Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 24 December 2020

Raising the Stang


The Wolf-Hook Rune is the Rune of Resistance and was used in the Peasant's War in Germany. This rune derives from the Eoh-Rune which seems obvious by the shape of the stave -

But there is perhaps a hidden meaning as to why this rune is used for 'resistance' or 'rebellion', or even 'revolution'. The Eoh-Rune is the 13th Rune and this number is actually related to 'revolt' and to 'revolution'. The rune-stave itself is clearly one of change, and when seen to 'revolve' upon itself it remains the same as it was originally. The Number 13 is used in Freemasonry as a symbol of 'revolution' because it comes from Genesis 14:4 -

'Twelve years they served Chedorlaomer, and in the thirteenth year they rebelled'. 

Modern 'witchcraft' is an invention, probably starting around Gerald Gardner, but some parts of this still hold certain ancient secrets and ancient wisdom. There is a practice called Raising the Stang which, from its description, is the Germanic Art of Nithing, or Raising the Nithing-Pole. This aspect of magic, a Cursing-Magic, can be found in Norse Sagas. The Nithing-Pole was a pole which usually had a Horse's Head placed on the top. 

Within some sections of modern 'witchcraft' the Stang is used to raise a storm (by the Storm-God, Woden), and this is an animal's head placed upon a pole. But their version has it that this is a 'Tool of the Devil'. However, when we note that 'The Devil' of the Christians was 'Old Nick' then this is clearly Woden who is Nicor (English) or Nikuda (Norse). In order to keep him for their own use he became 'St. Nicholas'. The Stang seems also to have been used to invoke a revolt against oppression, and part of the ritual was to drive a nail into the base of the pole in order to -

  • To invoke forces from the 'Lower World',
  • To invoke 'Serpentine Forces'.
Clearly, as the term Nithing implies, the force invoked here is the Nyd-Rune, which invokes the Serpentine Force (Nidhogg) from the 'Lower World' (Nid or 'Netherworld'). Interestingly, the Horse's Head is used for this, which seems to be a Sacred Animal which moves between the worlds. The Eoh-Rune is the Yew Tree, and the E(o)h-Rune is the Horse. The Yew-Tree (at one level) can be seen as Iggdrasil - the 'Steed of Igg'. Below is a 'Stang' which has a Ram's Horn on the top of it. 

The Stang

The nail driven into the base is also connected to the Need-Rune as the 'Nail of the Norn'. There are some interesting root-words that stem from the meaning of 'nail' -

IE Root *nogh- 'nail' or 'claw'.

IE Root *ongh- 'nail', 'claw', 'hoof'.

It would seem that this Nithing-Magic was linked to Woden as the Storm-God, and also no doubt as the One-Eyed Hunter God who leads the Army of the Dead. Could this magic be associate with raising the Army of the Dead, especially in times of tyranny and oppression? There are hints that the idea of the Raising of the Stang was associated with the 'Wild Army', and in a very vivid dream that I had some years ago the symbols of this (as a kind of 'parade') were of wolves, dogs, and other animals, as well as a 'jester' figure, and also a figure in black who was linked to justice

This Nithing-Magic comes from the ancient Art of Witchcraft in its purer form, even though this is more of a destructive type of magic. As with all things there are at times valid reasons to cause harm to others, just as there are just wars waged to gain freedom from oppression. Modern 'wicca' is based upon false principles, and that is that it is a revival of the 'Old Religion'. Whatever this actually refers to is not the point here, but Teutonic Witchcraft was long ago the subject of degeneration and distortion, a fact that Guido von List pointed out in one of his works. These people do not even know how to pronounce their own name 'wicca' which is not 'wicka' but 'witcha'. And since much of this is driven by modern feminism, the word is masculine, as opposed to the feminine 'wicce'. (Shows the influence of someone like Gardner here.)

Archetypal Myth shows clearly how the Ancient Solar Wisdom was stolen by the Dark Powers, and the Gods and Heroes had to regain this by stealing it back from them. This is why it is necessary to research these modern versions to sift out the true knowledge and reject the rubbish that abounds. This also goes of Freemasonry, another movement that stole the Ancient Mysteries. 

There is also a tradition that the Stang is an Ash-Pole upon which are metal 'prongs', like a pitch-fork. And the foot of the pole was shod with iron, or a shod hoof. Now, of course, the 'forked twig' or 'pitch-fork' could be linked to Woden as the Horned One, and certainly modern wiccans would link this to the 'Horned God'. They may well hold a dim remembrance of this, since the Ash-Pole here would be Iggdrasil (again at one level). The link between 'nail' and 'hoof' I have already mentioned, and since a source I looked at had no idea why iron was used (and concocted a silly story to try to show they did) this is the Nail of the Norns. Since it appears that the Stang can be found in drawings in museums and is clearly a pole with an animal's head then the Nithing-Pole seems to be the most likely origins of this symbol, and the 'pitch-fork' was a later version.

The use of the pitch-fork was known as Riding the Stang and this was in fact used within a parade whose purpose was to punish wrong-doers. This seems to have been perhaps a different meaning that developed from the Cursing-Pole because it was a form of justice and punishment meted out by a 'posse'. This, of course, featured in my dream of the 'Wild Army'. This actually suggests that the ideas around the 'Horned God' may be right in that this is Woden. Some suggest that this is placed in the centre of the circle as the 'World Tree', and in a sense they could be right because the pole joins the Upper-World - Earth - Under-World, and invokes the Underworld power of the Serpent. 

Thursday 12 November 2020


"In the Days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil Brood, The Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet with Herne the Hunter - Lord of the Trees - to be his Son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble!"

The Hooded Man Prophecy - October 31st 1993.

This has been covered before, but here I need to use this as the best example of what I am saying in this post. This was a piece taken from the Robin of Sherwood series on British TV, but this is an altered version, and the alterations make clear that this prophecy is valid for our times. This piece has 58 Words and the altered sentence is 'The Power of Light and the Power of Darkness are strong within him' which was originally 'The Powers of Light and Darkness are strong within him'. This piece has 58 Letters. Using English Gematria where A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 etc. the Number 58 gives us the word ROBIN - 18 + 15 + 2 + 9 + 14. 'The Hooded Man' is 'Robin Hood'.

A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, D = 4, E = 5, F = 6, G = 7, H = 8, I = 9, J = 10, K = 11, L = 12, M = 13, N = 14, O = 15, P = 16, Q = 17, R = 18, S = 19, T = 20, U = 21, V = 22, W = 23, X = 24, Y = 25, Z = 26.

To show that English Gematria, which was earlier used by David Lane (Wodensson) in his Hermetic Writings, is valid we should consider that there are 26 Letters of the English Alphabet, and that the word GOD adds to 26. Thus - 'The All' is 'The One'. It is necessary to understand that the above prophecy only came to light after a dream in which the altered parts were emphasised by being repeated twice so that I remembered them clearly on waking. I came across the writings of David Lane after this and this triggered the idea that English Gematria was the key to this. I came about this via a totally different approach to this than its originator.

WID-AR = 23 + 9 + 4 + 1 + 18 = 55.

INGWE = 9 + 14 + 7 + 23 + 5 = 58 (= ROBIN). 

WODEN = 23 + 15 + 4 + 5 + 14 = 61.

HOPE = 8 + 15 + 16 + 5 = 44. ("The Beginning and the End - The First and the Last".) 

We can see here how using certain numbers we can 'empower' ritual work; Woden would use 61 words perhaps and Wid-Ar 55 words. That Sacred Numbers are effective can be seen in the Magic Number 88 related to HelgiH, which is also two Wyn-Runes face-to-face as the Man-Rune - Rune of the Manu. 


Resurrection of the Spirit 88

The term BAB-COMET (Sajaha Prophecies) which I have associated with the Hale-Bop Comet adds to 61, the number of WODEN. This is how any form of gematria works, through the numbers added together in one word adding to the same as another word, seemingly unrelated, which links the two together in a subtle way. 


The concept of The Three Cauldrons is used far less that the Seven Chakras but this is used within the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag System so I feel that it needs some more attention. In fact the three centres which stand upon the Spinal Column are the Three Centres of Human Consciousness -

Head-Centre (Odroerir - Ansuz) - This is the Centre of Intelligence, since we use the terms 'use your head', 'he's lost his head', or 'he's got his head screwed on' and other terms suggesting intelligence.

Heart-Centre (Son - Lagu) - This is the Centre of the Emotions since we use the terms 'with all my heart', 'he put his heart and soul into the work', 'his heart was not in the job', or 'a heart to heart discussion' etc.

Base-Centre (Bodn - Ur) - The Centre of the Instincts since we say 'he had a gut feeling', or 'he's got guts'. This centre is thus that of the human instincts, but it is also a centre of will and strength.

A Chinese Scientist who works with acupuncture has proven (it seems) that there is a link between the brain and the gut, and that the gut does have 'consciousness, and indeed acts as a 'brain'. What this acupuncturist did was to use points on the gut area and after doing so did an MRS Scan on the patient and this showed up as changes in the nerves in the brain. I believe that some scientists have also looked at consciousness in the heart too. So what is said here is not just conjecture.

The squirrel, Ratatosk, runs up and down the World Tree, as does the runic formula run up and down - ALU-ULA. The base centre - Bodn - can mean 'Earth' (boden is 'earth' in German); but there is another meaning we can get from Old English -

boedan - to proclaim,

bodian - to announce,

boda - messenger.

Ratatosk is the 'messenger' that runs up and down the World Tree between the Eagle at the top and the Serpent at the bottom. 

The Rad-Rune has a 'column' (I) which represents the Spinal Column in Man; the reverse Sig-Rune is the Fire-Serpent which moves upwards along the Spinal Column. This is the ascending Current of Energy - the Igneous Fire. The Rad-Rune is thus Rata-tosk which is the ascending-descending energy associated with the Fire-Serpent.

It would seem obvious that the Base-Centre - UR - is the 'Primal Centre' or the 'Source'. This is the Hara-Centre which stands at the centre of the human body, and thus the 'Point of Balance'. This area contains the Manipura Chakra which is associated with Ingwe (Agni), the Swastika (Force of Fire), the Ram, and the mantra 'RAM'. Below this is the 'Water-Centre', whence Ingwe arises - the Absu - thus 'Fire-from-Water'. The Fire-Serpent lies dormant in the waters below the World Column. The Ur-Rune is also connected to the concept of 'our' and thus to the idea of 'vast' and 'infinite'. 

The Sanskrit rasa means 'vital essence' and rasayana means 'Elexir of Life'; these are the Life-Force associated with the 'Sap' in plants and the 'Blood' in Man. Here we can see the link to the Ing-Rune because Ingwe is the 'Sap of the Plants' and also the 'Blood of Man', and the Ing-Rune is the 'Rune of the Blood'. 

The use of the Formula ALU-ULA suggests that this Magical Force (which is what this is) works in two different worlds simultaneously, or two different dimensions if you like a modern term. Of course, the AEsc-Rune is the Ancestral Rune, and the Os-Rune is the Rune of the Ancestral God (Woden), so we can also use the alternative OLU-ULO Formula which invokes the Ancestral God rather than the Ancestral Spirits. 

Thursday 13 August 2020



The term SWAR is the Vedic name for the highest heaven of the superconscious, the Realm of Pure Light and Truth. The Old English Sweorth means 'Sword' and in many Aryan Cultures this term referred to this Higher Consciousness. We have a clue to this in the meaning 'Ritual Fire' or 'Cremation Fire' since 'Fire' is 'Light' and the two terms are interchangeable. The Cweorth-Rune is the Sweorth-Rune, thus linking the Sword to Ritual Fire and to the Highest Light - the Sacred Flame of God. 

Hamasson has equated this rune with the Broken Sword, and there is reason to believe that he has stumbled upon something of extreme importance here. To understand this we have to go the the Vedas and to the Fire-God, Agni, who is none other than our own Ingus. Agni is associated with the Angirasa who have been called the Mythical Luminous Race. The Angirasa are -

The Powers of Light and the Flame,

Sons of the Flame,

The Recoverers of The Light,

The Bearers of the Divine Word.

The last of these - 'The Bearers of the Divine Word' - tells us that they are linked to 'The Word' and, as I will show, to the 'Broken Sword'. Here we have a subtle play on the terms 'Word' and 'S-word', where the 'S-Word' is the 'Sun-Word', the Word of Light. The 'Broken S-Word' is the 'Lost Word', the letter ng which is the basis of 'Ing' or 'Ingus'. This was broken into 'n' and 'g', whereas in the beginning this was one sound, one letter - broken by the Dark Powers in order to hide the Heildom behind the word. They did everything they could to destroy the roots of the English Folk and their being descended from the Luminous Race and their Divine Ancestor, Ingus. 

The Dark Forces ruled by the 'Lord of the Shadows' has done everything possible to hide the Higher Light from mankind, to create a wedge between our consciousness and the Highest State of Consciousness - SWAR. This is reached through the Gateway to Thule, since SWAR is not only connected to the 'Sun', as 'Higher Light' but also to the 'Swan', the Symbol of the Light of Truth. The Swan is the Symbol of Thule. 

Cweorth is related to the Latin name for for the Apple - quercus - and to the Celtic quert used in the Ogham. The Golden Apples of Immortality are for the Race of Heroes, guarded by the Goddess Idunn. It is from this Race of Heroes that Sigurd-Siegfried arises to wield the Broken Sword; it is from this Race of Heroes that Parsifal arises to wield the Spear of Woden. Parsifal is Sigurd reborn in order to complete this Archetypal Myth. 

The 'Word-Sword' in the Graal Mythos is related to the 'Broken Sword', and to the Well of Kunneware which is the source of the Magic Spring. Above the Sacred Well is a globe upon which sits a Dragon. The Dragon is the Guardian of the Well, and the 'globe' is a chakra. The sword withstands one blow, but is shattered by the second blow. It has to be taken back to the Spring (Well) where it will become whole again through the flow of water. This water at at source is below a grey rock before the light of day has shone upon it. 

Hidden within this piece is the source of the reforging of the Broken Sword, for the 'water' is the Absu/Apsu - the Waters of the Underworld. This is why this is done 'before the light of day has shone upon it'. The source of this reforging is not of this world, it is of the Other-World, and from there the Sacred Sword is manifested on Earth in physical form - as a Folk-Hero. The 'Word-Sword' has grown old, has atrophied and lost its ancient power; Only through discovering the Source of the Power can the Word-Sword be renewed - this source is held within the Other-World, the Inner Earth, and that source is the Black Sun. 

Ila - Primal Word of The Truth

The Sound of the Stars

 That the stars give off melodic sounds is quite well known today; we know that the composer, Holst, wrote themes connected to the stars and planets, and thus knew this concept well. What is not so well known is that our Anglo-Saxon Ancestors would also have known of this phenomena. As usual, we have no written records or details, and in this instance we will have to rely upon our English Word-Hoard to find the truth of the matter. 

The clue to this ancient knowledge lies in the Old English words related to the heavens -

radur - OS

rodor - OE

heofentungol - OE

rodortungol - OE

The clue here lies in the word tungol which means 'tongue' and relates to the idea of 'to quiver', or 'flicker'. The stars do 'quiver' or 'flicker' as we all can see, but the term 'tongue' suggests sound since this is the means we utter sounds from the mouth. It seems that this must refer to the 'Sound of the Stars', a phenomena known to our English Ancestors. 

The root of the words radur and rodor is *rad-, clearly connected to the Rad-Rune; in this instance it is connected to the 'Sound of the Stars'. We have the word 'radio' to tell us that this is indeed connected to sound, as well as movement and rhythm. 

Some people who have experienced 'OBEs' (out-of-body-experience) have stated that they hear sounds associated with different levels of consciousness attained during such an experience. Different 'spheres' have different melodies, it would seem. Music of some sort was used in ancient rituals, chanting, incantation, etc. There is also a subtle link between the idea of sound, rhythm, and measurement, as well as vibration and energy. 

Thursday 18 June 2020

The Spiral Symbol

Many meanings have been attributed to the symbol of the Spiral, and there are no doubt a number of different meanings to the same symbolism. This is a symbol that has been used in hypnosis, for good reason. When this symbol is spun round the image that one sees is that of a tunnel. It gives the feeling that you are actually moving through a tunnel. That this refers to the kind of 'Near Death Experience' that has been recorded by too many people as to be dismissed as fantasy can be clearly seen. Many who have experienced NDEs record that they see a moving tunnel. After deciding to do a post on this I took Sam (my dog) to the local woodlands, and there on the ground I saw a worm which was coiled in such a spiral. This reminded me of a worm-hole - thus it seems that the ancients knew well of the worm-holes known to science today, and the true meaning of the spiral - a portal or gateway to the Other-World.

The above spiral image gives an even better impression of this phenomena; stare into the centre and keep the concentration there. The image that comes up is that of a tunnel moving towards the central point, just as happens when the top image is turned. 

There is thus no doubt that the above 'Triple-Spiral' symbol is akin the the Viking Valknut, a variant of the Three Triangles using the spiral form. 

Just as the Valknut shows the Nine Worlds, each of which is linked to each other, and each impinges upon each other, thus the Three Spirals are also connected together. The Nine Worlds are not separate but connect to each other through portals or gateways

That this type of spiral was used in hypnosis was thus no accident because it symbolised the 'tunnel' used to access the subconscious mind. This was the actual means to gain access to the subconscious mind. The image of Three Worlds or three levels of worlds, is thus of the Lower World (Subconscious Mind), the Physical World (Conscious Mind), and the Higher World (Super-Conscious Mind). 

The Fylfot-Swastika represents the very basis of life itself, of life and creation. It represents the spiral in two-dimensional form. The Widdershins Swastika moves against the flow of Time moving backwards towards the Source of All - towards the Ur-Creation. This is why it is such an important symbol today since it represents those who oppose the agenda to create the Techno-Slave and the nightmare world that Don Miguel predicted - the 'Lead-Age'. In the drive to create the 'World Mind' by linking the minds of the people as one giant machine  (Artificial Intelligence - AI) they parody the true evolutionary process upwards towards the Ubermensch - the Sun-Man, the God-Man. This cannot come from the inert masses who do not oppose this tyranny but who wait for their governments to do something for them, to get them out of their misery. Since it is through these governments that the Hidden Cabal work their evil, and it is they who created this problem so of course they could do something. But we can do something for ourselves, for it is struggle, and struggle alone that is the key to Man's Evolution.

The following meanings are related to the Aryan Root *wal/*war -

To choose, to like, to will, hence to believe.

To cover, to protect, to surround, to guard, to be wary, to see.

To wind, to turn, to coil, to roll, hence to well up (as a spring).

To drag, to tear, to pluck, to wound - extended to Aryan Root *wark/*walk.

The term Wal-knut can thus relate directly to the spiral ('to coil' or 'to spring'), but as Walk-nut it is also the Wolf-Knot. The Spiral Mound is the Wal-burgen and as this spirals upwards it is symbolic of the movement to the Superconscious rather than the Subconscious (which is the movement downwards into a cave, cavern etc.).  

The IE Root *wel- can mean the following, connected to the Aryan Roots above -

To see. The root-meaning of this has the same source as litr in Old Norse, meaning appearance or colour, giving rise to the Gmc *wlitwuz meaning 'appearance'. (May be related to the Vedic God named Varuna - 'seer' or 'wise one'. (*)

To wish, to will, to desire.

To turn, to roll, giving rise to the Old English weoloc/weoluc meaning a mollusk which has a spiral shell.

To tear, to pull.

Walpurgis Night is named after 'St. Walburg' who is obviously a Christianised version of an older Heathen Goddess named Walburg. Her night - April 30th - has always been associated with witches, and thus with the entry into another World of Being. Wal-Burg is the 'Spiral Mound', and there is one in Lewes, East Sussex, although the age of this I have no idea of. Near to Easter a Christian Cross is put on the top of this mound, which has the name The Mound or The Calvary. Archaeological work has dated this to around the late 15th Century or early 16th Century, so it is not heathen, or so we are told. It stood in an area which was once known as the Priory of St. Pancras. 

The name Calvary means 'Skull' and is the Latin equivalent to the Aramaic Golgotha. St. Pancras was a Roman Christian Saint who was beheaded as a martyr for his religion. We have thus a clear connection between this 'saint' and the 'skull' used as a name of the mound. I believe that the last time archaeologists studied the Long Man of Wilmington they dated this to the Middle Ages, and there is a priory near to the ancient Yew-Tree in Wilmington. These two places are not that far apart. If the dating these people have is right then there seems to be some mystery here of why certain Christian Sects would use such Heathen Symbolism so long after Heathendom was crushed. The welling up of the Life Force in the Spring is suggested by the Spiral Mound and its connection with Easter

There is also the Spiral Dance which is perhaps related to the number-sequence One-Two-Three, especially in German -

Ein - 'In' (One Step)

Zwei - 'Sway'

Drei - 'Turn'

This would have been performed on the Walburgen by young men and maidens in the Springtime. This would have been some kind of Fertility Rite at this particular time of the year when the 'sap' is rising. We have the connection between spring-spiral-spirit

(*) When the God's gave us litr this can mean 'Light of the Gods', but it could also refer to the 'Aryan Colour' or 'Aryan Appearance' which is the 'White Colour' that our enemies seek to destroy today. Through a careful link between root-words this also refers to the 'Seer' or 'Seeress', as shown by the link to Varuna. It seems obvious that 'colour' and 'appearance' were important to the Aryans because of their Caste System based upon the Varna (colour). It is also to be noted that the 'Rainbow' splits the colour of the Sun's Rays into its various parts - it divides

Thursday 30 April 2020

Ur-Yr Runes

The Runes are the conductors of subtle energies which animate the material universe. They have the power to influence the material world and indeed, even the course of history itself. This shows how powerful the Holy Runes really are, and how they can certainly aid our struggle for freedom and the survival of our Folk. 


The Ur-Rune is the Aurochs or Ur-Ox which is the Primordial Ox; the aurochs was a very powerful beast which is now extinct. The young Cultic Warrior was pitted against this mighty beast in a single-handed fight to the death; no doubt the animal was eaten afterwards as a 'sacrifice'. This was also symbolic of the battle between Mithras and the Bull, the Bull-Slayer being somewhat like the Dragon-Slayer. It is possible that Tiw was associated with the Bull, though I am not too sure of this. 

The rune is one linked to 'our', this being a collective energy and a very strong and powerful force, as seen through the symbolism of the Aurochs. This energy works in two distinct ways, as does the power of the Ox and the Bull - a 'pushing' energy (Bull) and a 'pulling' energy (Ox). Our 'U' is like a horseshoe which has often been symbolic of the Crescent Moon; the horseshoe as the 'U' is the container, but the inverted horseshoe (as the Ur-Rune) was used by the Blacksmith as a Magical Symbol. 

On the other hand the Ur-shape (rounded off) is that of the Burg-Mound, whilst the 'U'-shape is that of the Grub-Ditch. The first could be seen as the Male-Force, the second as the Female-Force. This is where the 'Sacred Mountain' originates - the Burg-Mound. When this rune is reversed it is not a 'negative' rune at all, it just changes the meaning slightly. The 'container' can thus be the 'Cauldron' which is always associated with the feminine. 

As the 'moor-stomper' this is associated with the wilderness, the wild and rugged moorland. Horns have always symbolised the Divine, because perhaps they can 'tear through the veil'. More meanings to this rune are covered in the Yr-Rune below.


This rune I picked out of the rune-bag on April 20th this year after doing a 'Ritual of Light'. It is the Yr-Rune which is on a basic level the 'Yew-Bow'. 

'Yew Bow for every noble and warrior is 
a joy and adornment, is fair on a steed
a trusty piece of war-gear on a journey.'

Old English Rune-Poem - Steve Pollington translation. 

In accordance with the essence of the runes, any interpretation of this will be done through the individual who chose the rune-stave. This will also entail the circumstances, the nature of the 'request', and the underlying 'trends' of the time - hence why any particular interpretation set down in books is hardly likely to be of much use to any serious rune-worker. Let us look at the rune-poem and the rune-stave in regard to its shape.

The Rune Poem -
  • Yew-Bow. This itself is a weapon, but it is the means of sending the arrow, which is the real weapon. It is the force behind the movement of the arrow itself. 
  • The bow is used on a steed or horse, which again suggests swift movement, and not only that movement between the worlds. The Steed of Woden has eight legs, four of which move in the physical world, whereas the other four move in the Other-World. 
  • This is not a weapon for the masses, since it is a 'joy and adornment' to only the AEthlingas (Nobles) and Earls (Noble-Warriors or Knights). They ride the horse/steed, from which the bow is used, a typical weapon of the Scythians. 
  • The poem also suggests a journey, which we can perhaps extend to the quest (of the Knight). This can be interpreted as a 'journey' between the worlds, or a 'quest' that entails journeying to the Other World. 
  • As the Yew-Bow this is most certainly linked to Wuldor, Woden, Robin Hood and 'Hooden'. Woden is the One-Eyed God because he closes his eye in order to sight the arrow from the bow. This also refers to Herne the Hunter (Orion) who is a Hunter-God and Bow-God.
The Rune-Stave -

  • The Ur-Glyphic Ur-Rune represents the World Mountain - the Mountain of the North, which is the 'Home of the Gods'. This is Mount Su-Me-Ru or Mount Me-Rue; it is the 'Mountain of Measurement'. 
  • Within the World Mountain symbolism is the Irminsul (T-shape); this is the Northern Pillar of the Gods. This represents 'World Order' and 'Cosmic Order' - an important concept in an Era of Chaos. 
  • The stave itself represents Ym-Ir who is the Primal Giant whose symbolism embodies the idea of the Sound of Creation - Om or Aum (Ym).
  • The Ur-Rune is also linked to the Ur-Il(u) which is the Vril-Force; this is also hinted at through the use of this in the Bo-Vril product, named after the Vril. The Vril-Force is the 'virile-force' which is a subtle-energy within the Ur-Rune, and the Yr-Rune which have subtle connections. 
  • Bo-Vril is the 'Bovine Vril' associated with the power of the Aurochs/Ur-Ox. This is the 'moor-stamper' and a very, very powerful energy within the Ur-Rune - itself representing great strength
  • The rune-stave (Ur) itself can be seen as a 'doorway' or 'portal'; this is not quite the same as the Peorth-Rune which is symbolic of an 'opening'. 
  • 'Primordial Power - Primordial Seer': for some reason I wrote this down long ago in a notebook in regard to this rune. This is certainly a 'Primordial Power' but I am not sure why this is linked to a 'Primordial Seer'. 
  • The Ur-Glyphic Yr-Rune (where the Ur-Rune is drawn as an Inverted 'V', and the Irminsul as a 'Y'-shape) is symbolic of the Three Royal Lines of the Angles and the Three Wolf-Tribes of Woden - the Ur-Tribes. 

This rune is connected to Woden as the Wolf-God; it is a rune of the 'noble' and the 'warrior'. The Eorlingas rode on horses - the Rohirrim; they represent the Anglo-Saxons, although these are not often associated with horse-riders. However, the nobles would obviously have rode horses in hunting and battle as did other Germanic Tribes. 

Through the Yew-Tree this is associated with the Eoh-Rune which is the rune of the subtle energy or 'life-force' - aiw-. This means 'Eternity' too, which is linked to the Other-World. These forces or energies originate in the Other-World and cause changes in accordance with the Will of the rune-worker. The Yew-Tree is also a Tree of Regeneration, since some species can regenerate from within, and hence their long life span. 


There is a way that one can use the Ur-Power to strengthen oneself in many areas. To do so take a glass of water, preferably water from a pure spring, if not use any form of water -

  • Draw over the water with the finger or a 'wand' the Ur-Rune shape; you need intention here so think or better still visualise this intention - be it strength of body, strength of mind, or strength of spirit, or maybe all of these.
  • This can also be done to give strength through a crisis or catastrophic change; the Strength of Will to overcome such times maybe. Or the strength to overcome an illness or to fight off illness, or maybe to gain strength after an illness. This just needs purpose and intent
  • Of course, this can be done with any of the runes, the use of water being the basic element needed. This will be explained below.

A modern scientist tried an experiment with water, finding that its structure was randomly patterned until the observer concentrated his mind upon the water, when this changed to form crystal-shapes. This is based upon the idea that life itself bends probabilities in the physical world in the direction of what it needs. This was discovered by placing a randomly light-emitter in the centre of a windowless room, and a plant in one corner. It was found that at first their was a random light-beam moving to each corner, but after a time this moved more towards the plant in the corner, as if the plant was 'willing' this to happen. (There is consciousness in all things as the ancients knew). 

Water is tied into life, like all matter in space and time in the universe is tied to this consciousness-force. Water, especially, does seem to hold this consciousness-force. If this is done right then the Ur-Power will be taken into the body as a powerful subtle-energy force through the water that is drunk. 

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Dimensions of Time - Part Three

After Hamasson sent me a link to a YouTube Video on the subject of the 'Atom' and the knowledge of this by the ancient Aryan Peoples I looked further into this and decided to do a third part to the subject. Firstly, we need to know what the term 'atom' actually means; unfortunately, the Indo-European Dictionary that I have traced this back to the IE Root *tem- meaning 'to cut' or 'to divide', which is the polar-opposite meaning to the term. The above root *tem- does mean what it says, but a-tom means the very opposite - indivisible particle. This is one of the most important concepts to us because of this meaning. This is also connected to the term Brahma and Brahman

In ancient Indian Texts we find reference to Atman or Atma which is used for various meanings -

  • The Soul,
  • The Divine Essence,
  • The world's spiritual nature,
  • Eternity.

What the word atom refers to is the 'god-force' that is indivisible, that cannot be divided, that which exists or is. In ancient Egypt the highest god-form was Atum or Ra-Atum which stems from the same roots as 'atom' and Atma/Atman. We can actually find a reference to this concept amongst the Heathen English who used the Old English AEthm to mean 'Vital Breath' or 'Living Force', i.e. the animate, living force that permeates everything and which is thus akin to the physical form of 'breath' or 'air'. This is also related to the IE Root *aiw- meaning 'Life Force' or *ayu meaning the same, and giving us the Vedic Vayu who is in some ways is akin to Woden. Both the OE AEthm, the PGmc *aethma and the OHG atum are closely related to the Hindu 'Atma', 'Atman' and Egyptian 'Atum'. 

One of the less well-known figures in the Aryan Vedas is Anu who is the 'Supreme Creator'; he was also known by this name in Sumer and Babylonia. It is quite likely that the name Anu is related to the IE Root *ansu meaning 'spirit' but related to a form meaning 'to give birth', i.e. 'to create'. This gives us the Ansuz-Rune or Os-Rune, and the Os-Rune form has the shape of the most ancient Earthly Sacral Kingship where the High King holds the Rod (Sceptre) and the Ring with the arms in the shape of this rune. This, of course, represents the Power of the High God upon the Earth. 

There is also an IE Root *ater- meaning 'fire' and giving rise to the Old Persian atar; however, the original meaning is something like 'blackened by fire' and here we may have a link to the Black Sun which represents the 'Hidden God' at one level. There is also the Vedic Atharvan which may have the same roots as the Persian word atar

The importance of the 'atom' is that it can move in different directions at the same time; this is the 'god-force' which moves between the Nine Worlds. It is also important that the Old Norse term for aethm is ond which stems from the PGmc *and- both referring to the Great Spirit that pervades everything. 

"The Dasyus stand in opposition to both the Aryan Gods and the Aryan Seers. The Gods are born from Aditi in the Supreme Truth of things, the Dasyus or Danavas from Diti in the Nether Darkness; they are the Lords of Light and the Lords of Night fronting each other across the triple world of earth, heaven and mid-air, body, mind, and the connecting breath of life."

The Secret of the Veda - Sri Aurobindo.

The term Dasyus stems from das meaning 'to divide', 'to hurt' or 'to injure'; they are the despoilers and destroyers. These are the powers that 'split the atom' in the physical sense of the word. Whereas the Arya and the Aryan Gods seek the Heildom - that which is whole, undivided, healthy - the Dasyus seek to divide, to break down, to conquer and to despoil that which is whole, that which is truth, and that which is good (God). Another form of the Powers of Darkness, the Pani, is known as "the wolf that devours' - the Fenris Wolf. This is the power that has devoured everything in our time, that has swallowed the High-God, Woden, the God of the Spirit. These Panis are a form of Dasyus who steal and conceal the 'cattle' or 'cows'. The Dasyus are the Joten of Wodenic Mythology, the Eoten or 'eaters', 'devourers' and 'dividers'. 

I have said before how the Aryan Root *wuot means 'all-pervasive' or 'all-penetrating' and is the root of Wuotan. This is why Woden is seen not only as the High God of the Arya, but also as the Cosmic Spirit that pervades everything - God or Godan. This is the All-Father or Alu-Father/Ilu-Father known to us through Tolkien who tried to reinstate the Aryan Ur-Religion (even though he would not have called it as such). There is also a Vedic Goddess mentioned by Sri Aurobindo named Ila, little known to most scholars. These names refer to the Light of Higher Consciousness. 

There is also the term Ananda which is the Divine Bliss entering the physical consciousness, and this can be broken into An-anda which reminds me of the PGmc *and- referring to the 'Living Force' or 'Vital Breath'. Of course, the Ondweg is represented by the Irminsul which is the World Column or World Pillar topped by the Swan's Wings as symbolic of Thule. Thule is connected to the constellation of Cygnus the Swan and to the Long Man of Wilmington. There is also another coincidence here because the area of the Long Man - Sussex - was part of the Andresweald which means 'Andres-Wald' (forest), and which most likely links to the goddess known to the Iceni Tribe of East Anglia - Andraste. I have mentioned before (in the book Kingdoms of Light) how this name can be broken into And-Raste with the latter part being a Germanic Measurement of the 'Heilig-Lines' of force that pulsate through the Earth. This is the Living-Force of Raste if we see it this way. 

In a vidid dream some years ago I was travelling with some close Folk-Comrades over a wilderness area going to a land called Eliande which seems to be the submerged land that we seek, which is protected by Higher Powers. The force that protects the land sent out Ravens which turned into Winged Dragons that drove off a Dark Sorcerer and his Dark Powers that tried to stop us getting there. The name 'Eliande' is itself interesting when broken into -

Eli- meaning 'Light' (as in 'El' for 'God' and 'Elf' for the 'Light-Beings').

-ande which links to the above concepts of *and/*anda meaning the 'Living Force' or 'Vital Force', and to the Hindu Ananda linked to the Divine Bliss that enters the consciousness. 

There is also another name used by Tolkien - Eru - which in his works means 'The One', referring to Iluvater. This name is the same as Ar/Er/Ir/Or/Ur and is related to Irmin/Ermin/Arman and to the Irminsul. All of these ideas refer to the Highest State of Consciousness - 'God'. This is not a transcendent being as seen by the Judaeo-Christian Church, but a Vital Force that pervades the Nine Worlds. 

There is also the word eala in Old English, a word meaning 'hail' and thus related to the following - 

  • Heil,
  • Hael,
  • Heal,
  • Holy,
  • Healthy,
  • Whole,
  • Wholesome.

All of these ideas lead to the Heildom which is the 'indivisible', a holy concept or concept of the sacred. We still greet each other by raising the right arm and saying hello which is the same concept as the Heil Salute, the ancient Germanic Salute invoking the mysterious force called Heil or Hael. Thus also the Wes thu Hal used in our rituals to hallow the Mead-Horn, thus invoking this Heil-Force. The rune-gealdor Sieg-Heil invokes the 'Victory to Heil'. This salute is also an Invocation of Fire, as the Ken-Stance shows us. 

There is also another meaning to the Root *as- or Root *aso/*asu and that is 'Pillars of the World'. This is the root of the terms AEsir, Asen, Aso all used for the High Gods of the North. The word as means 'centre-post' or 'king-post' and refers to the 'Heaven-Pillar'; it can also refer to the outspread arms of the upper part of the Irminsul. This also relates to the World-Ash and to the AEsc-Rune. It is also said that - 'Idunn guards in her chest of ash those apples which the gods must taste whenever they grow old; and then they become young' (Gylfaginning 26). The Hebrew word Kapthor or Capthor means the same as the above - World Pillar - and their name for the Philistines was the Kapthorites. As-Gard is the 'Yard of the World Pillar' and this was the Island in the North that 'sank' after the Great Catastrophe, or more precisely was taken into another Dimension of Time. The term Kap-Thor is also very interesting.

In regard to the Philistines or Kapthorites there are very interesting pieces in the Old Testament that prove beyond doubt the real enemies of these Heathen Northern Folk -

'Ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire, and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods.'

Deuteronomy 12:3, see also Numbers 33:52, and Deuteronomy 7:5.

This shows clearly that these people, whose letters are runic in form, were an early North-Sea People who swarmed through Europe and Asia into Egypt and the Middle East. This was in the Bronze Age. The same treatment as was given to these Northern Folk was dealt out in Europe by the later Judaeo-Christians whose altars were 'overthrown', whose pillars of stone were 'broken', whose sacred groves were 'burned' and whose 'graven images of the gods' were 'hewn down' (they would have been wood as in later times. This also goes to show how there was never the difference between the later times of the Iron Age and that of the Bronze Age, as some scholars would have us believe. 

High-God of the World-Pillar

It is known that the peoples of the Canaries worshipped a god of the World-Pillar whom they called by the name 'God Who Holds the Heavens' and their term for 'heaven' was Ataman. This 'God of the World-Pillar' is, of course, the Greek Atlas whose symbol is a form of the Edel-Rune; he is the At-al-as or 'Racial Ase' and he is associated with At-al-land. The people of the Canaries were most likely Indo-Germanic and part of a migration from the North in the Megalithic Age. 

The importance of the World Pillar is shown in the fact that in order for this not to fall, and the world fall into ruins, it had to be anointed with Sacrificial Blood -

For me a shrine of stones he made
And now to glass the rock has grown,
Oft with the blood of beasts was it red,
In the goddesses ever did Ottar trust.

Hindluliod 10.

The Rad-Rune above shows the World-Pillar (I) with the zig-zag (reverse Sigel-Rune) representing the Blood-on-the-Pillar, the blood running down the World Pillar. This shows how important it was to maintain the stability of the world through the upkeep of the World Pillar. The Forces of Darkness and Chaos seek ever to overthrow the World Pillar and thus the World Order. Thus the Demons of Darkness ever seek to overthrow the Creation of the True God - the God of the World Pillar. This World Order was based upon the idea of a firm foundation of the universe, ordered through sacred measurement and strict order, and all this symbolised by the World Pillar. 

In the story of 'St. Cuthman' we find that when he came to build the church at Steyning as the work neared completion he was struggling to fix the main roof-beam and a 'stranger' appeared to help him finish the task; in one version the implication is that this is the Krist who helps him. This 'main roof-beam' is obviously the 'World Pillar' which sits at the centre; the term 'beam' is an Old English one referring to a 'tree' (as in the German baum). Thus, the World Tree or World Pillar. 

If I am correct the Hindu Atma/Atman is a later concept which was an attempt to recreate the Ur-Religion which was at that time beginning to show distortions, as inevitably happens over time. The original concept was Brahma/Brahman; here, as Hamasson once pointed out, the name Abraham would most likely be A-Brahman which has become the polar-opposite to the Vedic meaning. If I am right the original form of 'Abraham' was Abram, which is even closer to Brahma. This, once more, shows the Arya-Dasyus opposition where one is negated by the other. The former is the Creator-Preserver, whereas the latter cannot create but only destroys through division of the wholeness and harmony. 

There are two things that seem to be linked to the inter-dimensional travel attributed to the Atom and that is the UFO Phenomena and the Crop-Formations, both of which seem to defy all the laws of physics on this physical plane. The UFO's seem to move between two dimensions of time since their movements defy our own science; they seem to be 'extra-dimensional' rather than 'extra-terrestrial', although the latter term could be applied to them. From my own experience of the phenomena of the 'crop-circles', having seen this done in long grass where this was flattened suddenly by some form of conscious force, this also seem to be from another world or dimension. We should not forget that there are dimensions of Light and also dimensions of Darkness, as we see in the Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology. There are Gods and there are Demons, just as there are those on earth who work with the Gods and Light-Forces (Arya - Wera) and there are those on earth who work for the Demons, Darkness and Chaos (Joten-Dasyus-Traitors). 

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Dimensions of Time - Part Two

The Black Sun - The Sun behind the Sun

"It is necessary to go under to discover the secret world and retrieve the keys in the ruins of a forgotten continent.'

EL/ELLA - Book of Magical Amor - Miguel Serrano.

Miguel Serrano places great emphasis upon going backwards in time to the origins and thus to the Ur-Time. This, he reasons, is why the Fylfot-Swastika is today the Widdershins Swastika that moves backwards against the flow of time in this First Dimension of Time. This applies just as much to the Black Sun which is the symbol replacing the Fylfot-Swastika which today is being suppressed as far as the Dark Powers can go. 

The importance of the Black Sun lies in that this is the Ancient Sun of Asgard-Thule; it is the 'Dying Son' of the past millennia, but today its power is increasing, and hence the fear that the Dark Forces have in the growing Forces of Light. This will be slow, since after the Great Yuletide the destructive forces get worse (as it does in winter) but the Light is waxing stronger and stronger until the point of balance at the Summer Evennight. But this goes somewhat quicker now since time is moving faster and faster towards the End-Time. The Black Sun is the power that flows through the Aryan Blood; it is the power that flows from the Second Dimension of Time. 

There is obviously a two-way traffic between the two dimensions of time; this is why Woden decreed that his Woden Initiates had to be cremated with their earthly belongings, or burned and then buried in the mound with their earthly belongings. Ancient weapons and other regalia accrue a power and energy, or rather a 'subtle energy', which is what is transferred to the Astral World as an Astral Energy. This is why the earthly weapons and regal regalia were burned, or buried in the Burial Mound; they were thus there to be transferred to the Astral World as an Astral Counterpart. This is a very important concept that we should keep in mind to use within our own Folk-Community.

Odainsacre is the realm situated in Hela's Plains where Baeldaeg and the Asmegir await their time to 'return' after the Ragnarok. This is also linked to the World Tree where Lif and Lifthrasir will repeople the Earth after the Great Catastrophe. This is the Second Dimension of Time that will take the place of the First Dimension of Time, and this New World (arising from the sea) will be lit by the New Golden Sun (Black Sun regenerated). 

I think that it needs pointing out that not every world that is beyond Midgard (First Dimension of Time) is a spiritual world. The higher realms are indeed spiritual worlds, but we should best look at the different levels as having different vibratory levels, and as these levels increase the physical gets less dense until it reaches higher into the spiritual realms. The key to Miguel Serrano's work is the need to create the Astral Body which he also refers to as the Son of Man. Unfortunately, there are many who think that everyone has an Astral Body but this clearly is not so. The means to attain this level is to overcome the limitations of the human being; this is the work of the Viras (Weras) or 'Divine Heroes' who are the 'Heirs' (Babylon) or the 'Elect' (Revelation). These are those former Divvyas or Divine Beings who 'fell' into matter and the physical world, and whose eternal work is to free themselves from the physical world in order to evolve into the Superman or God-Man. 

The Archetype works from outside, from beyond, or even from below, from the Inner Earth and this affects history through its workings. This is a crucial point that I still feel not enough people have taken notice of as yet. Each world-age has its own archetype, and that of the Age of Pisces was originally a 'fish', but as historical events have proven the Hanged God was the most widely-used archetype as the 'Age of Christ'. This, as I showed in the first part of this post, is the Kristos Crucified in Matter - the Krist (Ing) in the Stone. This, overall, suggests Man locked into the physical world. But that changes with the coming Age of Aquarius, and the new Aryan Archetype is not that of the 'Hanged God' or 'Crucified God' but that of the Aryan Warrior-Hero who has freed himself from the bonds of matter and become the Crowned and Conquering Son of the Sun. This is the figure of Wid-Ar.

Wid-Ar : The Warrior-Krist

The Aryan Initiation or Initiation of Krist is not the same as the spiritual disciplines taught today; this does not lie in 'Union with God' or 'Union with Nature', but it lies in the ability to go beyond the level of the Sacred Marriage through the Black Sun to the Green Ray (Venus) and thus create the Ultimate I through transmuting the 'Ego' into the 'Higher Self'. Thus, the Aryan Initiate 'sits at the right hand of God', and is the 'Son of God' or 'Son of Man'. He is united with his Astral Body which is created in the Astral World, and not here on the physical plane. This is the 'New Creation' of Friedrich Nietzsche, the creation of the Superman. This is what the Gods want, and it is Woden - the Great Initiator - who is the guide and guardian on the path towards this ultimate act of re-creation. This is not just as transformation in Man, but also a transformation of Nature, since Nature is 'spiritualised' in the process.

This is where the ALU - Formula comes into play because it is the downwards energy-flow, bringing Spirit down into Matter - that is the key to the awakening of Baeldaeg and the Asmegir. The key work takes place in the sacrum-coccyx area through the runes - Ac/AEsc/Yr/Ior/Ear (Sacrum) and Cweorth/Calc/Stan/Gar. The first five are linked to matter and man, whilst the last four are the Runes of Transformation. The Ear-Rune is the 'Earth-Grave' which seems rather an ending, and yet the following Cweorth-Rune, the 'Fire-Twirl', is the Rune of Transformation, the means to transport the 'dead' into the Other-World. 

The Gar-Rune

The 'Gift of Ing' has a very much deeper meaning, one connected to this rune as the Hidden Fylfot-Rune. When the 'gift' becomes the Fylfot, moving in either direction - sun-wise or widdershins - this is symbolic of the two worlds, the two Dimensions of Time, one running forwards into the future, the other backwards into the past. Here we can see another link between Ingwe and Agni, for the latter is the 'Messenger of the Gods', linking him to the psitrons covered in Part One. The 'X' is also symbolic of the Crossroads which is, like the boundary stone, hedge etc. a point where two roads cross, and thus we are in neither one nor the other. The Germanic Ing-Rune (Diamond) is thus also a 'portal' or 'gateway' between the worlds. This is also connected to the Armanen concept of Garma - the means to transform oneself within oneself, by the means of oneself. The Swastika was always connected to the Greek 'gamma' and thus to the letter 'G'; it is made up of four 'gammas'. 

Contained in the runes covered in Part One are certain key features -

Peorth - Rune of the Gateway.

Weorth - The Rune of Worth; the key to the creation of the Astral Body lies in the struggle to over come the human limitations. 'He that overcometh...' will evolve, whilst the Ultimate Man will remain earthbound at this time.

Cweorth - The Spiritual Sword and Spiritual Fire which will transmute Man into Superman. 

Beorc - The 'Birth-Rune' which opens up into the 'Gateway' or 'Portal' through which Creative Ideas pass into this world, and through which Sacred Symbols pass into this world. 

It is noticeable that the Beorc-Rune, Peorth-Rune and Cweorth-Rune are all made up of exactly the same parts, but which are in different sequences for each different rune. This is an Upright Stave (Ice - Is) and Two Angled Staves (Fire-Ken). 

The key to the Great Gateway is held in the figure of Baphomet which is the key to the exit into the Other-World, the Invisible World, the world that will become the New Earth. The two faces point into this world and into the other-world, and this symbol is linked to the Hale-Bopp Comet (Bap-Komet) which is Sleipnir, the Eight-Legged Steed of Woden which moves between the two worlds. Sleipnir rides towards the Age of Aquarius

I see green again with growing things
The earth arise from out of the sea;
Fell torrents flow, overflies them the eagle,
On hoar highlands which hunts for fish.

It is the 'Green-Land' that arises from the depths of the 'sea', together with new life and growth. 

Again the AEsir on Itha Plain meet,
And speak of the Mighty Midgard Worm -
Again go over the great world-doom,
And Fimbultyr's unfathomed runes.

Then in the grass the Golden Figures,
The far-famed ones will be found again,
Which they had owned in olden times.

The AEsir, it is said here, will find once more the Golden Figures and the Golden Taefl-Board which they had played on in 'olden times', i.e. in the Golden Age of the Gods. The Realm of the Gods is Gimle ('Gem-Roof') which is thatched with red gold, where the Gods will 'live forever in ease and bliss'. 

This is the secret of the Taefl-Board game played with dice, since it is a Game of Chance. The rune-posture Peorth is used to play the Game of Chance because it is symbolic of the Board-Game itself, which exists in the Other-World. Even the 'Dice-Cup' would probably have been shaped like the Peorth-Rune placed upon its 'back', for this again would have the same symbolic meaning. Playing this on the physical plane, with the right symbolism, would reflect the game played in the Other-World. 

On the third row from the bottom of the Horn of Gallehus we find two figures stood at the side of a Board-Game; below the board is a dog-headed figure in the Peorth-Rune posture. On the bottom row are two board-games, one above the other, each having a dice marked '3'. This seems to suggest the one board is a reflection of the other, one played in this world, the other in the Other-World. On the top part, bottom row, there is a human figure and dog-headed figure with what appears to be a board between them; the dog-headed figure has a human behind it holding a lead around the neck. This all appears to suggest to me that the secret here is that when playing this game on the physical plane there is a parallel game played in the Other-World. 

On the second row from the bottom we have two Fleur-de-Lys on the outsides, two dogs inside of these, and a 'Joker' type figure in the centre. There is also a large star at the top to the left of the 'Joker' figure. We cannot be sure of this but this does suggest the star Sirius which is the brightest in the sky, and shimmers with a blue light. This bright star is marked by drawing a line across the three stars of the Belt of Orion and this almost aligns with these three stars; these were the 'Magi' of Persia who visited the boy-child. 

Of course, we find in some versions of the Grail Mythos that Morgana, the Goddess of Fate, is associated with the chessboard, and this also features in Masonic Symbolism -

'Here the Star Woman reveals that it is she who has inherited the fairy Morgana's chessboard, a fact which points to a certain correspondence between the two figures. As mentioned earlier, the symbol of the chessboard undoubtedly embraces the idea of a confrontation of the opposites in the square field action, and is thus a realisation of wholeness.'

Emma Jung.

The 'confrontation of opposites' here refers to the Battle of Light (White) and Darkness (Black) which takes place between the two sides of the board-game. This thus reflects the Eternal Struggle taking place here in Midgard, which also takes place in the Other-World. There is also a clue here in one legend where Parsifal (Perceval) makes a move on a chessboard, whence the figures on the opposite side move by themselves. Three times he is checkmated and loses; he starts to lose his temper and is about to 'throw the pieces into the water below' which seems to relate to the Absu rather than any physical waters. A young woman appears, dressed in a red dress strewn with twinkling stars, and tells him they are 'her chessmen'. 

We can find here perhaps a link to the 'Hound of Heaven' - Sirius - because the Star-Woman seems to be linked to Isis and thus to Sirius (and also Venus in our Solar System). In The Sacred Triangle of Pagan Iceland Einar Palsson links Isis and Sirius to the Number 4, which is the number behind the Game of Chess - there are 64 squares (4 x 4 x 4) and 16 pieces (4 x 4) on each side. These are the square and the cube of the Number 4. Both chess and taefl are similar in that they represent the Eternal War between Light and Darkness. Chess is not a game of chance though. I  am not sure of how important these points are but Sirius has always featured highly in esoteric circles.

Rune of At-al-land

The Edel-Rune refers to 'The Homeland' or 'The Folk-Land' and also to the innate qualities within Man. This is the Rune of Blood & Soil - Blood of the Folk and Soil of the Folk-Land. According to Tolkien this land, which he called Atallante, was subject to a massive catastrophe that 'sank' it beneath the waters, but which part of it was moved into a different dimension of time. It thus still exists in the Other-World. This rune is thus one of the means to gain access to the Other-World or Inner Earth. The key lies within us, and not without, as does all spiritual development.

The colour green of the Black Sun may well refer to the 'Green Land', which is also the subject mentioned in the Sahaja Prophecies. Green is the opposite colour to the violet of the Amethyst, hence the use of the Amethyst for gaining access to the Other-World. In this world it is necessary to use the opposite colour to that of the Other-World. 

The phenomena of the Crop Formations seems to be based upon the underground aquastats which course through the Earth. These are themselves connected to the invisible magnetic currents that run through the Earth, and which Miguel Serrano sees as the 'Blood of the First Astral Earth'. I am led to believe that most of the crop formations are found on the chalk-downs of the South of England, and these aquastats are most powerful in chalk. This could also be linked to the Calc-Rune which symbolises the roots of the tree, i.e. the part which is underground. The Sumerians and Akkadians had two different words for Abzu and Apsu - Engur (Sumerian) and Engurru (Akkadian). This is the Primeval Sea below the Void Space of the Underworld, with the physical world above. (In regard to crop formations it may well be true that many of these are man-made, but there are so many that appear in a very complex form, and some have appeared within around 10 - 15 minutes of time in which they were formed. In broad daylight this is hardly explained by being made by two men working with planks.)

The English Peg-Solitaire game has 33 peg-holes with the central peg-hole being left blank. It thus has 32 pegs and 33 peg-holes, which matches the 32 + 1 runes of the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag. It would seem clear that these board-games - chess, taefl and peg-solitaire - are all connected to the Ancient Mysteries, and have all been passed down, like our Playing Cards, to us in order to unravel the Ancient Mysteries that they held for our forefathers. Unlike today these board-games were not played for fun but were a serious means of linking our world to the Other-World, and thus gaining some insights into the future. This is perhaps how the future is foretold, since if the First Dimension of Time moves towards the future, and the Second Dimension of Time moves backwards towards the past the accessing the latter gives access to what may come about - but due to the nature of the Second Dimension of Time this is only a possibility, at most a probability