Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Sunday 2 February 2020

Hope - Secret of the Runes

This runs side-by-side with the latest post on the Inglinga Blog - 'Hope & The Last Avatar' - but this one looks at it, and enlarges upon the ideas in it, from the Ar-Kan Runes. Again, the Ar-Kan Runes can tell us much more about our English Lore than many scholars appreciate. 

Tir (Tiw) - The Sky-Father.

Beorc - The Birth-Mother (Venus-Moon).

Eh - The Sacred Marriage of the Sky-Father and the Birth-Mother (Earthen-Moder).

Mann - The Aryan Manu, the offspring of the Sacred Marriage. Hope - The 'Mighty One' (Eddas). 

Lagu - The 'Waters of Chaos', the 'Waters of Dissolution', the 'Great Flood', and the 'First Flood'. The Birth-Waters in the Womb of the Mother. 

Ing - Rune of Ingwe, the Hero-God. 

At this point the Edel-Rune and Daeg-Rune are sometimes interchangeable, but no-one knows why. Hamasson pointed out once that the Edel-Rune is the 'Rune of The Hooded Man' due to the shape being of a 'hood'. The rune-stave certainly suggests the Gift of Ing (which I believe Freya Aswynn mentioned in one of her books), being an Ing-Rune and Gyfu-Rune bind-rune. The Daeg-Rune, through its name, suggests 'Day' and thus would connect to Dag who wields the Spear of Woden to slay Helgi Hundinsbane (The Second Helgi). Logically, thus, the Edel-Rune should come before the Daeg-Rune. 

Edel - The Hooded Man (connected to the last rune, Ing, as the English Folk-Hero and 'Scion of Ing'. 

Daeg - 'Day', the 'Day-Break', who wields the Spear of Woden to slay Helgi Hundingsbane (The Hooded Man). 

This would now seem to be the true rune-sequence of the Ar-Kan Runes, though there is no necessity to change the one we have since this is a 'Hidden Mystery' that stands apart in some way (it has been 'hidden' prior to this). Now the Edel-Rune is Rune 23 and the Daeg-Rune is Rune 24. (In occult circles the Number 23 is associated with the Dog-Star, Sirius, which has in many Indo-European Myths connections with Venus.) 

There is actually a subtle connection here because Robin Hood, at the end of his legend, is said to have been blinded (linked to Woden, of course). This is also true of Orion the Hunter (Herne the Hunter) who was blinded. The Constellation of Orion, as Hamasson pointed out, can be found in the Wolf-Hook Rune. Here we have the connections - Orion-Herne-The Hunter-God-Woden-The Wolf. The Three Stars of Orion (The Belt of Orion or Frigg's Distaff) are the Three Magi or Three Wise Men who look across at the Dog-Star (Wolf-Star), Sirius. 

Now, if this new idea is sound then the 24-Runes of the first three AEttir are the 'ending' of this sequence. This stands true of the HelgiH Lays, since the Lay of Kara (Helgi the Third) has been 'lost' to us so far (or not written yet). It is thus logical to assume that, in this 'Hidden Mystery', the last Nine Sacred Runes which go beyond the Elder Futhark, are the runes connected to the Last Avatar - The Third Sargon. This is also suggested by the last rune - the Gar-Rune - which is the 'Spear of Woden' and which is the Gar-Il (Spear of Light) or Gar-Al (Spear of God). These also contain the White Stone (Calc-Stan) which represents the ever-growing power of the Black Sun, and the transformation of the Black Sun. These last runes - Transcendent Runes - also represent the Road to the Immortals. 

That the Edel-Rune and Daeg-Rune are interchangeable thus suggests that the sequence Daeg-Edel may also refer to the 'Day-Break of Aquarius' in which era the 'Racial Homelands' arises once more (in the consciousness, or maybe physically). The two runes can be interchanged to change the meaning of the rune-rows. 

The Gar-Rune, as well as being the 'Spear of Woden' can also be seen as the 'Stone of Light (Gar = 'Stone' and Al = 'Light'). This is thus connected to the quote made on the Inglinga Blog -

'The Spirit of the Emperor will be kept in this Male Stone, the Gar-Il (Grail). Its female counterpart, Ilua, will be safely hidden in the Holy Mountain of Wotan waiting for the New Age. For this birth the two crystals will be united in the Great Baphomet and flow through a worthy woman.'

Many scholars equate the Irminsul (and thus Irmin) with Woden, and so the Yr-Rune (Yew-Bow) should be seen as the Ur-Irminsul; alternatively the Ur-Glyphic Ur-Rune is the Sacred Mountain, and the above thus the Sacred Mountain of Irmin. This seems to be borne out when we consider that the following runes are all connected to Irmin -

Yr - Ior - Ear - (Cw-eor-th)

The three runes - Yr-Ior-Ear - are all connected to the Five Runes of the Sacrum; the Cweorth-Rune fits only through the 'eor' within it, and is not truly in this sequence. 

The Stan-Rune must thus be connected to the 'Grail-Stone' or Gar-Il/Gar-Al. The above version is the White Stone of Ing. In an alternative version of the Yr-Rune we find the Gyfu-Rune inside the Ur-Rune. This version may well represent the Ilua-Stone (Female Stone) hidden inside the Mountain of Woden. The Male Stone would thus be the Gar-Rune which is the 'Gift of Ing'; this is the Male Stone which is connected to the Stan-Rune which is the 'White Stone of Ing'. In this lies the Spirit of the Emperor. This is why we find in Revelation the idea of a 'White Stone' in which lies the 'new name of God'. We see this borne out in the Stan-Rune above, the Holy White Stone in which lies the 'New Name of God' - Ing. 

(At this vital point I can just sense Hamasson wringing his hands in despair - 'He's done it again! I've just published the Rune-Book and he's changed everything!' No need to panic - there need be no changes to the Ar-Kan Runes, these are merely variations. The Ar-Kan Runes remain exactly the same and the order needs no changing. LOL)

Another way that we could look at this is through the Gar-Rune which contains the Gyfu-Rune and Ing-Rune. If the Ing-Rune symbolises the Male-Stone and the Gyfu-Rune symbolises the Female Stone then Baphomet is symbolised by the Gar-Rune where the two crystals are united. This seems quite in line with the images portrayed by Richard Wagner whence Parsifal (The Pure Fool) plunges the Spear (Spear of Woden) into the Grail (Grail-Cup) which has clear sexual symbolism, whence the 'offspring' is 'The Emperor'. 

The Calc-Rune, at one level, represents the Age of Aquarius since it shows the Waters of Life being poured out upon the Earth. The Woden Initiates knew exactly what they were doing when they named this rune, even though the roots are Latin. It not only means 'cup', 'chalice' or 'cauldron' but also 'white' (calx = 'chalk' = 'white stone'). We have to use the Armanen System to see the next mystery, since the above is the Yr-Rune and when joined with the Eolhs-Rune becomes the 'Wending-Horn' or the 'Hagal-Rune' in its hex-form. This is Miguel Serrano's HE/SHE where the male-female are joined. Of course, his original Spanish Language version has a hidden meaning - EL/ELLA since this links to the sequence -

AL(U) - EL(U) - IL(U) - OL(U) - UL(U)

The Female Stone is the 'Black Stone' which has also been seen as a violet-coloured stone and thus the Amethyst. The name 'amethyst' has the root *medhu- related to 'honey' and to 'mead'. Here we can see the 'Holy Mead' hidden within the 'Mountain of Woden'. The Mead of Inspiration is gained by Woden from Gunnlod (The Female). Just as Marduk is the 'Protector of the Midnight Mountain' Woden has the self-same role. The Male-Stone is sometimes seen as the Green Stone (or Rock Crystal). The most famous of green stones is the Emerald Stone, and this is linked to Lucifer - the Morning Star. 

Gar-Il/Gar-Al = Male Stone.

Ilua = Female Stone.

In English Gematria (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, etc.) the word H-O-P-E adds up to the Number 44. This, of course, is half of the Sacred 88 which symbolises HelgiH (H-H). The late David Lane (Wodensson) mentioned a very interesting use of English Gematria in that the first sentence of the Old Testament added to 44, and the last sentence of the New Testament added to 44, making the Number 88. This was, he said, 'The Beginning and the End - The First and the Last' relating to the Aryan Krist who was the 'offspring of David and the bright and Morning Star'. In a sense Sargon is the 'Beginning and the End - the First and the Last', his last appearance being to revive the Empire of Light in the North. Sargon of Akkad was the original title of Sargon I, and Akkad is associated with Sumer, it was near modern day Baghdad. Nimrod's kingdom, in the beginning, was in the Land of Akkad. The last Akkadian King ruled with the Gutian King (King of the Goths?). There is some association between Nimrod - Sargon - Naram Sin. 

The Long Man of Wilmington

Eala Earendel Engla Beorhtast!

(Hail Earendel - Brightest of Stars!)

'And another Sargon is used to strike the decisive battle. Once the Water-Pitcher washes away the horrors the Ancestral Land (At-al-land/Thule) will shine with a Golden Lustre.' 

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