Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 15 November 2018

The 'Gift of Ing' and the Sacred Blood

The Ing-Rune or Rune of Ingwe

There are three runes that embody the concept of the 'Gift of Ing' - the Gar-Rune, Ing-Rune and Edel-Rune; we shall look at all three here to find the connection and the Mysteries of Ing. It is essential to keep in mind that the Divine Ancestor of the English Folk is Ingwe/Ingui, and as such this has to be of extreme importance. It is also important to remember that the Swedish (and Norwegian) Royal Lines were the 'Sons of Ing' (Ynglingas). It has always been one of our major ideas that the 'Sons of Ing' were driven subconsciously to these islands - back to their Ur-Land before the Great Flood sank the lands of the North-West. 

I have pointed out before how certain famous swords are also connected to Ing or Ingwe -

Miming - 'Memory of Ing' 

Nothung - 'Need of Ing' (Wagner)

Balmung - the meaning of which I am not sure of though 'bal' is linked to the idea of 'light' and to 'fire'. 

The sword 'Miming' was a magical sword given to Hodr when he waged a war against Baldaeg; it was the Wyrd Sisters (Sisters of Fate) who gave this to him, and this version is very different from the one Snorri gives to us because the roles of Baldaeg and Hodr and reversed in many ways. The English name 'Baldaeg' or 'Baeldaeg' is close to bealdor which is an Old English word related to the idea of a 'warrior' which does not seem to fit with the mythology given to us by Snorri. The name 'Hodr' obviously suggests 'hood', a kenning for 'darkness', emphasised by his 'blindness'; it can refer to ignorance, which it no doubt does at one level, for ignorance 'slays' the 'Light' in all of us. But none of this gives us anything to go by in understanding why the sword he wielded was called by the title 'Memory of Ing'. 

It has been suggested that the 'Eye of Woden' which he sacrificed for a Draught of Knowledge from Mimir's Well is the 'Third Eye'. This 'eye' was placed in Mimir's Well in exchange for the Draught of Knowledge which Woden desired, for he was the one god who continually sought for Occult Wisdom. 'Mimir' means 'memory' and the 'Well of Mimir' is obviously thus the 'Well of Memory' - the Blood Memory. Although we cannot be sure of the true meaning of this myth it is certainly true to say that the 'Eye in the Well' is a very ancient idea. In The Wisdom of the Wyrd Brian Bates suggests that the motif of the cutting off of the Head of Mimir is related to that of Gawain beheading the Green Giant; certainly the Head of Mimir is a very important symbol, and this is preserved by Woden in order that he may 'see' into the future. The severed head, as I have pointed out before, is also linked to the awakening of a people, as can be seen in one of the tales of the Ulstermen from Northern Ireland. 

Before we go any further with this argument we need to understand the evolutionary process that has been going on through the Cycle of the Ages. To do so we can first look at the symbolism of the 'Dragon-Slayer' which evolved from the Vedic account of the Serpent which stole the 'cattle' and which was regained by the Arya - Third. (The Fehu-Rune contains this ancient mystery). Carl Jung saw the dragon-slaying as the 'Battle for deliverance from the Mother', and here we see the secret of why the dragon has to be 'slain'. This motif is truly Aryan in essence and form, and it signifies that the Aryans evolved in order to break free of 'The Mother', thus becoming a kind of 'teenager', wild and free, and this is the essence of the Aryan Mannerbunde where the child is taken from the mother and brought up in a Warrior Caste. The peoples of the Neolithic period seem to have had a childlike aspect that was 'unconscious', seeing themselves as part of a whole, and worshipping a Great Mother. There is nothing wrong with this at all, but neither is there anything wrong with seeing the Aryan as the people to break free of this 'Mothering' and take the next stage of being 'individual' and having to 'flee the nest'. The Arya was more free and independent, with the newfound 'ego' or 'I' that, again, was a necessary part of the process of evolution which is the means to the creation of the Absolute I.

It should be clear that there is an 'involutionary' process going on since the original High Race mixed their Igneous Blood with other lower species and thus began to lose the blood potency they had originally. But is we see a parallel 'evolutionary' process which is necessary for the creation of the God-Man - the adult and fully grown man who will have self-consciousness and be a god in his own right, but above and beyond the form of the Original Race of the Golden Age. Those who seek to submerge mankind back into the Primal Chaos or return mankind to the 'Mother' are holding back the evolution of our Folk. We are all brought up at a young age by our mother - the 'nurturer' - but we do not stay there forever. We start to become independent (The Arya) and then we grow into full manhood (The Man-God). The cycle, as with everything, is the same but at different levels. 

We have to understand that the Gods have guided us throughout this process, but in so many European Mythologies we see the Warrior-Hero who seeks independence from the Gods and seeks to 'go it alone'. The Gods, however, do not abandon such a figure, since it is their task to encourage this independence because it is all part of this evolutionary drive towards the God-Man. Once man was as the gods but he was in his infancy and unconsciously driven by the gods; he was bound to 'The Mother'. The Arya was the 'youth' or 'teenager' who is driven by impulse, by wild abandon, free and wild, fighter and hunter, with the taste for adventure and danger. Then he must grow into adulthood, leaving behind this wild abandon and becoming a developed being with sureness and self-knowledge. 

This process can only happen if the DNA and the Genetic Code contains the means to transform or 'mutate', and thus it is essential to try to preserve the 'Sacred Blood' - more so, to restore that Sacred Blood to its original pureness and thus recreate that Ancient Solar Race but this time at a new level - manhood. 

There has to be something in the idea of 'Blue Blood' and that this was the 'Royal Blood', thus linked to the Sang Real and to the Graal Mythos. Runebinder showed us a very interesting link between the Edel-Rune and the Ing-Rune -

Here the Edel-Rune ('Gift of Ing') becomes the Ing-Rune ('Gift of Ing') by placing upon its 'head' the 'Crown' (Ken-Rune). Thus we get the 'Crowned and Avenging Son', the Edel-Rune being The Hooded Man. We may here be able to see a subtle process whence the Folk-Leader ('The Hooded Man') is incarnated upon the Earth prior to a time when the Avatar (HelgiH/Wid-Ar the Avenger) is also incarnated in the same individual. This would explain the symbolism above, since the Ing-Rune contains both the Incarnation of the Folk-Leader and the Incarnation of the Last Avatar. 

The rune that actually embodies the term 'Gift of Ing' (G-Ung-nr) is the Gar-Rune or Spear of Woden. This is made up of Gyfu and Ing - 'Gift of Ing'. Within this can also be found 4 Edel-Runes (when the Germanic Ing-Rune is drawn as a 'square' and not slightly elongated as here). 

Here we have the Stone of Ing and on the White Stone we find that the secret of the 'Gift of Ing' is Fire - or rather the Ken-Rune in its form that shows the fire with smoke rising. The Germanic Ken-Rune could be linked to an 'eye' which is interesting since the Ar-Kan Ken-Rune is the 'Pine-Torch' and the Pineal Gland is linked to the 'Third Eye'. Then we have the 'fire' associated with the Igneous Blood of the Arya. 

Air is carried through the blood, just as spirit is also carried through the blood; in the above we find the Pine-Cone at the top of the column (Spinal Column) and the two wings below the cone, suggesting the lungs which are the means of pulling air into the blood. There are two columns, one each side of the central pillar, and these are 'Columns of Fire' as seen in the above. Winding around the central column are the Twin-Serpents (Kundalini) which when 'squared' become the Ing-Rune. Now, the Ing-Rune in its basic version (Ar-Kan) is the Ken-Fusion Ing-Rune, thus linked to 'fire' and thus the 'Fire Serpent'. 

When doing the Spiritual Exercises designed to draw into the body the Life-Force or Vril-Force or whatever other name we use this is done through Rhythmic Breathing (the secret shown on the Sutton Hood Mask). But this is not just a matter of breathing, but of the actual visualisation of the Life-Force being drawn into the lungs. Visualising the movement of air (which contains the Life-Force) precedes the actual movement of that energy into the lungs, where it is drawn into the blood which flows around the lungs. As we see in the above, the Third Eye (Pine Cone) is below the Solar Disc which is the Crown Chakra, through which the energy is moved to the Black Sun and the Green Ray (the higher two chakras of the Nine Chakras). 

In the ALU-ULA Formula the movement is through three 'Energy-Centres' which include more than one chakra These are the -

Hara - Base Centre (containing two of the lower chakras) - U (Bodn)

Heart Centre (containing the Solar Plexus and Heart Centre) - L (Son)

Third Eye (containing the Throat/Third Eye/Crown Centres) - A (Odroerir)

These centres can be found along the vertical column of the World Tree, and in the symbolism of the Eoh-Rune. The IE Root *aiw- is where this rune stems from, more precisely being Aiwaz (which itself is strange since this was the name of the 'entity' that dictated the Book of the Law to Aleister Crowley - in the variant form of Aiwass). There is also a 'coincidence' that can be found in the rune-row given to me by an Odinic Rune-Worker in 2012 where the reverse of the Caan-Rune is called AEuuas which is a variant of AEwas. This version, the Caan-Rune in reverse, actually suggests an eye looking inwards as opposed to the eye which looks outwards with the Ken-Rune/Caan-Rune. The IE Root *aiw- means 'Life-Force' and is linked to the idea of 'eternity' and thus to the 'infinite'. We should here recall the link between the "Pine Torch' and the Pineal Gland, and thus the Third Eye. According to the Old English Rune-Poem the Light of Ken dwells within the AEthlinga - just where we would expect it to be, and not within 'man' as is sometimes suggested by translating AEthlinga as 'man' - he is the 'Noble Man' (Arya) which is much different. 

The word *alu- refers to a Magical Force which is a 'force set in motion'; but it can also be equated with 'light' since the Root *el- can mean 'light' as in our word 'elf'. This 'force set in motion' is also contained in the Root *er- from which we get Er-min, Irmin, Irminsul etc. Both are connected to the Root *ar- which means 'movement' and usually refers to the Sun and Light. Aar is the Eagle, symbol of the Arya, and this symbolism is very interesting in that the Eagle circles in a spiral around the Sun's Light. The Ar-Rune has often been associated with Fire and Light - the Fire and Light of the Sun and of the most ancient Solar Race. The Ar-Man is the Sun-Man. 

In The Coming Race by Lord Bulwer Lytton we find the Race of the Vril-ya as possession the Power of Vril, especially within the feminine where the power was greatest. This race dwelt inside the Hollow Earth, but we should not mistake this with a physical realm, but with a parallel dimension where the 'Coming Race' dwells ready to repopulate the Earth with a Higher Race. However, it would seem that there are certain areas beneath the earth, tunnels and caverns, which have been left there by an ancient Race of Giants and which (some say) are guarded by certain powerful forces, and which have secrets that can only be unlocked through certain individuals who are given the 'keys' to unlock them. I have no way of proving or disproving this since we have no access to such places not do I know anyone who does. But there is a possibility there is so truth in all this. This 'Coming Race' of the Vril-ya were the direct descendants of the Aryan Race as stated by Bulwer-Lytton, who was associated with the occult and hidden knowledge.

There is an obvious association between the Third Eye and Fire; and here we should bring into the equation the 'Inga-Fire' or 'Fire of Ingwe'. The Ing-Rune can mean 'beacon-fire' and the inglenook is the corner of the 'hearth' and the 'home-fire'. There is another side to this and that is a link between the word OM, which is more correctly AUM, and its extension AUMN (Amen/Amon/Amoun) which has the 'N' sound at the end of the mantra - this 'nnnnn' seems to vibrate readily in the Third Eye, since it is a 'nasal' sound done through the nose and not the mouth or throat. It is also a glyph of the Serpent *Ng(w)hi- whose name is phonetically the same as Ng(w)e- Ingwe. Is this all really a 'coincidence'? It is the 'Fire-Serpent' and its awakening which arise along the spinal column and opens the Third Eye - the 'Fire-Serpent' is thus Ingwe, whom the Vedas knew as Agni. This seems to be the secret held in the Sacred Blood and the concept of the 'Gift of Ing' which is the Igneous 'Fiery' Blood of the Arya which lies dormant but which can be awakened

It seems quite obvious that the White Stone of Ing was meant to be found in our own era, coming to light in 1938, the year when David Lane Wodensson was born in Woden, Iowa. This is some synchronicity! 

In the above we see Cuthman holding the beam which symbolises the Sacred Pillar or Sacred Centre; he is shown with a 'halo' and the gaiters around his legs show the Ing-Rune clearly, even if this is a modern rendering put there subconsciously. 

In The Secret Doctrine (Blavatsky) we find the following -

"Sophia, 'the Celestial Virgin', is prevailed upon to send Christos, her emanation, to the help of perishing humanity, from whom Ilda-Baoth (the Jehovah of the Jews) and his six Sons of Matter (the lower terrestrial Angels) are shutting out the divine light..."

and later this is expanded -

"When he (the spirit of Christos) shall have collected all the Spiritual, all the Light (that exists in matter) out of Ilda-Baoth's empire, Redemption is accomplished and the end of the world arrived."

We have to read into the works that we have about this, since when 'Jesus' is 'baptised' in the waters it is this 'Initiation' by which the Avatar ('descent of the Dove or 'Diver') which enters him as 'The Holy Spirit'. Here we should note that the original spelling used of Christ was Xrist where the 'X' was most likely a gutteral sound as in the Scottish 'loch' - thus Iesus Xrist creates the Hagal-Rune (I + X) which is the Rune of Pisces according to Miguel Serrano. In the 8-Pointed Star of Venus (Veneris) we have an + Cross and an x-Cross combined - the Spear of Woden piercing the Hagal-Rune. It is also representative of Sleipnir, the Steed of Woden, which has 8 legs. It is the steed which carries Woden through infinite and the infinite worlds - through the eternal. 

The Germanic Folk have always had a kind of obsession with fate, defeat and with death, which we can guess comes from the race-memory of a great catastrophe caused by the mixing of the Blood of the High Race with lower mortals, itself causing a Great Catastrophe here upon the Earth, most likely when the Earth's axis tilted 23 1/2 degrees. This Great Catastrophe destroyed their original Arctic Homeland - Thule or Hyperborea - and was retained within the Blood Memory; hence the nostalgia for a return to the original state of perfection, but which can only be done now through the strengthening of the 'I' and not its submergence in the 'One'. Strengthening the 'I' means the creation of the Absolute 'I'

In regard to the Sacred Number 8 which has been looked at both here and in the latest Inglinga Blog post, we need now to look at the Germanic King Frederick II who became the 'Holy Roman Emperor'. This was no ordinary man since he had dreams of becoming the Master of the World through a knowledge of science and magic. In 1228 CE Frederick II presided over what became known as the Secret Pact at Acre during the height of the crusades; this was a gathering of the elite of the warrior-elect such as the Templars, Teutonic Knights and the Assassins. He also built the Castel del Monte in Southern Italy which was based upon the Sacred Number 8. The Sacred Number 8 is again associated with the Master of the World and with the role of a 'World-Conqueror'.

In The Sacred Blood Struggle (Inglinga Blog) I mentioned the ideas put out by Tolkien on the 'Straight Way' and that the lost land of Numenor was taken into another dimension. This is the only way that we can explain the idea of the Great White Brotherhood, the idea that certain 'Hidden Masters' still guide mankind from another world. Thule-Hyperborea disappears under the seas, At-al-land disappears under the seas, the Gobi Civilisation is destroyed by a great catastrophe, and yet, in the latter, Shambhalla still exists, and from there the King of the World guides his initiates, just as the 'Hidden Masters' were said to do. This 'Hidden Realm' (Inner Earth) remains as it was and is the realm of the Divyas who are 'Divine Beings' or 'God-Men' who guide us from beyond, from the 'Other World'. The opening of the 'Third Eye' and the re-awakening of the Vril-Force seems to be the key to the communication with these 'Hidden Masters' or 'Thule Masters'. 

At the time when the Hale-Bopp Comet appeared in the spring of 1997 for some unknown reason I associated this with Sleipnir, the 8-legged Steed of Woden, the Magical Horse that moves between the worlds. The name 'Sleipnir' itself has 8 letters and could be related to the word 'slipper' suggesting being able to 'slip' between the worlds? We have seen before how this same comet, on an earlier round, was connected to the sinking of At-al-land. I also connected this to Baphomet ('Bopp-Comet') which is a severed head and connected to the ideas related to the Sacred Blood Struggle. As mentioned earlier, not only that but the severed head is also connected to an 'awakening'. Following on with the same theme we are led to Mimir's Head connected to the 'memory' and to the Ancient Wisdom to which Woden gained access to through his sacrifice of an Eye. This is the 'Awakening of the Blood-Memory'. 

The child's word for a horse is a 'g-g' and in the Ing-Rune we have twin G-Runes; the Gothic yggws is used for the Ing-Rune and seems to have taken this spelling from the Greek where 'gg' is pronounced 'ng'. But we cannot rule out that whoever wrote down the Gothic Runes used this as a clever letter-play to hide a secret meaning. 

The idea of the 'Hidden Masters' or 'Great White Brotherhood' also suggests that there is a 'guiding hand' out there in another realm which is 'feeding' our ideas to us, and that contact with this 'guiding hand' is the true aim of our work at this time. It also shows how some of the 'synchronicities' that occur are not 'coincidence' but part of a 'hidden plan'. This is why it is essential to notice the smallest thing that is often overlooked, and piece this together with similar things and happenings to get a fuller picture. The 'coincidence' to the many should be seen as a 'sign' to the Woden Initiate - a 'sign' given to the individual alone, since it is he who recognises it.

I seem to have strayed a bit but this is because it is necessary to see the whole picture and in particular the links between the 'Sacred Blood' and the 'Gift of Ing' which is the Igneous Blood and which is linked to the Sang Real. These ideas are linked to the 'Grail Runes' and to the 'Four Hallows' which occur only in our own English Runic System - which is no coincidence.

Cweorth - The Sword. But this is also the Fire-Twirl and the rune of Ritual Cremation, the means of releasing the spirit through Fire. The 'cw' in this word suggests 'queen' (cwen) and the Feminine Fire. 

Calc - The Cup or Chalice. This can be not only the 'Grail Cup' but also 'Bragi's Cup' which was the cup containing the Sacred Mead which contained the secret ingredients needed to create an altered state of consciousness through ritual drinking. Thus the term 'to brag', after the god Bragi - Son of Woden. This was a substitute drink for the loss of the ability given to our distant forebears to use the 'Third Eye'. 

Stan - The White Horse Stone and the White Stone of Ing; both of these Sacred Stones have been used by Wodenists throughout the last twenty years or more. The stone is a 'gateway' to other worlds since it stands upon the threshold, in neither one world nor the other. The 'Calc-Stan' is the 'White Stone' (calx = chalk) and these two runes embody this concept. 

Gar - The Spear of Woden and the Tribal Spear which became known as the Spear of Destiny which, in the hands of a World-Conqueror, would be used to forge the destiny of a people. 

There are very ancient links between Germania and Tibet and even today the Dalai Lama has come out in support of the peoples of Europe in their darkest hour. It would seem that because of the foresight of certain Eastern Adepts dwelling within areas supposedly inhabited in ancient times by the Aryans, and aware of the secrets hidden by the Aryans in areas of the Himalayas, they had a duty to 'enlighten' the 'white barbarians' who had come under the control of the Dark Powers through the betrayal of their ruling elite. The 'Sons of Europe', goes an ancient prophecy, would listen to no-one until such time as the 'Great Jewel of Wisdom' would be reborn in Europe and appear as the 'Spiritual Conqueror', to 'destroy the errors and ignorance of the ages'. 

In regard to the Pineal Gland Mdm. Blavatsky sees a definite link to the Pituitary Gland, despite the science of her time denying any such thing. She also suggests that the 'current' from the Pituitary Gland strikes the Pineal Gland 'and the dormant organ is awakened and set all glowing with the pure Akashic Fire' - like our own ideas on the Pine-Torch the Pineal Gland is associated with Fire and Light. The secret of the Gift of Ing is 'Fire & Light'. In some cases a lighted torch is placed at the area of the Third Eye. This is the Inga-Fire.

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