Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Ar-Kan Rune-Lag

Wednesday 16 March 2022

The Swan Symbolism.


This object was found somewhere in Kent, England, and features a figure with horned helmet and twin spears; it is not unique by any means and the same stance can be found on Swedish bracteates and on the Long Man of Wilmington. There are some important things that stand out with this Germanic Warrior -

  • The Solar-Horns which are like Twin-Serpents, often with the beaks of a bird as the head; it does not come out clear on this one, but the composite Serpent-Eagle or Serpent-Raven or whatever bird is used is symbolic of Earth-Heaven.
  • The second thing is the Belt Buckle; no clothing is actually shown here but the Cultic-Warrior wears a Belt Buckle around his waist. 
  • The figure itself is shown within an Inverted Triangle; he stands on a large globe, and the Twin-Spears point to two smaller globes - this may well be some form of star-lore. There are also smaller globes in the section above this, three can be seen here.

The configuration of the Five Globes at the top is something like a 'W'; this may thus be symbolic of Cygnus the Swan, especially since this seems to be the case with the Long Man. The 'Triangle' is the Summer Triangle of which Cygnus forms  part. 

In 2005 a US 'Think-Tank' went public with its own conviction that a binary system producing powerful jets of cosmic rays triggered a rapid acceleration in human evolution during the last Ice Age. Cygnus X-3 is such a binary system; and we find that Peryt Shou giving details of Cygnus the Swan giving off cosmic rays, well before this was discovery was made.

In an Irish Legend - The Dream of AEngus - we find this hero having a dream in which he fell in love with a beautiful maiden. This is almost exactly how we find the Myth of Frea and in this she is a Swan-Maiden. In the Scottish Western Isles the goddess Bride is seen as the wife of Angus. It seems that AEngus was associated with a brugh which is Newgrange, a place he tricked his father, Dagda, into giving him. 

The Swan can walk on land, swim in water, and fly in the air, which in symbolic form would mean the ability to move between different worlds. The Swan is associated with the dead, through the link to the Valkyries or Swan-Maidens. Throughout Northern Europe there are tales of a Swan-Maiden wearing a Swan-Shift and a Swan-Ring (necklace or the like); the River Elbe stems from alb meaning 'White Swan' in this case, but the word mean 'Elf'. It seems that a Gaelic word eala or eal means 'swan'; eala in Old English means 'hail', and is associated with 'holy'. 

Lohengrin was a 'Swan-Knight', as was the House of Bouillon and Godfrey de Bouillon, Duke of Lower Lorraine and the first 'King of Jerusalem'; this Royal House claimed descent from Helyas - a Knight of the Swan. Weland the Smith is also associated with the Swan-Maiden, and the sister of Hengest and Horsa was named 'Swan'. 

We can see how the Cweorth-Rune is associated with the Swan, and in particular Cygnus the Swan. This is sometimes called The Northern Cross, though its form is that of the Cweorth-Rune. The Constellation of Cygnus the Swan marks the 'Dark Rift' at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy - the Black Hole. 

One of the things here that is very interesting is the connections between the Swan and AEngus (Ireland) and Hengest (AEngys) - and thus Ingus (England). One of the characteristics the folklore attributes to the Swan is the sound of singing, and especially of enchantment - en-chant-ment. A connection to this happened many years ago when I awoke from a dream in which Heorrenda was sining an 'otherworldly' tune; looking out of the window a bright star was shining - Venus I think. 

The Irminsul in its original form, or so I am led to believe, has Swan's Wings for the 'arms'; there is an Eagle at the top of Iggdrasil, so these seem to be interchangeable symbols. The name 'swan' comes from the IE Root *swen- which means 'sound'; if we use the root in its Ur-Form we find S-Wen where the 'S' could relate to the 'hissing' sound, and to the 'swan-neck' - which itself must relate to the 'necklace' of folklore. 

The idea of the Swan-Ship that sails upon the Waters of Chaos or Waters of Dissolution is thus backed up by the idea of an evolutionary-shift at certain key points in the Cycle of the Ages - due to a Cosmic Event. Man is thus never broken from his ties with the Cosmos. The idea of this Cygnus X-3 binary star causing this came from a book by Andrew Collins - 'The Cygnus Mystery'. Collins obviously goes along with the system 'think-tank' in that this was an 'evolutionary jump' which goes along with the idea that mankind is continuously 'evolving' upwards - which is not quite so. We could say that this caused an 'evolutionary change', as with the idea that Man 'evolved' the 'I' or 'Ego'; this is a necessary change, but should be viewed (in my opinion, that is) in the wider context of being necessary to a future evolutionary change to the Sonnenmensch or Superman and the Absolute I of Miguel Serrano. 

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