suggest the twin animals, staves, spears which are shown on the ancient symbols, and this also suggests an 'earthly' link as with the 'earth-grave' meaning given to this rune. The Cweorth-Rune has no short staves and is thus going beyond, being a Rune of Transformation by Fire. It is a Rune of Transcendence and one of the Four Hallows, which themselves contain the Graal-Runes - Calc/Stan/Gar. 

The same images appear on the Horns of Gallehus and these feature what seems to be the Lord of the Animals who is Herne the Hunter (Woden). The figure is also that of a Warrior or Twin-Warriors. The 'Lord of the Animals' is shown horned - 'The Horned One' (Woden).

On this 'Runic-Stance Horn' it appears as Twin-Warriors imposed upon each other, one upright and one sideways (third row right). This one is associated with the Wolf's Head Warriors bearing a Club (Woden) and an Axe (Thunor). 

This is an image of Shiva which is obviously derived from earlier images which may show Rudra, from which Shiva developed. Here there are four arms, which merely suggests movement

There is somewhat of a problem concerning the REBIS image, which uses classical terms rather than Northern European. This despite the amount of stuff that would have been available to scholars of the time. There are obvious connections - at a later time perhaps - with Masonry, since the same images come into Masonry. Masonry became the tool of the Counter-Initiation and the 'Third Estate' - the Merchant Age or 'Capitalism'. 

Such imagery sees the Sun as male and the Moon as female, which is the opposite of our Germanic Lore where the Sun is Female and the Moon Male. Indeed, there is also a marked difference than Tantric Lore, even though Shiva is Male (The Sun) and Shakti is Female (The Moon). Here Shiva represents Being which is static, which 'is', and which is unchangeable, and Shakti represents Becoming which suggests movement and change. Julius Evola sees this as Solar (Being) and Lunar (Becoming), the former being Male, the latter being Female. 

To understand this we may need to consider that in ancient cultures the 'Son of the Sun', the Divine King, was represented as a Male God-King. This does not negate the idea that the Sun is Female, as I will show. Ingwe-Frey is a Solar-God, as seen from the description of his Solar-Boar with 'Golden Rays'. So we could view the Sun-Spirit as Female, whilst the Sun's Rays (Boar's Spikes) are Male, and it is these rays that reach down to Earth. Thus this Sun-Spirit incarnates as a Male God-King. 

Julius Evola seems to see the Solar-Force of Being as having a far higher significance than the Lunar Force of Becoming. But Being does not change, and to bring change into effect (for whatever reason) we need Becoming - a Lunar and Feminine Force. This is the essence of the Tantric Lore where Shakti is the force of movement and change which rises from the base (Earth-Matter) and unites with Shiva (Being) in order to create a change in consciousness. This state of Becoming is perhaps symbolised by the Fylfot-Swastika, since this is the Force of Movement and Change. We can see here the Being is brought into movement and change through Becoming, though in reality Being does not change in essence. 

The great problem with symbolism is that every symbol has its meaning and its equal and opposite meaning. For example, the Rad Rune is of 'right order', the Rita, 'right action' and is the Solar Path; but it has the opposite meaning of the 'Rat', the destructive and parasitical animal that brings destruction and disease, and feeds off human waste in the main. Somehow, and in some way, it is uncannily linked to mankind. Thus, when we consider ancient symbolism and medieval symbolism we need perhaps to take into account that such symbolism can be changed into its opposite meaning in order to serve the Counter-Initiation. This has been done with the figure known as 'Baphomet' by Eliphas Levi, which suggests the union of opposites, i.e. the fusion of male-female, and black-white. This is the essence of Chaos and Racial Chaos.

The symbolism of the 'Golden Age' should also be considered in this light; what is the 'Socialist Paradise' but a theme based upon the 'Golden Age', but in reality a sick parody of what this really was. And this is the aim of the Counter-Initiation. This is no doubt a subconscious drive and many that take it up are no doubt convinced that what they are doing is right, but they do not have the true intelligence (and the True Light) to see that it is all an illusion, and that the end result is a 'Hell-on-Earth' rather than a 'Paradise' or 'Golden Age'. 

The last thing that we need to consider is that the 'One', the 'All', 'Cosmic Consciousness', 'Mother Nature' and the many other phrases used to encourage us to become 'united' with this refer not to a 'True God', nor to the 'Divine', but to the Demiurge, Ildaboath, Yahweh-Jehovah or any other name that is used for this Lord of Darkness and Chaos - as Miguel Serrano has pointed out. This 'Lord of Darkness' has become 'God'. So any 'Union with God' suggests a 'Union with the Darkness'. This is why we need to wary of the medieval images being a 'continuation' of an ancient image, even though the ancient images show very little similarity to the later ones. I am not suggesting we ignore or reject them, just that we be wary of what their underlying imagery shows. 


The arm-positions have been altered here to 'As Above - So Below', but the phrase 'Solve et Coagula' - 'Break down and run together' - points to the White Moon and Black Moon (White Man and Black Man). The figure is male-female and also represents the 'breaking down and running together' of the Man & Woman, as is happening today in our society. This, again, is the essence of Chaos

Lastly I would like to comment upon the concept of Kundalini since this has become one of the new 'fads' spreading over the world, in many cases from the USA. It is clear that the Kundalini Force is shown in the above figure of Baphomet where the 'phallic' symbol is a rod topped by a ball with twin-serpents reminiscent of the Caduceus of Mercury. There are so many videos and websites devoted to the 'Awakening of the Kundalini' that we need to consider why this is, and since it has become 'mainstream', what is the aim of this, since it is supposed to be a spiritual concept. 

It would seem obvious that the awakening of the Kundalini-Force is itself not a case of 'enlightenment' or some form of 'spiritual awakening', since those who are promoting this seem very far removed from any form of 'spiritual awakening', and are just offshoots of the 'New Age Movement' which is all part of the Global World Order. Indeed, many of these sites promote a forced awakening which is always deemed dangerous by those who are true Masters of this Serpent Force. It would seem obvious to me that this forced awakening is connected to a materialistic path, and that this has nothing whatever to do with a Spiritual Awakening. 

There seems no doubt that in very ancient times (possibly in Egypt) the Ancient Aryan Mysteries were stolen in some way, and then used by the growing Counter-Initiation as a counter-force to the Force of Light and Life. These Ancient Aryan Mysteries were stolen and subverted for the use of the Powers of Darkness, these being effectively 'turned on their head', or reversed in form, in order to serve the Darkness and Shadow-World. This may well be the symbolism of the cattle stolen in a raid, cattle which had to be found and taken back. This is also the symbolism of the Serpent which stole the Treasure/Gold and which the Aryan had to regain again through slaying the Serpent of Evil. The same theme occurs in Vedic India with the 'Flood' and the stealing of the Vedas (Ancient Knowledge) which had to be regained once more for the Aryans.

This is the reason why we should not reject or ignore what we see as possibly negative symbols, since where we find a symbol being 'stolen' and used against us we also find that these have an Ur-Form which contains the correct symbolism of the original meanings. These are Archetypal Symbols which have an Ur-Form but which can be overlaid with an opposite symbolism, just as in the figure of 'Jesus Christ' as the 'Hanged God', a symbol that far predates Christianity. This also shows in the imagery of Woden as the 'Horned God' being turned into its opposite as 'The Devil' or 'Satan'. 

The 'Caduceus of Mercury' is obviously symbolism connected to Woden, the Germanic God always deemed to be connected to Mercury. Thus Woden rules over the concept of the Kundalini-Force or Serpent-Force. It is the Inga-Fire which is the 'Fire of Transformation' and which transform Man into the Man-God. This has been looked at in another post.

Tuesday 8 August 2017

The Calc-Rune - Rune of Kalki

As with all runes the Calc-Rune has many different meanings at many different levels. This has been called the Death-Rune and this is the meaning that I am going to look at here. The shape is that of a 'bow and arrow', the weapon that can bring death. But in our modern age this rune represents the nuclear warhead, the 'weapon of mass destruction' that will be wielded by the Force of Destruction at the end of the Cosmic Cycle. Thus the rune is the Rune of Kalki Avatar, obvious from the rune-name 'calc'.

Kalki here wields a bow and arrow, though the usual weapon is the Flaming Sword. Kalki is an incarnation of Vishnu, but in his last incarnation he is more akin to Rudra-Shiva - the Destroyer of Worlds. In this respect we are reminded of Surt, who also wields a 'Flaming Sword', and is the 'Destroyer of Worlds'. Shiva dances the 'Dance of Destruction', shown in the Cweorth-Rune, the stance he is usually shown in. 

What we have to understand is that the end of a Cosmic Cycle means the destruction of everything, the Nine Worlds are engulfed by the Flames of Destruction. Everything has to go through the cleansing Fires of Surt - the Black One. It is this destructive force that is used to cleanse all evil and to bring justice and honour back to a fallen world. 

It is important to note that the Calc-Rune appears within the Anglo-Frisian Rune-row and the Younger Futhark, but does not appear in the Elder Futhark. Only in the English Runes does it appear with the title 'calc'; in the Younger Futhark (and Armanen) it is the Yr-Rune or 'Rune of Error'. Even then the English version of the Yr-Rune is shown as a bow and arrow, and related to the Yew-Bow and Yew Tree, the tree of death (graveyards) but also of immortality. 

I have equated HelgiH with Kalki Avatar because of the letter-changes which are feasible in the two different languages - Germanic and Sanskrit. HelgiH appears three times, is reborn from Helgi Hjorvarthson, to Helgi Hundingsbane, to Helgi Haddinga. These three incarnations also entail the Folk-Hero having his 'Valkyrie', the last being Kara, a name associated with 'time' (Kari). The 'Lay of Kara' is lost to us, or maybe never actually written, so we know little of the last incarnation of HelgiH. What we do know of Helgi Hundingsbane is that his appearance heralds bloodshed and slaughter, food for the ravens and the wolves. 

'The trumpets blared and each side joined battle with utmost violence. You might well have imagined that the heavens were suddenly rushing down at the earth, woods and fields subsiding, that the whole of creation was in turmoil and had returned to ancient chaos, all things human and divine convulsed by a raging tempest and everything tumbling simultaneously into destruction.....'

Account of the Battle of Bravellir by Saxo; quoted from the 'Sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok' (translated by Ben Waggoner).

This Norse account runs parallel to the account of the Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. In doing this Saxo has resorted to Archetypal Myth and given an account of Ragnarok at the same time. The same type of epic heroic battle occurs in the Greek Iliad, and all these are Aryan Mythology. Some are recorded as past epic battles, others as future epic battles; they re-occur throughout the Cycle of the Ages.

There are also some interesting roots which link to the names Kalki and Helgi -

Aryan Root *kal- / Germanic Root *hal-

to hide

to cover

Aryan Root *kar/kal / Germanic Root *har

to move,

to run


to project

Aryan Root *kar / Germanic Root *har

to hurt

to destroy

to burn

HelgiH is The Hidden One and we have here links to destruction by fire; there can be no doubt that his Archetypal Myth fits with that of Kalki Avatar of the Hindus. His myth tells us that he appears at the end of a cycle, and that his appearance heralds war, bloodshed, and destruction - the wolves and ravens rejoice because of the feast to come.

The power of destruction is also the role of Thunor; the Hammer of the Gods is Mjolnir which means 'the miller' or 'the crusher'. This applies also to the Swastilka which is the force that destroys the Evil Forces through its movement, its power of action. We should not forget the role of Thunor in the process of the destruction and cleansing of the Old Order.

The Calc-Rune is the Bow of Shiva, and as I said earlier today symbolises the nuclear warhead, it is the glyph of a 'rocket' that launches the weapon of mass destruction. As in the case of the Mahabharata we find that the power of the god Krishna (The Black One) is held in the concept of detachment, of being able to do that which is necessary, that which is ordained by a Higher Power, without pity or compassion. Arjuna is told that his enemies are already dead, this has been ordained by Krishna himself. His destiny is to destroy his enemies, even though they be his kinfolk.

Another rune connected with Kalki is the Hagal-Rune; it is significant that Helgi Hundingsbane is fostered by 'Hagal'. This rune contains both the 'Life-Rune' and 'Death-Rune', the balance of opposites contained within the whole (heil). I have shown before how Edred Thorsson sees the Hagal-Rune as being the projection from above or beyond of a hard and dangerous substance which is also the 'Seed of Becoming', new creation and transformation, sometimes through crisis. This is the transformation within the framework of cosmos, and the re-unification of opposites in a productive way. This sums up the Hagal Rune - Rune of Helgi/Kalki - which contains the 'reunification of opposites' within the same symbol. The meaning 'hail' given to this rune tells us that it is a Rune of Destruction, but it is also a Rune of Destruction-to-Recreation.

Interestingly, this rune is the basis of the 'Seed of Life' and the 'Tree of Life'; it is also seen as being the 'Star of David' when the points are joined as two triangles - the fusion of opposites. This is associated with the 'Cube of Saturn' and thus the Dark Power of this planet will be used against those who have used it against our Folk. The Gods are a blend of Gods and Joten, so they have the power to turn the Dark Side against their enemies - the Joten. This is the power that will be wielded by Kalki Avatar!