Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Thursday 29 November 2018

The Veneris Rune & The Solar Xrist

The Veneris Rune is an eight-rayed symbol used by Don Miguel Serrano as the Rune of Venus, and also of the Rune of Completion. In his works he uses the Hagal-Rune as the Rune of Pisces, and the Veneris Rune as the Rune of Aquarius.

The Hagal-Rune or Haegl-Rune is the Rune of Krist, being a bind-rune of Is and Gyfu - Iesous and Xristos. This is also the 9th Rune, and Woden is resurrected on the Ninth Night (for this mystery read my article on Peryth Shou in Runemasters - Mystics and Teachers of the Heathen North edited by Troy Southgate and available from Black Front Press). After that quick 'advert' we'll get back to the point. There is also another point here and that concerns the Haegl-Rune as representing the HE/SHE or Androgyne. We are today in the period of the 'Dissolution' and it seems clear that this process entails that of melting together the sexes, races etc. which we can see clearly in the 'gender' problem today. We cannot stop this in the masses but we must with all our might resist it and ensure that we build an alternative for the young people to oppose this slide into the Primal Chaos. I read the other day about this 'problem' which has increased some 200% (might have been 2000% if I read it wrong) here in England over the past decade or so. This was never a 'problem' until it was deliberately created through what we could see as Dark Magical Techniques used on the minds of young people. 

The Is-Rune shown above is the central stave of Haegl - it represents Iesous, but also as the figure hanging upon the X-Cross. 

The Gyfu-Rune represents Xristos because of its shape, thus Iesous Xristos; the 'X' is a letter sounded like the Scottish 'loch', a gutteral sound.It also represents the X-Cross or 'Cross of Sacrifice'. 

The Haegl-Rune is also the union of HE/SHE in his works, that which occurs at the Crown Chakra. In this system there are two chakras above this, the Black Sun and the Green Ray.

The Veneris rune has two distinct symbols, as far as I can see from my readings of Miguel Serrano's works; of course, there are no doubt more -

  • Two Haegl-Runes joined together.
  • The Haegl-Rune 'pierced' with the Spear of Sagittarius.

Whereas the Haegl-Rune represents the union of HE/SHE, this one goes beyond, through the 'Black Hole' (Void) where is seen the burst of the Green Ray. 'Pierced' through with this Green Ray this rune is the Rune of Completion where the Initiate is 'reborn' with the Absolute I, just as his SHE is reborn the same. They are united but separated. This is how I understand this to be, and is my opinion on this though others will be able to get deeper than I into these Mysteries.

In Folkish Wodenism we have used the above Edhel-Rune (Odal-Rune) to represent At-al-land - the Land of Origins. But it has also been used to represent the Double-Star - Venus - which is male (Ingwe) and female (Freya). Miguel Serrano uses this rune to represent the Esoteric Order of the Black Sun (SS = 'Swartz Sun' or 'Swartz Stein'). The one above represents the White Sun - Black Sun. 

In a previous post I have mentioned a formula connected to the Merseburg Charms and I am going to repeat this here since it fits so well with the ideas that I am going to put forward now -

This is the true symbol of the Sun-God - Baldaeg or Pol - and it is the Solar Wheel or Sun-Wheel. It is also the symbol of the Son of the Sun which we can see (for this purpose) as the Solar Krist. This symbol is that of the Divine Man in the Golden Age. Now, due to the 'Witch of the Eclipse' (remember the Solar Eclipse in the New Testament) the Solar Krist loses his 'Solar Ring' and his symbol becomes -

This is not the 'Christian Cross' but the Cross of Fro-Ing who is the Solar Krist; the 'Christian Cross' is extended to become the 'Cube of Saturn' rather than the Sun-God. Krist - the Solar Spirit - is 'crucified' on the Cross, symbolic of Man being 'crucified'. Here, according to Miguel Serrano, it is the Art Royal or Alchemy that transforms the Cross into the Widdershins Swastika, rotating backwards in order to find the EXIT from the Eternal Return towards the Divine Origins - "This is the Kristianity of Wotan". At this point Woden voluntarily sacrifices 'himself to himself' by hanging upon the living World Tree, this being the symbolic 'fall' into matter which suggests a voluntary 'fall' by the Divine Race in order to free this universe, as Miguel Serrano suggests. 

Then the 'legs' of the 'Foal's Foot' (Fylfot) are 'broken' creating the 'Broken Cross' or 'Crooked Cross'; this is the symbol of the Solar Krist but at the point where the Widdershins Swastika moves against the flow of time, decay and death back towards the origins of At-al-land and Thule. 

When this is achieved, through the Magic of the Goddesses and then Woden the 'Foal's Feet' are mended and the symbol returns to that of the Solar Cross.

The 'Ring' (Draupnir) is returned to the Sun-God or Solar Krist and the Golden Age returns because the Solar-God (Baldaeg) or Sun of the Son (Krist) is resurrected from Odainsacre.

From this we have another important discovery in regard to the Holy White Stone of Ing and the Mysteries of Ingwe. On the Stone we have the following -

  • The Gyfu-Rune (X) represents the Solar Xrist. The 'gift' here is the sacrifice which is one of the secret meanings of this rune. Here the 'Cross' is the 'Cross of Saint Andrew' (X-Cross) who is the patron of the church in which the Stone can be found. 
  • The Ing-Rune (XX) represents Ingwe.

Again, we have the reconciliation of Woden and the Solar Xrist held within these symbols. This is the theme of my good friend Wotan's Krieger in one of his recent blogs, the idea that we can get through to more people through their becoming aware of these truths - we do not covert but we should spread the truth to others. There is yet another Hidden Mystery here since it is essential that we unite the figures of Woden and Ingwe within ourselves, which has been the aim of these works for some time now. 

According to Carl Jung when he spoke to Miguel Serrano he said his work was aimed at "making it possible for the West to rediscover the resurrection of Kristos within man. Because Kristos is himself, he is the Selbst (Higher Self)". 

The Solar Xrist being Ingwe is the the God of the Solar-Fire, the Son of the Sun, and through his 'sacrifice' on the Cross (Matter) we see the clear symbolism of the Sacrifice of Fire into Matter. Thus the Divine Spark of the Gods comes down into Matter, shown on the Holy White Stone of Ing with the added 'cross' which is 'Fire' (Ken Rune) into Matter (The Cross). 

Not only Ingwe but also the Sun-God, Baldaeg, have been equated with the Xrist, as we can see clearly in the Dream of the Rood. Here the 'Hero-God' (which is indeed one of te meanings of the Ing-Rune) is pierced through with arrows, just as Herebald in Beowulf. Norse Mythology has Blind Hod using a sprig of mistletoe which is the only thing that will slay the Sun-God - hardly a suitable weapon so this must be an alternative symbolism. 

We have shown before that the figure of a god hanging upon a cross is far older than historical Christianity. Only though Mithraism and appropriating Aryan symbolism could the Established Church create a false religion based upon 'Jesus Christ' - the Gauls had a god named 'Esus' and 'Christ' is the Greek term for one who is 'anointed'. The 'mitre' worn by the Roman Catholic Priest gives the game away, named after Mithras. The 'star' that hung in the skies at the time of this 'birth' is Sirius, and the Three Magi or Three Kings are the stars of the Belt of Orion which points towards Sirius. We do not know if anyone known as 'Christ' existed since there is no evidence from the Middle-East, but what we can surmise is that the Solar Xrist came down into matter as an 'Avatar' (The Dove = 'The Diver" = "The Avatar") bringing the Divine Light of the Gods down to Earth in order to save the Spirit of Man from the Demiurge, seen as Ildabaoth by Madame Blavatsky. Demiurge, Ildabaoth, Dark Lord, whatever we call this Dark Force, some kind of Avatar was slain on a Cross that on the Ninth Night he would 'resurrect' as Wid-Ar, thus 'resurrecting' the Father (Woden) as the Son of the Sun. 

That this figure is resurrected as an Avatar of the Sun-God is shown clearly in Revelations where the 'Son of Man' (Ingwe) comes as the 'White Xrist' riding upon a White Horse, wearing the colour of the Purest White, and leading a vast army dressed in the White of Purity. Out of his mouth proceeds a 'Sword' - the 'Word-Sword' which he will wield against the Servants of Darkness. The images relating to this figure clearly show that he is connected to Bootes which is connected to Ingwe as the 'Son of Man'. The figure seems to be connected to -

  • Bootes in the North.
  • Venus as the 'Morning Star'
  • Sirius in the South.

Why I do not know but this does seem to be the case. He is 'resurrected' from the star Venus - the 'Star of Resurrection'. All Egyptian Pharaohs were held to go back to the stars whilst their spirit was resurrected in their successor. Venus is the Star of the Waene. Since it is a male-female star this may hint at a link to both Valhalla (Woden) and Folkvang (Freya). 

The Sacred Number 9 is one of our most important symbols since it is a spiral, and as Miguel Serrano suggests, it counters the Number 6 which would at one level represent the Age of Pisces. No numbers are 'evil' as such, but they can be manipulated for dark purposes. The Haegl-Rune is the ninth rune and thus the Veneris Rune is 99; the letter H in our English alphabet is the eighth rune and thus 88. 88 is the number of constellations in our Milky Way Galaxy. 8 is the number of Infinity when placed on its side. There is a mystical link between the Number 8 and the Number 9 since the eighth letter is really the ninth because we should start at the Number 0 and not the Number 1. The ancients always started with the Number 0 which is the Number of 'The Void' or Ginnungagap.

"The Graal in its highest meaning is nothing other than the Holy Vessel of Heaven, the Double Hagal Rune...The Graal consequently is in some respects the heavenly pasture of the stars." Rudolph John Gorselben.

Gorsleben also has another and more interesting statement to tell us from the same work -

"The double Hagall Rune is the symbol of reincarnation, of the resurrection...It is the widdershin (spine) of the heavenly body of the zodiac, which disassembles into wid-arist or widar-ist."

Here he associates the Veneris Rune with the Resurrection of Wid-Ar, even though he does not use the term 'Veneris' which was that used by Miguel Serrano. The Widdershins Swastika of the Return to the Origins may well be linked to Widar because of the term itself. When looking this up I found that it is usual to see this as 'Scottish' but since it was used in Lowland Scotland it was thus from the Old English widre with the 'sin' added, and cognate to the Middle High German widdersinnes said to mean 'against direction' but which would more likely have been widre - Sun and thus 'against the direction of the Sun. The word became popular with Wicca, obviously trying to use old and 'authentic' words to authenticate an otherwise totally false 'Old Religion' made up of various traditions mashed together. The sunwise term used is deosil which is said to be Scottish and Irish Gaelic, but when studied the suffix sil would mean 'Sun' and thus 'Sunwise' or something close to that. Wid-Ar is the 'God of Resistance' and the 'God the Resurrects' and all these ideas fit together. The Widdershins Swastika may well be his symbol at one level, perhaps related to the central symbol of the above sequence -

Sun-Wheel - Cross - Swastika - Cross - Sun-Wheel

When the Pole Star - Polaris - returns to its former place which it held 26,000 years ago then Wid-Ar the Avenger returns. As CM-R pointed out to me, and which featured in a former post, this Pole Star is associated with the Wolf, and thus Wid-Ar is also associated with the Wolf - he actually slays the Wolf of Chaos - Fenris. Only the Wolf can counter the Wolf. In the Wolf-Hook Rune we find the Symbol of Resistance and the Symbol of Wid-Ar as the God of Resistance. There is much to link the archetype of Wid-Ar with Ingwe since we have entered the Age of Ing ruled over by the new archetype - Ingwe. 

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