Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 21 December 2017

The Runes of Ingwe

As I was looking through my old works I came across the 33 runes which were discovered by a Woden Initiate back in March 2012. Over and over again I have meditated upon these, come up with some ideas, but never really understood why they have been given to us, nor what they really mean. So now I am going to open this mystery to others, hoping that someone, somewhere, will come up with some new discovery that will open these mysteries to us once and for all.

The trigger for this was when I asked this Odinist if he could meditate upon a 'crystal' for me. This was because I was asked to look into a 'crystal' that was the subject of 'Psychic Questing' some years ago, a crystal hidden somewhere up in the Scottish Highlands. Being not so well off I could not risk going up there on a whim without some form of proof that something tangible may be there, so I asked Ragnar Eriksson, who I had only just met, to do this meditation, hoping that he would come up with something. He was outside our group and thus not involved so anything we got would be uninfluenced by our work.

Nothing is simple, and Wyrd set the web trembling and Ragnar (mistakenly) thought that I was referring to the 'Krist-All' of Guido von List, and his meditations went along these lines. Had he not have done so these would no doubt not have come to light - weird. His letter to me is as below -

Hello Wulf,

After receiving your email asking me to meditate on an ancient crystal I assumed that you meant the one used by Guido von List at the beginning of the Twentieth Century? With this in mind I set about the task of doing so, but had no illumination until my second attempt a day later. This time I knew that there was something odd that I was seeing, but it was unclear what it was that I was actually seeing. My third attempt became more revealing in as much as I was seeing something else inside the Crystal Cube, but this was not at all well defined. 

A fourth evening meditating on this revealed a diamond-shaped smaller crystal inside the first. The Armanen Runes appeared where one would expect them, i.e. on the edges of the facets of the first crystal. But there were also runic shapes on the facets of the diamond too. 

On my fifth attempt I saw only the diamond-shaped crystal, the runic shapes were each in flames. On seeing this I copied down the shapes I saw in the order in which they were revealed to me. Having now got a set of 33 rune-shapes I had no names for them so had another meditation session the following evening and, sure enough, I was given the rune-names. 

You will find them on the page behind this letter mate. I cannot say if this is what you are after, if these are meant for you, or even if these are the healing-runes I have been looking for for the past twenty years? Either way, I am sure you might be able to sheds some light here, Wulf?

Best Wishes and I hope this helps (in whatever way),

Kind Regards,

Ragnar Eriksson

Firstly it would be wise to tell how I came to meet Ragnar Eriksson, whom I have lost touch with long ago). Both he, and a lady within his group, had the same dream-vision in which they were told to 'Seek out the Wolf and the Pale Dragon'. After this he came across our website and assumed that I was the 'Wolf' and the White Dragon was the 'Pale Dragon'. Some synchronicity, and proof that there are Higher Powers working through many people, working for the same struggle. It would seem that he was led to us in order to be the one to reveal these Holy Runes, and we must thank him for this. (*)

Anyway, it is now time to reveal these 33-runes so that they are not lost to us, and that their importance comes to light. Below are the runes revealed to Ragnar and sent to me -

There are certain things that came out with my own meditation -

  • The Germanic Ing-Rune features in no less than 11 staves; 11 is a number related to the 33 (11 x 3).
  • The Tiw-Rune (Arrow) appears also on 11 rune-staves. 
  • The Jera-Rune runs clockwise relating to the Cycle of the Year, whilst the similar Heimdall-Rune runs anti-clockwise relating (as it should) to the Precession of the Equinoxes. 
  • The Gar-Rune is a balance of Jera and Heimdall. The Quaert-Rune is also similar but without the upright stave.
  • The 'arrows' seem to signify movement upwards and downwards in some cases. 
  • The Stahn-Rune and the Gaefu-Rune are similar but 'opposites'; the 'Stone' and 'Gift' can be found in the 'Gift of Ing' and 'Stone of Ing'.
  • The Calc-Rune here becomes the Kaulca-Rune which obviously suggests Kalki Avatar. This is similar to the Daeg-Rune. 
  • The AEthel-Rune is here a Germanic Ing-Rune with an arrow pointing downwards; this itself is interesting. Obviously the rune refers to the 'Racial Homeland'. 
There are also another couple of things that came to me after first meditating on these -

  • There are two runes - niD and nid both of which appear to have the same name; I have interpreted the first as nith, the second nid.
  • There are also two runes named 'ihr'; the one that looks like the Uhru-Rune but upside-down I saw as Ihru, the second as Ihr.
The runes are broken into four AEttir plus the Gar-Rune which is still the 'Sacred Centre -

Fae - Uhru - Thunor - Man - Caan - Stahn - NiD - Aak

Jera - AEhu - Lagiw - Balder - Isc - AEuuas - Sighael - AElas

Ing - Daeg - Iuhr - Gaefu - Ihru - AEthel - Heimdall - nid

AEhr - Asc - Paertra - Quaert - Uuyn - Kaulca - Tiw - Ihr


The only two spellings I have changed is the NiD-nid/Ihru-Ihr since two runes cannot have the same spelling, though similar sounds. The Gar-Rune is not clear on the photo but is the Quaert-Rune with an upright stave. In regard to direction the Uhru-Ihru/Aak-Iuhr/Stahn-Gaefu runes are all made by spinning the first around either clockwise or anticlockwise, yet another directional move

Although the secrets of these runes have as yet not been revealed their importance seems clear from the way that they were revealed. Firstly, the Armanen Crystal was shown, together with the 18 Armanen Runes; from out of this Armanen Crystal the Diamond-Crystal ('Crystal of Ing') appeared. This suggests that the 33-runes have grown out of the 18-rune Armanen System, and that they have appeared here in England at this time because the Sword of Hengest passed from Germany to England. 

That each rune-stave appeared in a fiery-nature suggests that these are indeed the Runes of Ingwe (Inga-Runes); even the Is-rune (Isc) is now connected to movement (upwards-downwards) and to Ing (diamond-stave). Ingwe is similar to Agni and thus a Fiery-God. According to the Listian theory Arman is the 'Sun-Man', Ingfo is the 'Sun-God' and Istfo is the 'Wanderer'. Ingwe is thus a Sun-God and Sun-Hero in manifestation. Since we have entered the Age of Ing and that the archetype of the Coming Man ('Son of Man') is linked to Ingwe then these runes must be connected to the Age of Ing and the Aryan Heroic Archetype. Thus, not only did the 'Great King of Terror' (Black Sun) bring back to life the 'Great King of the Angles' (Ingwe) - in 1999, but also in 2012 a new set of runes connected with Ingwe was revealed to a Woden Initiate here in England.

This diamond-shape features in a number of places across these islands and is invariably described as a 'lozenge'. It occurs on the stone at the entrance of Bryn Cellu Ddu in Anglesey, North Wales, an ancient 'burial chamber' or 'tumulus'. There are even designs on some Pictish Stones which could be seen as being a more elaborate design of the Ing-Rune in its English version XX. Remembering that there was a Pictish King called AEngus/OEngus. The widespread ancient knowledge of Ingwe needs much further investigation since he seems to have left a mark throughout the nations of these islands. 

Pictish Symbol

Of course, there is the possibility that I have got this wrong and that rather than referring to the 'Age of Ing' in our times these runes are linked to At-al-land and the sinking of the 'Racial Homelands'. The AEthel-Rune does suggest this, whereas its modern version is the Ing-Rune with an upward-pointing shape underneath. Or, the new AEthel-Rune could mean a 'coming down from above' of the Force of Ingwe. These things will become clearer in time.

Whatever the case these runes have now been revealed and now open to others to come up with new ideas. It is strange that at every corner these things seem to revolve around the figure of Ingwe. Ingwe is the "Beginning and the End' or 'The First and the Last' and is the 'Son of Man(nus)' He is thus associated with The Fool of the Tarot. Note that the figure of The Fool holds in his left hand the White Rose of Albion. He is the 'Harlequin' or 'Herla-Kin', who is the Wild Hunter-God in one sense. 

(*) There seems no indication that these are 'Healing Runes', although in a sense they may well be classed as runes that 'heal' the Folk and the Land. That they are 33 in number, the same as the Anglo-Frisian Runes, links them to At-al-land. Marby considered the 33-runes to come from Atlantis.

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  1. In regards to the Pictish symbols - they used a wolf hook style emblem which resembles many of the runic shapes above - I'll email some pictures to you soon. Runebinder