Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Wednesday 27 January 2021

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag - Video of Runic Stances

This video, taken from my YouTube channel, shows the 33 Runic Stances of the following Ar-Kan Runes. Certain rune-stances I have slightly changed since this time; the following should give a good idea of the changes.



















E(o)h - legs shoulder-width apart.

Mann - legs shoulder-width apart.



Daeg - legs shoulder-width apart. 




Yr - legs in the same stance (low horse-stance); the right arm is pushed down (hand open) as near to the centre of the body as possible, the left arm crosses this horizontally. (See Rune-Stave below).







At the beginning and the end it is best to do a short deep-breathing exercise by raining the hands (in-breath) and making an upward-triangle over the Third Eye, slowly lowering the hands (out-breath) to make a downward-triangle over the Hara-Centre. As you move the hands downwards they should be flat in front of the Heart Centre, where the hand should open slightly for form a Double-Lagu. They close again as you push down to form the downward-triangle. The hands moving upwards naturally pulls in the breath, and downwards it pushes out the breath. 

YR-RUNE - Cross-stave can be horizontal.

For those who would like to watch the video without the music there is a silent version below -

Tuesday 26 January 2021

Ar-Kan Form

This form has been adapted from Hakutsuru ('White Crane') which forms part of the Bushi-Te-Ryu which is an Okinawan-te (hand techniques). Of course, here we see the Cweorth-Stance forming the basis of this form. 

The point of this type of exercise is to focus the concentration whilst at the same time making slow, careful moves. There are always varied interpretations as to what each move means but this is one set of interpretations -

  • The Cweorth-Stance (Crane-Stance) could be used to push away the arms of someone trying to grab you by the throat; this pushed upwards and outwards.
  • From this a five-finger strike is done aimed at the solar-plexus area of the body, which is soft but is a painful blow (can be deadly so be careful). This is the area just below the ribs in the centre.
  • The two-handed upward sweep would be to stop punches to the head. Palm strikes can be seen in the 'pushes'. 
These are just ideas, since forms are always seen differently by different styles and individuals. Of course, the main aim for us is the concentration and the slow, rhythmic movement

Monday 4 January 2021

The Unknowable & The Manifested God


The Armanen Master, Guido von List, considers that the Urfyr (Primal Fire) is the 'First and the Last' which manifests at the beginning as Creation and at the end as Destruction. He thus equates this to Surtur or Surt - 'The Dark One'. This is in fact quite in line with ancient Aryan Mythology where the Highest Heaven is associated with Fire. S-Ur-T-Ur is the Unknowable God who manifests as Santur - the Black Sun. The Unknowable God is 'All-Father' also named 'Ilu-Father' or 'Alu-Father' as I have shown in earlier posts either here or on the Inglinga Blog. In ancient Persian Lore the Unknowable God was Ahu, who manifests as Ahura Mazda; this would be cognate to the name Asu. I believe that in Sumer there is as word AL.U which means 'Beings of Heaven', so all of this refers to the Gods in the Highest Heaven, and above this to the 'All-Father' who manifests as Woden here amongst his Folk. 

This cosmology equates with one of the earliest Aryan Traditions, that of Iran and the teachings of the Holy Prophet Zarathustra. This cosmology is best seen in the work Manual of Hhshnoom which puts together the earlier traditions in order to create a working whole. The name AHU means 'It Is' which infers that this unknowable exists, indeed this is the Being mentioned by Julius Evola; this Unknowable God thus manifests as Becoming and thus brings into being Wyrd and the Sisters of Wyrd. The Vedic version of AHU is called KA which means 'Who', meaning the Unknowable. 

It is made clear in the Manual of Khshnoom that Miguel Serrano's HE/SHE (EL/ELLA) features in this work as the 'one perfected whole soul' where the male soul finds his female soul and they unite as one perfected Asexual Soul called MAGAVAN. United and yet separated, since they can never be the same as the original man-woman; this is most likely symbolised by the figure of Baphomet as a male-female head (not the Eliphas Levi version which glorifies the 'fusion of opposites'). I recall a very strange dream many years ago that I had after watching the film Artemis 81 (thus I assume it was 1981) in which I was given a new symbol - a Five Pointed Star (Pentagram) on which was imposed a Sig-Rune. The five-pointed star was 'man asexual' and the Sig-Rune meant 'Socialism'.

(*) I looked this up and Artemis 81 was a very strange TV play which lasted 180 minutes (3 hours) on December 29th 1981, starring Sting who played the Good-Force (Helith) pitted against the Evil-Force (Asrael - his brother). Back in 1981 I would have been 33 years old and I cannot recall what this is about; it can be found on YouTube in its full version I think.

As an aside here, the pentagram is symbolic of the Morning and Evening Star - Venus, which creates this pattern in its movement around the Sun. It is interesting to note that there were Four Great Emblems of the most secret book of Divine Wisdom of the Magi -

  • The Pentacle.
  • The Cup.
  • The Wand.
  • The Sword.
These objects are the four sets of the Tarot Cards, suggesting these originated in Iran with the Magi. We should note here that it was the 'Three Magi' who journeyed to Israel to herald the birth of Krist (even if this did not take place in Israel the connection is important). 

The figure of the Last Avatar carrying a Flaming Sword cannot but remind us of Surt who carries a Flaming Sword; it is Surt's Fire that cleanses and renews the worlds, ridding them of the Evil-Forces, as related of Kalki Avatar and The Third Sargon. This would suggest that the High God intervenes at the end to destroy the Evil Forces, and that this is all part of a Divine Plan. 

The Cweorth-Rune has the alternative name 'TRIS' which is 'SIRT' spelled backwards. If we take the Long Man of Wilmington and its shape, the Cweorth-Rune, to be that of Cygnus the Swan, it becomes clearer because the Swan is the symbol of the Highest Spiritual Realms - SWAR. 

Taking this from a work by AElfric Avery - Armanen Runes and the Black Sun (Volume 1) which takes it from the Manual of Khshnoom and rearranges the Nine Worlds in the Eddas into a logical order and equates them with the Aryan Lore of Iran we have the following -

Vidblain ('Wide-Dark')/Garo-nmana

Andlang ('Extended') - Anaghra-Raocha.

Vindblain ('Wind-Dark') Heidthornir ('Clouded Brightness') Hregg-Mimir ('Storm-Mimir') - Saturn.

Vidfedmir ('Wide-Embracer') - Jupiter.

Hrjod ('Coverer') - Mars.

Hlyrnir ('Twin-Lit') - Sun.

Gimir ('Fiery', 'Jewelled')- Venus.

Vet Mimir ('Winter-Mimir') - Mercury.

Skatyrnir ('Rich-Wetter') - Moon.

This assumes that Snorri reversed the Nine-Worlds, which is certainly not out of the question since his works have been seen to be suspect in certain parts. In many ways, being a Christian, he may well have misunderstood the Eddas and their hidden meanings. In this cosmology Garo-nmana is the realm of the Unknowable God (S-Ur-T-Ur in Listian Lore). Below this is Anaghra Raocha where lies the Heavenly Mt. Alborz (Mt Meru). Below this is Nisti (Space) and then the Earthly Plane with Airyana Vaeja at the Far North with the Earthly Mt. Alborz/Ultima Thule. This is the cosmology from the Manual of Khshnoom. In this Cosmic Fire plays an initial role.

This Cosmic Creative Fire originates in the Abode of Ahu in the Ninth Heaven, and is called Atar related to the Fehu-Rune as the 'Primal Rune'. The Urvans are the Imperfect Souls ('the soul that needs to widen itself out') who descend into matter (The Exodus) and into the Material World (Earth) in order that they may try to perfect themselves once more and ascend through the realms once again through their Spiritual Evolution. It thus becomes clear that the Dark Forces or Forces of Evil are involuntarily doing the work of the High God (All-Father) in order that these Imperfect Souls can try to perfect themselves here on Earth. This is how Tolkien saw it where Melkor (The Dark Force) was unwittingly doing the work of Illuvater ('Ilu-Father'). 

In fact, Tolkien puts this into a rather important perspective in that the Music of the Ainur was complete and perfect, but a chaotic and imperfect 'music' was introduced by Melkor. The latter's was actually part of the Divine Plan even though not known by Melkor. This is where the Veras or Divine Heroes are the ones who can elevate themselves above the mass of people to take the upward stage od Spiritual Evolution. They have to search and find their Female Soul in order to 'unite' as HE/SHE (MAGAVAN) but not returning to 'The One' but in separation-in-unity. This is where the term 'Soul-Mates' is made meaningful, a term today totally corrupted by the Forces of Evil (which is something that underlies every tactic of the Demiurge, everything is a false copy of that which is Right and True). 

The Black Sun is thus Santur, the manifestation of the Unknowable God S-Ur-T-Ur; it is thus the 'Gateway' or 'Portal' to the Unknowable God and to the Highest Realm. The Unknowable God thus expands into the material world as Woden-Kristos, and thus leads the revolt against the Demiurge as the Spirit descended into Matter. "We are destined for the starry heavens, and the Golem can thwart God's plan only as long as he allows it. He allows it because we must earn our way back home." (Joe Sevnson).

The True Crucifixion refers to the descent of Spirit into Matter; the 'Son' is the messenger who works between the Spiritual and Material worlds. He brings spirit and consciousness into the material world which has been created and corrupted by the Demiurge. The Light Power is the Indo-European *Manus whose 'evil twin' is thus *Yemos who is Ymir of the Eddas, and Yama of the Vedas. Ymir is of the Evil Thursar-Joten, and he is sacrificed and cut up to form the Cosmos. This infers that this is in fact imperfect in its make-up.

The Yr-Rune is shaped as the Calc-Rune in the Armanen Futhork, and this rune is sometimes seen in the light of 'to err' or 'an error'. This may not be far from the truth since the Yr-Rune could represent Ymir at one level (and there are many levels), and the sound YM (OM/AUM). (*) This can also represent the Yr-Min-Sul which may be a symbol of the High-God. The Armanen Runes would thus have the Man-Rune as Manus and the Yr-Rune as Yemos, which certainly reveals the truth in this rune-system of Guido von List. The 'Light Twin' (Manus) and the 'Dark Twin' thus at times share similar archetypes and this is why it is so hard sometimes to understand one from the other. The two 'unite' in the Hagal-Rune -

(*) This idea brings into question the meaning of the 'OM' chant which has been used by so many distortions such as the 'New Agers'. Also, the Christian 'Amen', which has been likened to 'OM' by some modern scholars, is A-Men, where 'A' is a negation, thus 'Not-Men', and where 'Men' may well be 'Manus'. This is probably a usage of the term as a negation.

The Irminsul or Yr-Min-Sul can thus be seen in a different light, since it is a glyph of the Cweorth-Rune and Ear-Rune -

  • As the Ar-Man-Sul it is the 'Sun-Column of the Ar-Man'; Irmin or Ir is thus the High-God, or highest manifestation of God - Ar (Black Sun). 
  • As the Yr-Man-Sul it is the column of the 'Err-Man', the Imperfect Man who has to strive towards the Spiritual Being he once was, and has 'erred' in that he has fallen into matter. 
  • The image of the Kristos who is 'crucified' upon the World Tree (Iggdrasil-Irminsul) is thus the Spirit 'crucified' in Matter, come down in order to redeem the Imperfect Ones (not the 'sinners' as in Judaeo-Christianity). This is the Ear-Rune of the 'Hanged God', whilst the Cweorth-Rune is the 'Crowned and Conquering Son' (The Hero). 
The Sumerian Illu-Ishtar speaks of the Black Sun -

"...the god Bab-Chomet placed in the new universe
the Black Sun, which no-one can see with earthly eyes.
It is the source of god's power in this world:
around them is all. Thus the world-age was determined.'

Here the name 'Bab-Chomet' is referred to as a 'god' and that he placed the Black Sun in the manifested universe as the source of his power in this world. This also determines a 'world-age'. I have likened 'Bab-Chomet', or 'Bab-Komet' as it is sometimes spelled, as the Hale-Bopp Comet, and noted that this was a very strange phenomena back in 1997. This certainly determined 'the world-age' at this time, being the herald of the New Age. The term Bab-Chomet means -

  • 'Bab' = Gateway or Portal,
  • 'Kome' = Ray of Light.

The suggestion here is that 'Bab-Komet' is actually the gateway or portal through which the Unknowable God moves in order to become the Black Sun, which is the Manifested God. The 'High Race' are thus the Sons of the Black Sun or the Sons of God. As this power waned here on Earth, with the growing power of the Golden Sun, the Shining Ones (ASU) lost their long life and spiritual powers and became the Arya who were obviously inferior to the ASU, but were the 'Race of Hope' in that they still possessed the "Power of the Black Sun" even though this worked at a spiritual level. 

AElfric Avery mentions that the power that originates from the Ahu (Unkowable God) is the Vril-Force, associated with Kundalini - the Fire-Serpent. In Iran this was called Atar which means 'Spiritual Fire', and the Vedic equivalent to Atar would be Agni. It can thus be seen that we have to see yet another importance of the god Ingwe, the equivalent of Agni of the Vedas. The term atar stems from the IE Root *ater- meaning 'black' or 'blackened by fire', likely related to the Vedic atharva and atharvan ('Priest'). The IE Root *at- means 'over', 'beyond', or 'super' and ar is the Black Sun. 

Ingwe is 'The Son' who manifests as the Spiritual Fire upon Earth; he is the 'Divine Spark' within all matter, the 'Son of the Father'. Ingwe is the Serpent-Fire and he is 'The Beginning and the End', or 'The First and the Last'. As the 'Lord of the Elves' he comes from the Second Heaven which is below the AHU, and he moves between the worlds, running up and down the World Tree between the Serpent (Earth) and the Eagle (Heaven). As Guido von List says, this 'fire' is really 'warmth' which is that which creates movement and is thus Energy and Power.  

Folkish Wodenism recognises these concepts, although they are rejected by most Odinists who go with a polytheism that rejects a 'God' as the 'High-One'; our 'gods' (AESIR) are our Racial Gods, but we recognise a High-God named Ilu-Father, All-Father, or Alu-Father. He resides in the Highest Heaven, above the Realm of the Gods and the Realm of the Elves. Woden like other Aryan Gods, becomes the High God in the sense that he can gain knowledge and wisdom and return to the Highest Heaven with this. 'I and the Father are One'.