Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Sunday 8 September 2019

Runes of the Black Sun - Part Three

'When the Ice of the Darkest of Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner earth, the poison apple shall fall away, and the Sleeping Goddess shall awaken, throw off her White Wolf-Skin, and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun, she shall bring forth the Divine Child of Light who will lead the English Folk in their Divine Mission against the Servants of Darkness.'

Prophecy 88.

It has been suggested, especially by Miguel Serrano, that the ruler of the Golden Age, Saturn, has been 'enchained' by the Demiurge; another way to put this is 'imprisoned' by the Dark Lord. There is a possibility that this 'imprisonment' is due to the Ice-Rings of Saturn; and thus the above prophecy could refer not only to the Black Sun of the Inner Earth but also to the Central Galactic Black Sun (Black Hole). Thus the 'Fire of the Black Sun' originates at the Galactic Centre. 

A 'Black Hole' is not completely understood by our modern science, but is thought to be a collapsed star, or a 'Dead Sun'. I use this term because the ancient Golden Sun of the Golden Age 'died', and thus could have formed a 'Black Hole' which would thus be a 'Black Sun'. Now, when we die this is not an ending, our Astral Body moves into another world (dimension), so what if the 'Dead Star' moves into another dimension? This makes sense since there has been debate as to whether moving through a Black Hole is moving into a different dimension. 

When Hyperborea sank it was moved by the Gods into a different dimension of being; thus the Black Sun too would have done the same, shining over Thule-Hyperborea in a different level of being and consciousness. Thus we have the following -

Inner Black Sun - Within the remnants of the Arya; the Power of the Black Sun courses through the Aryan Blood.

Inner-Earth Black Sun - At the centre of the Earth.

Galactic Black Sun - The Black Hole at the Centre of the Galaxy.

Thus the Galactic Black Sun is centred around the area of Cygnus the Swan, which is why the Long Man of Wilmington (Cygnus) faces towards the North, as the 'Gateway to Thule'. The Black Swan may well be symbolic of the Black Sun, and Swans are associated with Thule-Hyperborea, as well as to the Well of Wyrd (Urdr). 

All of this is connected to the Bab-Komet and thus Hunter's Burgh - shaped like a comet - represents the Hale-Bopp Comet. The whole area was built as a 'Time-Clock' that would use the Power of the Black Sun to awaken the 'King of the English' (Ingus) and herald the conception of the New Age - the Age of Ing. The Hale-Bopp Comet was 'Sent by Morgana' who is the Goddess of Fate (Morgan le Fey) whom we would call Wyrd. This name should perhaps be sounded - uu - oo - rrr - d rather than 'weird' as it became. This connects this to UR-d and also to Yr-d, the Ur-Rune and the Yr-Rune.



If the line inside the Ur-Rune is placed straight across the top of the central upright stave then it represents an Irminsul - thus the Ur-Irminsul can be seen in this rune-stave. The Ur-Rune can be drawn as an 'inverted V' which makes it the Midnight Mountain. The Irminsul and the Midnight Mountain are connected within the version mentioned here. 

The Hale-Bopp Comet was 'Sent by Morgana' but was also 'Born of Morgana' since she is represented here by the Beorc-Rune which is Cassiopeia which has this shape. This is the area of the Birth-Goddess. The Star-Woman in the Graal Mythos inherits the Chessboard of Morgana; she features in a piece about Parsifal or Peredur. She is accompanied by a hound. She is linked to Isis-Isais too.

I have covered this before so will merely give the briefest details; in The Wilmington Giant by Rodney Castleton he mentions S.F. Sinnett who suggested that the area around the Long Man is the setting for an episode in the Petit Saint Graal. In this we find a 'chessboard on which the pieces are playing by themselves'; Peredur loses and 'throws the chessboard out of the window'. We find in this version only 'an ill-favoured maiden' but this is the Star-Woman in the Parsifal versions. In The Sacred Triangle of Pagan Iceland by Einar Palsson the Star-Woman is associated with Sirius, as is Isis. According to this book Sirius is associated with the Number 4, which itself is associated with the chessboard - 

  • 16 pieces on each side = 4 x 4.
  • 64 squares = 4 cubed. 
The 'hound' or 'dog' which accompanies the Star-Woman is thus symbolic of Sirius - the 'Dog-Star'. 

The 'Holy Graal' as a dish or chalice is connected to the Icelandic Skapker Heidrunar which is the 'Measuring Vessel of Heidrun'; Heidrun is the 'goat' - Capricorn. In the dream about the comet being 'Sent by Morgana' the 'Horn of Plenty' was mentioned as well as 'Capricorn'. Capricorn is the area of the Gateway to the Gods. 

Gateway to the Black Sun can thus be seen as the Long Man of Wilmington which is Waendal, a name associated with the Old English Earendel which is the Morning Star - Venus. We have here the link between the Black Sun and its being channeled through the Morning Star. 

The Cweorth-Rune is also the 'Sweorth-Rune' meaning Sword; it is also the Sweart-Rune meaning 'swart' which is how we should perhaps refer to the Swart-Sun. This word has dropped out of the English Tongue, but is more accurate than 'black' since the word 'swart' means 'blackened by heat', a very different thing. Inherent in the rune-meaning is Fire and in particular Cremation-Fire. The Black Sun is a burnt-out star which has been 'blackened by fire' and thus is the Swart-Sun. Our English word 'swart' stems from the Old English sweart which stems from the Aryan Root *swar. In Vedic Lore SWAR is the Highest Heaven. Interestingly, the Aryan Root *swar also gives us our word sword. All these concepts are inherent in the Cweorth-Rune/Sweorth-Rune. (*)

(*) The word-play Cweorth-Sweorth could also be surmised from the fact that some of the runes have Latin Roots, thus 'c' can be hard or soft, and thus perhaps interchangeable in rune-names.

If the Ear-Rune is the 'Bound Giant' then this is Saturn-Cronos who is freed through the Fire of the Black Sun when the Ice-Rings melt - the Ear-Rune thus transforms into the Cweoeth-Rune through the act of this Cosmic Fire. This seems inherent in the alternative rune-name for Cweorth which is TRIS - SIRT spelt backwards. 

The Cweorth-Rune itself represents a Swan, especially the Swan in flight; there are word-links between Swan-Sun-Sword-SWAR. Indeed, the last of these, SWAR, may be seen as SUU-AR where the SU means 'to generate' or 'to 'produce' and AR is the Black Sun. 

The Shamanic Initiation that I undertook in the spring of 1997 was due to the 'vibrations' of Bab-Komet (Hale-Bopp), and centred around the Long Man of Wilmington. It was also the key to understanding the Mysteries of HelgiH which have become clearer due to a re-reading of the Prophecies of Sahaja -

HelgiH I - Helgi Hjorvarthsson - 'Hope', after whose defeat we find that the Powers of Darkness guided by Shaddein/Shaddai take control of the world.

HelgiH II - Helgi Hundingsbane - Woden's Folk - England (part of the wider movement to awaken the 'remains of the heirs (to Thule-Hyperborea-At-al-land)', those few solitaries who remain loyal to the 'Light' - they are associated with the 'comet' (Hale-Bopp) which was sent by the Goddess Wyrd to awaken these Forces of Light.  

HelgiH III - Helgi Haddingjaskati - The Third Sargon. This is Wid-Ar the Avenger as Sargon is deemed 'The Avenger'. The Kalki Avatar of Aryan India. 

The Third Sargon is thus the 'Prince of the Haddingas' (HelgiH III) and we have a clear indication that the Haddingas had a presence here in these islands since Haddington near Edinburgh is named after this tribe. This is the tribe that can be found as the Heardingas in the Old English Rune-Poem, associated with the English God, Ing or Ingus. 

The Cweoeth-Rune is also the Irminsul, a column topped by two sings, originally, it seems, Swan's Wings. This symbol is thus that of the God Irmin or Arman whose name is related to the Black Sun - Ar. Around the fifteenth century BCE an Aryan Tribe called the Mittani embraced a new High God called Ir. The Mitanni had links to Aryan India as their god-names suggest. 

The Persian figure of Ahura-Mazda, the 'God of Light', is shown as a 'Winged Globe' with the figure posed in the Os-Rune holding the 'Ring of Power' in his hand (some similar figures show a Rod and a Ring). The 'Winged Globe' is usually seen as the Sun, but since the Sun is still at the centre of our Solar System then this may well be symbolic of a moving object such as a comet. The Os-Rune represents here the High God, who is linked to the Bab-Comet who, it is said, placed the Black Sun in the universe. The Winged Globe is found in many Indo-European Cultures, and was used in Egypt -

Stele of Revealing

The Winged Globe stands above the God Heru (Horus), it can also be found upon a Mitanni stele on which it represents Ir

The Winged Globe here is seen as an 8-spoked wheel with wings below it; however, the wings are above an upright column which creates the Irminsul, the wheel being just above this. Both 'Ir' and 'Heru' are names that stem from the same root-word. The Winged Globe is also used for the god Assur whose name is very like As-Os-AEsc. 

The knowledge of the Black Sun originated in the North, and with the Ice Age when the Northern Tribes moved further southwards and eastwards the knowledge moved further down into areas such as Iran, India, Tibet, Sumer, and the through Babel, Akkad, Babylon and areas where the 'Kingdom of Light' was established upon Earth. But as time passed and the ice melted, some of these peoples began their Folk-Wanderings northwards again, and with them took the Ancient Knowledge of the Black Sun with them - ready to establish the 'Kingdom of Light' in the North with the coming of the Third Sargon. Nimrod, a vague figure in the Old Testament, is said to have been associated with Babel (Bab-El = 'Gateway to the Light') which is itself associated with the time when the 'tongues' became different and variations of the Ur-Tongue came into use.

The remains of the Sumerian and Akkadian peoples were absorbed into the Gutian Empire around 2000 BCE; the 'Gutians' sound remarkably like the Geats, Gauts or Goths. Maybe it is from these people that the 'Light of the Black Sun' went back to the North? That the 'Good People' or 'People of God' should take this Ancient Wisdom back to the North would be fitting indeed. 


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