Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Tuesday 18 February 2020

Path of the Serpent

"The awakening of the Kundalini Power is felt as a descending and an ascending current....The descending current is the energy from above coming down to touch the sleeping power in the lowest nerve-centre at the bottom of the spine; the ascending current is the release of the energy going up from the awakened Kundalini."

Sri Aurobindo.

This fits exactly what I have said long ago about the upward-downward movement along the spinal column, as symbolised by the 'squirrel' Ratatosk who scurries up and down the World Tree, and in doing so linking the Eagle to the Serpent. The name Ratatosk tells us more about the workings of Kundalini -

Rata - Rasa = 'Vital Essence', 'Elexir', the 'Dance of Shiva' (the movement of energy around a centre. Rapture, ecstasy, orgasm.

Tosk = 'tusk' or 'tooth', but in this case the Boar's Tusk linking this both to Ingwe and to Freya. 

Moving now to the Myth of Knitbjorg when Woden bores his way into the Sacred Mountain he uses an augur named Rati; the significance lies in the fact that a specific name is given to the tool, thus hinting at some hidden meaning. The word rati is the same as rata. 

Obviously, both rata and rati should have some connection to the Rad-Rune whose alternative name can be Rat-Rune. This rune-stave can be seen as an upright column (Pillar-Tree-Spine) with the Serpent moving up it; the Sigel-Rune is that of the Serpent, as the shape suggests. If we read the quote from Sri Aurobindo carefully there is no suggestion that the Serpent actually moves up the spinal column. What he does say is that the Sleeping Serpent awakens and sends an ascending current of energy upwards along the spinal column. 

What he also says is that in order for the sleeping power (Kundalini) to awaken there must be first a downward movement from the higher chakras. If we now equate this with our own Ar-Kan System then this movement is symbolised by ALU. The ascending current of energy that moves upwards after the awakening of Kundalini is thus ULA. The Three Cauldrons are thus the key to awakening the Sleeping Goddess. The Ur-Rune represents the 'source' or 'primal source' at the Base-Centre, symbolised by the Black Cow. The serpent Nidhog, who lies at the base of the World Tree, has a very significant name - Nid = 'need', 'necessity' or even 'death' and hog which is the pig or Boar of Freya. Freya-Idunn is the Sleeping-Goddess who has to be awakened by the 'Hero'. 

The Sigel-Rune represents the Serpent due to the S-shape movement and the sound - sssss. It also represents the Sun as in the IE Root *sowilo or *saewelo. It is interesting to note how different Indo-European Languages have retained the variants of names for the Sun -

Helios (Greek) - 'sun'.

Haul (Welsh - pronounced 'Heil') - 'sun'.

Heol (Breton) - 'sun'.

Suil (Old Irish) - 'eye' (representing the Sun as a symbol).

Sunne (Old English) - 'sun'. 

Sol (Norse) - 'sun'.

It must be noted that the Greek, Welsh and Breton words differ from the Old Irish form, the latter equating with the Germanic form. The Serpent here is that of the Solar Serpent, that which the Egyptians symbolised by the Uraeus Serpent which was a stylised Egyptian Cobra representing the Serpent-Goddess, Wadjet. 

We have seen how the Base-Centre is named Bodn suggesting the German boden meaning 'earth'. There are certain other root-words connected to this centre too -

  • boedan (OE) - 'to proclaim'.
  • bodian (OE - 'to announce'.
  • boda (OE) - 'messenger'.

Like the name Rati the name of the centre, Bodn, has specific meanings that tell us the nature of this centre. Ratatosk is usually said to take 'messages' from the Serpent to the Eagle, and vice versa. The OE boda fulfils this role. The word 'announce' stems from a Latin word meaning 'messenger', and 'proclaim' means simply 'to call out' or 'to cry out'. All of these suggest some form of communication between the Base-Centre, Mid-Centre and Head-Centre. 

There is some reason to suggest that the movement of the Serpent-Energy upwards along the spinal column is done in a kind of S-shape, just like the movement of a serpent. This was the form that a Woden Initiate had a vision of many years ago, this movement spinning the 'Black Sunwheels' in different directions as it rose. The Alu-Ula Formula tells us the downward-upward movement as shown by Sri Aurobindo. This is the movement sequence we have used in the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag, not consciously I would add. It should be pointed out that the word Alu is the same as Ilu and thus refers to the Supreme Godhead. Ilu-Vater (Ilu-Father) is the name used on Arda (Earth) according to The Silmarillion; He is known as Eru - 'The One'. In some Germanic Tongues the 'r' and 'l' can be interchanged, so these root-words appear to mean the same. 

ALU-ULA Spiritual Exercise - The Three Cauldrons

  • Stand upright with the feet around shoulder-width apart.
  • Hold the closed right fist over the chest area with a crescent-shaped left hand slightly folded above it. Hold this for nine seconds whilst stilling the mind as best you can.
  • Drop the hands by the sides, hold for three seconds.
  • Now draw the hands up to the forehead covering a point between the eyes; the hands are shaped as a Triangle with the 'Third Eye' in the centre. Hold this here for nine seconds, centring the consciousness in this area. Now intone (aloud) the galdor ANSUZ (ahnnn-zzzuz) three times. The 'n' and first 'z' sound should be prolonged. When doing this try to focus the consciousness between the eyes whilst at the same time intoning the galdor from this area, feeling the vibrations as you do so. The galdor is best done at a high-tone here.
  • Now draw the hands down to a point over the Heart Centre; whilst doing so slowly part the thumbs to form two Lagu-Runes with the fingers pointing outwards and away from the chest. As you make this move breathe out. Intone the galdor LAGU (laaaa-guuu) three times. In doing so focus the consciousness on the Heart-Centre and intone the galdor from this area, again feeling the vibrations as you do so. The galdor is best done at a middle-tone here.
  • Draw the hand down to a point just above the navel area in the shape of a Trikona (Downward Triangle). Centre the consciousness in this area, intoning the galdor URUZ (uuur-uuuz) three times, again intoning the galdor from this area and feeling the vibrations as you do so. The galdor is best done in a low-tone here. 
  • Finish by bringing the hands back up to the chest, the closed right fist and half-moon left hand again used to represent the Sun (right) and Moon (left) in balance and harmony. 

One thing that needs pointing out but which should be obvious; there is no intention whatever to awaken the Fire-Serpent (Kundalini), and you should not visualise anything whilst doing so, with the exception of the use of Animal-Totems at each centre (which I have not done here). There are many books and YouTube videos showing how to awaken this force, but done without a master or guru this can be very dangerous. You need only to read The Serpent of Paradise to see what Miguel Serrano has to say about his experiences on this subject. 

In regard to the Energy-Centres mentioned here - Bodn, Son and Odroerir - there is 'method in the madness' as they say. Obviously, the Head-Centre is the most known centre of consciousness, but in reality these three centres are all centres of consciousness. 

The Head-Centre - the centre of intelligence, for we say 'use your head', or 'he's lost his head', 'he's not got his head screwed on', etc.

The Heart-Centre - the seat of our emotions, for we say 'with all my heart', 'he put his heart into it', 'his heart was not in the work', 'a heart to heart discussion' etc. 

The Base-Centre - the seat of our instincts, for we say 'a gut feeling' meaning an 'instinct'. This is also a centre linked to courage because we have another saying - 'he's got guts'. Despite the fact that modern 'experts' ignore these old sayings they have more truth than any of their crazy 'progressive' ideas.  

Thus, when doing such an exercise the aim is to awaken the three Centres of Consciousness through the galdor and concentration. It is first necessary to centre the concentration in the Head-Centre. There is a reason why this is done by concentration in the Head-Centre and moving downwards; in my own opinion it seems logical that before any kind of 'awakening' it is necessary to spiritualise these centre, bringing the Light down into the Darkness. Since, it would seem, the Counter-Initiation uses these same methods it would appear obvious that in doing so any 'awakening' and 'enlightenment' would come to them at a very basic physical level. Our aim is to spiritualise the body, and thus spiritualise the Earth. What this means is to raise the level of vibrations, hence the emphasis upon the different use of sound, from the 'high', to the 'middle', to the 'low'. 

The Galdor - When doing the Ansuz at the Head-Centre you should feel the vibrations especially in the 'nnn' sound and the 'zzz' sound; you should try to use a sound that is the same pitch for both syllables of the word. This seems to work best for me anyway, though others may be different. There is always room for experiment here. Indeed, the best way to go about this is to experiment at each centre until you 'fell' the right vibration. Then all that is needed is practice.

Both Nidhog and Ratatosk are associated with the Boar, which is associated with both Ingwe and Freya. It is thus no coincidence that on the Sutton Hoo Mask we find the wings of the Eagle-Swan-Winged Serpent ending with Boars. Hence, both Ingwe and Freya are linked to the Kundalini Force or Fire-Serpent; it is also true to say that there is a connection to Venus (Solar System) and Sirius (Galactic). The kinks between Ingwe and Agni tell us for sure that there is a link to the Fire-Serpent. 

We should mention here that there are two concepts of 'fire', just as there are two words for 'water'; this applies to many words in the Indo-European Tongues. One is of an animate gender which is used when fire or water is seen as an active, living force; the other is a neuter-gender used when fire or water is a physical substance. 

IE Root *egni- - Fire as an active, living force. IE Root *pur- - Fire as a physical substance.

IE Root *ap- - Water as an active, living force. IE Root *wed- - Water as a physical substance. 

Hence, the Inga-Fire or Agni-Fire is not the physical inanimate substance, it is the active, living, animate Fire. This is why we find Inga-Frey is the 'Master of the Inga-Force' and not the actual force itself. We can also see that the Feoh-Rune is the rune of physical inanimate Fire, whilst the Ing-Rune is that of the active, living, animate Fire. This brings up a rather interesting question; we usually associate Ingvi-Frey with fertility and virility, and very often he is associated with the Earth. The Ingwaeones could thus be perhaps associated with Fire in terms of the active, living force, rather than the Earth. His role as a 'Fertility-God' may thus refer to that of a non-physical living Creative-Force linked to Fire. This is perhaps why the Waene-Gods are associated with Sacral Kingship which is an idea enforced by Agni who is a god related to kingship. This is also found in the Iran-Persian concept of the Hvareno which is the 'Glory of Light' and associated with Fire. 

There is no food for thought here in terms of the Holy Runes, because we clearly have runes for both types of 'Fire' here, and thus there is a likelihood that there are also different runes for all the different elements - Fire, Water, Earth and Air (or Ice perhaps since some use this as the Fifth Element). Certainly, if we link Woden to the Vedic Vayu then they are both linked to the IE Root *aiw-/*ayu meaning 'Vital Force', 'Life-Force', 'Eternity'. They are also linked to the element Air, so this force permeates everything; it does indeed, since air is needed for Fire, it is to be found in Water, it is found in the Earth (soil). This *aiw- or Vital Force is the Life-Force or Universal Force, symbolised by the air because it permeates all things. This is why 'air' is associated with 'spirit', the air we breath being the inanimate physical, whilst spirit is the active, living force behind this. 

'Before the Serpent curled itself round the trunk of the Tree of Paradise it lived in the liquid depths beneath the roots of the tree...In the secret depths from which it emerged it enjoyed a type of elemental power and pleasure, but when it encountered the force of the sun it seemed to recoil and expand at the same time. The result was a conflict of Light and Darkness, for the force of the Serpent is both liquid and frozen...'

The Serpent of Paradise - Miguel Serrano.

The above statement shows how much inner knowledge Miguel Serrano really had. Going back to the IE Root *ap- meaning the active, living force of water we find that two of the most ancient civilisations - Sumer and Akkad - used the term Ap-su in reference to the Primeval Sea below the void space of the Underworld (Kur) and the Earth (Ma) above. Here we can see its use as the active, living force, and not the physical water itself (though many scholars would not recognise this). The Sumerians called this Abzu and the Akkadians Apsu, the latter moving into Babylon where the same spelling was used. We can see here how the Fire-Serpent actually dwells in the watery deep rather than in the Earth itself - this is the region of the Underworld. What we need to recall here is that 'water' in the sense of an active force is a malleable-force that can be shaped and which flows. It is not physical water, but it has the qualities of physical water. 

I think the best way to describe what I am saying here is in terms used in the Martial Arts; there are 'hard' styles which are more 'earthy', and there are 'soft' styles which flow like water. The Base-Centre is certainly linked to Earth, but in the chakra-system this area covers three chakras -

Muladhara Chakra - Earth.

Svadhisthana Chakra - Water (ap).

Manipura Chakra - Fire (Agni).

Note here the use of the word ap for the water-centre; also that many ancient civilisations were said to be 'Semitic', and it is said that Sumer cannot be linked to the Indo-Europeans through language - so they say. However, the Sumerians used this Indo-European Root-Word for their concept of water at this level. Certainly the Akkadians did so because they used the ap- prefix. The Ap-su would thus be the area in the Underworld where the Serpent lies coiled and sleeping. This actually fits exactly with the concept of Nidhog at the base of the World Tree. The term 'Nid' can be found in the Nyd-Rune and it actually refers to the Underworld for, according to Viktor Rydberg, the term 'Nide' suggests the Lower World. I would think myself that this is where we get the term 'nether' meaning 'below' or 'under' as in the Netherlands. This concept is linked to the Inner Earth of Miguel Serrano, and thus to Shambhalla. This is not, as we can see from the concept of 'water' as a living force, a physical world, but is in a different dimension. 

According to Viktor Rydberg the subterranean realm was that of Mimir, and this would be 'raised out of the sea' after Ragnarok and the Great Cataclysm. Nide's Realm would also arise from the sea. In Voluspa stanza 56 we find the term 'idhya groena' which means 'ever-green' or 'very green', and here we may well find the same concept used by the Babylonian Seeress, Sahaja, who used the term Greenland to describe a different world, indeed she mentions that Shaddein (The Lord of Shadows) hovered near to the 'Greenland' summoning demons to his aid. The Land of Mimir is inviolable and cannot be penetrated by these Dark Forces, which is where Baeldaeg and the Asmegir await their time to be 'resurrected' after Ragnarok; also Lif an Lifthrasir dwell in these realms and will repeople the Earth then. This is how the Golden Age will be devoid of all evil, but the Earth has to be cleansed before this can happen - cleansed by Fire and Flood. 

There are two ways we should look at the term 'raised out of the sea' because it may well be used in the physical sense of a continent arising out of the seas after the Great Cataclysm - as we find in the ideas surrounding Atlantis. But it is also used in the sense of the 'Inner Earth' (in a parallel dimension) arising out of the Ap-su, the subterranean world, which is the New Earth, cleansed and purified of all evil. This is why, according to Rydberg, the New Gods find the Sacred Tablets which were 'lost', simply because they were hidden deep within the Realm of Mimir. Mimir, of course, is 'memory', hence the reason why Miguel Serrano constantly refers to the Blood Memory and to the 'nostalgia' we have in yearning for the Lost Homeland. This Lost Homeland will arise once more from the Realm of Mimir - the Blood-Memory.

The Base-Chakra is thus connected to -

The Ur-Earth or Primal Earth.

The Ur-Water or Primal Water.

The Ur-Fire or Primal Fire. 

We can also deduce from this that the Feoh-Rune is not that of the Primal Fire, since it is an inanimate form. The Primal Fire has to be associated with the Ing-Rune, or even perhaps the Ken-Rune/Kan-Rune which is the 'Fire-Serpent'. Or since the Ing-Rune contains two Kan-Runes then this may be the key -

When we look at the above Ing-Rune we can see the Kan-Fusion of two Kan-Runes; the other version, where this is laid upon its side, is the Ur-Fusion. The Kan-Fusion is thus the Fire-Serpent connected to Ingwe. Since the Fire-Serpent dwells beneath the World Tree in the Waters of Ap-su then we can now see how this is linked to Hama-Heimdall, Agni and Ingwe who represent Fire-from-Water. This Primal Fire resides in the Ap-su which is the living, active-force of Water. This is why the Waene-Gods are associated with water, not with 'water' but with the Ap-su

Since there was no letter 'p' in the Germanic Tongues it would be interesting to find out what the Germanic equivalent of Ap-su would be. The modern German apfel means 'apple' which may be linked to these ideas, the apple being the fruit of the Tree of Paradise. Certainly, this fruit is associated with the Tree of Knowledge (Wisdom and Understanding) and the Tree of Life (Immortality). Since there was no letter 'p' in the old Germanic Tongues we can only guess that the Root *ap- was perhaps ab- or even af-. This could well be where the word Afalon (Avalon) stems from, since this is the 'Island of Apples' but it is also the Sacred Island to which the dead go across the waters - the Ap-su. These ideas are pure guesswork, and yet may well be near to the truth, since the Sumerians used Ab-zu and the letter 'f' can replace the Greco-Latin 'ph'; the Indo-European Root for 'fire' is *pur so again this makes sense to replace the 'p' with an 'f'. 

Since we find that Loki the Trickster steals the Brosingamen Necklace from Freya, and it is Hama who retrieves this from the waters, then the Brosingamen Necklace is clearly connected to the Serpent-Fire. The same applies to the Hvareno which was retrieved from a lake by the Persian Kai Khusrau; the Hvareno was the property of the Aryan Nations and the Turanians tried to steal this from them. This was held by the goddess Ardui Sura Anahita for the God of Light - Ahura Mazda. 

The word 'Serpent' can be seen to be a symbol in itself - 'Ser' being the Letter S which is a Number 5, and the term 'pent' meaning the Number 5 - hence the Number 55. The source for this was online but I am afriad I cannot recall where I saw it. It may be important.

The IE Root *ang(w)hi- means 'snake' or 'serpent' and is connected to another Root *eghi- which gives the Greek ekhis ('snake') and ekhidna ('snake' or 'viper'). This is the root of the name Ingwe or Ing. We can see this in the name Angus (AEngus) used in Scotland and Ireland. Ingwe is a name rooted in both Fire and Serpent. 

'When the Ice of the Darkest of Night melts away under the Fire of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth, the poison apple shall fall away, and the Sleeping Goddess shall awaken, throw off her White Wolf Skin and arise renewed by the Golden Apples of the Immortals. When the Moon is under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun, she shall bring forth the Child of Light who will lead the English Folk in their Divine Mission against the Servants of Darkness.'

The Prophecy 88 (Wulf Ingessunu). November 9th 2014. 

Let us look again at this prophecy, because it has further hidden meanings which relate to this post -

  • The Ice melts and turns to Water - Ice is static and frozen still, Water flows and has movement. This is a great change. From inertia comes movement.
  • This happens due to the Fire of the Black Sun, which is in the Inner Earth - Ap-su. This is not in our 'earth' but is hidden in a parallel-world that is symbolised by the Inner Earth.
  • The Sleeping-Goddess (Idunn) has been 'poisoned' by the 'poison-apple' which 'falls away': there is a subtle 'play-on-words' here when rendered into the German Tongue. We have the word 'apple' which is apfel in German, and the word ab-fall which means a 'falling away' - a very clever means to use a double-meaning (this was not deliberate, I may add). 
  • The White Wolf Skin refers to the Ice or the Snow, and the Golden Apples of the Immortals are the Golden Apples of Idunn. When an apple is cut into half across the centre (not the axis) it shows a five-rayed star - one of the symbols of Venus.
  • Venus - the Morning Star - is the Goddess with the 'Moon under her feet and she is clothed in the Golden Sun' as she can be seen on certain days around Dawn. 

The 'Child of Light' is, of course, the Last Avatar, or may even refer to the Hooded Man Current which paves the way by awakening the 'heirs' - I am not sure of this. This refers to the English Folk, but it is in fact hard to see how this figure will arise here when we look around us. I have had doubts on this since these islands are not really big enough to create the base for such a figure to arise to lead an Army of Light against the Dark Forces. If this referred to The Hooded Man Current then there is no problem since this makes sense. What should be remembered here is that the three waves are all connected to the same Archetypal Myth of HelgiH

Anyway, these are just thoughts, but there is also another, hidden, meaning in this prophecy. The Sleeping-Goddess in the Kundalini Serpent which lies asleep in the 'Great Deep' (Ap-Su). The above fits well with the earlier quote fro Miguel Serrano - '...for the force of the Serpent is both liquid and frozen'. The awakening of the Kundalini-Serpent takes place in the Great Deep, through the Power of the Black Sun of the Inner Earth. However, Venus is the star that channels the energies of the Black Sun (Central Sun) to the Earth, hence the links here to Venus. This star is also where the Divine Child comes from and goes back to - it is the Star of Hope.

Note: In regard to the ideas on the nature of Ap-su and 'water it may well be best to make this clearer and more easily understood. In esoteric or occult circles there are Four Elements - Earth, Air, Fire & Water - to which the Northern Tradition sometimes adds Ice. These are not the physical elements but are the active, living forces, but in order to invoke such forces it is necessary, it seems, to use the inanimate, physical equivalents. 

Earth - This is the solid state equivalent to matter; I am not sure what the word for the living, active state is. 

Air - The living, active state is from the IE Root *aiw- / *ayu whose mysteries can be found in the Eoh-Rune/Eh-Rune combination. This force is the Vedic Vayu who is the equivalent of Woden. In the concept of 'air' we also find the concept of 'spirit'.

Fire - The living, active state is from the IE Root *egni- giving rise to Agni and Inga ('gn' and 'ng' are merely variants). These mysteries can be found in the Ing-Rune. The inanimate state if from the IE Root *pur- / *fur giving rise to the English 'fire', and these mysteries are found in the Feoh-Rune. 

Water - The living, active state is IE Root *ap- / *ab- and the inanimate state is from IE Root *wet- giving us 'water' and 'wet' etc.

Ice - Obviously, this is found in the Is-Rune which is supposedly the inanimate form; again, I am not sure what the living, active state is called. The word 'ice' comes from the IE Root *eis- a root which can also mean 'iron' as a 'holy metal'. The Avestan aesma stems from the same root, sometimes translated as 'anger' but this is really a force much like the Germanic wod-. The root itself seems to suggest two very different meanings, so maybe some words do not have two different variants. 

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