Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Sunday 12 March 2023

The Need of Ing

This work is based upon the ideas of Peryt Shou and on the Magical Formula AEPANDI NAM, the 'Cry of Need' used by Woden as he recovers the Holy Runes. To understand this it is necessary to follow the idea of Peryt Shou in that Yggdrasil (The Steed of Ygg) and the Cross of Krist are one and the same thing - the Gallows-Cross or 'Wolf-Tree'. 

The core of his ideas centre around the idea that the Crucifixion of Christ - 'The Crucified One' - brings the world (and Man) to destruction, whilst Woden-Krist is 'The Awakened One' who leads the world (and Man) back to resurrection and to a spiritual transformation. Nine great lunar-cycles have gone by since the death of Christ, and on the Ninth Night Woden climbs down from the World Tree as the 'Awakened One'. Woden awakens on the Ninth Night, in the deepest night of humanity, by means of the Magical Runic Force - the Need is the Compulsion of Fate, which is how Guido von List sees the meaning of the Need-Rune. 

For a Spiritual Awakening to take place it is thus necessary to recognise this 'Compulsion of Fate', to recognise this Need-Necessity, and to break free of the negative anti-life meaning of the Need-Rune, and embrace the positive and spiritual meaning of the rune. 

The tale of the Ring of Power which is held by the Dwarf Andvari, who represents the base materialistic power of the Gold Ring, shows how Woden first lusted for the Gold Ring, which was eventually hidden away by the dragon, Fafnir, and then taken by Sigurd the Wolsunga when he slew the dragon. Thus, Sigurd took upon himself the Curse of the Gold Ring - its materialistic meaning - and this became his downfall. The 'Curse of the Gold Ring' - the One Ring - is its being locked into the material world, thus keeping out the spiritual worlds. 

What Man must rediscover is the Spiritual Eye which has been submerged in the world of matter; to do so he must plunge deeply into the 'Well of Memory' (Mimir's Well). There are four important runes/symbols that are connected to this 'Awakening' -

  • The Nad-Rune.
  • The Swastika.
  • The Solar-Word - Os-Rune.
  • The Cweorth-Rune - Cygnus the Swan. 

But first we shall look at the meaning of the 'Cry of Need' - AEPANDI NAM -

  • Aepa (O.N.) to cry out.
  • oep - a shout of need.
  • op - cry of distress, pain.
  • and/anda - secret/spirit/spiritual waves.
  • and/anda - breath (hence 'wind' or 'spirit'). Clearly 'ond'.
  • NAM - 'took up'.

(We have also the Hindu 'Ananda' - An-Anda - which is the 'Eternal Bliss', and the Goddess known in the South-East of England Andraste (And-Raste). 

When Woden reaches downwards to pick up the Holy Runes and then 'took up' the  Runes, he does so from the 'Watery Abyss' that is below the Earth, i.e. the Realm of Mimir (Well of Memory). He can do this simply because his 'Spiritual Eye' was given in exchange to Mimir, and held in Mimir's Well, which he thus has access to in order to 'see' and to recover the Ancient Wisdom. It is the Need-Rune and the 'Compulsion of Need' that causes him to make this self-sacrifice. He becomes the 'Turner of Need'. This is why Woden is the Great Initiator, since he is the leader of the Divine Revolt against the Demiurge (Dark Lord) and the one God who guides our evolutionary-drive towards the Superman. It is the Will of Woden that is the Will-to-Power that turns the Need in order to achieve this aim. The Aryan Spirit triumphs over Need and Death. 

Another symbolism here is the Fenris Wolf (The Jackal) who 'swallows' Woden; here this is symbolic of the material world. Fenris Wolf is Saturn ('The Swallower') who is Cronus, who 'devours' his sons. The 'resurrected' Woden is 'The Son' who is Wid-Ar, the god who breaks open the Jaws of Fenris and allows the Spirit of Woden to escape. This is why Wid-Ar (The Silent One) is so important to us, since this entails the transformation from the 'Hanged God' or 'Crucified God' (Ear-Rune) to the 'Crowned and Conquering God' (Cweorth-Rune). 

The Swastika is the Symbol of Salvation (SAL) and has within it the Double-Sig Runes - Sal = Salvation & Sieg = Victory. This can also be rendered as Heil (Hal) and Sieg. The Need-Rune is static, and applied to the kindling of the Need-Fire, whilst this is the energy that turns the 'Solar-Wheel' (Swastika). We can put this in another way - the kindling of the Need-Fire, and the compulsion of Need (Fate), is the energy that causes the re-awakening and waxing of the ancient Black Sun - the Sun of the Former Earth. 

Peryt Shou connects this Current of Awakening with the constellation of Cygnus the Swan, and this is interesting in that Andrew Collins ( a speculative writer) connects Cygnus the Swan with man's evolution. Peryt Shou mentions Cygnus and the Cosmic Rays that it emits, which were proven by science decades after his time. This is the symbol of Cygnus the Swan -

The Cweorth-Rune is the 'Fire-Twirl' and is akin to the symbolism of the Swastika; it is also connected to Waendal (Mundilfore) as the World-Turner. I have mentioned before how the VW symbolism on the wheels of this car, when revolved at a certain speed, shows a Curved Swastika. (This shows how advanced esoterically the Germans were, since the use of the car thus impressed the symbolism of the Thule Swastika into the subconscious mind of the people.) The Swan has always been the symbol of the Highest Initiation. 

The 'Solar-Word' is symbolised by the Os-Rune which is the rune showing the 'Prince of Asgard' holding a Rod and a Ring - representing Authority and Power, but in this case spiritual Authority and Power. 

As Peryt Shou tells us, the Runic Magic of Woden, that which allows for the 'resurrection', is a 'Mystery of the Blood'. In this case he sees the Sacred Blood as a 'vibrating crystal', and in his work he equates the vibration associated with this as 432 cycles per second. 

The sword named 'Nothung' is the Sword of the Wolsungas in Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle and the name means 'Need of Ing'. Here we see a confirmation of the 'Mystery of the Blood' that Peryt Shou talks about. The Ing-Rune is the Mystery of the Blood, and the DNA Spiral - and here also we see the link to the Evolution of Man. 

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